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HALL, Elizabeth - Derbysh\ unacc singer\ 1957- age 83 of Mill Bridge, Castleton, daughter of George Barber, tailor - lived in the same house, with stream running under it, for 70 years - her grand-daughter is in Garland and practises her steps twice a day - Reginald Hall, her husband (James)'s uncle sang carol to Ralph Vaughan Williams - they were the original rope-makers at "The Warth" - the family fought at Agincourt 1415 and were one of 12 surgeons to Henry V - The Rope Walk was over 100 yds long, the stream was used for soaking the ropes and large wheels for drying them - June 29th was date of Hope Walks and Well-dressing -- rec by PK, Castleton: FTX-106/ FTX-309 A-ROVING - FTX-451 Dialect talk about Garland Day - FTX-504 "Down in yon forest" (carol)

HALL, Gordon - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1988 - Pease Pottage, Nr Crawley -- (unacc) (Veteran tapes) Radio 2: 24/8/88/ CASS-15-0734 "Sweet Blooming Lavender" & "In Horsham Town" (The Rambling Blade)

HALL, Reg - London\ fid\ mel\ -see RAKES -- Interview with Malcolm Taylor on Radio 2 17/5/95: CASS: 60-1307

HALL, Robin - Glasgow\ Singer with gtr\ 1960 - also with Jimmie McGREGOR (interest in Folk Song encouraged at school by Norman Buchan) -- BELTONA SEP-85 1960 45-EP with Jimmie Mc GREGOR Wi My Rovin Eye/ Jug of Punch/Banks of Sicily/ Tiree Love Song - COLLECTOR JDS-3 "Football Crazy & "Rosin the Beau" with JMcG - JES-3 1959 (45 EP) Songs of Robert Burns (solo) - JES-5 1959 Glasgow Street Songs vol 2 with JMcG - DECCA ECS-2161 1974 "Kids Stuff" with JMcG/ CASS-1332 - FONTANA TL-5290 Best of White Heather Club - STL-5436 1967 Grief & Glory (Religious folk contest with JMcG & Nadia CATTOUSE

HALL, Tony - Suffolk\ Singer\ 1974 - member of Everyman F/C Leiston Suffolk -- TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1141 1974 Blaxhall Pub recording: "Donkey-riding" & "Bungay Roger" (Muddley Barracks)

HALL, Tony - England\ mel\ 1976 -- FREE REED FRR-012 1976 "Field Vole music" - TOPIC 12-TS-411 1980 with Nic JONES

HALL, Vera Ward - Alabama USA\ Gospel Singer\ 1959 -- CANTOMETRICS 90-913 - rec by Alan Lomax Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA Oct 1959: ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 "Mama's gonna buy"

HALLIDAY, Commander Robert Fitzgerald Plunkett - Channel Islands\ Singer of sea songs\ 1960 - Maggie May/ Go to sea no more/Paddy West/ Paul Jones & Talk about Liverpool, shanties, boarding house masters, shanhaing, mutiny etc - from Commander Halliday's great nephew: He knows a little of the Commander's history but he is getting in touch with his aunts in Northern Ireland who know more of it and hopefully they will get in touch with me direct.His connection with Jersey came through his marriage to one of the Terris sisters - daughters of a Jersey Agricultural merchant. The other sister married Halliday's cousin hence my contacts. According to the nephew, Halliday was packed off to sea as a boy and worked on board square riggers going around the Horn. He has a rather tearful letter written by Halliday as a 15 year old from Buenos Aires.-- rec by PK, Jersey 26/7/57: 7"RTR-0211/ FTX-205 sea songs, shanties & yarns (with A H RASMUSSEN) - FTX-513 "Paul Jones" - FTX-515 "Go to sea no more"

HALPIN, Paddy & Jimmy - Co Fermanagh\ unacc singer\ 1980 - father of Jimmy - James Patrick bn Lehinch, Newtonbutler 1934 - rec by Keith Summers, Derrydonnelly 8/8/80: TOPIC TSCD-665 1998 "Courtship" Jimmy solo: "Johnny Harte"/ TSCD- 668 "Hunting & Poaching" "Kilafole Boasters"/ TSCD-670 "Farmwork" (Jimmy & his father, Paddy): "To reap and mow the hay"

HAMAN, Minnie - Perthsh\ Singer\ nd -- TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1976 "The bonny Banks of Fordie" (Babylon)

HAMILTON, Noel - Belfast\Co Donegal & Torre Island fieldworker\ 1965: FTX-276

HAMILTON, Richard O - W.Va, USA rec NYC\ singer with yodel & gtr\ 1941 - Bn 1935 influenced by Jimmy Rodgers -- APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Freight Train Blues"/ "Deep Elm Blues"

HAMMONS Family - W Virginia USA\ Singers & instrum\ 1970 -- Burl Hammons: narration & fiddle & 5 str banjo with Maggie PARKER: narration, beating sticks on fiddle, vocals & fiddle -- LIB of CONGRESS L-65-6 1970-2

HAMON, Philip - Channel Islands\ unacc singer in French\ 1957 - aged 62 - fisherman living at "La Ville de Bas" - his father was also a fisherman but more of a farmer - they both did both -- rec by PK, Sark 3/5/57 with Hilary CARRE: RPL LP 23838 - 012 "Mon Buonhomme" - FTX-213/ FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 & FTX-515 "Greenland Whalefishery" with Hilary CARRE

HAMOND, Maj Philip DSO MC - Norfolk\ Singer with mel\ 1952 - (1883-1953) born 1/5/83 & died 29/7/53 educ Repton School but rode away on a horse from school at 17 to join the Army and fight in the Boer War - at 18 he received DSO and bar and in 1st World War received MC and mentioned in dispastches - Phil claimed that the Hamonds came over wit Danish invaders 800 AD - had full words of THE CAPTAIN'S BALL given to him by Admiral Parry (see file) -- rec by PK, Morston 3/11/52: RPL 18702-4 "Still I love him"(unacc & with mel) "Hoppity Skippety" (unacc & with mel) - RPL 18703 "The Candlelight Fisherman" (accomp/talk/ tune played sep on mel - RPL 18704 "The Foggy Dew" (unacc & with mel) FTX-017 - "Candlelight Fisherman" FTX-021 - "As I roved out" radio prog 1956 "Still I love him" with mel: FTX-255 - CAEDMON TC-1143/ TOPIC 12-T-148 "Foggy Dew" (unacc)

HANCOCK, Keith - Lancash\ mel/ singer\ 1987 -- Radio 2: 7/10/87: CASS-0401 Song & mel solo

HANDLE, Johnny (Pandrich) - Northumb\ Singer-songmaker\ 1963 - Member of HIGH LEVEL RANTERS -- rec Birtley Durham 1963: RPL LP 29982 "The Waggoner" (with gtr) "Farewell to the Monty""The Collier Lad" & "The Putter" (with gtr) - 29983 "The Putter" (JH) (with gtr) - ELEKTRA EVK-253 1966 5 songs - LEADER LER-2007 1969 2 songs - LER-2030 1971 "Trepanner Song" (JH) - TOPIC 12-T- 186 1968 HLR - 12-T-189 1962 "Along the Coaly Tyne" - 12-TS-219 1972 "Canny Newcassel" - 12-TS-270 1975 "The Collier Lad" (all his own comp) - with HIGH LEVEL RANTERS: TOPIC TSCD-486 1997

HANNA, Geordie - Co Tyrone\ unacc singer\ 1977 - George Francis Hanna bn 1925 -- rec by Robin Morton in Sarah Anne O Neill's house nr Derrytresk, Coalisland: TOPIC (12-TS-372 1977)/ TSCD-653 1998 "Tragic" "Young Edmund in the Lowlands Low"/ TSCD-654 "Emigration" "Brockagh Brae"/ TSCD-656 "Lovers false & true" "Kate of Ballinamore"/ TSCD-668 "Hunting & Poaching" "On Yonder hill there sits a hare"

HANNAH, William - Scotland\ accordion\ 1930s -- PARLOPHONE F-3097 "La Va" & "Highland Fling" - F-3339 "Boston 2 Step" & "St Bernard's Waltz"

HANNIGAN, Des - Australia ?\?\? -- RTR-1196-7

HANNIS, Reg & Gwen - Gloucestersh\ mel & singers\ 1987 -- rec by Gwilym Davies, Cranham: FTX-417 "Misery Farm" & talk & tune (mel) "Going to the dance" Gwen: "Buttercup Joe" Reg: "Little Willie Woodbine"

HARDIE, Bill - Scotland\ fid\ 1960s -- rec by Tom Anderson playing Scott-Skinner on his "Stroh" fiddle with horn accomp piano : 7"RTR-1085/ CASS-0436

HARDING, Mike - Lancash\ Singer with gtr\ 1968 -- TOPIC 12-T-188 1968 "Deep Lancashire" with Harry BOARDMAN, OLDHAM TINKERS & others - TOPIC 12-T-204 1970 "Owdham Edge" (as previous) - MOONRAKER M007 nd "Roll over, Cecil Sharpe"- PHILIPS 6625 022 1976 (Double LP) "One Man Show" - PHILIPS 6308 290 1977 "Old Four Eyes is back" - POLYDOR 2383 601 1981 "The Red Specs Album" - BBC Records (Moonraker) REH 468 1983 "Flat Dogs and Shaky Pudden"

HARDMAN, Rosemary - England\ Singer-songmaker\ 1974 -- FOLKSOUND FS-100 1974 "Latin Lady" (RH) & "Spare Rib Rag" (RH)

HARE, Marie - New Brunswick, Canada\ unacc singer: -- rec by Sandy Paton, Strathadon, NB, Canada 1961: FOLK LEGACY FSC-9 1962

HAREN, Mary - Co Clare\ baritone conc\ 1960 -- rec by Seamus Ennis: RPL LP 29884 (5 items)/ copied to large "Agfa Magnetonband 2400ft reel of studio tape labelled C263

HARKER, Edward and Alan - W.Yorkshire\ dialect speaker\1959 -- "The Burning of Bartle" (Midsummer Fire Custom) rec by PK, West Witton, Wensleydale: FTX-265

HARPER, Roy - England\ Singer with gtr\ 1975 -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) "Forever"

HARQUOIL, Jack & Reg - Channel IslandsI\ mel & singer in French\ 1960 -- rec by PK, La Bottelerie, St Ouens, Jersey 28/4/60: RPL LP 26235 - FTX-214 with mel & drums - FTX-244

HARRIS, Pete - Texas USA\ voc & gtr\ 1934 -- rec by John & Alan Lomax, Richmond, Texas May 1934 "Buffalo Skinners" "Jack o Diamonds" "He Rambled" (Ram Song) & "Little Liza Jane" (with square dance calls)

HARRIS, Roy - Nottinghamsh\ Singer-songmaker\ 1971 -- TOPIC 12-TS-232 1973 "Valiant Sailor" - 12-TS-234 1974 Sea Shanties - TRADITION TSR-011 1971 Notts Alliance -- "Willie's Lyke Wake" (RH): Johnny COLLINS: TRADITION TSR-014 1973

HARRIS, Sue - Shropsh\ Singer oboe & ham dulc\ 1977 - see also John KIRKPATRICK -- TOPIC 12-TS-355 1977 incl Sue & daughter Penny (h-dulc)

HART, Bob - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1973 -- - rec by Neil Lanham, "Crown", Snape 1970s: NLCD 09 2003 - rec by Tony Engle, Snape: TOPIC 12-TS-225 1973 "Songs from Suffolk" - 12-TS-243 1974 6 more songs/ TSCD 600 ("Hidden English") "Australia"/ TSCD-652 1998 (Sea) "Cod Banging"/ TSCD-660 Amorous Encounters "Seventeen come Sunday" (As I roved out)/ TSCD-662 "Female Cabin Boy" - TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1141 1974 Blaxhall pub rec: sings "White Wings" - rec by Rod Stradling, Snape, Suffolk: MUSICAL TRADITIONS MT-301-2

HARTE, Frank - Dublin\ singer\ 1973 -- TOPIC 12-T-218 1973

HARTLAND, Ray - Gloucestersh\ unacc singer\ 1978 -- rec by Gwilym Davies, Eldersfield: FTX-417 "Billy Johnson's Ball" (with ch)

HARVEY, Kitty - Essex\ Unacc Singer\ 1958 -- rec by PK, Thaxted: FTX-040

HARVEY-WEBB, George - London\ fid\ 1954 -- rec by PK: 9/1/54: RPL 21905-9 Scottish Fiddle Music

HAUGHEY, Sean - Co Donegal\ Collector & storyteller\ 1954 - photo by PK 0145 with Neil Boyle and Sean O Boyle -- rec by Seamus Ennis 6/9/54: RPL 21900 Story of Singing Contest/ Gaelic Love Song/ Story: "Fairy Piper of Cruachlann"

HAWKINS, Fred - Dorset\ singer with mel\ 1936 - one of The Dorchester Mummers -- rec 14/12/36: RPL 14288-90 - FTX-513 "The Quaker" (with melodeon)

HAWKINS, George "Shep" - Gloucestersh\ unacc singer\ 1957 -- rec by PK, Ebrington, Chipping Camden 14/2/57: 5"-RTR- 0966: RPL LP 26368 "The Little Black Horse" (Penny Wager) (says "Warwickshire" on label) - FTX-025

HAWORTH, Leslie - Cheshire\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Kelsall 26/2/54: RTR-0492/ RPL - his own comp "The Ascent of Mount Everest"

HAXEY HOOD Singers - Lincolnsh\ singers Ballgame custom\ 1953 - (nr Doncaster) - see BALL GAMES -- rec by PK, Wagstaffs, Haxey, Lincs 5/1/53: 5"RTR0951 rec on Midget 15ips faulty "John Barleycorn"/ RPL LP 23622 "Drink Old England Dry" - (RPL LP 37582 rec 1971) - FTX-025/ FTX-423/ FTX-516 "Drink Old England dry" - rec by Jean Ritchie: RTR-0964/ FOLKWAYS-8871 1959 "John Barleycorn" - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions"

HAY, George "Lordie" - Turiff Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1952 - "Dark-eyed Sailor" is in TOCHER 43 pp39-40 rec by Hamish Henderson 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 6/7/52: RPL 18776 "Below the banks of Skene", "The Convict Maid" & "The Dark eyed Sailor" - rec 16/7/52: RPL 18786 "Forglen" FTX-261

HAYGARTH, Lizzie - Yorksh\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Dent, nr Sedbergh 22/11/54: RPL 22326 "Tarry Wool"

HAYMAKERS BAND, THE - Bristol\ Folkdance band\ 1950-60 - Leader: PK (fid & mel) -- rec "Village Barn Dance", Sidbury, Devon "The Seven Step Polka": COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998/ FTX-041 - RPL LP 23649 rec London 25/3/56 - "As I roved out" radio prog 1956: FTX-255 - "Everybody Swing"broadcast FTX-324 - "Dorset Village Customs" "Portland Fancy"/ "All the way to Galway" 1960 FTX-407

HAYNE, Walter - Dorset\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Abbotsbury 20/10/54 "The Soldier & the Lady" (Nightingales Sing)/ talk about work/ "Soldier Soldier, won't you marry me?" RPL 22437

HAYNES, Mary Ann - Sussex\ gypsy singer\ 1975 - (1903-1980 (?) -- rec by Mike Yates, Brighton 1975: TOPIC 12-T-253 1975 (5 songs) - 12-T-258 1975 (6s) - 12-TS-285 1976 (2 s)/ EFDSS CD-02 1998 "Flash Company" - TOPIC TSCD-651 1998 "Little Dun Dee"/ TSCD-654 "Emigration" "Erin's Lovely Home"/ TSCD-656 "Lovers false & true": "Long a-growing" (Young & growing)/ TSCD- 655 "Rural" "Hopping Down in Kent"/ TSCD-661 "Travellers" "Little Dun dee" "Female Drummer" "The Colour of Amber" (Died for Love) & "The Young Officer" (Outlandish Knight)/ TOPIC TSCD-670 "Farmwork": "The Little Ball of Yarn" - Gypsy radio prog introduced by John Seymour 1974: FTX-283


HEANEY, Joe - Co Galway\ unacc Gaelic & Engl singer\ 1959 -- rec 29/10/59: RPL LP 25570: (6 songs in Gaelic & 4 in English) - RPL LP 26311: "Campbell the Rover" & "Cuckold's Song" & 1v in Gaelic - FTX-015 "Nobleman's Wedding" - FTX-025 "Campbell the Rover" - FTX-503 "Cuckold's Song" - TOPIC 12-T-91 1963/ TSCD-651 1998 "Who are you, my pretty fair maid ?"("As I roved out " from Seamus Ennis) rec London Studio 1960/ TSCD-655 "Rural" "The Rocks of Bawn"/ TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "The Wife of the Bold Tenant Farmer" & "Morrisey & the Russian Sailor"

HEARST TRIO, THE - Co Down\ Dance Band\ 1952 - Jackie HEARST (accordion) with Vincent Lowe (piano) & drums, Newry -- as "Vincent Lowe Trio" rec Belfast 20/9/52: RPL 18180-3/ FTX-309 A-ROVING 1968 #3 "Humours of Bandon" / FTX-373 Ceildhe Bands with Gilcurdon Trio

HEBBERT, Michael - Oxfordsh\ conc\ 1977 - b Glasgow & plays in pub Wallingford -- FREE REED FRR-009 1977 "The Rampin Cat"

HEDGEHOG PIE - Newcastle\ Elec Folk Group\ 1975 - Margi & Sue Luckley, Jed Grimes, Martin Jenkins & Michael Doonan -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) "Drops of Brandy" - RUBBER RUB-004 1971 (S) with Tony CAPSTICK - RUB-009 1975

HELSTON MAY DAY - Cornwall\ Annual Dance Custom with songs\ 1936 - Annually on May 8th -- RPL 1083 rec 1936 Town Band & Song by children - 1084 rec 1936 Peter Sandry talks to John Betjeman - 1088 Extracts 1936 - 6796 rec 1943 "Hal-an-Tow" by soloist - 9828 Peter Sandry 1944 - rec by PK, LP 25951 1955 Interviews & Town Band - LP 34822 1972 Interviews & Town Band - FTX-010 - Video film by PK 1983: FF-1110 - SAYDISC SDL-332 1982 "All around England and back again" - Helston Town Band: TOPIC TSCD- 666 1998 "Seasonal Events" "The Furry Dance"(says from RPL 1083 rec 8/5/44)

HEMPHILL, Sid & Rose - Miss USA\ fid voc pan-pipes\ 1942 -- Sid (voc & "quills") with Lucius SMITH (drums) rec by Alan Lomax, Senatobia, Miss Sept 1959: ROUNDER CD-1703 1997/ RPL LP 26148 "Emmaline, take your time" & "Old Devil's Dream" - Rose HEMPHILL (voc & gtr) "Rolled and tumbled"

HENDERSON, Hamish - Edinburgh\ poet songmaker & collector\ 1973 - died 8/3/02 The Grange nursing home in Edinburgh on Friday evening 8 March. He was 82. His wife of more than 40 years, Ketzel, and his two daughters were with him - TOCHER 43 (1991) special number with contrib from Adam McNaughtan, Norman Buchan, Ewan McColl- BALLAD OF WADI MAKTILLA - BANKS OF SICILY - FREEDOM COME ALL-YE - GREAT JOHN McLEAN - KING FAROUK - photos by PK 0264-5 with Davie Stewart, 0268-9 with Duncan Burke, 0277 with young tinkers, nr Inverness 1955 -- rec by PK & AL, London 6/3/51: COLUMBIA SL-209 1952 "Tail Toddle" "Hap an Row" (mouth music)/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 - 7"RTR#0680 (15 items)/ RPL LP 35995 Radio progr 1973 "The Song Reivers" -- "Farewell to Sicily" Robin HALL & Jimmie McGREGOR: BELTONA SEP-85 1960 (45 EP) - "Farewell" & "Ballad of Maktilla": Ewan McColl: TOPIC 12-T-130 - "Freedom Call-all-ye" Tich FRIER: CELTIC MUSIC CM-014 1983

HENDERSON, T.W. - & The Blues of Cain -- Bluetrack Records, Oxford BRCD-0011998 "The Wilderness Years"

HENRY, John - Co Sligo\ fid\ 1964 - (1922-97) - age 36 bn Cloonlaren, Doocastle, Co Mayo - has a brother in Chicago who plays pipes and flute - sister in Sligo who plays fiddle - was a member of St Joseph's Ceilidhe Band which had 3 fiddles, 2 flutes (Ryans, father & son), 2 accordions, piano and drums - their favorite reel is "The Flowers of Redhill" - photos by PK 0356-9 (4) -- rec by PK, Rooskay, Ballymote, Sligo 14/6/64 with talk about his sources: large Studio reel/ CASS-30-0963/ FTX-153 incl "Black-haired Lass", Patsy Hunt's Reel & "Wise Maid (12-pts) " & Slow Air "Drimin Drumdeelish"

HENSLEY, Emma - Carmen, N.C. rec Flag Pond Tenn USA\ unacc singer\ 1950-5 - see SHELTON, Mrs Donald

HEPPLE, John & George - Northumb\ N-pipes/ fid\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Haltwhistle 1/7/54: RPL 20627 John (N-pipes) with father George (fid) "Mallorca" "Herd on the Hill" "Deil aong the Tailors" "Whittingham Grreen Lane" "Ward's Brae" & "Circle Waltz"

HERDMAN, Curly - W Virginia USA\ fid\ 1973 -- SAYDISC SDM-242 1973 Old Time Country Music album with Troy HERDMAN (gtr), Bob TANNER (mandolin) & Joe TANNER (banjo)

HERNON, Michael - Co Fermanagh\ fid\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Belleek 19/7/52: RPL 18545 (2 Jigs) - with Phil BREEN (fid): RPL 18545 (2 Reels); FTX-370

HEWITT, Albert - Norfolk\ mel\ 1954 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Southrepps Feb 1955: RPL 22020 Step dance tune & "Breakdown"

HEWITT, Arthur - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Landlord "Ship Inn"- aged 53 -- rec by PK, Blaxhall 1953: FTX-036 "M-O- N-E-Y"

HEWETT, Bob & Mrs - Hampsh\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Bob Copper: 7"RTR-0252 "Old Johnny Buckle" (not processed)

HEWETT, Fred - Hampsh\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Bob Copper, Mapledurwell 26/7/55: RPL 21859 "Prickle Holly Bush" - 21860 "The Three Maidens" & "Jones' Ale" - FTX-017 "3 Maidens" - FTX-426 - TOPIC 12-T-317 1977/ TSCD-653 1998 "Tragic Ballads"/ TSCD-660 Amorous Encounters "Three Maidens" -- "Prickle Holly Bush" Ewan McCOLL: ARGO ZDA-71 1967 "Long Harvest" album

HEYWOOD, Heather - Scotland\ Ballad singer\ 1993 -- LIVING TRADITION LTCD-001 1994 "Aye Wakin-o"

HEYWOOD, W J - Devon\ Singer\ 1959 - rec Ottery St Mary: FTX-086 Stag-hunting ballad with hunting horn

HICKERSON, Joe - USA\ unacc singer\ 1975 - Since 1953, Joe Hickerson has performed over a thousand times at concerts, festivals, coffeehouses, folk clubs and societies, colleges and universities, community groups, and radio programs (including "A Prairie Home Companion" in 1976) throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Finland and Ukraine. He has been referred to as the "folksinger's folksinger." Pete Seeger has called him "a great songleader." His wide-ranging repertoire of English-language songs and ballads includes occupational and labor songs, children's songs, humorous songs and parodies, Irish-American songs, sea songs, religious songs, and chorus songs, which he sings with guitar and unaccompanied. Although not known as a songwriter, Joe is the author of the 4th and 5th verses of "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" (in 1960). Joe has three solo recordings:" Joe Hickerson with a Gathering of Friends" and "Drive Dull Care Away" vols. I & II on the Folk-Legacy label (Sharon, CT 06069). He is also featured on "We've Got Some Singing to Do": "The Folksmiths Travelling Folk Workshop" (Folkways); "Five Days Singing" (The New Golden Ring) vols. I & II (Folk-Legacy); "The Continuing Tradition", Volume 1: Ballads (Folk-Legacy); Songs and Sounds of the Sea (National Geographic Society); several anthologies from the Fox Hollow Folk Festival; recordings by the Dildine Family (Front Hall), Jonathan Eberhart (Folk-Legacy), John McCutcheon (Greenhays and Rounder), and Helen Schneyer (Folk-Legacy); and recordings from Camp Woodland and the Old Songs Festival. He also co-edited the first LP reissue of Uncle Dave Macon 78s (Folkways/RBF). - Raised in a family in which folksong books and recordings were a part of everyday enjoyment, Joe's active interest in folk music began in earnest at Oberlin College where he helped found and was first president of the Oberlin Folk Song Club (1953-57). He then studied folklore and ethnomusicology at Indiana University, where he served as folklore archivist and first president of the Indiana University Folk Song Club (1957-63). He also hosted folk music radio and television shows at Oberlin and IU. In 1963, Joe was appointed Reference Librarian and, in 1974, Head of the Archive of Folk Song (later called the Archive of Folk Culture) at the Library of Congress. While there, he directed an intern program and compiled and edited numerous reference and finding aids. He retired from that position in 1998 after 35 years of service. One of the founding members of the Folklore Society of Greater Washington (1964), Hickerson has been its President, Program Chair, and Book Review Editor. He has also served as Bibliographer (for 22 years) and Secretary (8 years) of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Chair of the Committee on Archiving of the American Folklore Society, and on the advisory boards of Sing Out!, John Edwards Memorial Foundation, and Foxfire. Joe received the Southeastern Massachusetts University Eisteddfod Award in 1973, was a Special Honoree at the 1986 Summer Solstice Dulcimer and Traditional Music & Dance Festival, and was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1999 New Jersey Folk Festival. Besides presenting concerts, Joe frequently lectures on such topics as "My 50+ Years with Folk Music," "Treasures from the National Folk Archive," "The History of Folksong Collecting and Archiving in the U.S.," "The Folksong Revival," "Folksongs of Washington, D.C.," "Women Folksong Collectors," and "African American Folk Music" (the last two can feature a segment on Zora Neale Hurston). Joe is also available for research projects, including song and copyright searches (recent jobs have included song searches for "O Brother Where Art Thou" and a Ralph Stanley CD). -- rec by PK, Dartington Ciderhouse, Totnes, Devon 30/8/75: 7"RTR-0305: "Drive Dull Care away"/ "The State of Arkansas" (Sam Henry Coll)/ "The Battle of Antitum Creek" (Amer Civil War)/ "We are anchored by the roadside"(Drink the old jug dry)

HICKEY, Eddie - London\ Singer & step-dancer\ 1967 -- TRANSATLANTIC TRA-159 1967 with GLENSIDE Ceili Band

HICKS, Jerry - Co Armagh\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1953 - schoolteacher, bn Cork 22/2/16 - photos by PK 0161-2 (2) -- rec by PK & Sean O Boyle 1958: 7"RTR-0564-5 "Castle Hyde", "Kitty" (Gaelic & English),"An Posaidh Glagheal" (Mary Haynes comp by Raftery) & "The Cranbally Farmer"

HICKS, Linzy & Winser - N C, USA\ singer/ dulcimer\ 1951 -- rec by Frank & Anne Warner, Beech Mountain: 927 - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "A Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim"/ "Palms of Victory"

HICKS, Nathan - NC, USA\ dulc\ 1940 - Dulcimer-maker & player, nephew of Roby, who was Frank and Anne Warner's first contact Beech Mountain, NC in 1940 -- (dulcimer) with Frank PROFFITT (gtr) rec by Frank & Anne Warner (on paper disc) 1940: FTX-927 "Rock, rock, Old Joe Clark" & other similar items rec on tape in the 50s

HICKS, Robert & Charle - (known as "Barbecue Bob" and "Laughing Charlie) (voc/gtr) rec Altlanta, Ga 9/11/27: COLUMBIA 14268/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "It won't be long now"

HICKS, Roby & Buna - N.C., USA\ Singers/ storytellers/ banjo & fiddle\ 1941-60 - Roby, uncle of Nathan Hicks, who was the Warner's first contact when they wrote to him to order a home-made dulcimer, and Buna, Roby's wife, raised 11 children and both played fiddle, banjo and dulcimer. Roby also told stories and Jack Tales (See 928). Linzy was one of 9 sons, their only two daughters being Hattie and Rosa -- rec by Frank & Anne Warner (on paper disc) 1941 & tape 1951, Beech Mountain: FTX-923 & FTX-927 - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "River of Life"/ "Top of Mt Zion"

HIGGINS, Bella - Perthsh\ Tinker Singer\ 1955 - Sister of Alec Stewart -- rec in the berryfields, Blairgowrie: TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1976 "False Knight on the Road" & "Lord Bateman"

HIGGINS, Uncle Charlie - Va USA\ fiddle\ 1959 -- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: FTX-902- with Wade WARD (banjo) & Dale POE (gtr) rec by AL, Hillsville Aug 1959 - ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 "Cripple Creek" - with Wade WARD (banjo) & Bob CARPENTER (gtr): ROUNDER CD-1702 1999 "Piney Woods Gal"

HIGGINS, Charlotte - Perthsh\ tinker singer\ 1955 -- rec by PK & HH, Blairgowrie: "Blackbird" (Died for Love): FTX-183 - "False Knight" & "Lord Bateman" sung & spoken: FTX-184 - "Dark Ne've Chappelle" FTX-185

HIGGINS, Jeannie - Aberdeen\ unacc singer\ 1951 - see under ROBERTSON, Jeannie

HIGGINS, Joseph - Co Derry\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by PK, Brackalislea, Draperstown 21/5/53 RPL 19976 "The Banks of the Bann" FTX-435

HIGGINS, Lizzie - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1968 - Mrs Elizabeth Ann Youlden 1929-1993 daughter of Jeannie ROBERTSON singer & Donald HIGGINS, piper - see Obituary by Peter A Hall in FMJ 1993 p559 -- TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1975 "The Forester" (The Shepherd's Daughter) & "The Jolly Beggar" - TOPIC 12-T-179 1968 "Johnny my man" - 12-T-180 1968 "Bogieside" - 12-T-185 1969 Solo album "Princess of the Thistle" - 12-TS-260 1975 2nd solo album titled "Up and Awa' wi' the Laverock" mainly ballads - TSCD-652 1998 "Sea "(with ch) "Sandy's a sailor" (I can wash a sailors shirt)/ TSCD-653 "Tragic Ballads" "Cruel Mother"/ TSCD-655 "Rural" "Lovely Molly"/ TSCD-656 "Lovers false & true" "The Forester" (Shepherd's Daughter) & "Laird o the Dainty Doonby"/ TSCD-660 "Amorous Encounters" "The Banks of Red Roses"/ TOPIC TSCD- 667 1998 "Ballads" "A Beggar Man"(Gaberlunzie) & "Lady Mary Anne" (?) - (LISMOR LIFL-7004 1985 titled "What a Voice")

HIGH LEVEL RANTERS, THE - Northumb\ Folk Group\ 1969 -- LEADER LER-2007 1969 "Lads of Northumbria" - LER-2019 1970 "Drops of Brandy" etc - LER-2030 1971 "High Level" - LER-2037 1973 "A mile to ride" - TOPIC 12-T-122 1965 Tommy Armstrong songs - 12-T-186 1968 Northumberland for ever - 12-TS-270 1975 Johnny Handle's own comp (3s with HLR) - SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS SFW-40473 1999 (fid, conc, acc & gtr) from TOPIC 1979 "Four in a Bar" - TOPIC TSCD-486 1997 "The Bonnie Pit Laddie"

HIGHWAYMEN, THE - USA\ College Folk Group\ 1962 -- UNITED ARTISTS ULP-1002 1962/ 307 A-ROVING #1 "The Great Silkie"

HILL, Beatrice - Herefordsh\ mel\ 1952 - Morris musician Bromsberrow Heath (sister of Emily BISHOP) -- FTX-115 rec by PK, Bromsberrow Heath 13/10/52 local Morris dance tunes: "Nelly's tune (Cf Wait for the wagon)"A-nutting we will go" & 2 Untitled tunes/ "Herefordsh Breakdown" "A-nutting we will go"

HILL, Bertha "Chippie" - (voc) with Louis Armstrong (cornet) & Richard M.Jones (piano) rec Chicago, Illinois 23/11/23: OKEH 8420/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Pratt City Blues"

HILLERY, Dave - England\ Singer\ 1971 -- TOPIC IMP-S-104 Room for Company (Birmingham) - 12-TS-215 1971 Transpennine (Yorks/Lancs)

HILLIER, Frank - Dorset\ unacc singer\ 1959 -- rec by Michael Cowerd, Okeford Fitzpaine: FTX-019 "Old Woman of Blighter Town" (Marrowbones) - FTX-029 "Heenan & Sayers" - FTX-408 Dorset village album

HILLS, Luther - Sussex\ unacc harmony singer\ 1952 - blacksmith at East Dean - see under FULLER, Mark also knew versions of "Battle of Waterloo", "If I were a blackbird", "Let's hope the rich'll pay the poor", "Rosin the Beau", "Sweet Primersoses", "What's the life of a man", "When Paddy stole the rope" -- rec by PK , East Dean 2/12/52: RPL 18714/ FTX-023 "Brisk & Bonny" FTX-428 "Dame Durden"/ "Foggy Dew"/ "Brisk & Bonny" & "Sportsmen Arouse"

HINCHLIFFE, Frank - Yorksh\ Singer\ 1977 -- rec by Mike Yates & Ruairidh & Alvina Grieg, Sheffield 1976: TOPIC 12-TS-308 1977 "In Sheffield Park" solo album - ROOT & BRANCH #1 1999 "The Pear Tree", "Edward" & "Wild & Wicked Youths"(Henry the Poacher)

HOARE, John - Ireland/ Fiddler/ 1960 -- rec Jean Ritchie & George Pickow 1951: OSSIAN OSS-15 orig FOLKWAYS: FIELD TRIP IRELAND 1960 cass "Derry Hornpipe & Old Set Dance" & "Lannigan's Ball"

HOCKEN (ARKEN), Billy - Cornwall\ A-Conc\ 1943 - from Tintagel - PK metg him on the road in 1948 and Billy asked Peter: "Do you know the "Long Ark"? It transpired this was the local extended tune version of the carol: "Hark the herald angels sing" -- rec Boscastle: RPL 7029 (78) rec 9/10/43 - TOPIC 12-T-240 1974 (copy of RPL 1943 rec)

HOGAN, Jimmy - Co Tipperary\ mel\ 1958 - bn Borrisokane in Co. Tipperary and learned many of his tunes from his friend, and fellow accordion-player, Paddy O'Brien. A friend of Jimmy's, from Limerick, was flute-player, Paddy Taylor, who occasionally played with them in the band. A Slow Air, The Battle Of Ballingeary, learned from Jimmy, is played on the flute by Paddy Taylor on FTX-171. THE JIMMY HOGAN BAND. when they were recorded, were playing regularly at "The Buffalo Club", an Irish venue in Kentish Town in North London. Previously Jimmy had been a member of the famous Ballinakill Ceilidhe Band in East Galway, not far from the Tipperary border. Jimmy is joined by Bobby Hall on piano and Brian Green on drums -- rec by PK, London 8/3/58: Band items copied onto RPL LP 23969 - FTX-371 includes solos and talk -: FTX-420/ SAYDISC CD-SDL-420 1997 "Traditional Dance Music of Ireland" "Historic Collection Series"

HOLLAND, Harry - Devon\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Exeter 13/10/54 (Uncle of Bert "Bunny" PALMER newsagent of Sidbury who sang song at Barn Dance there in 1950): RPL 21490 Talk & song "The Mallard"/ FTX-027 Last 3v with PK, (mel) - RTR-7-0252 rec by PK, Exeter 13/10/54 with talk with Bert "Bunny" Palmer his nephew: "The Mallard" & "Wait for the Wagon"

HOLLAND, Jane & Robert - Glasgow\ miners songs\ 1953 -- FTX-409 "My love is but a miner lad" (Jane accomp Bob gtr) "The Blantyre Disaster"(Bob with gtr) - FTX-511 "John Sneddon" (The Miner Boy) (Jane with Bob gtr) "The Recruited Collier" (Jane unaccomp)

HOLLANDSWORTH, Sam - Lincolnsh\ Remembering "Plough Jags" Play\ 1953 - Introduced by Mr Aram, schoolmaster with songs by John MARTIN -- rec by PK, Helpringham 25/3/53: RPL 19033-4/ FTX-105

HOLLINSHEAD, Matthew - Chesh\ unacc singer\ 1954 - turned his trousers inside out as his costume for soulcaking -- rec by PK, Swettenham 12/11/54: RPL 22350 - FTX-107 "Souling Song" - on tape 5"RTR-0961 with another take accomp by PK (mel)

HOLMAN, Harry - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1975 - age 65 - captain of Marbles Team -- rec by PK, "The Cherry Tree", Copthorne 1956 "What's the life of a man" & acting as Chairman - rec by Mike Yates, Copthorne: TOPIC 12-T-254 1975 Toast & "What's the life of a man" - TSCD-670 1998 "Farmwork": "There was a poor thresherman"

HOLME VALLEY BEAGLES - Yorksh\ Singing Chorus\ 1975 -- LEADER LEE-4056 1975 On a fine hunting morn/ Castle Hill Anthem (Pleasant & delightful)/ Old Snowball (Bold eynolds)/ The scent was good/ Brown Hare f Whitebrook// Gossip Joan/ Hounds are out/ Joe the carrier's lad/ Some gentlemen take great delight (Bold Reynard)/ Doctor Mack (Parson Hogg)/ Holmfirth Anthem (Through the Groves)

HOLMES, Eddy - CUMMING, Donald

HOLMES, Joe - Co Antrim\ singers\ 1976 -- rec with Len GRAHAM: FREE REED FRR-007 1976 "Chaste Muses Bard s & Sages" - TOPIC 12-TS-401 1979 "After Dawning" - ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music"

HOLMES, Louise - Herefordsh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Dinedor 14/10/52: RPL 18690-1 "My boy Billy" & 3 others - FTX-031 "The Little Gypsy Girl" - FTX-502 "The Knight & Shepherd's Daughter - FTX-517 "The Bonny Bunch of Roses O"

HOOLEYS, THE - Gloucestersh\ Folk Group led by PK\ 1990-2000s - The name meaning a ceili "for letting the hair, if you still have some, down". It is derived from the Gaelic "hullichan", and presently used in its anglicised form for foootball louts, is the name of a dance collected and popularised by PK, a favourite of his band, which is danced in "fours" or "round the house" with its own special step and swing-hold -- CASS-1054-1076 & 1084-1097/ FTX-333 - Filmed in an Irish pub in Gloucester: FF-5501

HOOPER, Louis - Somerset\ unacc singer\ 1942 - She & her sister Lucy WHITE sang to Cecil Sharp when he started collecting - ED&S mag 27/4 p122 Photo & biog details - 28/3 1966 p72 Lucy White and Mrs Overd -- rec by Douglas Cleverdon, Hambridge 7/4/42: RPL 4014 "Hares on mountain" & Geordie"/ 4015 "Green Broom" & "Lord Rendal" & 4039 "False Bride" with talk/ FTX-136 Study tape - FTX-502 "Geordie"

HOOPER, Mr - Dorset\ unacc singer\ 1943 -- rec Kingston, nr Corfe Castle, Isle of Purbeck 17/9/43: RPL 6779 (78) "Ploughboy's Voice" & "Jimmy & his own truelove"

HOPKINS, Jean - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1956 - age 22 when rec - learned songs from her grandfather -- rec by PK, The Cherry Tree, Copthorne, Surrey 4/2/56: 7"RTR-0238: "Seeds of Love" (Sharp) "Mowing the barly" (with Mervyn Plunkett) "Dame Durden" & "Week before Easter" - FTX-280

HORNER, Tom - Yorksh\ unacc singer\ 1959 -- rec by PK, Swithinwaite, Wensleydale 22/8/59: 7"RTR-0065/ RPL LP 26583 "Yorkshireman's Coat of Arms"/ Pace-egging Play & Song/ New Year begging rhyme: FTX-265

HOUNSELL, Harry - Dorset\ Quarry lead singer\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Portland 20/10/54: RPL 22480 "Reaming-Up Chants" "Roll the Chariot" & talk about process/ FTX-203 - Film & Video by PK 1983: FF-1106

HOUSE, Son - (voc/ slide gtr) rec NY 1965: CBS 62604/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2A (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Pearline"

HOUSTON, Cisco - USA\ Singer with gtr\ 1960s -- VANGUARD SRL-7624 1965 (?) (boxed)

HOWARD, Arthur - Yorksh\ singer\ 1981 - Holme Valley W Yorksh -- rec by Ian Russell (see also HOLME VALLEY BEAGLES): HILL & DALE HD-006 1981

HOWARD, Dorothy - Texas\ unacc singer\ 1949 -- APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Babes in the Swood"/ "I dropped the baby"

HOWARD, Louisa & Ernie - Suffolk\ singer with mel\ 1956 - Louisa (age 60) & her husband (melodeon) -- rec by PK, Thorpeness July 1956: FTX-099 "Sailor Boy" & "House of Ill Fame" (unacc)

HOWE, Emiily & Elsie JAGGARD - Suffolk\ unacc singers\ 1970s -- rec Neil Lanham, Chedburgh: NLCD 8/9 2003

HOWELL, "Peg Leg" - USA\ voc/gtr\ 1929 -see also WILLIAMS, Henry - rec Atlanta, Ga USA 10/4/29: (COLUMBIA-14438)/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1(Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Broke and Hungry Blues"

HOWELL, William - Pembrokesh\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Fishguard Aug 1953: RPL 22883 "The Mermaid" & "Leisha" - FTX-503 "Mermaid"

HOWLEY, Martin - Co Clare\ unacc singer\ 1975 -- rec by Jim Carroll & Pat McKenzie, Fanore 1975: TOPIC TSCD-658 1998 "Events & Issues" "The Young Horseman" (Bonny Light Horseman)

HOYLAND, George "Cavill" - Yorksh\ melodeon & talk\ 1959 - Ex-Miner age 67 when rec -- rec by PK, Chapeltown, Sheffield, W Yorks 21/8/59: 7"RTR-0208/ RPL LP 26582 The Old Tup, Grenoside Sword etc with Louis WROE (conc) - FTX-212 Talk about "Old Tup" custom, song & play, Grenoside Sword dance and other miner's customs

HUGHES, Carolyne - Dorset\ gypsy singer\ 1902-71 - born in a horse-drawn caravan, Bere Regis, Dorset. One of 17 children, her mother was Lavinia Bateman, hawker, and her father Arthur Hughes was known as a rat-catcher - first contacted in 1952 but not rec by PK until 1968 - photos by PK, 0365-7 & 0368 with husband, John (81) -- rec by PK, Blandford, Dorset 19/4/68:- 7"RTR-0120/ CASS-45-1245 (Safety dub): FTX-031"Mandi went to poov the grai", 043, Volume #2 FTX-143, FTX-301 "tuning up" (Mouth music), FTX-309 A-ROVING 1968 #3 "Gypsy Laddie", Sprig of Thyme" & mouth-music, FTX-408 Dorset album, FTX-441 Romany speech, FTX-501 "Lady Maisry"& FTX-502 "Famous Flower of Servant Men", "Gypsy Laddie" & "Jews Daughter"/ SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Songs of the Travelling People" sings "Mandi" -- Ewan McCOLL on Long Harvest" ARGO ZDA-69 sings her "Barbry Allen" and on ARGO ZDA-70 "Farmer of Chest'field" Other songs from Carolyne Hughes rec by Ewan McColl & Peggy Seeger 1962: ATCHING TAN - GIRL I LEFT BEHIND - GREEN BUSHES - GREEN GROWS THE LAUREL - HERRING SONG - LITTLE POPPA RICH - LONG A-GROWING - McCAFFERY - MY LOVE LAYS COLD BENEATH MY FEET - THREE BUTCHERS - TWO GYPSY GIRLS - SOLDIER AND THE SAILOR

HUGHES, Nicholas - Co Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1952 - born at Shean, Forkhill in 1889. Aged 63 a farmer at Forkhill. Now living in the house where he, his father and grandfather were born. His mother was born at Mullaghbawn. He learned his songs from both parents and grandparents, his grandmother being 106 when she died. Between 1905-12 he was partly working in Scotland, his first job, at the age of 16, was buying hides of cows and sheep and selling herrings in Oban, where he also had a hackney licence bailed by Michael McGuill, hardware merchant, Argyle St. He returned to Forkhill and worked as a carter until 1927 when he went to America and worked as a ploughman-teamster for a convent at Lake Ronkonkowa, Long Island, New York, returning home again in 1932 to become a farmer - photo by Peter Kennedy, 0067 -- rec by PK, Forkhill, Co Armagh 15/7/52: RPL 18484-5 (4songs): FTX-023 "The Jolly Hunter & Thrasher"(Nobleman & Thresher) - FTX-165 "The Boys of Mullaghbawn" - FTX-514 "The Alehouse" (Green Beds)

HUGHES, Spike - London\ Sextet\ 1956 -- FTX-255 "As I roved out" radio prog 1956

HUGHES, Tom - Roxburghsh\ fid\ 1981 - Jedburgh -- some items with guitar and some with other fiddlers, Wattie Robson of Denholm, Bon Hobkirk of Dodburn: SPRINGTHYME SPR-005 1981 "The Border Fiddle" rec by Pete Shepheard

HUGILL, Stan - Liverpool\ Shantyman\ 1954 - b.19/11/06 Hoylake Cheshire/ d.13/5/92 Aberystwyth (see Musical Traditions 12 (1994) & Obit by Chris Roche in FMJ 1993 p559 - HUGILL Shanties of the Seven Seas" Routledge & Kegan Paul 1961/1979 - "Shanties & Sailor Songs" Herbert Jenkins 1969 - "Sailortown" Routledge 1969 - "Sea Shanties" Barrie & Jenkins 1977 - "Songs of the Sea" McGraw Hill 1977 -- rec by PK, London 15/5/54/ with "York & Albany" Crew & Geof ROSE (acc): FTX-035/ EMI CLP-1524 1962 to publicise his large book "Shanties of the Seven Seas" - rec by SE, London 1/7/54: RPL 20221-6 - TOPIC 12-T-110 1964 with others incl versions from his own coll - (GREENWICH VILLAGE 12"LP GVR-217 titled "Stan Hugill reminiscences") - (VINTAGE TAPES Cass VT-127 1993) titled "Sailing Days"

HUMBLEBUMS, THE - Scotland\ Folk Duo\ - see Billy CONNOLLY & Gerry RAFFERTY

HUMPHRIES, Edith - Devon\ schoolgirl\ 1951 -- rec by Jean Ritchie: 7"RTR-0062 "Henry, my son"

HUNT, Jack -- rec by PK, Halwell, Totnes: FTX-086 "Toll the bell, Sammy" - filmed at Woodcourt Farm, Harbertonford, Devon 1971: FF-1101

HUNTER, Jimmy - Northumb\ harmonica\ 1954 - photos by PK 0216-8 (3) -- rec by PK, Haydon Bridge 6/7/54: RPL 20628: "Roxburgh Castle" & "Caddam Wood" "Jack Heron's Waltz" & "Oyster Girl" (Circassian Circle) - with Billy BALLANTINE (piccolo) Schottische & "My Lodging" & "Blow the wind Southerly" (Waltzes)/ FTX-121/ TOPIC TSCD-669 1998 Northern Dances: with Billy BALLANTINE (piccolo): "Rosalie, Prairie Flower, My Lodging & Blow the wind southerly"

HUNTER, Tom - Cumberland\ fid\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Bewcastle 30/6/54: 7"RTR-0045/ RPL 20612 "Durham Rangers" & "Rights of Man" - with Jake HUTTON (fid) RPL 20626 "Lad wi the plaidie" (for dance: "Kielder Schottische") - with Jake Hutton (fid) & Billy BALLANTINE (piccolo) "Gilsland Hornpipe" FTX-121 - TOPIC 12-T-283 1976 PK recs/ with Billy BALLANTINE (piccolo): TSCD-669 1998 "Northern Dances": "The Gilsland Hornpipe"

HUNTER, Trevor - Shetland\ fid\ 1976 -- TOPIC 12-TS-281 1976

HUNTER, Willie Senr & Junr - Shetland\ fid\ 1952 -- rec by Pat Shaw, Lerwick July 1952/ WH Senr (fid solo) & WH Junr (fid)(2 tunes each)/ WH Junr (fid) with Willie JOHNSON (gtr) RPL 18649 "Eightsome Reel" - WH Senr (fid) with WJ (gtr) rec PNSS Feb 1952: RPL 18652 Reels "Mind what you do" & "Wynyadelpa" & "De'il among the tailors" - rec 12/7/53: RPL 23322 with Willie JOHNSON (gtr) - rec 14/10/58: RPL LP 24378 with WJ (gtr) - FTX-068 - WH Senr with Willie JOHNSON (gtr): TANGENT TNGM 117 1973 "Sillocks & Tatties" & "Sleep soond in da mornin" - Junr with William KAY (piano) comp air "Leaving Lerwick Harbour" & 2 comp by Ronald Cooper (who accomp him on piano): TANGENT TNGM-117 1973 - Andy Kershaw radio progr 1987 cass

HURLEY, Marcella - Co Cork\ unacc singer\ 1947 -- rec by Brian George, Coonhala: RPL 12490 "Foggy Dew" (trad) & "Down by the Tanyard Side"

HURLEY, Michael - USA\ Own comp with guitar\ nd -- CASS-1297 with Nina SIMONE

HURT, Mississippi John - USA\ Blues voc & gtr\ 1928 -- rec NYC 28/12/28: (OKEH 8654) Double LP "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD): "Stackalee Blues"

HUTCHINGS, Ashley - England\ Singer-songmaker\ 1972 -- ISLAND HELP-5 1972 "Morris On" - HELP-17 1973 "The Compleat Dancing Master" - HELP-24 1976 "Rattlebone" - HELP-25 1976 Albion Country Band

HUTCHINSON, John - Yorkshire\ Singer\ 1954 -- with LOWER SWALEDALE SINGERS: FTX-265/ FTX-310 A-ROBING #4 "The Lass of Richmond Hill"

HUTCHISON, Jimmy - Scotland\ contemp unacc singer\2000 -- "Corrachree" LIVING TRADITION LTCD-1002 2000

HUTCHISON, "Kirsty" (Susan) - Perthsh\ unacc singer\ 1955 - (age 78) - bn New Pitsligo - sister of Davie STEWART and cousin of Stewarts at Blairgowrie - separated wife of Jock HUTCHISON, "The Hot-water-bottle piper" -- rec by PK, Dundee, Angus 23/6/55: 5"-RTR-1119-1123: "Laird o Drum": "Hanging from a beam" & "Galway Shawl" (with Davie) rec by Alan Lomax: 7"RTR-0684-6

HUTTON, Jake - Cumberland\ fid\ 1954 - father of Joe HUTTON (N-pipes) -- rec by PK, Bewcastle 30/6/54: 7"RTR-0045-6/ RPL 20612 "Corn Rigs" "Tenpenny Bit" "Dumfries Lasses" "Strathspey" "Sylph" - with Tom HUNTER (fid) & Billy BALLANTINE (pic): RPL 20626 "Lad wi the plaidie" (for dance: "Kielder Schottische") - with Billy BALLANTINE (piccolo): "Gilsland Hornpipe"/ FTX-121 Four tunes - TOPIC 12-T-283 1976 "Kielder Schottische" with Tom Hunter (fid) & Billy Ballantine (piccolo)/ TOPIC TSCD-669 1998 "Northern Dances"

HUTTON, Joe - Northumb\ N-pipes\ 1954 - (1923-1995) -- rec by PK, Stuart Shiels, Otterburn 1/7/54: RPL 20625:: "My Lodging/Bonny Dundee/ Barrington H (T Todd)/ Redesdale H (J Hill)/ Roxburgh Castle/ Devil among the tailors"/ TOPIC 12-TS- 227 1974 - 12-TS-239 1974 - 12-T-283 1976 PK recs - TOPIC TSCD-669 1998 Northern Dances with Willy TAYLOR (fid) & Will ATKINSON (harmonica): "Christie McLeod, Gallowglass Rant & Charlie Hunter" "Mrs Jamieson's Favourrite & Parnell's March" - Talk on Andy KERSHAW's radio prog cass - SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS SFW-40473 1999 "Speed the Plough" & with Willie TAYLOR (fid) & Will ATKINSON (harmonica) - (EAST ALLEN RECORDINGS EAR-015-CD)

HYDE Brothers, The - -- (2 melodeons): rec studio, NY, March 1928: COLUMBIA 33251-F/ TOPIC TSCD-655 "Rural" "Back o' the Haggart"

HYDE, Jack - Oxfordsh\ harmonica\ 1972 -- rec by Dave Bland, Railway Inn, Abingdon 4/112/72: TOPIC TSCD-659 Dances of S England "Shepherds Hey"

HYMAN, Joy - London\ Singer/ gtr & coll\ 1961 - There's two short pieces about Joy Hyman, entitled 'A Singer and Her Songs' in English Dance & Song, Spring 1968 and Summer 1968 (Roud) -- (some with Jennifer RICE) Irish & Engl folksongs rec 1961: RPL LP 27099 - collecting in Sussex 1962-5: RPL LP 29820

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