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GALES, Brian - Norfolk\ Unacc singer\ 1947 -- rec "Windmill", Sutton 27/10/47: RPL 13865: "Caroline & her Young Sailor Bold"

GALES, Walter - Norfolk\ unacc singer\ 1947 -- rec "Windmill", Sutton 27/10/47: RPL 13863 "Nobleman & Thrasher" & RPL 13866 "The Banks of the Sweet Primeroses"

GALLAGHER, Kitty - Co Donegal\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1947-53 - Age 18 - represented West Donegal in the annual Oireachras Traditional Singing Competitions in Dublin - learned songs from locals incl Sheila GALLAGHER - photo by PK 0086 -- rec by PK & SB 1952 "An Bhanaltra": FTX-003 - mouth music: FTX-301 - "Historic Recording Series": FTX-419 - rec Gweedore 24/8/47: RPL 12052-3 (4 sides) 5 Songs in Gaelic (these are transl titles): "Mermaid Song" (with Story in Engl) "Green Autumn Stubble" "I am a useful man about the house" "Well-mannered Bridget" "Far from home I would know your walk"- rec by Alan Lomax 1951: COLUMBIA SL-204 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1742 1998 "An Maighdean Mhara" (Mermaid Song) & "Keen for a Dead Child" - 7"RTR#0588 & DAT - RPL 18540 2s rec by PK, Strabane, Co Derry 25/7/52 "Fiach O Domhnaill" & "A Mhaire a Bhruinnil" - rec IFMC Festival Biarritz-Pamplona 1953: WESTMINSTER WL-5334 1954 "Far from home" - SAYDISC CD SDL 411 1995 "Traditional Songs of Ireland" "Keening Song"

GALLAGHER, Michael - Co Fermanagh\ unacc singer\ 1952 - brother of Bridget TUNNEY & uncle of Paddy & Joe - was born in 1891 and died abour 1958. When recorded he was working as a boot repairer in Belleek. Previously he had been a farmer, and before that lived 33 years in Glasgow. Like his sister, he learned his songs from his parents and grandparents on both sides of the family, as well as from aunts, uncles and others. The Deluded Lover was from his aunt, Brigid, in Ballintra, Donegal. The title for this song was provided by the collectors; Michael called it As I Roved Out - photos by PK 0080-0081 & 0083 with Joe TUNNEY -- rec by PK & SB, Garrison 20/7/52: RPL 18525 "Tandaragee" (with ch) & "Devil & Bailff McGlynn" - rec 20/7/53: RPL 20023 "Adieu Londonderry" - RPL 20024 "Keach in the Creel" - RPL 20025 - RPL 20027 "Paddy Shinahan's Cow" "Broken Token" - RPL 20028 "The Ribbon Blades" - FTX-013 "When a man's in love" - FTX-015 "The Deluded Lover" - FTX-019 "One thing or the other" - FTX-163 (4 songs) - FTX-503 (1 ballad: "The Keach in the Creel") - FTX-514 "Lovely Nancy"

GALLAGHER, Sheila - Co Donegal\ unacc Gaelic & Engl\ 1953 - Age 90, widow, living alone in a double-room cottage which she owns - she worked at Hamilton in Scotland for 16 years. Her father was a farmer at Gweedore and her mother was a Kathleen Boyle from Bunbeg. She is a Gaelic speaker, her only education being from her parents and the hedge schoolmasters as there no local school. She reared a family of 9, 5 dead. One of her daughters has recently returned from America to look after "Sheila Mhic" but she is fiercely independent and still looks after her one cow and chickens. She sang 30 songs in less than 3 hours, 10 in English and 20 in Gaelic, all of which she explained or translated into English, a language she seldom used in her youth. Nowadays in her area great efforts are being made to preserve the language, in everyday speech, but in her day it was discouraged -- rec by PK & SB, Middledore 24/8/53: RTR-0511-0515/ RPL 20142-50 26 songs in Gaelic & English & talk - FTX-003 Songs & talk - FTX-271 - FTX-272

GALLIENNE, John - Channel Islands\ unacc singer in French\ 1957 - aged 67 of "la Rogue" or "Rogue Val" - greenhouse hand - born and lived all his life at Torteval and always worked in the Pleinmont district - songs from his own family - used to sing with his brother Alfred when they went for walks together as youngsters -- rec by PK, Torteval, Guernsey 11/5/57: RPL LP 23839 & 23844/ FTX-012 - FTX-213 & FTX-243

GALLOWGLASS CEILI BAND - Co Kildare\ Dance Band\ 1965 - from Naas: leader Pat Mcm GARR (acc), brother Jimmy Mc GARR (bass), mMargaret KEOGH (elec fid), Kean, her son (piano), Michael DEMPSEY (sax/ flute/ piccolo), David SCOTT (percussion), Christopher CONNOLLY (Chrtom acc) -- PICKWICK HM- 532 1965 "Gallowglass CB 1" DTO 100098 nd CASS-60-0960 - "2" DTO 100094 nd CASS-60-0961

GALUSHA, "Yankee" John - N.Y., USA\ Unaccomp singer\ 1940-1 - (1859-1950) Lumberjack & game-warden - was born at Thurman, Warren County, N.Y. His father, a farmer, fought in the War of 1812 and died in 1892. John became a lumberjack at the age of 16 and later as a fire-warden, game and fishing guide and forest-ranger. In this later capacity, he met the President and also the State Governor, He and his wife, Lizzie, lived at Minerva for over 60 years until she died in 1949, a year before John's death at the age of 91 -- rec by Frank & Anne Warner: Warren Co FTX-921 - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Days of Forty Nine"/ "Springfield Mountain"/ "Lass of Glenshee"/ "Irish 69th"/ "The Cumberland & the Merrimac"

GALVIN, Paddy - Ireland\ singer & collector\ 1956 -- AS I ROVED OUT "Collector's" Radio prog 1956"My Love came to Dublin" (Mantle of Green) - story about German collector pay 5/- per story to informants & political parody on /"Where are you going, little boy?"

GALWAY, James - Belfast\ Flute/ piccolo/ whi \1991 -- Concert with CHIEFTAINS RPL Radio 2 19/6/91 CASS-60-0881

GAMBLE, Paddy - Co Antrim\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Age 47 - farmer at Lavin Loughgiel - learned songs from father who was a great dancer -- rec by PK, Clough Mills 5/8/53: RPL 20030/ FTX-377 "The Green Veils" - rec by Bobby Hanvey, Ballymoney, Co Antrim 1978: (OUTLET OAS-3011) "Killeavy's Pride"

GAMMON, Vic - England\ Singer\ 1970 -- ARGO ZFB-7 1970 The Garret Singers incl his comp:"Jar of Strong Cider"

GARBUTT, Vin - Yorksh\ Singer & whistle\ 1974 - from Teesside -- FOLKSOUND FS-100 1974 "Booolavogue" & whistle - LEADER LER-2081 1975 Tin Whistle Pest - TOPIC 12-TS-378 1977 "Eston California" - (with gtr) "The Star of the County Down" RPL Radio 2 "Folkweave" 29/11/79: CASS-0411 - Radio 2: 4/3/87: CASS-0408 "Hugh Reynolds"

GARDHAM Margaret - Yorksh\ singer\ 1990 -- 2nd World War Airwomen's Song rec by Roy Palmer: Radio 2: 31/11/90 CASS-60-1032

GARGAN'S ATHLONE ACCORDEON BAND - Co Athlone\ Accordion Band\ 1937-- rec in the 2N radio station 25/4/37: REGAL ZONOPHONE MR-2563/ TOPIC TSCD-664 1998 "Dances & Ditties" "Soldier's Joy"

GARRET SINGERS, THE - England\ Singing group\ 1970 -- John Challenger/ Vic & Shirley Gammon & others: ARGO ZFB-7 1970

GARSON TRIO - Orkney\ fid\ 1955 - Leader: Jimmy Garson, blacksmith, with daughter, Iris Nicholson (p-acc), & her husband John (gtr) - photos by PK 0304-5 -- rec by PK, Dounby 12/7/55 Fiddle solos : RTR-1066-7 (3 reels)/ RPL 22720-2 - rec by Sean Davies, Dounby: DTS EF-2 1965 (45/EP) - FTX-064 - FTX-255 "As I roved out" radio prog 1956/ FTX-307 A-ROVING #1 "Greeny Hill March" (comp by JG) - FTX-389 Selection of Orkney Songs & Dances

GAS MARK V - England\ Elec F/Group\ 1988 -- (with conc lead) Dance Music Radio 2: 16/5/88: CASS 15 0766

GATES, Rev J.M. - COLUMBIA 14145-D/ B&B 004 "Death's Black Train is coming"

GAUGERS, THE - Scotland\ Group\ 1994 -- LIVING TRADITION LTCD-001 1994 "Tatties and Herrin"

GAUGHAN, Dick - Edinburgh\ Singer with gtr\ 1973 - (b Glasgow) -- LEADER LER-2086 1973 "Farewell to Whisky" & Andrew Lammie" - MILLSTREAM (Denmark) MR-1001 1984 with Alistair ANDERSON & Co - RUBBER RUB-019 1976 with FIVE HAND REEL rec Newcastle - TOPIC 12-TS-419 1981 Handful of Earth - with HIGH LEVEL RANTERS: TOPIC TSCD-486 1997 - "My Lovely Charmer" (used for Fife Youth Ballet) rec Edinburgh Folk Festival Radio 2 14/4/84 CASS 15-0764 - "Do you think that the Russians want war?" John Peel on Protest in 50s & 60s RPL Radio 2: 2/4/87: CASS-90-0566

GEERING, Charlie - Sussex\ Unacc singer\ 1963 - Fisherman age 84 living at 16 Tackleaway, Hastings (Born 17/9/1879) with talk by his brothwer, Jack -- rec by PK,, Hastings 4/9/63: RTR-0912/ FTX-428 "The Basket of Oysters(Oyster Girl"

GENDALL, Richard - Cornwall\ Cornish language Singer\ 1975 - bn in St. Blazey, his family from Penzance, first heard Cornish from his mother at the age of two, but it was not until he was studying languages and music at Leeds that he became interested in the Cornish language revival and went to seek help from two of the Bards of the Gorsedd, R.Morton Nance and A.S.D.Smith. He himself has now become the recognised authority on the modern pronunciation of Cornish and gives talks and classes. Half of the songs here are traditional, to which he has put Cornish words, and the others have original words or are part-composed using traditional tunes -- RTR-0137-8 - FTX-009 Songs in Cornish (with gtr) - FTX-125 (26 songs in modern Cornish with gtr) - SENTINEL SENS-1016 1973 "Crowdy Crawn" with Brenda WOOTON/ CASS-0438 Song & prose in Cornish

GEORGE, Susan - Glamorgansh\ Singer in Welsh & Engl\ 1983 -- FTX-054 MABSANT with Stuart BROWN

GEORGIA SEA ISLAND SINGERS - Ga USA\ group singing\ 1960 -- ROUNDER CD-1712 1998 "Biblical Songs & Spirituals"

GIBSON, Bob - USA\ singer with gtr\ 1965 (?)--VANGUARD SRL-7624 (Boxed) "Wayfaring Stranger"

GIBSON, Cleo - (voc) with Her Hot Three, Henry Mason (trumpet), J.Neal Montgomery (piano) & unknown gtr rec Atlanta, Ga USA 14/3/29: OKEH 8700/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "I've got Ford Movements in my hips"

GILBERT, Ollie - Ark., USA\ unacc singer\ 1959 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Timbo, Arkansas Oct 1959: ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 "The Diver Boy" (Edwin in the lowlands low) - ROUNDER CD-1707 1997 "Willow Green"(Week's Work Well Done) "Once I courted a lady beauty bright" "It rained a mist" (Jew's Daughter) "Lord Batesman" "Pretty Polly Oliver" (Polly Oliver) -- rec by AL Oct 1959: ROUNDER CD-1704 1997 "The Little Family" (Carol) & "Joseph Looney"

GILBERT, Oscar - Ark. USA\ unacc voc\ 1959 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Timbo, Ark Oct 1959: ROUNDER CD-1705 1997 "Cole Younger"

GILBERT, Ronnie - USA\ Singer\ 1965 - orig member of THE WEAVERS -- VANGUARD SRL-7624 nd 1965 (boxed set)

GILCURDON TRIO - Belfast\ Dance band\ 1963 -- rec 30/10/63: RPL LP 28256/ FTX-373/ A-ROVING 1968 Progs #1, #2 & #4/ FTX-307 - FTX-308

GILFELLON, Tom - Newcastle\ Singer (with gtr)\ 1969 -- LEADER LER-2007 1969 (2songs) - LER-2019 1970 - LER-2030 1971 - LER- 2037 1973 - LER-2079 1972 solo album - TOPIC 12-T-186 1968 with HIGH LEVEL RANTERS - 12-TS-282 1976 solo album #2 with Stefan SOBELL, Liz & Johnny HANDLE - with HIGH LEVEL RANTERS: TOPIC TSCD-486 1997

GILFILLAN, Robert - Durham\ whistle\ 1954 -- player for local Sword Dancers rec by PK, Winlaton 25/6/54: RPL 21485/ FTX-950

GILHANEY, Jimmy - Co Leitrim\ unacc tinker singer/ accordion\ 1954 (?) -- rec by PK, Scrabster, Sutherlandsh 1955: - RTR-0689/ 1116/ CAEDMON TC-1143/ TOPIC 12-T-158 "Cuckold's Song" (1v) "The Lakes of Shallin" / FTX-309 A-ROVING 1968 #3 "Blow the candle out"

GILLEN, Martha - Co Antrim\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 13/8/54: 21839 "The Bald headed end of the broom" - 21840 "Rambler from Clare" "The Red Mantle" & "Pretty Girl milking her cow"/ FTX-019 "The Bald headed end of the broom" - FTX-434 "The Bonny Labouring Boy" "The Red Mantle" "The Trip over the mountain"

GILLETTE, Noah - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Bob Copper, St Leonards 14/11/54: RPL 22741 "Stormy Weather" Talk & "Bonny Bunch of Roses-O" - FTX-427 & FTX-517 "Bonny Bunch of Roses-0" - TOPIC 12-T-317 1977

GILLIES, Aladsair - Scotland\ Gaelic singer\ -- BELTONA LBA-55

GILLIES, Charlie - Angus\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 11/2/53: RPL 19019-20 (8 songs)

GILLIES, Mary - Hebrides\ Gaelic singer\ 1951 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Barra: FTX-301 Puirt-a-beul (mouth music & bird sounds) - FTX-463 incl talk: her mother working on tweed

GILLIES, Neil - Hebrides\ Gaelic singer\ 1955 - brother of Mary - fisherman -- rec by Seamus Ennis June 1955: RPL LP 23995 Talking about Sea Birds, "Calum Brogha" & "Thoir a Nall'ugam" (mouth music) - FTX-191 & FTX-463 - Kennedy-Fraser prog CASS-90-0978

GILTRAP, Gordon -- KAZ RECORDS TBX MC 513 1995/ cass 1382 "William Toplin"

GLACKIN, Tom, Seamus & Kevin - Co Donegal\ fid\ 1977 -- "The Gravel Walks" with his 3 sons, Paddy, Seamus and Kevin rec Dublin 1977 on RTE radio prog 1988 CASS-90-0905 - Seamus & Kevin rec at "Fiddlesticks" Festival organised by Traditional Music Society of University College, Cork 1991: NIMBUS NI-5320

GLADDEN, Texas - USA\ Mountain Singer\ 1959 - Sister of Preston & Hobart SMITH -- "The Pioneer Strain" broadcast introduced by Alan LOMAX, 1960 rec off air by PK: FTX-902 - "Three Little Babes" "Go to Sleep""The House Carpenter" - ATLANTIC SD-1350 1960 - Baptist Hymns & White Spirituals from the Southern Mountains NEW WORLD NW-294 1977 - Preston and his brother Hobart SMITH (gtr & vocals) with Texas GLADDEN (vocals) rec by Alan Lomax, Salem, Va Aug 1959: ROUNDER CD-1704 1997 "Lonely Tombs" "When the stars begin to fall" & "Jim and me" (hymns) - Portrait Album: ROUNDER 11661-1800-2 2001

GLASGOW POLICE BAND - Glasgow\ bagpipes\ 1951 -- rec Highland Games, Edinburgh: COLUMBIA SL-207 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 Scots Album

GLEN, Emery - (voc/gtr) rec Atlanta Ga USA 7/11/27: COLUMBIA 1447/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2A (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Blue Blazer Blues"

GLENSIDE CEILI Band - London\ Irish Dance Band\ 1967 -- TRANSATLANTIC TRA-159 1967 with Eddie HICKEY (2 vocals)

GLINN, Lillian - (voc) with unknown piano, cornet and bass rec New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 24/4/28:: COLUMBIA 14315/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Shake it down"

GOADEC Sisters, The - Brittany\ singers\ 1960s -- ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music"

GOLBY, Brian - England\ fid/gtr\ 1973 -- with Band "San Antonio Rose" on Vic Smith prog on "History of the Fiddle" June 1973: CASS-0437

GOODALL, Steve - Hampsh\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Bob Copper, Basingstoke 30/7/55: RPL 21862 "Barbara Allen" - 7"RTR-0252/ FTX-023 "Barbara Allen" (talk before) & "Ground for the floor" (not on RPL) - FTX-426 Hampsh selection

GOODBAN, Jack - Kent\ unacc singer\ 1976 -- rec by Mike Yates, St Margarets: TOPIC 12-TS-285 1976 "Aylesbury Girl" & "The Shannon Frigate"

GOODE, Archer - Gloucestersh\ unacc singer\ 1975 -- rec by Gwilym Davies, Cheltenham: Talk about Sam BENNETT & songs "Jockey to the Fair" "O No John" (with Carol Davies) & "Jan's Courtship": FTX-417

GOODFELLOW, Jack - Northumb\ unacc singer\ 1954 - age 73 born in England near Berwick but lived in the Wooler district most of his life - his first pay was 6 shillings a week - he was 16 before he got his first horses - when rec was working for Jack Dunn, hinding, dairy, carter and any other farm jobs -- rec by PK, Rennington 30/11/54 (aged 73): "Jim the Carter Lad"/ talk about himself/ "Bonny Wee Window": 7"RTR-0039 "Pride of Glencoe" & "Banks of Cocquet" (only on RPL): RPL 22443-5 - FTX-013 "Bonny Wee Window" - FTX-021 "Jim the Carter Lad" - FTX-425 Selection of Nothumbrian Song - FTX-451 dialect

GOODFELLOWS, THE - Devon\ Folk Group\ 1978 -- rec by PK: CASS-0345 & 0434

GOODLUCK, John - Suffolk\ Unacc Singer\ 1974 -- TRADITION TSR-015 1974 "The Suffolk Miracle"

GOODWIN, Mabel - Devon\ dialect speaker\ 1979 - bn Stonehouse, Plymouth in 1920. Her parents and her grandparents also lived in Plymouth. In 1951, she and her husband moved to Diptford and then to Harberton, near Totnes. Mrs Goodwin has two boys and four grandchildreen, and has served on the local Parish Council. In addition to her interest in local dialect, she is also a keen cook, soft toy-maker and specialises in flower arranging. It is at the meetings of her local Women's Institute that she is asked to perform Devonshire recitations -- rec by PK, Harberton, Totnes, 1979: RTR-0975/ FTX-413 "A Taste of Tongue Pie" Jan Stewer (A J Coles) recitations

GORDON, Joe (& GROUP) - Glasgow\ Singer with gtr/ Group\ 1960 - Ian McRae (voc)/ Joe Gordon (gtr)/ Jack Taylor (washboard)/ Dick Campbell (bass) -- "The Gay Gordon": EMI CLP-1379 1960 & his FOLK FOUR - SKIFFLE GROUP "The Day we went to Rothsay-O" in Radio Prog 1957 "Sing Christmas"/ ROUNDER-CD-11661-1850-2 2000/ FTX-950

GORDON, William "Billy" - Kirkcudbrightsh\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 28/5/53: RPL 21866/ FTX-262 "The Soldier's Return"

GORMAN, Martin - London Irish\ unacc singer\ 1966 -- voc with chorus rec by Reg Hall The Fox, Islington Green, London 1966: TOPIC TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship & Marriage" "The Little Drummer"/ TSCD-657 "Fun & frolics" (with ch) "Old King Cole"/ TSCD-664 "Dances & Ditties" "It's nowt to do with me"

GORMAN, Michael - Co Sligo\ fid\ 1950-8 - (1902-1969) bn Doocastle, Co. Sligo, started playing at the age of seven when he became a pupil of James Gannon, who also taught James McDermott and Michael Coleman who both emigrated to America and made a number of famous Irish fiddle recordings. In the late 40's Michael came to London and it was while he was working as a railway porter at Liverpool Street Station that Peter Kennedy heard of him and made the first recordings of him in 1950 - Photos by PK 0037-0040 -- rec by PK, London 1950 fiddle tunes (some slowed down) & talk on techniques - rec by PK London 25/10/52: RTR-0290/ RPL 18708-10 (21 tunes & talk): "Lancers & Marches"/ 7"RTR-0521-8/ FTX-077 - with Paddy BREEN & others: FTX-078 - Solo fiddle items & accomp Margaret BARRY (banjo) rec by PK, London 19/8/56: 7"RTR-0599-600/ FTX-174/ - "Historic Collection Series": FTX-420/ SAYDISC (CD) SDL-420 1997 "Traditional Dance Music of Ireland" - rec by PK London Ceilidhe Club, with Margaret BARRY (banjo) & Tommy MAGUIRE (mel) 1957: 7"RTR-0497/ FTX-268 "Mountain Road" & "Heathery Breeze" - TOPIC 10-T-6 1958 accomp by Margaret Barry + flute piano melodeon - TOP RANK 25/020 1960 (mono) acc M Barry (banjo) 2 reels & 2 jigs - TOPIC 12-T-123 1965 with M Barry & others rec 1958

GORMAN, Michael (nephew of above) - Co Sligo\ fid\ 1970 -- - bn 1917, Tubertelly, Co Sligo & did farmi ng in England & railway in Co Mayo -- rec by Bill Leader, Reg Hall & Michael Plunkett, Manchester 5/7/70: TOPIC TSCD-663 1998 "Drink" "The Broken Pledge"

GORRINGE, Bill - Sussex\ fid\ 1958 -- rec by Mervyn Plunkett, Cuckfield Feb 1958: TOPIC 12-T-455/6 1990

GOUDIE, Nan - Shetland\ singer\ 1955 -- rec Lerwick 14/9/55: RPL 22178 accomp by Willie JOHNSON (gtr) "Fetlar Hymn 116", "Mamm Tamar's Hymn" & Deting Spinning Song" accomp by Tom Anderson (fid) & Willie Johnson (gtr)

GOULDER, Dave - England\ Singer-songmaker\ 1970 - YHA warden -- ARGO ZFB-10 1970 with Liz DYER & John CHURCHER (flute) "January Man" - ARGO SPA-A-132 World of Folk (sampler) -- June TABOR "The Easter Tree" Radio 2 "Folkweave" 29/11/79: CASS-0411

GOULDTHORPE, George - Lincs\ unacc singer\ 1908 -- rec by Percy Grainger 1908: LEADER LEA-4050 1972/ 135 "Horkstow Grange"

GRAEBE, Martin - Devon\ Singer-songmaker\ 1975 -- Original compositions rec by PK, Dartington Ciderhouse, Totnes 3/12/74 7"RTR#0306 - FTX-049 Solo album: Comp & trad songs - Opening of National Waterways Museum 1988: FTX-418 "The Shropshire Union Canal" - singing two Dartmoor songs (off camera) in the film of "Children of the Moor": FF-1116 - Barry SKINNER (voc/gtr) "Stonecracker John" rec Concert Hall Radio 2: 21/4/80: CASS-0417

GRAHAM, Dave - England\ Folk & Blues Singer-songmaker (gtr)\ 1975 -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) "Angi" & accomp Shirley COLLINS on "Pretty Saro" - "Moan in" Radio 2: 1/4/87: CASS-90-0567

GRAHAM, Len - Co Antrim\ Folksinger\ 1982 - see also SKYLARK - from Portrush -- rec Sidmouth Fest RPL Radio 2 16/11/82 CASS-15-0784 - CLADDAGH CC-37-CD 1983 "Do me Justice" (14 songs mostly unacc but some with guitar, mandolin & whistle)

GRAINGER, Percy - Australia\ Coll Comp & Pianist\ - FMJ 1974 p335-51 R S Thomson (Further) "Songs from the Grainger Collection" - ED&S Mag 44/2 1982 p18 Article by Dr Jane O Brian - see GREEN BUSHES - HANDEL IN THE STRAND - MOLLY ON THE SHORE - SHALLOW BROWN -- ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) RRCS 131 Various works - PRS 11653 (45EP) "Molly on the Shore" & "Handel in the Strand" - ARGO ZDA-70 1967 "Lord Lovel" - "Maria Martin" & "White Hare": B & C PEG-7 & DECCA SML-1117 - DECCA KSXC-6410 1969 CASS-1184 "Salute to Percy Grainger" from Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears, John Shirley- Qirk, Ambrosian Singers, Viola Tunnard & English Chamber Orch - Joseph TAYLOR: FTX-135 - "Lincolnshire Posy" RTR-0968 - LARRIKIN LRF-034 1977/ CASS-0303 rec ABC Sydney: Duo Art Rolls of f/m arr - LEADER LEA-4050 1972 Orig Phonograph rec of Joseph TAYLOR & others - Talk by Richard Palmer on him incl Benjamin Britten's "Salute to Grainger": RPL Radio 3 25/11/79: CASS-0475 -- "Brigg Fair": Martin CARTHY: PHILLIPS 6382022 1967 - "Brigg Fair" Shirley Collins: TOPIC 12-T-170 1967 - "Creeping Jane": Dave & Toni Arthur: 12-T-190 1967 - BROADSIDE Group Grimsby: 12-TS-228 1972 - "Hawkstow Grange": Shirley Collins: TOPIC 12-TS-238 1974 - "Artichokes & Cauliflowers": John KIRKPATRICK: 12-TS-295 1976

GRANT, Alex - Inverness-shire\ fid\ 1955 - photo by PK 0276 -- rec by PK, Carrbridge RTR-1123-4/ FTX-069

GRANT, Angus - Scotland\ H-fiddle (& p-acc & bass)\ 1978 -- rec Kinross Folk Festival 1975: SPRINGTHYME SPRC 1003/ CASS- 1313 - TOPIC 12-TS-347 1978 "Highland fiddle" - Marches (with piano & bass) rec Edinburgh Folk Festival Radio 2 14/4/84 CASS- 15-0764

GRANT, Paddy or Pat - Co Down\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Age 28 - farm worker at Kilkeel who sings at local gatherings -- rec by PK & SB, Rostrevor 28/7/53: RPL 19581/ "Mc Caffery" & RPL 19595 "The Irish Waxworks Show" FTX-433

GRATEFUL DEAD, The - USA\ Rock Group\ nd -- "Dead Reckoning" CASS-90-0810

GRAVES, Robert - England\ poetry & song\ 1960 -- (RPL 26462)/ CASS-0160 rec by D G Bridson (Side B) incl Bonny Bunch of Roses O & Young Jimmy Murphy

GRAY, Adam - Northumb\ fid\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Bardon Hill, Hexham 1/7/54: RPL 20613 "Tom Hepple's" (Girl with blues dress) & "Tow House Polka" (4pts) & 20625 "The Roman Wall" - TOPIC 12-T-283 1976 "Roman Wall" & Polkas/ TOPIC TSCD-669 1998 "Northern Dances" "Tom Hepple's & Tow House Polkas"

GRAY, Gibbie - Shetland\ fid\ 1973 - from Unst -- TANGENT TNGM-117 1973 Reels: "More Grog Coming" "The Lass that made the bed for me" & "T(h)ief on da lum (chimney)"

GREEN, Patrick - Co Longford\ unacc singer\ 1947 - Schoolmaster aged about 50 who learned his songs from the old people in the district -- rec by Brian George, Ballinasloe 26/8/47: RPL 12055 "Green Broom" & "Green grow the rushes-O" - rec 26/8/47: RPL 12614 "Owen to Nowen" (Hunting the Wren) FTX-518

GREEN, Richard - Gloucestersh\ auto-harp\ 1963 -- rec by Peter Duddridge, Cheltenham: 4"RTR-0878

GREEN, Roise - Co Donegal\ unacc singer\ 1954 - Aged about 75. According to Seamus she probably had the greatest repertoire of folk songs in Co Donegal, mainly sung in Gaelic -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Arranmore 2/9/54: RPL 21902 "Eoin Ban O h- Eochaidh" (Fair John Haughey) Talk "The Trees" (frag) "Gallant Hussar" talk - rec by Seamus Ennis Aug 1954: RPL 22033 'Annsacht Na N- Annsacht (O Love of Loves) "The Gallant Hussar" FTX-518

GREEN WILLOW BAND, THE - Gloucestersh\ Folk Group\ 1980 -- rec Cheltenham: SWEET FOLK & COUNTRY SFA-115 1980 Cotswold Music/ CASS-0176

GREGSON, Clive & Catherine COLLISTER - England\ Duo with gtr\ 1987 -- Radio 2: 8/11/87: CASS-90-0550

GREHAN Sisters - Co Donegal\ Unacc Singers\ 1967 -- TRANSATLANTIC TRA-160 1967 "On the Galtymore Mountains" with Packie BYRNE (Whistle)

GRENOSIDE SWORD DANCERS - Yorksh\ conc\ 1954 -- WESTMINSTER WL-5334 1954 fiddle & dancers - RPL LP 26582 - Louis WROE & George HOYLAND rec by PK, Wortley, Sheffield 1959: FTX-212

GREY, Sara - USA\ vocal/ banjo\ 1990 -- 4 songs on Radio 2: 24/10/90/ CASS-60-10150

GRIBBLE, Jack - Devon\ Unacc singer\ 1951 -- 7"RTR-008 rec by PK, Bradninch Village Barn Dance 1951 "The Cowboy's Lament" (The Unfortunate Lad/Rake)

GRIBBLE, Murphy - Tenn USA\ banjo\ 1946 -- with John LUSK (fiddle) & Albert YORK (gtr) rec by Robert Stuart Jamieson, Margot Mayo & Freyda Simon, Campaign Sept 1946: ROUNDER CD-11661-1823-2 1999 "Christmas Eve" & "Eighth of January"

GRIEVE, William - Orkney\ fid\ 1955 -- rec by PK, Kirkwall 16/7/55: RPL 22725 with William CLYNE (gtr): "Bob Johnson's Strathspey & Reel"

GRIFFIN, John - USA\ flute/ singer\ 1929 -- Flute, Song & mouth music (with piano): "Myself & Martin Tracey" COLUMBIA USA 1929 on 78 rpm disc/ TOPIC TSCD-663 1998 Drink "The Real Old Mountain Dew" - intro by Nicholas Carolan on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS-0865

GRIFFITHS, Elwyn - Monmouthsh, Wales\ Singer with banjo/gtr/mand\ 1961-3 - photos by PK, of group 0342-0348 (7) see also Geoff DRAKE -- 7"RTR-1038 rec by PK, London - FTX-511 "Dark as a dungeon" with Geof DRAKE

GRIMLEY, Peter - Co Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK & SB, Armagh 12/7/52: RPL 18479/ FTX-431 "The Wee Duck" & "Hills of Glenswilly"

GROGAN, Michael - Dublin\accordion\1931 - rec by mobile unit in Jurys Hotel: REGAL MR-387/ TOPIC TSCD-654 1998 "Emigration Ballads": Reels/ TSCD-664 "Dances & Ditties" "Queen of the fair" & "Lark in the morning"

GROUT, Neville - Norfolk\ singer with mel\ 1956 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Cromer Oct 1956: RPL 23381 "Castle Gardens"

GROVER, Mrs Carrie - Pa, USA\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Berwyn 31/7/55: RPL 23792/ FTX-908 "Geordie" "Died for Love" "Maid on the Shore" & Talk

GUEST, Roy - London\ Singer with folk group\ 1963 -- SAGA XID 5165 1963 "Cowboy" with "The Tennessee 3" & Jack FALLON (bass) - SOCIETY SOC-919 1963 "Bahaman Lullaby"

GUILDEN MORDERN SCHOOL - Hertfordsh\ Children's games\ 1956 -- rec by PK, 7"RTR-0074/ FTX-202

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GUILLETTE, Wilfred - Derby, Vt, USA\ fiddle\ -- on "The Films of Bess Lomax Hawes" DVD by John Bishop 2003 rec 1983 (Colour)

GUINCHARD, Rufus - Newfoundland, Canada\ Fiddler\ 1990 -- "Humouring the Tunes" SING SONG SS-9091 1990/ CASS-1214

GULLIFORD, Reg - Somerset\ unacc singer\ 1957 - bn 1907 (his mother sang to Cecil Sharp) -- - Reg GULLIFORD rec by PK, Coombe Florey, Somerset 26/1/57: 5"RTR-0957/ FTX-405 "Forty Long Miles"(IT RAINS IT HAILS)

GUNN, Tommy - Belfast\ fiddler\ 1963 -- diddling with bones (hardly heard) rec by Robin Morton: ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music"

GUNTER, Jim - Gloucestershire\ dialect talk\ 1952 - age 63 - born Lydbrook, worked in mines at Waterloo & Cannop colliery 1913-39 - was injured as a result of fumes after a fire in the mines so doing light jobs - all family lived in Forest of Dean but originally from English Bicknor - see Malcolm WATKINS -- rec by PK, Lydbrook, Forest of Dean: RTR-0871

GUTHRIE, Arlo - USA\ folksinger\ 1988 - Woody's son Born in 1947, Arlo was the son of Marjorie Guthrie, a dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company, and Woody Guthrie, whose songs of social justice helped spark the folk-music movement. After a 14-year battle with the debilitating Huntington's chorea, known for some time afterward as Woody Guthrie's disease, the folk icon died in 1967, a month before the release of"Alice's Restaurant." The song was at least partly influenced by Woody Guthrie and his circle of friends from the folk and blues worlds.
"It's not that far from a talking blues, and that style was something my
dad was very comfortable with,"
Arlo Guthrie explains. "And there were other
musicians like [bluesmen] Mississippi John Hurt or Sonny Terry and Brownie
McGhee who would tell stories between and in the middle of their songs. It
was like sitting around a living room and not seeing a performance so much
as sharing stories and songs. I incorporated that -- I mean, I just stole

Guthrie, however, quickly established his own identity and crafted his
substantial song catalogue, while championing numerous causes, from the
social and the spiritual to the environmental. An occasional actor in films
and television, Guthrie's not overly fond of the 1969 "Alice's Restaurant"
"Arthur Penn is a brilliant director who happened to live in Stockbridge,
and he knew, unlike a lot of other people, that the events in the song were
Guthrie explains. "He knew Officer Obie and Judge Hannon and knew
from newspaper articles that I wasn't making this stuff up, and he thought,
'I've got to turn this into a film.' Well, he's got a 20-minute piece of
truth and he's got to make a 90-minute movie, so that was his dilemma. To
help get over that, they created another 70 minutes of stuff, all of which
was fiction. The sad thing was it didn't have the same gentle sense of humor
that the song had: Everything falls apart, and everyone goes their own way.
It was in some way a film about how the idealism of my generation could not
possibly succeed in the way that we thought it would."

Penn used the Brocks' church/home as a metaphor, including one scene in
which a man stands up and says, "We're going to reconsecrate this church."
"And that's exactly the one thing we did," Guthrie says.
In fact, "Alice's church" is now the Guthrie Center and Guthrie Foundation.
Named after Guthrie's parents, it's an interfaith church celebrating
religious and cultural diversity, and a not-for-profit educational
foundation. And the story of how that came about is so Arlo:
"In 1991, we were doing one of those 'whatever happened to him' TV shows,
and we were filming outside the church and the people who owned it came out
and said, 'That's Arlo Guthrie, let's get him to buy it!' I hadn't even been
back to the church since 1970, and it never even occurred to me. This was
like a friend's home -- you would never think of buying a friend's home,
even if they had moved out. It was never in the farthest reaches of my
imagination that we would wind up in this old building that meant so much to
so many people, where not only the song had been written but where we had
made the movie."It wasn't something I wanted for me or could even do financially, but I thought if enough people were willing to help, we could do it and create another little place in the world where people of different persuasions could learn to get along and cherish traditions."
And that's exactly what happened. The church provides weekly free lunches
in the community and support for families living with HIV/AIDS as well as
other life-threatening illnesses. It also hosts a summertime concert series
and Guthrie does six or seven fundraising shows there every year. There are
several annual events such as the Walk-A-Thon to Cure Huntington's Disease
and a "Thanksgiving Dinner That Can't Be Beat" for families, friends,
doctors and scientists who live and work with Huntington's disease. The
walk-a-thon, also known as the Garbage Trail Walk to Massacree HD, includes
stops at the Stockbridge Police Department and Theresa's Stockbridge Cafe,
where a sign outside reads "formerly Alice's Restaurant."
"We go from the church to the station, where they saved the old door of the
jail cell, and they bring it outside and the chief takes pictures of
everybody behind the bars,"
Guthrie chuckles. "Then we go to Theresa's."
Ironically, the name of that restaurant was never Alice's but the Back Door
(it was in the back of a grocery store) and it lasted only a year. Alice
broke up with Ray, sold the restaurant and left town. She went on to become
a successful artist and now lives in Provincetown, R.I.
Since 1983, Guthrie has owned Rising Son Records, which releases his albums
(including his classics for Reprise) as well those by son Abe (who plays in
his father's band as well as fronting his own, Xavier) and daughter Sarah
Lee (who is married to and performs with Johnny Irion). Daughters Cathy and
Annie Guthrie run the business, though Guthrie says he never anticipated a
continuing family dynasty."I grew up in an era when if you were playing folk songs, it was when you got home from a regular job," he says. "It wasn't a profession. I mean, there might have been a few professionals, but they were few and far between, so I never thought I would be a professional. But I love playing, and after it created a demand, I just kept going with it. And it ended up
being the path of least resistance, and I think my kids did the same thing.
I mean, they all tried to become normal, it just didn't work out for them."

-- In film about Woody by Paul Lee 1988 with Alan Lomax, Jack Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Ramblin' Jack Elliot and others: FF-3302 - "City of New Orleans" (with piano): CASS-0397 -- Johnny SILVO (V/gtr) Concert Hall Radio 2: 9/11/82 "Last Train to Glory" CASS-15-0763

GUTHRIE, Woody - Oklahoma, USA\ Protest Singer\ 1940s - GOING DOWN THE ROAD - LUDLOW MASSACRE - PLANE WRECK AT LOS GATOS - PRETTY BOY FLOYD - RIDING IN MY CAR - WHY O WHY --Oklahoma. For a time, Woody Guthrie had his own daily radio program in Los Angeles. This is a song he composed and sang for that audience about a local and disastrous flash flood. (Lomax #18, F5) : FTX-787 - Film about Woody by Paul Lee 1988 with Alan Lomax, Arlo & Jack Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Ramblin' Jack Elliot and others: FF-3302 - "Gypsy Davy" rec by Alan Lomax, Washington DSC Jan 1941: ROUNDER CD-1500 1997/ Tom PAXTON: 2 progs on WOODY GUTHRIE: Radio 2: 30/9/87 & 7/10/87: CASS-0425 incl talk by Alan Lomax, Joe Kline (biographer), Leftie Lou & Pete Seeger - Talk & "Vigilante Man" & Dylan's "Song to Woody": John Peel on Protest in 50s & 60s Radio 2: 7/3/87: CASS-90-0565 - Ralph Mc talks about him & Woody sings "Vigilante Man": Radio 2 Xmas Prog 30/12/87 CASS-0423-4 -- Alan LOMAX (voc/gtr) RPL LP 21373/ used on PK's prog "Calling the tune" #6 Home Service Feb 1963 "Pretty Boy Floyd"

GUTTERIDGE, Sid - Wiltsh\ whistle\ 1950 -- "Home, sweet home" with variations rec by PK, West Lavington "Village Barn Dance" Nov 1950: 7"RTR-008/ FTX-406

GUY, Dick - Yorksh\ singer\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Muker, Upper Swaledale 24/11/54: RPL 22326/ FTX-211 Yorksh Country Dances - 5"RTR 0064 Square Eight/ Turn Off Six (tune: "My love she's but a lassie yet")/ Circassian Circle ("Drunken Lasses") Intro by Dick GUY: FTX-265/ A- ROVING 1968 #4: FTX-310

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