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A01 Australia & New Zealand

A02 Canada

A03 Caribbean

A04 USA - Afro-American

A05 USA Dance

A06 USA - American Indian

A07 USA - Song

A08 USA - Various

B01 Channel Islands

B02 Cornwall

B03 Devon

B04 Ireland - Dance

B05 Ireland - Song

B06 Ireland - Various

B07 Isle of Man

B08 London

B09 Scotland - Dance

B10 Scotland - Song

B11 Scotland - Various

B12 Wales - Dance

B13 Wales - Song

B14 Wales - Various

B15 West Country (other than Devon & Cornwall)

C01 Anthropology

C02 Art & Architecture

C03 Children

C04 Craft

C05 Customs

C06 Drama (Traditional)

C07 Environment

C08 Fiction

C09 Folklore

C10 Nomads (Gypsies & Tinkers)

C11 Puppetry

C12 Reference - Folk

C13 Reference - General

C14 Speech (other than Story & Verse)

C15 Story

C16 Supernatural

C17 Theatre (other than Folk Drama)

C18 Verse

D01 Dance - Britain as a whole

D02 Dance - England

D03 Dance - Historical

D04 Dance - Ritual

D05 Dance - Various

D06 Instruments - General

D07 Instruments - Guitar

D08 Instruments - Other Strings

D09 Instruments - Various

D10 Music - Educational

D11 Music - General

D12 Sheet Music (other than Song E12)

D13 Tune Books

E01 Ballads

E02 Song - Britain as a whole

E03 Carols (see also E10 Sacred)

E04 Song - Composed

E05 Song - Education

E06 Song - publ by EFDSS

E07 Song - not publ EFDSS

E08 Song - General

E09 Song - Historical

E10 Song - Sacred

E11 Song - Sea

E12 Song - Sheet Music

E13 Song - World

F01 Africa

F02 China

F03 Europe - Dance

F04 Europe - General

F05 Europe - Song

F06 - France

F07 - Germany & Austria

F08 - Holland

F09 - Hungary

F10 - India

F11 - Italy

F12 - Japan

F13 - Latin-America

F14 - Pacific

F15 - Poland

F16 - Portugal

F17 - Romania

F18 - Russia

F19 - Scandinavia

F20 - Spain

F21 - Tristan de Cunha


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