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McPHEE, Colin. 1944. HOUSE IN BALI, A. with photographs by the author. Victor Gollancz London.. 0006-PAC. HB 200x130 214pp. CHILDREN DANCE DRAMA DRUM GAMELAN GLOSSARY JEWS-HARP PUPPETRY. INDONESIA JAVA BALI

McPHEE, Colin. 1948. CLUB OF SMALL MEN, A. Photographs by the author. John Day, New York.. 0932-PAC. PB 240x160 62pp. CHILDREN DANCE DRUM GAMELAN MONSTER. INDONESIA JAVA BALI

MALM, William P. 1967. MUSIC CULTURES OF THE PACIFIC, NEAR EAST & ASIA. "History of Music" series. Prentice-Hall, New Jersey.. 1308-PAC. PB 210x140 170pp music/drwgs. ABORIGINAL BIBLIOG DISCOG ETHNIC INSTRUMENTS MUSIC STUDY. ASIA PACIFIC

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