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E11 - SEA:-

AICKMAN, Robert. nd. KNOW YOUR WATERWAYS. Foreword by Peter Scott. Coram Publ, London.. 0954-E11. PB 215x140 112pp photos. CANALS MANUAL LOCKS RIVERS. ENGLAND

ANON. 1913. PICK OF THE BUNCH OF SAILOR SONGS, THE.. Boosey & Co, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1755-E11. PB 315x235 44pp 6ss voice & piano. COMP SEA SONG. ENGLAND

ASHTON, John. 1891/1973. REAL SAILOR SONGS. Introd by A L LLoyd. Leadenhall Press/ Broadsheet King, London.. 4153-E11. 335x210 99pp woodcuts. BATTLES PRESSGANGS SAILOR SEA SONG. ENGLAND

BALE & BLAKE, Stewart & George. nd 1937 ?. R M S QUEEN MARY. A Record in Pictures 1930-1936. Batsford, London.. 1341-E11. HB 215x165 nn photos. ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TRANSPORT. ENGLAND USA

BECKETT, Mrs Clifford. 1914. SHANTIES AND FOREBITTERS.. J Curwen, London.. 0554-E11. PB 310x230 17pp 8 songs with piano accomp. PIANO SHANTY SONG. ENGLAND

BONE, David W. 1931. CAPSTAN BARS. Illustr by Freda Bone. Porpoise Press, Edinburgh.. 0297-E11. HB 210x150 8 woodcuts, melodies/ signed by author. GLOSSARY HISTORY MANUAL SAIL SHANTY WORK. ENGLAND LIVERPOOL WORLD

BRAHMS & SHERRIN, Caryl & Ned. 1967/69. BENBOW WAS HIS NAME. a story of tall ships in battle fashioned into a novel. Hutchinson, London.. 0688-E11. PB 180x110, 248pp, photos, words of songs. BATTLE BENBOW FICTION WAR. ENGLAND FRANCE

BULLEN & ARNOLD, F T & W F. 1914. SONGS OF SEA LABOUR. (Chanties) with an appreciation by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Swan/ Watson & Wilcock, London.. 0290-E11. HB 270x190 35pp piano accomp. SAIL SHANTY. ENGLAND

CHARLTON, Warwick. 1957. VOYAGE OF THE MAYFLOWER 2, THE.. Cassell..1958-E11. HB 210x140 264ppp b/w photos. HISTORICAL SHIPBUILDING TRAVEL. ENGLAND USA

CORLETT, Ewan. 1975/80. IRON SHIP, THE. The History and Significance of Brunel's "Great Britain". Moonraker Press, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts.. 2898-E11. PB 250x200 253pp photos drwgs diagrams maps. BRUNEL HISTORY SAIL SHIPBUILDING STEAM. ENGLAND BRISTOL

DAVIS & TOZER, Frederick J & Ferris. 1887/nd. FIFTY SAILORS SONGS OR CHANTIES. 3rd Edition. Boosey, London.. 0289-E11. PB 280x200 97pp piano accomp. SAIL SHANTY SONG. ENGLAND

DOERFLINGER, William Main. 1951. SHANTYMEN AND SHANTYBOYS. Songs of the Sailor & Lumberman. Macmillan, New York.. 0294-E11. HB 255x175 174pp melody plates photos. BIBLIOG FISHING RIVER SAIL SEA SHANTY SONG TIMBER. CARIBBEAN CANADA NEWFOUNDLAND USA

FOX SMITH, C. 1927. BOOK OF SHANTIES, A.. Methuen, London.. 1633-E11. HB 210x185 93pp 31 songs, some with piano accomp. SAIL SEA SHANTY SONG. ENGLAND


GUNDRY, Inglis. nd 1944 ?. NAVAL SONG BOOK.. Boosey & Hawkes, London.. 0291-E11. PB 280x190 130pp piano accomp/ gift signed by author. NATIONAL NAVY SAILOR SHANTY SONG WAR. BRITAIN

HAZELL, Martin. 1976. SAILING BARGES.. Shire Publ, Aylesbury, Bucks.. 1352-E11. PB 210x150 32pp map, photos, drwgs. BARGE BIBLIOG CARGO HISTORY SAIL TRADE. ENGLAND LONDON

HUGILL, Stan. 1961. SHANTIES OF THE SEVEN SEAS.. Routledge & Kegan Paul, London.. 0293-E11. HB 245x155 609pp melody authors drwgs. HISTORY SEA SHANTY SONG STUDY WORK. ENGLAND USA

HUGILL, Stan. 1967/68. SAILORTOWN. with drawings & maps by author. Routledge & Kegan Paul, London.. 4029-E11. HB DC 240x155 360pp. BIBLIOG HISTORY LIFE PORTS PROSTITUTES SAIL SEA SOCIAL. ENGLAND LIVERPOOL LONDON WORLD

HUGILL, Stan. 1969. SHANTIES AND SAILORS' SONGS. with drawings by the author. Herbert Jenkins, London.. 4039-E11. HB DC 225x150 243pp melodies. BIBLIOG DISCOG MANUAL SAIL SEA SHANTY SONG STUDY. ENGLAND

HUNTINGTON, Gale. 1964. SONGS THE WHALEMEN SANG. Illustr with drwgs from whalemen's journals & scrimshaw: Whaling Museum, New Bedford, Mass. Barre Publ, Barre, Mass.. 0295-E11. HB 250x1980 328pp melodies. BIBLIOG FISHING SAIL SCRIMSHAW SEA SONG WHALING. BRITAIN CANADA GREENLAND USA

McCOLL, Ewan & SEEGER, Peggy. nd 1980 ?. SHELLBACK. Reminiscences of Ben Bright, mariner. History Workshop pamphlet.. 3681-E11. PB 210x150 38pp melodies. BIBLIOG SEA SONG LIFE UNION. AUSTRALIA BRITAIN WALES.

MORTON, HV. 1932. BLUE DAYS AT SEA.. Methuen.. 1949-E11. HB 180x115 208pp no pics. NAVY WOMEN. WORLD

NEWBOLT, Henry (w) & STANFORD, C Villiers (m). 1904. SONGS OF THE SEA. Composed for and sung by Mr Plunket Greene. Boosey, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1738-E11. PB 280x195 50pp voice & piano. COMP HISTORY POETRY SEA SHIPS. DEVON ENGLAND

PALMER, Roy. 1986. OXFORD BOOK OF SEA SONGS, THE.. Oxford Univ Press.. 2917-E11. HB DC 215x135 343pp melodies. BIBLIOG FISHING GLOSSARY SAIL SEA SONG. ENGLAND

RASMUSSEN, A H. 1952. SEA FEVER.. Constable, London.. 0017-E11. HB 215x135 164pp photos. AUTOBIOG SAIL SHIPWRECK TIMBER. ENGLAND NORWAY WORLD

RAVEN, Jon. 1974. CANAL SONGS & Songs from CANAL FOLK. a musical documentary. Author.. 2087-E11. PB 265x210 24pp music photos. CANAL SONG. ENGLAND MIDLANDS

ROBERTS, A W. 1949. COASTING BARGEMASTER. Illustr by Archie White. Edward Arnold, London.. 0292-E11. HB 215x135 192pp drwgs maps. AUTOBIOG BARGE LIFE SAIL SEA WAR. ENGLAND LONDON THAMES.

ROBERTS, Bob. 1981. BREEZE FOR A BARGEMAN.. Terence Dalton, Lavenham, Suffolk.. 2901-E11. PB 230x175 136pp photos. AUTOBIOG BARGE SAIL. ENGLAND SUFFOLK WORLD

ROLT, L T C. 1944/46. NARROW BOAT. Illustr by D J Watkins-Pitchford/ Foreword by H J Massingham. Eyre & Spottiswoode/ Reader's Union, London.. 3018-E11. HB 190x115 222pp map woodcuts. BARGE CANAL GLOSSARY RIVER TRAVEL. ENGLAND MIDLANDS

SHARP, Cecil J. 1914. ENGLISH FOLK CHANTEYS.. Simpskin Marshall/ Schott, London.. 0541-E11. Bound PB 280x220 75pp piano accomp. SHANTY. ENGLAND

SHAW, John. 1981. ALONGSIDE BRISTOL QUAY. Songs from an Old English City. Private.. 1597-E11. PB 201x150 84pp melody line illustr. DANCE POETRY RECITATION SHANTY SONG STORY. ENGLAND BRISTOL

SHAY, Frank. 1925. DEEP SEA CHANTIES. Illustr by Edw A Wilson. Wm Heinemann, London.. 0523-E11. PB 305x220 154pp woodcuts, some in clr/ words only. SHANTY SONG. ENGLAND

TERRY, Richard Runciman. 1921+1926. SHANTY BOOK, THE: Parts 1 & 2.. Curwen, London.. 0602-3-E11. PB 310x235 59/69pp piano accomp. SHANTY. ENGLAND

TERRY, Richard Runciman. 1931. SALT SEA BALLADS.. Curwen, London.. 0601-E11. PB 310x235 65pp piano accomp. SHANTY SONGS. ENGLAND

WHALL, W B. 1910/48. SEA SONGS AND SHANTIES. 6th Edition. Brown, Son & Ferguson, Glasgow.. 0296-E11. HB 240x175 154pp plates of sailing ships, piano accomp. SAIL SEA SHANTY SHIPS SMUGGLING SONG WHALING. BRITAIN WORLD

WHITEHEAD, A W & TAYLOR HARRIS, S. 1925. SIX SEA SHANTIES. Foreword by John Goss. Boosey & Co , London & NY. purch Gloucester 1995. 1767-E11. PB 310x250 16pp. NEGRO SEA SHANTY SONG WORK. CHILE ENGLAND USA

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