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BAX, Peter. 1936. STAGE MANAGEMENT.. Lovat Dickson, London.. 0939-C17. HB 180x120 313pp photos. THEATRE. BRITAIN

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BROOKE, Iris. 1930. ENGLISH COSTUME OF THE LATER MIDDLE AGES. The 14th & 15th Centuries. A & C Black, London.. 0944-C17. HB DC 235x150 87pp clr illustr. COSTUME THEATRE. ENGLAND

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FARMER, John S. 1907. RALPH ROISTER DOISTER by Nicholas Udall.. Gibbings for the Early English Drama Society.. 2506-C17. HB 170x110 151pp. DRAMA GLOSSARY HISTORY LANGUAGE THEATRE. ENGLAND

FARMER, John S. 1908. TWO TUDOR "SHREW" PLAYS. JOHN TIB & SIR JOHN (John Heywood) TOM TILER & HIS WIFE (Anon). Gibbings for the Early English Drama Society.. 2507-C17. HB 170x110 72pp. DRAMA GLOSSARY HISTORY LANGUAGE THEATRE. ENGLAND

FISK, May Isabel. 1914. MONOLOGUES AND DUOLOGUES.. Samuel French, London.. 2040-C17. HB 180x120 179pp. PERFORMING RECITATIONS THEATRE. BRITAIN

GRANVILLE BARKER, Harley. 1914. MIDSUMMER-NIGHT'S DREAM - Acting Edition. with Producer's Preface & Costume Designs. William Heinemann, London.. 2499-C17. HB 180x120 85pp Costume-designs, pres & signed author. COSTUMES DRAMA THEATRE. ENGLAND

GRANVILLE BARKER, Harley. 1927. PREFACES TO SHAKESPEARE. Love's Labour Lost/ Julius Caesar/ King Lear. Sidgwick & Jackson, London.. 2427-C17. HB 210x140 231pp. DRAMA SHAKESPEARE THEATRE. BRITAIN

HOLROYD, George H. 1941/43. CAMEO PLAYS: Book 7.. E J Arnold, Leeds.. 1421-C17. PB 185x115 96pp. DRAMA HISTORY PERFORMING ROBIN-HOOD THEATRE. BRITAIN

HONRI, Peter. 1973/74. WORKING THE HALLS: The Honris in 100 years. of British Music Hall: Overture by Spike Milligan. Saxon House/ Futura, London.. 2631-C17. PB 245x170 215pp photos & theatre bills. BIBLIOG CONCERTINA MUSIC-HALL PERFORMING THEATRE. BRITAIN

HOWELLS, W D. 1914. SEEN AND UNSEEN AT STRATFORD-ON-AVON, THE. A Fantasy. Harper & brothers, New York & London. gift from Cecil Sharp to Maud Karpeles. 1195-C17. HB 210x130 112pp no illustr. HISTORY MORRIS SHAKESPEARE SHARP THEATRE TRAVEL. ENGLAND STRATFORD-AVON

HUDSON, Lynton. 1946. TWENTIETH CENTURY DRAMA, THE.. George G Harrap, London.. 0946-C17. HB DC 170x110 220pp. DRAMA THEATRE. BRITAIN USA

KINES, Tom. 1964. SONGS FROM SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS. & Popular Songs of Shakespeare's time. Oak, NY.. 2135-C17. PB 250x180 104pp chords. BIBLIOG SHAKESPEARE SONG THEATRE. ENGLAND USA

KOHLER, Carl. 1928. HISTORY OF COSTUME, A. Edited and augmented by Emma Von Sichart. George G Harrap, London.. 0942-C17. HB 215x140 464pp plates line. COSTUME THEATRE. EUROPE

LISZT, Rudolph G. 1939. LAST WORD IN MAKE-UP, THE. Make-Up Encyclopaedia. George G Harrap, London.. 0948-C17. HB 200x135 112pp photos etc. COSTUME MAKE-UP THEATRE. BRITAIN

MAWER, Irene. 1932/40. ART OF MIME, THE. Its history & technique in Education & in the Theatre. Methuen, London.. 0058-C17. HB 185x120 244pp photos. EDUCATION MIME PERFORMING THEATRE. BRITAIN

MONCUR-SIME, AH nd (c1900). SHAKESPEARE: HIS MUSIC AND SONG.. 1976-C17. HB 190x120 196pp photo line drwgs 7 music ex. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, London. ENGLAND WARWICKSHIRE. INSTRUMENTS MUSIC POETRY SHAKESPEARE SONG THEATRE

MYHILL, Simon. 1985. DRAMA. Working with Young People Series. National Association of Youth Theatres. Glos Youth Arts Team. 1661-C17. PB 210x145 48pp diagrams. EDUCATION MANUAL PERFORMING THEATRE YOUTH. BRITAIN

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NILSEN, Vladimir. nd. CINEMA AS A GRAPHIC ART, THE. with an appreciation by S M Eisenstein. Newnes, London.. 0951-C17. HB 250x170 227pp line & photo. CINEMA FILM PICTURES. USA USSR

PILIKIAN, Hovhanness I. 1984. FLOWER OF THE JAPANESE THEATRE, THE: Classical Japanese Theories. of Art and Performance Counter-point. London.. 1123-C17. PB 205x150 95pp photos. COSTUME DRAMA MASK THEATRE. JAPAN

RUBINSTEIN, H F. 1928. ENGLISH DRAMA, THE.. Ernest Benn (Sixpenny Library), London.. 2597-C17. PB 165x105 80pp no illustr. DRAMA SHAKESPEARE THEATRE. ENGLAND

SHARP, Cecil J. 1914. MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A: Songs & Incidental Music. for Granville Barker's production at the Savoy Theatre. Simpkin, Martshall, Hamilton Kent/ Novello, London.. 2383-C17. PB 280x220 32pp/ signed by author. DANCE SHAKESPEARE SONG THEATRE. ENGLAND

SHARP & FOSTER, Joan & Arnold. 1960. LORD BATEMAN. Romantic Ballad Opera in 3 Acts. Novello, London.. 2463-C17. PB 190x125 56pp libretto (words only). BALLAD OPERA SONG. ENGLAND NORTHUMBERLAND

SHAW, Bernard. 1965. COMPLETE PLAYS OF BERNARD SHAW, THE. .Hamlyn..1959-C17. HB DC 240x170 1404pp no pics. SHAW.ENGLAND IRELAND WORLD

SOUTHERN, Richard. 1937. STAGE SETTING. for Amateurs and Professionals. Faber & Faber, London.. 0931-C17. HB 220x140 272pp line drwgs. BIBLIOG SCENERY THEATRE. BRITAIN

SOUTHERN, Richard. 1939. PROSCENIUM AND SIGHT-LINES.. Faber & Faber, London.. 0943-C17. HB 220x140 235pp line drwgs. SCENERY THEATRE. BRITAIN

TOLL, Robert C. 1974. BLACKING UP. The Minstrel Show in 19th Century America. Oxford Univ Press, New York.. 2692-C17. HB DC 230x150 310pp photos. BIBLIOG MAKE-UP MINSTRELS NEGRO THEATRE. USA

WALKUP, Fairfax Proudfit. 1938. DRESSING THE PART. A History of Costume for the Theatre. George G Harrap, London.. 0952-C17. HB 275x175 397pp line drwgs. COSTUME THEATRE. EUROPE

WARD, Eric. 1930/37. BOOK OF MAKE-UP, A.. Samuel French, London.. 0940-C17. HB 180x125 100pp clr illustr. COSTUME MAKE- UP THEATRE. BRITAIN

WELDON. nd. WELDON'S FANCY DRESS. over 220 designs (60 in colour). Weldon.. 1648-C17. PB 300x235 46pp missing cover. COSTUME DISGUISE PARTY. BRITAIN EUROPE

WELSFORD, Enid. 1935. FOOL, THE. His Social and Literary History. Faber & Faber, London.. 4062-C17. HB 215x140 374pp illustr. BIBLIOG DRAMA FOOL HISTORY MORRIS MUMMERS THEATRE. EUROPE

WHISTLER, Laurence. 1947. MASQUE OF CHRISTMAS, THE: Dramatic Joys of the Festivals. with designs by Inigo Jones, Rex Whistler, Joan Hassall & others. Curtain Press, London.. 0955-C17. PB 185x125 40pp colour & b/w illustr. BEN-JONSON CHRISTMAS COSTUME MASKS THEATRE. ENGLAND

WHITE, Eric Walter. 1941/9. ENTERTAIN YOURSELVES. Suggestions for Music, Drama & the Arts. National Council of Social Services.. 1563-C17. HB 215x135 90pp photos. ART BIBLIOG COSTUME DRAMA LAW MUSIC. BRITAIN

WHITE & TOBITT, Alice M G & Janet E. 1938. DRAMATIZED BALLADS with musical accompaniments.. George G Harrap, London.. 1248- C17. HB DC 200x135 192pp line illustr. COSTUME DRAMA SONG THEATRE. BRITAIN

WILSON, John Dover. 1911/45. LIFE IN SHAKESPEARE'S ENGLAND. A Book of Elizabethan Prose. Cambridge Univ Press.. 0023-C17. HB 190x130 292pp line illustr. BIBLIOG LANGUAGE LIFE RELIGION SOCIOLOGY THEATRE VOCAB. ENGLAND

WILSON, Steuart. 1930. MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A: Music for Shakespeare's Plays. Intro Maud Karpeles (Revision of Sharp's 1914 publ). Oxford Univ Press.. 2384-C17. PB 280x220 28pp. DANCE SHAKESPEARE SONG THEATRE. ENGLAND

WILSON, A E. 1949/74. STORY OF PANTOMIME, THE. with New Introduction by Roy Hudd. Home & Van Thal/ EP Reprint, Yorks.. 4141-C17. HB DC 215x135 142pp plates. CLOWNS FOOLS PANTOMIME THEATRE. BRITAIN


WOOD, J Hickory. 1905. DAN LENO.. Methuen, London.. 2804-C17. HB 190x130 285pp photos. COSTUME CLOGS DANCE MINSTRELS MUSICHALL PERFORMING THEATRE. ENGLAND

ZINKEISEN, Doris. 1938/45. DESIGNING FOR THE STAGE.. Studio Reprints, London.. 1150-C17. HB 250x180 79pp drawings. COSTUME SCENERY THEATRE. BRITAIN USA

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