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F18 - RUSSIA:-

Commission of CC of CPSU Communist Party. 1939. HISTORY OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. A Short Course. Foreign Languages Publications, Moscow.. 2895-RUS. HB 210x140 364pp. POLITICS. RUSSIA

LLOYD, A L (w) &SEIBER, Matyas (m). nd (1940-50 ?). TWELVE RUSSIAN FOLKSONGS for children.. Workers Music Association. purch Gloucester 1995. 1754-RUSS. PB 247x183 in Engl voice & piano notes by Lloyd. AIRMAN LOVE POLITICAL TRANSLATION. RUSSIA

SILVERMAN, Jerry. 1966. RUSSIAN SONGS. 40 contemporary & traditional in Russian & English. Oak, New York/ Music Sales, London.. 2168-RUS. PB 280x215 80pp chords photos plates. COMPOSITION SONG TRANSLATION. RUSSIA

SWERKOFF, E L. 1937. FIFTY RUSSIAN FOLK SONGS. English versions by D Millar Craig. Novello, London by arr Wilhelm Zimmermann, Leipzig. purch Gloucester 1995. 1765-RUS. PB 310x230 60pp Engl & Russian voice & piano. SONG TRANSLATIONS. RUSSIA

WISHAW, Fred. 1892. ALBUM OF RUSSIAN SONGS.. Stanley Lucas & Son, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1761-RUS. PB 350x230 42pp 13ss voice & piano. GIPSY HORSES LOVE SONG. RUSSIA

ZGUTA, Russell. 1978. RUSSIAN MINSTRELS. A History of the Skomorokhi. Oxford.. 1654-RUS. HB 230x150 160pp illustr. DANCE DRAMA HISTORY INSTRUM MINSTRELS MORRIS RELIGION SONG. RUSSIA

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