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ANTIQUARY, An. 1911. DANCE, THE. Historic Illustrations of Dancing from 3300 BC. John Bale, Sons & Danielsson, London.. 0141-D3. HB 250x150 68pp line & plates. ART BIBLIOG DANCE HISTORY PERIOD PICTURES STUDY. EUROPE

ARBEAU, Thoinot. 1588/1925. ORCHESOGRAPHY: Treatise in form of dialogue. Transl by Cyril W Beaumont: preface by Peter Warlock. Author, London.. 2570-D3. HB 225x145 174pp line/music. DANCE HISTORY PERIOD TRANSLATION. FRANCE

ARBEAU, Thoinot. 1588/1967. ORCHESOGRAPHY (1588) Transl: Mary Stewart Evans. Intro & Notes: Julia Sutton, Labanotation: Mireille Backer & JS. Dover Publ, New York.. 2570-D3. PB 235x185 266pp dgrms & tablature. BIBLIOG DANCE DRUM HISTORY NOTATION PERIOD TRANSLATION. FRANCE

BEAUMONT, Cyril W. 1933. SHORT HISTORY OF BALLET, A.. Author, London.. 0706-D3. HB 215x140 40pp photos & plates. BALLET DANCE HISTORY PERFORMING. EUROPE


CELLARIUS. nd. FASHIONABLE DANCING.. Viztelly Brothers, London.. 0131- D3. NC plates title p & cover missing. DANCE HISTORY PERIOD POLKA QUADRILLE WALTZ. ENGLAND FRANCE

CHAPLIN, Nellie. 1909. ANCIENT DANCES AND MUSIC. 6 Dances from John Playford's DANCING MASTER. J Curwen, London.. 0082-D3. PB 295x230 30pp photos piano arr. COSTUME DANCE MANUAL PERIOD PLAYFORD. ENGLAND

CHAPLIN, Nellie. 1911. COURT DANCES & Others. incl 6 dances from Playford. J Curwen London.. 1591-D3. PB 300x235 photos piano arr. COSTUME DANCE PERIOD PLAYFORD MANUAL. ENGLAND

CHAPLIN, Nellie. 1921. DANCES OF THE SUITE.. J Curwen, London.. 0083- D3. PB 310x235 34pp dgrms photos piano arr. COSTUME DANCE PERIOD MANUAL. ENGLAND EUROPE

CHAPLIN, Nellie. 1926. ELIZABETHAN DANCES. Music by William Byrd (1538-1623). J Curwen, London.. 0084-D3. PB 310x235 28pp piano arr. DANCE MANUAL PERIOD. ENGLAND EUROPE

COWPER COLES, Alice M. 1909. OLD ENGLISH COUNTRY DANCE STEPS (17th Century).. Curwen, London.. 0148-D3. HB 215x140 32pp dgrms & photos. CONTRA DANCE PERIOD WOMEN. ENGLAND

COWPER COLES, Miss. 1910. GREENSLEEVES & OTHER OLD DANCES. Piano arr by Percy E Fletcher. J Curwen, London.. 0701-D3. PB 310x230 25pp photos. COSTUME DANCE PERIOD WOMEN. ENGLAND

DE JERSEY, Everal. nd. ENGLISH COUNTRY DANCES: FALLIBROOME COLLECTION. Piano arr. Private, no details.. 0732-D3. PB 275x215 18pp piano. DANCE PERIOD. ENGLAND

DEAN-SMITH, Margaret. 1651/1957. ENGLISH DANCING MASTER, THE. Facsimile Reprint of John Playford's original edition of 1651. Schott, London.. 2369-D3. HB DC 270x200 90pp dgrms melodies instructions. BIBLIOG DANCE MANUAL PERIOD PLAYFORD. ENGLAND

GERMAN, Edward. 1900. THREE DANCES: NELL GWYN: Piano solo.. Chappell, London.. 1494-D3. PB 315x250 17pp. DANCE OPERA PERIOD. ENGLAND

GROVE, Mrs Lilly & others. 1895. DANCING.. Longmans Green, London.. 0755-D3. 185x135 454pp melodies & plates. DANCE HISTORY PERIOD STUDY. WORLD

HOLST, Imogen. 1933. EIGHTEENTH CENTURY DANCES arr for piano with directions. New dances to tunes from Playford's Dancing Master. Oxford Univ Press.. 0572-D3. PB 310x240 13pp. COMP DANCE PERIOD PLAYFORD TUNES. ENGLAND

KENNEDY, Douglas & Helen. 1929. COUNTRY DANCE TUNES: EFDS New Series 1. from Playford's "Dancing Master" Novello for EFDS,. London. 0088 & 1721-8-D3. 3. PB 310x245 32pp piano arr. DANCE PERIOD PLAYFORD. ENGLAND

KIDSON, Frank. 1914. ENGLISH COUNTRY DANCES Arranged for Children's Performance. Piano arr by Percy E Fletcher. J Curwen, London.. 0085- D3. PB 310x235 14pp. CONTRA DANCE MANUAL PERIOD. ENGLAND

LATIMER, A J. 1948. OLD TIME DANCES - A Bouquet of .. Danceland Publ, London.. 0165-D3. HB 190x115 86pp. COMPOSITION DANCE MANUAL OLD-TIME PERIOD QUADRILLE. ENGLAND

MASSE, H J L (d) & NEWTON, Ernest (m). nd (1900s ?). OLD FRENCH COUNTRY DANCES of the 17th & 18th Centuries. as now danced by Miss Smallman & party. Gould & Bolttler, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1760-D3. PB 310x250 24pp notations piano photo on cover of 6 girls. BALLROOM COSTUME COUNTRY DANCE HISTORY. FRANCE PARIS

MELLOR, Hugh. 1933. ENGLISH DANCING MASTER, THE. Facsimile of John Playford's 17c Orig/ Pref: Leslie BRIDGEWATER. Author, London.. 0167- D3. PB 140x190 104pp dgrms & melodies. COUNTRY DANCE MANUAL PERIOD PLAYFORD. ENGLAND

MOFFAT & KIDSON, Alfred & Frank. 1912. DANCES OF THE OLDEN TIME.. Bayley & Ferguson, London & Glasgow.. 0113-D3. HB 270x180 81pp photos dgrms piano arr. COSTUME DANCE MANUAL PERIOD . ENGLAND

PORTER,HEFFER & HEFFER, W S, M & A B. 1933. APTED BOOK OF COUNTRY DANCES, THE. 24 Country Dances from the last year of the 18th C. Heffer, Cambridge.. 0112-D3. HB 155x245 37pp music & steps. CONTRA DANCE MANUAL PERIOD. ENGLAND

PORTER, W S. 1931. APTED BOOK OF COUNTRY DANCES, THE. arr for piano. W Heffer & Sons, Cambridge.. 0096-D3. PB 310x245 24pp. DANCE MUSIC PERIOD. ENGLAND

REESER, Dr Eduard. nd. HISTORY OF THE WALTZ, THE.. Continental Book Co, Stockholm.. 0201-D3. HB 265x185 60pp photos melodies, some with piano acc. BIBLIOG DANCE HISTORY WALTZ. EUROPE

REYHER, Paul. 1909. MASQUES ANGLAIS, LES. Etude sur les ballets et la vie de cour en Angelterre (1512-1640). Libraire Hachettte, Paris.. 0698-D3. HB leather 240x160 564pp dgrms. BALLET BIBLIOG COSTUME DANCE HISTORY MASQUE THEATRE. ENGLAND FRANCE

RICHARDSON, Philip J S. nd 1946 ?. HISTORY OF ENGLISH BALLROOM DANCING, A (1910-1945).. Herbert Jenkins, London.. 0153-D3. HB 215x130 167pp photos. BALLROOM DANCE HISTORY. ENGLAND

SHARP & OPPE, Cecil J & A P. 1924. DANCE, THE. An Historical Survey of Dancing in Europe. Halton, Truscoitt Smith, London.. 0183-D3. HB 285x220 54pp & 75 plates. ART DANCE HISTORY STUDY. EUROPE

WILSON, Thomas. 1815. COMPANION TO THE BALLROOM, A.. D Mackay, London.. 0152-D3. HB leather 170x105 254pp plates, notations & music. COUNTRY DANCE ETIQUETTE MANUAL PERIOD. ENGLAND

WILSON, Thomas. 1820. COMPLETE SYSTEM OF ENGLISH COUNTRY DANCING, THE.. Sherwood, Neely & Jones, London.. 0151-D3. HB leather 190x105 338pp dgrms & tables. COUNTRY DANCE MANUAL PERIOD REELS. ENGLAND

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