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BARTOK, Bela. 1931. HUNGARIAN FOLK MUSIC. Translated by M D Calvocoressi. Oxford Univ Press London.. 2467-HUN. HB 250x190 87pp music. BIBLIOG ETHNIC GIPSY SONG STUDY. HUNGARY

BOGYO, Georgie. 1941. SIX SIMPLE HUNGARIAN DANCES. for use in Girl's and Women's Physical Education. Central Council of Recreative P T, London.. 1302-HUN. PB 255x180 8pp piano music. DANCE MUSIC PIANO WOMEN. HUNGARY

EOSZE, Laslo. 1962. ZOLTAN KODALY - HIS LIFE AND WORK. Translated from Hungarian by Istvan Farkas & Gyula Gulyas. Collet's Holdings, London.. 2465-HUN. HB DC 240x165 183pp photos/music. BIBLIOG COLLECTING COMPOSITION EDUCATION MUSICOLOGY STUDY. HUNGARY

KODALY, Zoltan. 1935/56. FOLK MUSIC OF HUNGARY.. Corvina Budapest. Gift of MK. 2466-HUN. HB DC 240x165 166pp photos 160 music ex. BAGPIPES ETHNIC GIPSY INSTRUM MUSIC STUDY TRANSLATIONS . HUNGARY

KORBAY, Francis. 1891. HUNGARIAN MELODIES - Vol I. Translated into English by J S of Dale & F Korbay. London Schott & Co, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1764-HUN. PB 300x230 81pp voice & piano Hung & Engl. COMP LOVE SONG TRANSLATION. HUNGARY

SALA, Sandor. 1972. MUZSIKA (Hungarian Music Journal) - XV. Special number devoted to the work of ZOLTAN KODALY. Muzsika Budapest.. 1278-HUN. PB 240x170 48pp photos/music. DEBUSSY CASALS COLLECTING COMPOSER CONCERTS KODALY MENUHIN PHOTOS SONG. HUNGARY

SZABOLCSI, Bence. 1957. BELA BARTOK. Weg und Werk Schriften und Briefe: Vorwoertes: Zoltan Kodaly. Corvina, Budapest.. 2469-HUN. HB DC 240x165 371pp photos. BARTOK BIBLIOG BIOG COMPOSER. HUNGARY ROMANIA

SZABOLCSI, Bence. 1965. HISTORY OF MELODY, A. (Hungarian title: A MELODIA TORTENETE). Barrie & Rockcliff, London.. 2296-HUN. HB DC 235x160 313pp phot/mus. DANCE HISTORY MUSIC OPERA SONG THEATRE. EUROPE HUNGARY

TOTH, Julianna Campbell. 1969. SING OUT GO. Hungarian Folk Songs. Kalman & Toth Lorain, Ohio, USA.. 2714-HUN. PB 230x135 64pp music/map. CAMPFIRE CHORUS CHILDREN SONG TRANSLATION. HUNGARY USA

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