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ANON. nd (1920's ?). FOUR POPULAR SONGS - Albion Edition No 41. AULD ROBIN GRAY, THE SEA THE SEA, ISLE OF BEAUTY, THERE ARE KIND HEARTS EVERYWHERE. Marks & Spencer, Derby Street, Cheetham, Manchester. purch Gloucester 1995. 1784-E12. SM 355x260 8pp voice & piano. LOVE SEA SONG. BRITAIN

BARNES, William (w) & VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R (m). 1912. LINDEN LEA - A Dorset Song.. Boosey & Hawkes, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1792- E12. SM 310x235 5pp voice & piano with added phonetic dialect. PASTORAL SONG. DORSET ENGLAND

BAYFORD, Dudley E. 1939. TOMMIES TUNES (1914-1918). sixpenny edition. Francis, Day & Hunter, London.. 1549-E12. SM 310x250 7pp voice piano chords ukulele. ARMY SOLDIER SONG WAR. ENGLAND FRANCE

BISHOP & GLOVER, Sir H R & S. nd 1900 ?. MISTLETOE BOUGH, THE & THE GIPSY GIRL. with note about 2 songs. Marks and Spencer, Cheetham, Manchester.. 1542-E12. SM 345x255 5pp voice & piano. CHRISTMAS COMPOSITION GIPSY LOVE SONG. ENGLAND NORTHUMBERLAND

BOATWRIGHT, Howard. 1968. GYPSY LADDIE, THE. coll C J Sharp. Oxford Univ Press, New York.. 0798-E12. SM 300x230 8pp voice & 2 instr. BALLAD GIPSY SONG. ENGLAND USA.

BOATWRIGHT, Howard. 1968. O WALY WALY. coll C J Sharp. Oxford Univ Press, New York.. 0799-E12. SM 300x230 4pp medium voice & piano. BALLAD LOVE SONG. ENGLAND

BOATWRIGHT, Howard. 1968. ONE MORNING IN MAY (Nightingales Sing). coll C J Sharp, N Carolina. Oxford Univ Press, New York.. 0800-E12. SM 300x230 7pp medium voice & violin. LOVE SEDUCTION SONG. ENGLAND USA N- CAROLINA

BOATWRIGHT, Howard. 1968. BLACK IS THE COLOR. coll C J Sharp. Oxford Univ Press, New York.. 0801-E12. SM 300x230 4pp medium voice & violin. LOVE SONG. USA

BOATWRIGHT, Howard. 1968. COCK ROBIN. coll Richard Chase, Virginia. Oxford Univ Press, New York.. 0801-E12. SM 300x230 5pp soprano voice & instr. CHILDREN RIDDLE SONG. USA VIRGINIA

BOULTON, Harold (w) & HUGHES, Herbert (m). 1931. FORLORN QUEEN, THE. set to old Irish Gaelic air & sung by John McCormack. Boosey & Co, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1791-E12. SM 310x240 5pp voice & piano. FAIRY GAELIC LOVE SONG. IRELAND

BRATTON, John W. 1907/51. TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC, THE. Words by Jimmy Kennedy: Children's Version. M Witmark, NY/ B Feldman, London.. 1541- E12. SM 280x215 5pp voice & piano. CHILDREN COMPOSITION SONG. ENGLAND USA

BREWER & CHANCE, A Herbert & H Godwin. nd 1914-18. BROTHERS IN ARMS. (Marching Song for Soldiers). Chance & Bland, Gloucester.. 1517-E12. SM 250x155 4pp piano arr. ARMY SOLDIER SONG WAR. ENGLAND GLOUCESTER

CHAMPION (Wincott), Harry. 1904. WHEN THE OLD DUNCOW CAUGHT FIRE. Arr John S Baker. Reeder & Walsh, London.. 1544-E12. SM 360x250 7pp voice & piano. DRINKING FIRE MUSICHALL PUB. ENGLAND LONDON

COLLINSON, Francis. 1951. JOE, THE CARRIER LAD. English Folk Song. Graham Gill/J & W Chester, London.. 0580-E12. SM 305x230 4pp piano arr. CARTING SONG. ENGLAND

DAREWSKI, Max. 1925. WIPERS. The March Song of The Ypres League, illustr by "Snaffles". Wilford/ Wests, London.. 1548-E12. SM 315x2509 3pp Voice & piano. HISTORY SONG WAR WHISTLING. ENGLAND FRANCE YPRES

DE LANGE/SUSAN, David/Hendrik. 1950. FIVE POPULAR SOUTH-AFRICAN SONGS.. Music Publ of Africa, Johannesburg, S Africa.. 0575-E12. SM 280x220 12pp voice & piano. SONG. AFRICA JOHANNESBURG NETHERLANDS

GRAVES, A P & STANFORD C V. nd (1920s ?). FATHER O FLYNN.. Boosey & Co, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1789-E12. SM 310x235 10pp voice & piano. COMIC COMP RELIGION SONG. IRELAND

GRAVES, A P (w) & STANFORD, C V (m). 1924. LONDONDERRY AIR (The Irish Lover).. J B Cramer, London & Chappell-Harms, NY. purch Gloucester 1995. 1785-E12. SM 315x250 4pp voice & piano. LOVE SONG. DERRY IRELAND LONDONDERRY.

HARCOURT, Arthur. 1963. SHE'S LIKE THE SWALLOW. Newfoundland F/S coll M Karpeles. Oxford Univ Press. 3 copies. 2437-9-E12. SM 255x180 4pp 2 voice/SATB/SAB. LOVE SONG. CANADA NEWFOUNDLAND

HEMANS/ PROCTOR, Mrs & Adelaide. nd 1900 ?. BETTER LAND, THE/ THE STORM. music by Eric Austin/ John Hulah. Marks & Spencers, Cheetham, Manchester.. 1547-E12. SM 345x250 7pp voice & piano. CHILDREN DEATH SONG STORM. ENGLAND

JORDAN, Robert M. 1960. ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN. featured by Jimmie Rodgers. Tin Pan Alley Music/ Southern, London.. 2436-E12. SM 280x220 4pp photo voice & piano. COMPOSITION DANCE MORRIS. ENGLAND

KERSHAW, E. nd 1900 ?. NATIONS AT WAR, THE: descr piece. incl Sailor's Hornpipe, Rule Britannia, National Anthem. Marks and Spencers, Manchester.. 1546-E12. SM 350x255 7pp piano no words. BATTLE DANCE PATRIOTIC PIANO SAILOR STEPDANCE WAR. ENGLAND

LEDBETTER & LOMAX, Huddie & John. 1936/50. GOODNIGHT, IRENE. Recorded by Frank Sinatra. Leeds Music, London.. 0656-E12. SM 275x220 4pp piano arr. COMPOSITION LOVE SONG. USA

LETTS, W M (w) & STANFORD, C V (m). 1916. SOFT DAY, A.. Stainer & Bell, USA. purch Gloucester 1995. 1788-E12. SM 310x245 3pp voice & piano. COMP SONG. ENGLAND

MAY, Frank. 1903. TRAFALGAR & THE DEATH OF NELSON. Grand Naval Divertimento. Marks and Spencers, Cheetham, Manchester.. 1545-E12. SM 350x255 7pp voice & piano. BATTLE NAVAL NELSON PATRIOTISM PIANO SEA SONG. ENGLAND FRANCE TRAFALGAR

NATHAN, J. nd. WHERE ARE YOU GOING, MY PRETTY MAID ?. Ballad. W Paxton, London.. 1543-E12. SM 350x255 3pp voice & piano. LOVE SONG. ENGLAND

NEWTON, Ernest. 1910. ZUMMERZETZHIRE. Old Song: Words by George Parker. Novello, London.. 1588-E12. SM 305x240 7pp voice & piano. DIALECT PIANO SONG. LONDON SOMERSET BRIDGWATER

O NEILL, Moira (w) & STANFORD, C Villiers (m). 1901. FAIRY LOUGH, THE. Song from An Irish Idyll by permission. Boosey & Hawkes, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1786-E12. SM 315x235 6pp voice & piano. COMP FAIRY SONG. IRELAND

PATTERSON, Annie (w) & GOULD, Monk (m). 1921. LONDONDERRY AIR, THE - ERIN AVOURNEEN - Old Irish Melody.. Edwin Ashdown, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1793-E12. SM 280x130 7pp voice & piano. COMP NATIONAL SONG. IRELAND

RICKETTS, John A. 1979. I WISHED TO BE SINGLE AGAIN. Choral arr of English Folk Song from Kennedy: FSBI (1975). Somerset Press, Carol Stream, Illinois, USA.. 1479-E12. SM 260x175 16pp 4 part baritone solo arr. CHORAL SONG. ENGLAND

ROBSON, J G. 1950. CANNY TYNESIDE.. Graham Gill/ J & W Chester, London.. 0569-E12. SM 300x220 4pp piano arr. COMPOSITION DIALECT PASTORAL SONG. ENGLAND NORTHUMBERLAND

ROBSON, J G. 1950. CULLERCOATS BAY.. Graham Gill/ J & W Chester, London.. 0570-E12. SM 300x220 4pp piano arr. COMPOSITION PASTORAL SONG. ENGLAND NORTHUMBERLAND

ROBSON, J G. 1951. HILLS OF WANNY, THE.. Graham Gill/ J & W Chester, London.. 0567-E12. SM 300x220 4pp piano arr. COMPOSITION PASTORAL SONG. ENGLAND NORTHUMBERLAND

ROWLEY, Alec. 1927. SAILOR TUNES.. Boosey & Hawkes, London. 2 copies. 0589-E12. PB 315x235 15pp 14 tunes with piano accomp. HORNPIPE PIANO SHANTY. ENGLAND

SALMON,A L(w)/LLOYD WILLIAMS,J/DAVIES,Walford(m). nd (1950s ?). YMRYSON CANU - The Singing Contest. Welsh Penillion. Oxford University Press, London & University of Wales Press Board, Cardiff. purch Gloucester 1995.1794-E12. SM 260x180 2pp voice & piano Welsh & English. CONTEST PENILLION SONG TRANSLATION. WALES

SHARPE, Evelyn. 1934. MAY DAY CAROL. Traditional Essex Air. J B Cramer, London.. 1531-E12. SM 255x180 4pp voice & piano. CAROL MAY SONG. ENGLAND ESSEX

SHARPE, Evelyn. 1934. SKYE BOAT SONG. Words by Harold Boulton. J B Cramer, London.. 1532-E12. SM 255x180 4pp voice & piano. COMPOSITION SEA SONG. SCOTLAND SKYE

SHARPE, Evelyn. 1935. TWANKYDILLO. Sussex County Song. J B Cramer, London.. 1533-E12. 255x180 voice & piano. BLACKSMITH SONG. ENGLAND SUSSEX

STERNDALE-BENNETT, T C. 1920. I BAINT GOIN' BACK TO DEVON. Words by Valentine. Walsh, Holmes, London.. 1586-E12. SM 360x260 5pp 3v song & piano accomp. DIALECT PIANO SONG. ENGLAND DEVON

STEWART, Rev A (w) & LAWSON, Malcom. nd (1900s ?). COLIN'S CATTLE/ CRODH CHAILLEAN.. np. purch Gloucester 1995. 1790-E12. SM 310x245 2pp voice & piano. FAIRY MILKING SONG WORK. HEBRIDES SCOTLAND

STODDON, R S. 1927. COMMUNITYLAND No 1. Sixpenny Edition. B Feldman, London.. 1550-E12. SM 315x250 7pp. CHORUS POPULAR SOLDIER SONG. ENGLAND

STONE, David. 1962. WHEN I WAS YOUNG (The Foggy Dew). coll C J Sharp. Oxford Univ Press.. 2435-E12. SM 310x230 8pp voice & piano. SEDUCTION. ENGLAND

TRYTHALL, John. 1916. DOWN 'PON OLE DARTYMOOR.. J H Larkway, London.. 1587-E12. SM 355x255 7pp voice & piano. COUNTRYSIDE DIALECT SONG WAR. ENGLAND DARTMOOR DEVON


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