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ANON. 1920 (?). TEN CHRISTY MINSTREL SONGS. Cramer's Vocal Gems #55. Metzler & Co (1920), London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1753-E4. PB 255x175 22pp 10ss voice & piano. COMP LOVE MINSTREL MUSIC-HALL SONG. BRITAIN IRELAND

ANON. 1961. DING DONG DOLLAR. (15) Anti-Polaris Songs. Glasgow Song Guild.. 0344-E4. PB 180x125 8pp words only. COMP PROTEST SONG. SCOTLAND

CAMPBELL, David. 1971. SEARCH. (22) SONGS OF THE SUN. Galliard, Norfolk/ Galaxy Music, NY.. 0789-E4. PB 240x160 24pp chords. COMP SONG. GUYANA

CARTER, Sydney. 1961. IN THE PRESENT TENSE: Songs of Sydney Carter. #1 (18 original songs). Galliard, Norfolk/ Galaxy Music, NY.. 0787-E4. PB 240x160 36pp piano accomp. COMP SONG. ENGLAND

CARTER, Sydney. 1969. IN THE PRESENT TENSE. #2 (17). Galliard, Norfolk/ Galaxy Music, NY.. 0788-E4. PB 240x160 32pp piano accomp. COMP SONG. ENGLAND

CARTER, Sydney. 1969. IN THE PRESENT TENSE. #3 (19). Galliard, Norfolk/ Galaxy Music, NY.. 0790-E4. PB 240x160 32pp piano accomp. COMP SONG. ENGLAND

CARTER, Sydney. 1971. RIDING A TUNE: Songs of Sydney Carter. #4. Galliard, Norfolk/ Galaxy Music, NY.. 0791-E4. PB 240x160 32pp piano accomp. COMP SONG. ENGLAND

CLAYRE, Alasdair. 1968. ONE HUNDRED FOLK SONGS & NEW SONGS.. Wolfe Publ, London.. 0329-E4. PB 180x110 190pp chords. BALLAD COMP SONG. BRITAIN

DAVISON, Peter. 1971. BRITISH MUSIC HALL, THE. with a critical history of the songs & their times. Oak, New York.. 1000-E4. PB 280x115 244pp melodies & chords/ photos. COMP HISTORY MUSIC-HALL SONG THEATRE VICTORIAN. ENGLAND LONDON

FOREMAN, John. nd (1960 ?). C N D (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) SONGS.. Broadsheet King., London. 0345-E4. PB 165x100 18pp words only illustr. COMP NUCLEAR PROTEST SONG. BRITAIN

FOREMAN, John & Rita. 1963. R S G SONG BOOK, THE. 11 songs, 1 with music. Broadsheet King, London.. 1398-E4. PB 210x130 12pp cut-out silhouette illustr. COMP NUCLEAR PROTEST SONG. BRITAIN

HERON & WILLIAMSON, Mike & Robin. 1973. INCREDIBLE STRING BAND, THE. A Second Songbook. Warlock Music, London.. 1399-E4. PB 280x215 96pp photos piano accomp. COMP SONG. BRITAIN USA

HOFFMAN, David. 1907/1972. TEMPERANCE SONGBOOK, THE: Rescued from the archives. Ed: Emmet G Coleman: Intro: Kristi Witker. Wolfe Publ, London.. 1012-E4. HB DC 230x150 80pp orig plates. COMP MUSICHALL SONG TEMPERANCE WOMEN. USA

JOSEPH & WINTER, Nathan & Eric. 1967. NEW ENGLISH BROADSIDES. Songs of our time from the English Folk Scene. Oak, NY.. 2116-E4. PB 280x215 96pp chords. COMP FOLKSCENE POLITICS PROTEST SONG. ENGLAND


MacCOLL & SEEGER, Ewan & Peggy. 1968. I'M A FREEBORN MAN. Contemporary Songs of Struggle & Conscience. Oak, NY.. 2126-E4. PB 255x180 104pp photos chords. COMP GIPSY PROTEST SONG TINKER WORK. BRITAIN IRELAND

ROSSELSON, Leon. 1968. LOOK HERE. (50 Original Songs). Harmony Music, London.. 2159-E4. PB 220x150 120pp chords. COMP SONG. ENGLAND

SEEGER & MacCOLL, Peggy & Ewan. 1961. SONGS FOR THE SIXTIES.. Worker's Music Association, London.. 0318-E4. PB 220x140 32pp chords. COMP POLITICS SONG. BRITAIN

TAWNEY, Cyril. 1966. SONGS BY CYRIL TAWNEY.. Folk Directions, London.. 1521-E4. PB 310x245 32pp chords. COMP NAVY SAILOR SEA SONG. ENGLAND

TAWNEY, Cyril. 1973. CYRIL TAWNEY SONGBOOK.. Gwyneth Music, London.. 2812-E4. PB 280x215 36pp chords col & b/w photo. COMP NAVY SEA SONG. ENGLAND

TAYLOR, Jeremy. 1971. JEREMY TAYLOR. #1 (10 songs). Galliard, Norfolk/ Galaxy Music, NY.. 0792-E4. PB 155x240 24pp chords. COMP POETRY SONG. ENGLAND

TOLKIEN & SWANN, J R R & Donald. 1967. ROAD GOES EVER ON, THE. A Song Cycle: Poems by Tolkien & music by Swann. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, USA.. 0718-E4. HB DC 280x210 68pp. COMP LANGUAGE. ENGLAND

TURNER, Michael R. 1972/74. PARLOUR SONG BOOK, THE. A Casquet of Vocal Gems: Music edited by Michael Miall. Michael Joseph/ Pan Books, London.. 2874-E4. PB 245x170 374pp. COMP MINSTREL MUSICHALL SONG VICTORIAN. BRITAIN USA

WINTER, Eric. 1964. LIVERPOOL LULLABIES. The Stan Kelly Song Book. Heathside/Sing, London.. 0317-E4. PB 215x140 22pp chords. COMP SONG. ENGLAND LANCASHIRE LIVERPOOL IRELAND

WINTER, Eric. 1967. BERT JANSCH SONG BOOK, THE. (20 original songs). Heathside/Sing, London.. 2149-E4. PB 215x140 34pp chords illustr. BLUES COMP GUITAR SONG. BRITAIN

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