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BROWN, Joseph Epes. 1953/1971. SACRED PIPE, THE. Black Elk's Account of the 7 Rites of the Oglala Sioux. Oklahoma , Univ/ Penguin, Baltimore, Md, USA.. 1087-USA-IND. PB 180x110 144pp photos/drwgs. BALL CEREMONY DANCE GAME RITUAL SOCIOLOGY STUDY. USA

CADMAN, Charles Wakefield. 1909. FOUR AMERICAN INDIAN SONGS. 3 Omaha & 1 Iroquois. Boosey, London/ White-Smith Music, New York. purch Gloucester 1995. 1762-USA-IND. PB 310x250 26pp words & melody line. LOVE SONG. USA

CASTANEDA, Carlos. 1968/1973. TEACHINGS OF DON JUAN, THE. A Yaqui Way of Knowledge. Univ California/ Ballantine, New York.. 1095-USA-IND. PB 180x110 276pp. DRUGS ETHNOLOGY FOLKLORE SOCIOLOGY STUDY. USA

CASTANEDA, Carlos. 1971. SEPARATE REALITY, A. Further Conversations with Don Juan. Simon & Schuster, New York.. 1078-USA-IND. PB 210x140 317pp. DRUGS ETHNOLOGY FOLKLORE SOCIOLOGY. USA

CRONYN, George W. 1918. PATH ON THE RAINBOW, THE. An Anthology of Songs & Chants from Indians of North America. Boni & Liveright, New York.. 2041-USA-IND. HB 190x130 347pp. CEREMONY COMPOSITION POETRY RITUAL SONG STUDY. USA CANADA

DENSMORE, Frances. 1932. YUMAN AND YAQUI MUSIC. (American Indian tribes - noted in USA & Mexico 1922). Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D C.. 1238-USA-IND. PB 230x150 216pp photos/music. AMER- INDIAN COLLECTING DRUM ETHNOLOGY FLUTE INSTRUMENTS MUSIC RATTLE SONG STUDY. MEXICO USA

HIGHWATER, Jamake. 1977. RITUAL OF THE WIND. North American Indian Ceremonies, Music and Dances. Viking Press, New York.. 1239-USA-IND. HB DC 280x210 192 photos/drwgs/ gift from Oscar Brand. CEREMONY DANCE DRUMS FOLKLORE MASKS. USA

HOFSINDE, Gray Wolf. 1967. INDIAN MUSIC MAKERS.. William Morrow, New York.. 2851-USA-IND. HB DC 200x140 96pp music/drwgs. DRUMS INSTRUMENTS MUSIC RATTLES SONGS. USA

MINOR, Marz Nono. 1972. AMERICAN INDIAN CRAFT BOOK, THE. A How-you- can-do-it Guide to Indian crafts, games & customs. Popular Library, New York.. 1083-USA-IND. PB 175x105 416pp photos/drwgs. CLOTHING CRAFT CUSTOMS DOLLS DRUMS FOOD GAMES INSTRUMENTS LANGUAGE LAW MUSIC PICTURE- LANGUAGE RITUAL TATTOO WAR. USA

NETTL, Bruno. 1954. NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN MUSICAL STYLES.. American Folklore Society, Philadelphia.. 1086-USA-IND. PB 250x170 51pp map/music. ETHNOLOGY MUSIC STUDY. CANADA USA

RITZENTHALER, Robert E. nd. INDIAN CRADLES No 1. in a series of Lore Leaves (reprint of vol 1 no 2). Milwaukee Public Museum.. 0887-USA- IND. PB 220x180 8pp photos. CHILDREN CLOTHING CRADLE. USA

ROUSE BALL, W W. 1928. STRING FIGURES. An Amusement for Everyone. Heffer, Cambridge.. 0646-USA-IND. PB 185x120 72pp drwgs. CHILDREN CRAFT GAME PLAY STRING. AUSTRALIA PACIFIC USA WORLD

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