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B13 - WALES - SONG:-

GWYNN WILLIAMS, W S. 1944. HWIANCERDDI CYMRU: Welsh Nursery Songs. with silhouette illustrations by Ivor Owen. Gwynn Publ, Llangollen.. 2239-B13. PB 265x185 16pp no transl/ piano arr. CHILDREN SONG WELSH. WALES

GWYNNE WILLIAMS, W S. 1946. ALAW GYMREIG: 20 Welsh Melodies. A collection of characteristic folk-songs, harp-airs, hymn-tunes & dances. Gwynn Publ, Llangollen.. 2238-B13. PB 265x185 36pp 4-pt, piano/harp arr. DANCE HARP SONG TRANSL WELSH. WALES

GWYNN WILLIAMS, W S. 1961+63. CANEUON TRADDODIADOL Y CYMRY. 124 Traditional Songs: Books 1 & II. Gwynn Pub, Llangollen.. 0265-6-B13. PB 210x165 (96)176pp/ music, solfa. COLLECTORS INSTITUTE METRE MUSIC PERFORMERS SONG STUDY TONALITY WELSH WFSS. WALES

HUGHES, Ceiriog & RICHARDS, Brinley. 1873/ 1879. SONGS OF WALES, THE. Caneuonn Cymru/ Royal Edition. Boosey, London & NY. purch Gloucester 1995. 1705-B13. HB 255x170 302pp voice & piano. COMP NATIONAL SONG. WALES

LEWIS, Mrs Herbert. 1914. FOLK-SONGS collected in Flintshire & Vale of Clwyd.. Hughes & Son, Cardiff & Wrexham.. 0543-B13. PB 289x215 40pp piano arr. COLLECTING SONG TRANSLATION WELSH. WALES FLINTSHIRE

LLOYD, Daniel Lewis. 1910. EMYNIADIUR YR EGLWYS YNG AGHYMRU. 619 Hymns in Welsh for use in Church. Jarvis & Foster, Bangor..0263-B13. HB 180x120 509pp 4-pt. CHURCH HYMN RELIGION WELSH. WALES

LLOYD WILLIAMS & DAVIES, J & W. 1929. NEW SONG BOOK: LLYFR CANU NEWYDD.Welsh & English. Univ Wales Press, Cardiff.. 0264- B13. PB 185x125 55pp melody ed/cover missing. WELSH SONG TRANSL. WALES

MABSANT. 1980. 24 O GANEUON GWERIN GORAU CYMRU. BEST LOVED WELSH FOLK SONGS in Welsh & English. Y Lolfa, Talybont, Cardigansh.. 2844-B13. PB 185x250 32pp chords. BIBLIOG DISCOG WELSH SONG TRANSL. WALES

MAIR, Carlene (transl to Engl). 1955. WELSH FOLK SONGS, Chappell's Album of.. Chappell & Co, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1739-B13. PB 255x180 28pp 13 songs line 2 photos voice & piano. LOVE LULLABY SONG TRANSLATION WELSH. WALES


RICHARDS, Brinley. 1873/79. SONGS OF WALES, THE (Canenon Cymru). National Melodies with English words & Welsh adaptation by Ceirog Hughes. Boosey, New York & London.. 2990- B13. HB 255x170 183pp piano accomp. COMP SONG WELSH. WALES

SAER, D Roy. 1974. CANEUON LLAGAR GWLAD (Songs from Oral Tradition). Vol 1 with English intro. Nat Museum of Wales: Welsh Folk Museum.. 2237-B13. PB 250x185 72pp music/ songs in Welsh only. COLLECTION SONG WELSH. WALES

TOMLYN, A W & EVANS, D Emlyn. nd (1910s ?). SONGS OF WALES - Gem Selection. 2nd Ed (p1-20 missing). Valentine & Anderson, Edinburgh. purch Gloucester 1995. 1750-B13. HB 245x190 176pp photos voice & piano Welsh & English. COSTUME COUNTRYSIDE HARP LAMENT MARCH NATIONAL NOTES. WALES

UNIVERSITY OF WALES NATIONAL COUNCIL OF MUSIC. 1929. NEW SONG BOOK for Schools - Part I. LLYFR CANU NEWYDD. Univ of Wales Press, Cardiff & Oxford Univ Press, London. purch Gloucester 1995. 1770-B13. PB 320x243 56pp voice, piano score Welsh & English. ANTHEM CAROL NATIONAL NOTES SCHOOL SONG TRANSLATION. BELGIUM SCOTLAND WALES

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