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UNEASY WEDLOCK - Britain & Ireland: FTX-019 - Elsewhere ---- Cent Afr: Song to wife (with sansa): OCORA OCR-43 B7

UNIONS --THE ALMANAC SINGERS rec NY 1941-2: PRISM PLATCD 704 2001 - Miners talking rec by PK & Alan Lomax, Treorchy, S Wales 1953: FTX-055 - Jimmy McBEATH: FTX-059

VERNACULAR - According to the OED deriving from the Latin verna a home-born slave - the word applies to the native tongue, local downright speech. In recent times, the phrase has also been applied to works that have been written to emulate the everyday speech of the middle class or the working class . Sometimes, this means that slang and colloquial speech is included. Such material may also use different rules of grammar and punctuation than other writings, both academic and literary. The term can also be used to describe vernacular architecture and, for example, typography & hand lettering seen on signs and shopfronts.

WAR - Britain & Ireland -- Dieppe Raid 19/8/42 with Frank GILLARD & others RPL Radio 4 19/8/82: CASS 60-0628 - John Peel on Protest in 50s & 60s Radio 2: 2/4/87: CASS 90-0566 incl "We'll stay here at Greenham" (unacc) - - Wales: Songs in Welsh from David THOMAS (comp) Maesteg S Wales 1952: RPL 18212-3 - PLETHYN: Song in Welsh: "Blood is thicker than water" incident in Falklands War when Welsh soldier wounded in hospital at Port Stanley meets an Argentinian Welsh-speaker intro by Geof Cripps Radio 2 2/3/88 CASS-0868 - featuring Roy Palmer's book & cassette of Soldier Songs "Oh what a lovely War" Radio 2: 21/11/90 - USA -- Emma Hensley (of Carmen N.C.) rec by Maud Karpeles, Flagpond, Tenn. 1950: FTX-907 family reminiscences of Civil War- Yankee John GALUSHA rec by Frank & Anne Warner, Minerva, NY 1941 & 1951: FTX-921 Talk about American Civil War & songs - Caribbean - Neville MARCANO "The Growling Tiger" (with Lord Iere, Indian Prince & Calypso group) rec by Alan Lomax, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad 17/8/62: ROUNDER 1717 p1998 (2 versions - the second mentions the atomic bomb) - Elsewhere -- Basque Country: FTX-606/ 607 - Basque group rec London 1954 RPL 20500 - World Festival IFMC Festival Biarritz & Pamplona: FTX-610 - Ethiopia Warriors Praise Song/ Spear Dance etc BARENREITER BM-30-L-23095- Rendille nomads KENYA (CASS) - Solomon Is Panpipes OCORA OCR-74 B6 - Togo Kaniye OCR-76 B6 Initiation Dance (with trumpets & large bells) - Rajasthan (Oboes & kettle drums) OCR-81

WASSAIL - England: - Richard GENDALL (with gtr) Truro version sung in Cornish "Can Wassel" FTX-009- Charlie BATE (voc/acc) rec by PK, Padstow, Cornwall 1957: CAEDMON TC-1224/ TOPIC 12-T- 197/ FTX-010/ "Gower Wassail Song": ROUNDER 1719 1998 - TRURO WASSAILERS (Verses "lined-out" by leader) rec 1949 RPL 14647 Opening & end of song & sound of wassailers entering/ rec by PK 1957: RPL LP 25653 Song & Interview/ CAEDMON/ TOPIC/ FTX-010 - - Emily BISHOP rec by PK, Bromsberrow Heath Herefordsh 1952: RPL 18685/ FTX-114/ 129 "Here we come a-wassailing"- Emily BISHOP, Charle BATE, Joe THOMAS, TRURO, Bill MEARE, Charlie SHAVERS, Fred ADAMS, Eric TARR, Walter & Harry SEALEY, Billy BUCKINGHAM, Phil TANNER: "West Country Wassail" Selection: FTX-114 - Rowland KELLETT of Leeds rec by PK, London 1963 : FTX-209 - Joe THOMAS (with talk about custom) rec by PK, Constantine, Cornwall 22/11/56: RPL LP 23654/ FTX-114/ 218 - STAVERTON BRIDGE rec by PK, Foxhole School, Dartington, Devon 1970: 7"RTR-0141 (from Sealy): FTX-144 - AS I ROVED OUT Radio prog 1956: FTX-253 (4var: Truro/ Emily Bishop/ Tanner & Fred Adams, Carhampton with guns) intro by PK - Tom HORNER of Swithinwaite, Wensleydale rec by PK 1959 talks about visiting "Vessel Cup Singers": FTX-265 - Billy BENNINGTON & ch rec by Gwilym Davies, Stonehouse & Mrs STEVENS Bisley, Gloucestersh: FTX-417 - RPL Dialect speaker & song: FTX-450 - Dialogue by Wassailers, rec Drayton, Somerset 1943 RPL 6801/ rec by Dave Bland & Bob Patten 5/1/73: TOPIC TSCD-663 1998 - rec "King William", Curry Rivel, Somerset 1949 RPL 9650 with ASHEN Faggot custom & talk 1949 - Talk by William Tarr & Song by Mr Adams rec Carhampton Somerset 1947: RPL 11975 " - Sidney RICHARDS rec by PK, Curry Rivel, Somerset 2/5/52 RPL 177880 - Fred ADAMS (originally from Alcombe, Minehead), rec by PK, Eastern Farm, Carhampton, Somerset Jan 1957: 5"RTR-0953 Talk about custom/ song/ more talk & "Burning the Ashen Faggot"- Walter & Harry SEALY (2var) rec by PK, Ash Priors, Somerset 24/1/57 RPL LP 26368 - Bill MEARE rec by PK, North St., Drayton, Langport, Somerset 25/1/57: 5"RTR-0904 Song & talk following incl local stories - Eric TARR rec by Sam Richards, Carhampton, Somerset: FOLKWAYS FE-38553/ CASS-1292 "Carhampton W" - Lea NICHOLSON & group ch: LEADER LER-3010 1971 - Derek & Dorothy ELLIOTT (from RVW Doncaster): LEADER LER-2023 1972 - George DUNN rec Quarry Bank Staffordsh: LEADER LEE-4042 1973 - London Madrigal Singers arr by R Vaughan Williams: EMI HQS-1215 1970 - Bernard WRIGLEY (conc & ch): TOPIC 12-TS-211 1971 (from Curry Rivel) - Shirley COLLINS & John WATCHAM (conc) & ch: TOPIC 12-TS-238 1974 (from Curry Rivel)/ with Skiffle Group in Radio Prog 1957 "Sing Christmas" ROUNDER-CD-11661-1850-2 2000 "W, w all over the town" - Green WILLOW BAND Cotswold Music SWEET FOLK ALL SFA-115 - THE WATERSONS (Gower, Malpas & Ash Priors) TOPIC 12-TS-308 1977/ TOPIC 12-TS-415 1981 "Brave Ploughboy" (from Broadwood) - Frank HINCHLIFFE rec by Mike Yates with Ruairidh & Alvina Greig, Sheffield, Yorksh: TOPIC 12-TS-308 "We've been a while a wassailing"- Wassail Sample tapes RTR- 0028-30 - rec Ash Priors RTR #0795/ rec Carhampton RTR- 0796 & 0953 - singer rec Woodchester, Glos RTR-0844 - Transl of 13th Cent Poem (read by Jim Lloyd) followed by DRAYTON Wassail rec 1976 Radio 2: 28/12/82: CASS-0420 -"English Customs & Traditions": SAYDISC SDL-CD-425 1997 (Revised and enlarged version of LP) - TOPIC TSCD-666 1998 "Seasonal Events" (Bodmin, Cornwall) - PUZZLEJUG "Let us be merry" CD-PJ3 1996 (includes 3 wassails from Nailsworth, the gypsy Brazils in Gloucester & Brockweir) - Woolpack Folk Gloucestershire children with accordion: WPF 2002 - Instrumental: Robert ABRAMSON (harpsichord & recorder) rec David Hancock: TRADITION (USA) TLP-1031 1959 - Amanda LOWE (h-dulc): GRINNIGOGS International GRIN-CD-941 199- Wales: - Phil TANNER of Llangennith rec by Maud Karpeles, Penmaen, Gower S Wales 1949: RPL 13386/ COLUMBIA CA-16053-1/ SL-206 1952/ FTX-057/ EFDSS LP-1005 1968/ TOPIC TSCD-666 1998 "Seasonal Events - STEELEYE SPAN: (from Tanner of Gower): B & C CREST-9 1971/6 & CS-12 1973/ FTX-123

WAULKING - - Mrs Kate NICHOLSON & Others rec by Alan Lomax, South Uist, Hebrides: EMBER FA-2055 1968/ FTX-001- Isabel SUTHERLAND (unacc): TOPIC 12-T-151 1966 - Mary O HARA (unacc): DECCA GES-1116 1974 - Mary McMASTER & group rec Edinburgh Folk Festival Radio 2: 14/4/84 CASS-15-0764 - Children -- Greenock High School, Renfresh 1963: RPL LP 29714

WEAVING - England: - "The Iron Muse": TOPIC 12-T-86 1963 - Deep Lancashire: TOPIC 12-T-188 - "Success to the Weavers": TOPIC 12-TS-206 - Transpennine: TOPIC 12-T-215 - Harry BOARDMAN: TOPIC 12-T-236 - Bernard WRIGLEY: TOPIC 12-T-241 - Frank HILLIER rec by PK, Plymouth, Devon: "The Rambling Comber" - Scotland - Calum & Annie JOHNSTON Barra COLUMBIA SL-209 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 - Robin WILLIAMSON Story: "Harry The Weaver": PIGS WHISKER 1984 CASS "The man who never dreamed at all" (mentions Carlisle) - Clare CLAYTON, rec by Geoff Biggs, Hassocks, Sussex April 1961: FTX-147 "Weaving Lilt"(Hebridean)

WEDDINGS - England: -Harry COX, Norfolk: FTX-013 & 015/ 032 & 034 - Fred ROOKE: FTX-045 "Gypsy Wedding Song- Bob & John COPPER rec by PK, Festival Hall Concert 1965: EMI CLP-1910/ FTX-081- Recitation: "The Nap", Boscastle, Cornwall: FTX-096 "The Dogs Wedding" - "The Wedding Song" Cecilia COSTELLO, Birmingham: FTX-098 - -"Triumph" Dance, Northumberland: FTX-121 - Tony FRANKLIN (ocarina) "Lewis Bridle Song" "Marie's Wedding": FTX-124 "- Lucky LUCKHURST, London: 331 - Sanding floors at Knutsford, Cheshire 1951: RPL 18446/ FTX-451 - "Airy Brown" comic Cockney - Lincolnsh Wedding Song: TOPIC 12-TS-228 - John LYONS (mel): TOPIC 12-TS-248 "Hauling home" tune-- Isle of Man: - Lon Dhoo & Lon Vane (National choirs) rec Douglas 1958: RPL LP 24129 - Mona DOUGLAS, Joe (harmonica) & Winifred WOODS (Manx Gaelic & English): FTX-007 - Wales: - "Bidding" Phil TANNER, Gower S.Wales: FTX-057 - Scotland: - Isabel SUTHERLAND, Edinburgh: FTX-062 - Orkney Bethrothal John & Ethel FINDLATER, Orkney & John talks about local weddings and bundling, Dounby, Orkney 12/7/55: RPL 22643/ 063 - Orkney Wedding March: FTX-064 - "The Tinker's Waddin' - John STRACHAN, Fyvie: FTX-066 - Shetland fiddle tunes: RPL 18621-4 / FTX-368 - Orkney: FTX-389 - Jean REDPATH Lewis Bridal Song: ELEKTRA BY-6004 - "Bride's Reel" played on fiddle & Processional tune on H-pipes with celebrations described by Mrs Sinclair of Harray, Orkney 22/4/38: RPL 1787 - BOYS OF THE LOUGH: LEADER 2086 Shetland tunes - Ensilver Song TOPIC 12-TS-215 - Ireland: - Margaret BARRY "She moved through the fair (Our Wedding Day)": FTX-070 - John DOHERTY (fiddle) "The Bargain is made": FTX-075 - GLEANNTA, AN (Improvised verses by guests) Tory Island, Co Donegal radio prog: FTX-276 - Africa -- Ethiopia: BARENREITER BM-30-L 2305 - KENYA Rendille Nomads (cass) - GHANA Cass 1982 - Harer: Jean JENKINS: talk on Radio 3 1974 - Elsewhere -- Bosnia: FTX-601 - Macedonian Wedding: FTX-604 - South Russia female chorus: FTX-789 #24 - Roumanian songs & dances: ELECTRECORD EPD 78/ DAT-90-631 - Bahrein: "sumai" oboe & 2 "tabl" drums: OCORA OCR-42 - Armenia: OCR-50 "duduks" & drum - Rajasthan song with fid with sympathetic strings: OCR - Hungary: QUALITON vol 4 B3

WELL-DRESSING - Colour video film with Oliver Shimwell about folklore custom in Derbyshire Peak area including villages of Tideswell, Tissington, Youlgreave and Wormhill 1988: FF-1118

WHALING - England: Colin Irwin's radio prog 1989 "Acoustic Roots": CASS-0355 featuring "Alternative Music"- Leviathan: TOPIC 12-T-174 1967 - - Scotland: - Bruce LAURENSEN Shetland 1952: RPL 18647 - Talk about 3 fiddle tunes probably brought to Shetland by whalers from Greenland: "Merry Boys" "Olifjord Jack & Villafjord Jack" by Tom Anderson RTR- 1080/ CASS-0965

WHIPS-- Arthur ABBS rec by PK, Whaddon, Cambridgesh 1956 talks about whip-cracking on "Plough Monday" in Cambridge: FTX-452

WITCHES - England:- ALBERT CHURCH (story) rec by PK, Biddenham, Bedfordsh 22/10/52: 7"RTR-0551 - West Country Folklore rec by John Smith: FTX-412 - Isle of Man: - John CALLISTER rec by Stuart Wavell, Isle of Man RPL LP 28457 Talk - Richard GARDINER (74) interviewed by Ken Lingard, Castletown, Isle of Man 1962: 7"RTR-0096 & 4"RTR-0877 - Scotland: - Jeannie ROBERTSON (story): FTX-067 -- Robin WILLIAMSON: PIGS WHISTLE PWM-004 1984/ CASS-60-1008 Five Humorous tales of Scotland & Ireland: Story of "The Kintail Witches"

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