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FLORA Mc NEIL from Barra in the Outer Hebrides introduces her own family collection of songs. Other singers include Calum Johnston and Donald Mc Kinnon and we hear some actuality Work Songs by a group of women from Barra. These are the original recordings of songs #1-24 in FOLKSONGS OF BRITAIN AND IRELAND, edited by Peter Kennedy (Cassell/ Schirmer 1975/ reprinted in paperback by Oak 1985, distributed by Music Sales). The book, which won the Library Association McColvin Award for the most outstanding reference book of 1975, contains the full texts, translations, music notations and background information on the songs.


AILEIN DUINN (Dark-haired Alan)
BEINN A'CHEATHAICH (Misty Mountain/ Kismul's Galley)
A BHEAN IADACH (The Jealous Woman)
BHEIR MO SHORAIDH THAR GHUNNAIDH (Take my farewell over Gunna)
CAOLAS EADAR MI IS IAIN (Twixt Ian & me's a stretch of water)
CHAN E CAOIDH MHIC SHIRIDH ('Tis not lamenting o'er McShiridh)
CHUNNAIC MISE MO LEANNAN (I did see my own true-lover)
FHIDEAG AIRGID (The Silver Whistle)
FACA SIBH RAGHAILL NA AILEIN? (Have you seen Ronald or Alan?)
FATH MO MHULAID A BHITH ANN (Being here has caused my sorrow)
FHIR AN LEADAIN THLATH (Lad of lovely hair)
A FHLEASGAICH OIG IS CEANALTA (O, lad, so young and gentle)
FLIUCH AN OIDCHE (Wet is the night)
GED IS GRIANACH AN LATHA (Although the day it may be sunny)
A MHIC DHUGHAILL'IC RUAIRIDH (Son of Dougal, son of Rory)
A MHIC IAIN'IC SHEUMAIS (Son of John, son of James)

MILE MHARBHAISG AIR A'GHAOL (A thousand curses on love)

MO NIGHEAN DONN A CORNAIG (My dark-haired maid from Cornaig)
HO MO NIGHEAN DONN NAN GOBHAR (O my dark goat-haired maiden)
O CHRAOBH NAN UBHAL (O tree of apples) [#21]
A PHIUTRAG'S A PHIUTHAR (O little sister)
SEAN DUINE CHA GHABH MI IDIR (An old man's not for me at all)
THUG MI 'N OIDHCHE GED B'FHAD I (I spent the night'though'twas long)




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