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TABOR, June - England\ Singer\ 1983 -- with Maddy PRIOR "The Silly Sisters": CHRYSALIS CHR-1101 1976 - CASS-0304 SQUARE ROOTS 1987 "Unlikely Selection" - FOLKSOUND FS-100 1974 Through Bushes & Briars/ Fair Maid of Islington - with Bob DAVENPORT & "FLOWERS & FROLICS": FREE REED FRR-016 1977 - with Martin SIMPSON on Radio 2: 31/3/80: CASS-0418 "Admiral Benbow" - with piano, synth, gtr & fid: TOPIC 12-TS-432 1983 - with Maddy PRIOR on Folk on Two 1987: CASS- 0378 - with Maddy PRIOR on Radio 2: 28/12/88: CASS-60-0849 - with Hugh WARREN (Piano) off Jazz record on Radio 2: 6/6/6 CASS-60-0882

TAIL TODDLE - Netherlands\ Folk Group\ -- Duindam family: MUNICH MU-7424 nd Dutch songs (info sheet)

TANNAHILL WEAVERS, The - Scot\ F/Group\ 1980s -- Radio 2: 13/4/88 CASS-90-0848 "Wild Mountain Thyme"

TANNER, Phil - Gower S Wales\ unacc singer in Engl & mouth-music\ 1937-47 - of Llangennith, 1862-1950 - all titles assigned to Folktrax by his grand-nephew, John, of Scurlage Farm, Reynoldston Oct 19th 1966 -- rec Llangennith: RPL 1711 rec 21/12/37 "The Oyster Girl" & "Gower Reel" (mouth music) - rec by Maud Karpeles, COLUMBIA RO-101 (78 rpm)/ rec Eventide Home Penmaen, Gower 22/4/49: / RPL 13384-7/ COLUMBIA SL-204 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 "Wassail Song" - ed by PK EFDSS LP-1005 1968 - Young Roger Esquire FTX-013 -"The Parson & the Clerk" FTX-021 - Documentary with F.A.BRACEY & Penny PALMER rec by PK. London 1954: FTX-057 - Wassail selection: FTX-114 - A-ROVING Radio Prog 1968 #5: 309 A-ROVING 1968 #3 "Over the hills to Gowrie, Young Roger Equire, Four Hand Reel" - Wassail with extract of STEELEYE SPAN: FTX-123 - Folksong Vocal Study Tape: FTX-136 - mouth music album: FTX-301 - FTX-501 "Barbara Allen" - FTX-514 "Dark eyed Sailor" - FTX-516 "Swansea Barracks" - FTX-517 "The Bonny Bunch of Roses-O" - EFDSS CD 1998 - TOPIC TSCD-651 "Courtship & Marriage": (Banks of the) "Sweet Primroses" (from COLUMBIA FB-1570)/ TSCD-652 1998 "Sea" " Young Henry Martin" (from COLUMBIA FB-1569)/ TOPIC TSCD-664 "Dances & Ditties" "Four Hand Reel" (mouth music) (from COLUMBIA FB-1569/ TSCD-666 "Seasonal Events" "Wassail Song" (from COLUMBIA FB-1569) - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions" "Gower Wassail" - by others: STEELEYE SPAN: B & C CREST-9 1976 "Gower Wassail"- Tony ROSE: LEADER LER-2013 1970"The Parson & the Clerk" - John WRIGHT: TOPIC 12-TS-348 1978 "Henry Martin" - Mike WATERSON: TOPIC 12-TS-332 1977 "Swansea Town"

TANSEY, Seamus - Sligo S Ire\ flute, whistle (with tamb)\ 1970 - Born 1943 Gurteen, Co Sligo won all-Ireland 1965 - see also under Eddie CORCORAN -- LEADER LEA-2005 1970 with Eddie CORCORAN - TOPIC 12-T-184 1969 "Breeze from Erin" (Wind Instruments)

TARLING, Jack - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1995 --rec by Neil Lanham, Steeple Bumpstead, Haverhill, Suffolk 30.4.95 (gift): NL-01 CASS-1357 - also on NLCD 3/4 2002 & 8/9 2003

TARR, William - Somerset\ Wassailer\ 1947 -- Talk about wassailing & Song by Mr Adams rec Carhampton 1947: RPL 11975

TASTE OF TOMORROW - Glos\ group\ 1990 -- CASS-1053

TAVERNERS, THE - Scotland\ Folk Group\ 1973 - Alan BELL, Peter RODGER, Brian OSBORNE & Stuart ROBINSON -- LEADER LER-2080 1973

TAWNEY, Cyril - Plymouth\ voc/gtr - Born Gosport Hants 12/10/30 Died 21/04/05 Father ran away to sea from Sussex farm, mother was a Belfast weaver. Cyril apprenticed in Navy aged16 serving 12 years before buying himself out to become a folksinger -- rec by PK: EMI DLP 1204 1960 "Rocket Along" New Ballads on Old Lines" "The Last Boats a-leavin" - rec by PK at Festival, London 1959 : RTR-0492 - with Jimmie Mc GREGOR (mand) rec by PK: EMI CLP-1362 1960 "A Pinch of Salt" British Sea Songs Old & New" "On a British Submarine" (CT) & Tom's Gone to Hilo" (Terry) - (with gtr & ch) rec by PK, London 5/5/61: FTX-092 "Between Decks": "Lean And Unwashed Tiffy" (C.T.) " A Ship Came Sailing" (Trad Coll Baring Gould) "Chicken On A Raft" (C.T.) "The Grey Funnel Line" (C.T.) "The Man At The Nore" (Trad Coll by PK) "Sally, Free And Easy" (C.T.) "Stanley The Rat" (C.T.) "Pull The String" (Trad Coll by PK) Six Feet Of Mud (C.T.) The Oggy Man's No More (C.T.) The Sailor Cut Down (Trad) Nobby Hall (C.T.) Diesel And Shale (C.T.) - rec by PK (with gtr & ch): EMI 7-G-8738 (45EP) 1962 63 "Roving Journeyman" "Chase the Buffalo" "Wild Rover" "Seeds of Love" & "Baby Lie Easy"- "Calling the tune #8 11/3/- with YETTIES: ARGO ZFB-28 1972 - "I wonder as I wander" (Carol) with gtr: FTX-950/ ROUNDER-CD-11661-1850-2 2000

TAYLOR, Geordie - Rennington Northumb\ fid\ 1954 -- rec by PK 30/11/54: 7"RTR-0040 has 3 items not on RPL: "Self, Ribbon, Varsoviana" (dub on 5"RTR 0039)/ RPL 22445 has 5 items: "Circassian Circle - 2 figs, Triumph, Corn Rigs & Pin Reel (Pop goes the weasel)"/ FTX-121 "Varsoviana" & "Triumph" only

TAYLOR, George - Whittingham Northumb\ mel\ 1954 -- rec by PK 9/6/54: 7"RTR-0052/ RPL 20629 "The Clinch Polka" (comp by GT)/ FTX-121

TAYLOR, Jeremy - England\ Singer-songmaker\ 1963 -- (bn S Africa) -- DECCA SKL-4619 1963 "Wait A Minim (S African Revue) with Andrew TRACEY & others - FONTANA STL-5418 1967 "At Eton" with Sydney CARTER - JOBSWORTH CPT-3992 1973 - rec Purcell Room RPL Radio 2: 17/5/82: CASS-0415 Song "Pawns in the Game" & "Love California style" & Poems: "London Society" & "The South Coast"

TAYLOR, Joseph - Lincolnsh\ unacc singer\ 1906 -- rec by Percy Grainger, Saxby-all-Saints, nr Brigg 1906-8 + John rec by BBC: RPL 1944: FTX-135 Vocal study documentary with his son John, and daughter Mary, rec by PK 1953 with talk about Grainger & Frederick Delius: FTX-136 - Dub of HMV 78rpm disks RTR-0372 - LEADER LEA-4050 1972 "Unto Brigg Fair" - TOPIC TSCD-600 "Hidden English""Brigg Fair" & "Lord Bateman" - TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship & Marriage""Gypsy's Wedding Day" (The Gypsy Girl)/ TSCD-656 1998 "Lovers false & true" "Wm Taylor"/ TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "Creeping Jane"/ TSCD- 668 Hunting & Poaching "The White Hare"

TAYLOR, Mary - Saxby-all-Saints Lincs\ unacc singer\ 1953 - age 82 - said her brother John was recorded by the RPL but did not capture their father's style because he was too much of a church choir singer - Photo by PK 0025 -- rec by PK 7"RTR-0079/ FTX-135

TAYLOR, Paddy - Co Limerick S Ire\ flute\ 1958 - (1912 - 1976) was born at Loughill in West Limerick. His father was a good singer, and although not a player himself, he knew hundreds of local dance-tunes with which he would prompt Honora, Paddy's mother, who played the Anglo concertina. Her father was Pat Hanley, locally famous as a flute-player, but proficient on many other instruments. Paddy was encouraged by his grandfather and also by his two cousins, Mike and Mortimer Taylor, who also played flute. Just before the 2nd World War Paddy played in The Garryowen Band and after the war in Frank Lee's Tara Band, taking part in many broadcasts with well-known pipers and fiddlers. The family moved to London in the early 1950's, settling in Chiswick and Paddy worked as a Television Lighting Engineer with Mole Richardson for 20 years. He started the Tara Club, above Burton's in Hammersmith Broadway, and played regularly for Irish dancing in London, and his son, Kevin, played piano & flute in the Raymond Roland Quartet -- rec by PK, London 1956 RTR-0531-2/ FTX-171 solo album: Colonel Fraser (Reel)/ Slip Jig/ Cabinhunter & Pigeon on the Gate/ Unnamed Hornpipe/ Banks of the Ilen (Reel)/ Tarbolton & Mrs McLeod/ Sweeps Hornpipe/ Coolin (Air) & Maid of the Spinning Wheel (Jig/ Ned of the Hill & Down the Glen (Reels)/ Battle of Ballingeary/ Fair-haied Lass (Lullaby)/ Rolling in the Ryegrass - 516: Battle of Ballingeary - rec by PK Festival Concert, London 13/9/62 7"RTR-0478-9 (4 items) - CLADDAGH CC-8 1971 "The Boy in the Gap" solo album - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-420 1997 "Traditional Dance Music of Ireland"

TAYLOR, Robert - Co Down\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Farmer, 81, widower, Mullaghmore who had 5 years in America - and also visited England & Scotland as a seasonal labourer - has 15 English acres, lived with his two sons, one a moron in large illkept farmhouse - songs more of English type - photo by Peter Kennedy 0108 -- rec by PK & SB, Hilltown 29/7/53: 7"RTR-0563 "William Taylor" & "The Bold Lieutenant"("The Lion's Den") FTX-433

TAYLOR, Willie - Warenford Northumb\ mel & fid\1954 - (b.1916- d.2000 aged 83) - started on melodeon but taught to play fiddle as a boy and turned back to it later on. Played for village dances around Wooler in 70s & 80s appeared at festivals alongside "The Shepherds" Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson-- rec by PK: 7/6/54: RPL 20630 "Gilsland Hornpipe" "Linhope Lope" & talk about dance played on melodeon & on fiddle: 2 Polkas & Jig version of "Nae good luck aboot the hoose" - TOPIC TSCD-664 1998 "Dances & Ditties" (fid) with Joe HUTTON (N- pipes) & Will ATKINSON (harmonica):"Off to California" & "Greencastle Hornpipe" - TOPIC TSCD-669 "Northern Dances" (fid) "Braemar Gathering & J D Burgess", "WT'S Polka", There's nae good luck"/ (mel) "Pop Along Polka"/ with Joe HUTTON (N-pipes) & Will ATKINSON (harmonica):"Mrs Jamieson's Favourite & Parnell's March" - (fid) rec by Burt Feintuch in Willie & Nancy's cottage, North Middleton 30/7/86: SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS SFW-40473 1999 "The Pearl Wedding" "Nancy Taylor's Reel" & rec 20/4/90 "Murray River Jig" "Roland & Cynthia Taylor" "Alistair J Sim" "Robertson's Reel" "The Grand Chain" with Joe HUTTON (N-pipes) & Will ATKINSON (harmonica) rec by Burt Feintuch, June 1994: " Danse de Chez Nous"/ Aunt Mary's Canadian"/"Neil Taylor's Jig"

TEESSIDE FETTLERS, THE - Yorksh\ Folk Group\ 1974 -- rec Middlesbrough 1966 5"-RTR-0990 "Twenty Pound Dog, Keel Row, Ring of Iron(Miles), Corrie Doon, Chemical WorkersSong (Angel), Byker Hill, Rap at the Bank, Dollia, Lambton Warm" - "Ring of Iron" TRADITION TSR-016 1974 "Boars Head Carol, Ring of Iron(Miles), Whitby Whaler(Richard Grainger), Dollia, Ore-boats(Gordon Steer), Pulling-in Song(Pete Betts), Rap her to Bank(Elliott), Rambling Sailor, Drowsy Maggie, Dingle Regatta, Blackleg Miner, Chemical Worker's S ong(Ron Angel), Jigs, Waggon Driver's Song(Ernie Green), John North(Vin Garbutt), Pride of Kildare, Shanties: Saltpetre, Way down South(Long Time Ago), Lowlands, Guisborough Road (Miles)"


TERRY, Sonny - NC USA\ harmonica\ 1911-1986 - (real name "Sanders Terry") see also FULLER, Blind Boy/ McGHEE, Brownie -- AAFS L-4 B2/ 7"RTR-0309 "The Fox Chase"- (harmonica with whoops and vocal sounds of dogs, mama etc) rec by Alan Lomax, New York 24/12/38: ROUNDER CD 1500 1997 "Lost John" - ROUNDER CD--1823 1999 "New Careless Love" & rec Washington DC May 1942 "Red Cross Store" & with Leadbelly "How Long Blues"

TESTER, "Scan" - Sussex\ Concertina & Bandonion\ 1963 - (1886-1972) Horsted Keynes - ED&S mag 8/4 1966 p99 photo & biog - 34/3 1972 p112 - photos by PK 0360-3 (4) -- rec by PK, Horsted Keynes 3/9/63: RTR-0087 & 0836/ CASS-0832/ FTX-085 bandonion/ conc/ talk & songs: "Jealousy" ("Poison in a glass of wine"), "False Bride" (2v) & "Lakes" - with Mervyn PLUNKETT Band rec by PK London Oct 1959: RTR-0492 - 2 polkas with Rabbidy BAXTER (tambourine): TOPIC 12-T-240 1974 - rec by Reg Hall: TOPIC 12-T-455/6 (d/lp) "I never played to many Posh dances / TSCD 600 "Hidden English" "Jenny Lind Polka"/ TSCD-653 1998 "Tragic Ballads" "Lakes of Coalfin"/ TSCD-657 "Fun & Frolics" (concertina) "Untitled Schottische"/ TSCD-659 "Dances of S England" "Jenny Lind", "In & Out the windows", "The Monkey Hornpipe" & Untitled Polka"

TEWKESBURY, Tom - Dorset\ Quarry leader\ 1939/52 -- with gang of quarrymen rec at Portland: COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 "Heaving the Jack" Chant & "The French Song" FTX-203


THERIN, Wilfred (known as "Gibley") - Channel Islands\ mel\ 1957 - photo by Peter Kennedy 0332 - Cobbler aged 69 -- rec by PK, Greve de Leque Hill, St Ouens, Jersey 24/4/57: RPL LP 23838 "Gigoton de la jambe" & talk/ FTX-214 - FTX-244 Jersey

THOMAS, Andrew - Pembrokesh\ Singer in Welsh & Engl\ 1953 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Pen Cnwc, Fishguard Aug 1953: RPL 22435-6 Five Welsh songs & Billy Boy - FTX-005 Songs in Welsh - FTX-052 Pembrokeshire album - 501-C90 Billy Boy (Lord Rendal)

THOMAS, Eddis - Glamorgan London\ Singer & Folk photographer\ 1960 -- rec by PK, London: "Rocket Along" EMI DLP-1204 1960 "Cosher Bailey" with Steve BENBOW (gtr) FTX-093 - "Lord Rendal" sung in Welsh with Eirlys THOMAS rec by PK, London 1960: CAEDMON TC-1145 1961/ TOPIC 12-T-160 1968 - RTR-1042 Cowboy Song

THOMAS, Edwin - Somerset\ unacc singer\ 1952 - Aged 72 when rec - gardener, born Dulverton -- rec by PK, Allerford, Somerset 3/5/52: RPL 17778/ - RPL 17782 "Searching for Young Lambs" "Bold Reynard" & "Barbara Allen" - RPL LP 23622 "Henry the Poacher" & "Three Gypsies" (Lost Lady Found) - FTX-021 "Miller's Last Will" - FTX-023 "Bold Reynard" - FTX-405 Somerset Village Music "The Miller's Last Will"

THOMAS, Ellis - Montgomerysh\ unacc singer in Welsh\ 1953 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Corris 4/9/53: RPL 20198 "Lisa Lan"/ "Y Bachgen Main" - FTX-005 All Songs in Welsh

THOMAS, Ian - S Wales\singer with gtr\ 1980 -- of Rhondda valley, S Wales rec by PK Gloucester Studio, Sept 1986: FTX-039 "Wilds Cats"

THOMAS, Joe - Constantine Cornwall\ unacc singer\ 1956 - age 87 when rec - living in Fore Street -- rec by PK, 22/11/56: RTR-0128/ 1012-1015 (4 tapes)/ RPL LP 23654 "As I sat on a sunny bank""It rains it hails" Recit:"The House that Jack built" (Old & new style) "Three Butchers" (frag) & "Wassail Song" - FTX-010 "It rains it hails" & "The Cluster of Nuts" - FTX-218 Songs of Cornwall

THOMAS, John - Cornwall\ Singer\ 1956 -- rec by PK, Camborne 18.11.56: RTR-0125/ FTX-010 Camborne Hill/ As I sat on a sunny bank - FTX-218 Cornwall - FTX-504- Carols - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions"

THOMAS, John - Merionethsh\ blind singer\ 1953 - aged 89 but said he was 87 - cattle-dealer (1865-1957) Bala - photos by PK 0246-7 (2) -- rec with Osian ELLIS (harp) 17/5/50: RPL 17293-4 & 17299 - RPL 20190 rec by Seamus Ennis 3/9/53 (4 songs) - RPL 20198 rec by SE 8/9/53 Annie Fwyn (Gentle Annie) - RPL 22337-22341 rec by PK 9/11/54 with Elizabeth EVANS (his daughter talking and accompanying on piano) - FTX-005 Songs in Welsh - FTX-051 Solo album with Elizabeth, his daughter talking & playing piano for penillion

THOMAS, Mrs Margaretta - Glamorgansh\ talk about customs dance song\ 1956 - aged 80+ -- rec by PK, Nantgarw 28/12/56: RTR-1043-5/ FTX-050 Talk & Mari Lwyd songs & Nantgarw customs and dances incl "Dawns Blodau Nantgarw", "Dawns Gwyl Ifan" & "Rali Twm Suan"

THOMAS, Mrs Ned - Denbighsh Wales\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 28/8/53: RPL 21897 "Cadi Ha" in Welsh with speech in English

THOMAS, Ralph - Gloucestersh\ unacc singer\ 1963 -- rec by Peter Duddridge, Ashton-under-hill 1963 (2 songs & carol)

THOMAS, Sue - Elizabeth City, N.C., USA\ Unacc singer of spiituals\ 1951-- rec by Frank & Anne Warner: FTX-926 (also on rec is J.B. Sutton, her son) - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Nobody Knows"/ "Hold my hand, Lord Jesus"

THOMAS, William David - Glamorgansh Wales\ Singer in Welsh & Engl\ 1947/52 & 56 - leader of "Mari Lwyd", Gilfach, Llangynwyd -- Mari Lwyd rec Llangynwyd 15/12/47: RPL 12110 - rec by PK, Gilfach, Maesteg Glam 29/6/52: RPL 18212 "Y Cynnlun Iechyd" (National Health Scheme)/ "Lord Roberts & Kitchener"" Red Petrol"/ RPL 18213 "The Women's Land Army" " Young Farmers"/ RPL 18214 "The Hunt" (in Engl) - rec by PK, Llangynwyd, Maesteg 1956: Mari Lwyd in Welsh & Engl with David THOMAS, David JENKINS & T JENKINS: RPL LP 23514 & "Llangynwyd Hunt" (sung in Engl) - FTX-050 "Mari Lwyd" & talk

THOMPSON, Jimmy - Perthsh\ traveller\ nd - photos -- rec by PK, Blairgowrie 1954; FTX-185

THOMPSON, Richard - London\ Singer-songmaker (gtr)\ 1975 -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed)

THOMSON, Henry - Shetland\ fiddler\ 1973 -- TANGENT TNGM-117 1973 (M) 3 Reels: "Put hame da borraed claes" "Jenny choke da bairn" "Oot baist da Vong"

THOMSON, Tom - Orkney\ fid\ 1955 - Member of S Ronaldsay Band -- rec by PK, Kirkwall 16/7/55: RPL 22725 "Deerness Quadrille Tune"

THOMPSON, Mr - Lincolnsh\ unacc singer\ 1908 -- rec by Percy Grainger 1908: LEADER LEA-4050 1972 "Lord Bateman" FTX-135

THORN, Bill - Devon\ mel\ 1953 - William James - (47) bn Limpstone, Exmouth and his father at Wimple, Exeter - learnt melodeon from his father who alsao played fiddle - his mother, Emily Freeman, from Kingston - only travels wasa to London to see relations - Home Guard during the war because he was farming - likes mucking around with motor bikes - father was paid 18 shillings per week at height of his profession. Bill started at 12/- pw - present occupation: woodman on the Flete Estate (Mildmay Whites) hedge-trimming, timber-felling, wood clearing - very mixed trees: ash, beech, elm, larch oak and Scotch sold for planking - pheasants reared on the estate, cock-birds are shot and hen-birds kept for rearing - only one gamekeeper but he's all overf the place - only 2 fishermen on the Erme but when father first came there were 14 - rowing or sailing - out to place called Yaff as far as you can see - same distance as the Eddystone Light - donkeys used to carry the from a hut on Wonwell beach up to the village - his mothers grandfather, John King, was drowned smuggling kegs of whisky off a wreck - -- rec by PK, Kingston, nr Modbury 1/11/53: RPL 19967 Step Dance/ Two between Two/ Cross Hands/ Steamboat - FTX-086 Devon Viilage Music - RTR-0817

THOUME, Bill - Channel Islands\ talk about customs\1957 -- rec by PK, St Martins, Guernsey 1/5/57: RPL LP 23845/ FTX-243 "La Vauchee d'Ane" Milk-a-Punch Sunday, Gooch Cake, "La Grande Querrue" Guy Fawkes Day & talk about decline of customs & entertainment


TIGER MOTH - England\ Folk Band\ 1984 -- DAMBUSTER DAM-006 1984 "Belfast Poker" - CASS-0304 SQUARE ROOTS 1987 "Unlikely Selection"

TICKELL, Katherine - Northumb\ N-pipes/ fid\ 1987 -- Andy Kershaw radio prog 1987: CASS-0349 - Shetland Fiddle Tunes & N-pipe tune with Mick WRIGHT (gtr): Radio: 4/3/87: CASS- 0408 "Water of Tyne"/In the Mood" & Gipsy's Lullaby - Sidmouth Festival Radio 2: 10/8/88: CASS-90-0549 - "Twist with the stars" Radio 2: 28/12/88: CASS-60-0547 - RTE "Long Note" radio prog 1988 CASS-90-0913 - (N-pipes)"Holey Ha'penny" & (with band) "Tyne Bridge Hornpipe" Radio 2: 15/5/91 CASS- 1020 - with Lynn TOCHER (acc) Radio 2: 12/6/91 CASS-1019 - "Brafferton" (KT): Bert JANSCH (gtr instr) Radio 2: 13/4/88 CASS-90-0848 - SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS SFW-40473 1999 from PARK "The Gathering" rec 1997 (N-pipes & fid) with Ian Carr (gtr), Paul Flush (piano), Ned Harland (bass): "Mr Nelson's Birthday Waltz" (Nelson is a pipemaker near Cambridge) - (fiddle/ N-pipes) LOUGH-CD-007 1999

TILLETT, Charles K. "Tink" - Roanoke, NC USA\ Unacc Singer\ 1940-51 - "Tink", and his son, Cliff, were Outer Banks fishermen at Roanoke and his grandson owned a fleet of deep sea trawlers. Mrs. Tillett's father kept the Bodie Head Light, where she was born. Martha Etheridge was her sister. Curt Mann lived at Mann's Harbor, which links Roanoke with the mainland. while the Culpepers were natives of Nag's Head -- rec by Frank & Anne Warner: FTX-926 - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Somebody's waiting for me"/ Bony on th Isle of St Helena"

TILLETT, Eleazor - Roanoke, NC USA\ unacc singer\ 1951 - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Come, love, come"/ Talk & "The Jolly Thresher"/ with Martha Etheridge: "Her Bright Smile Haunts Me" FTX-926

TILSON, Steve -- KAZ RECORDS TBX MC 513 1995/ cass 1382 "All in a dream"

TIMPANY, John & Audrey SMITH - Montgomerysh Wales\ Singers var instr\ 1973 -- WESTWOOD WRS-031 1973

TINKERS, THE - London\ Folk Group\ 1971 - Gerry FOX, Joanna WHEATLEY & Jim YOUNGER -- ARGO ZFB-35 1971 "Spring Rain"/ A-ROVING 1968 #2: 308 "Kismul's Galley" - SPA-A-132 Sampler

TITCHMARSH SCHOOL - Northamptonsh\ children's skipping & ball games\ 1952 -- rec by PK 22/10/52: RPL 20536/ FTX-202 "Liverpool" & "My name is Addi, addi"(Skipping) & "Ordinary Clapsi" (Two Ball game) (with descr of games after)

TOIBIN, Nioclas - Co Waterford\ unacc singer in Gaelic\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 27/8/52: RPL 18757-8 - First song, according to SE, has orig tune of "My Lagan Love" - GAEL-LINN CEF-062 nd

TOKEN WOMEN - England\ Multi-Instr Group\ 1991 -- Radio 2: 31/11/90 CASS-60-1032 with talk by Jackie Rawlinson about their formation

TOMALIN, Miles - England\ Songmaker\ 1971 -- ZOOM MUSIC JAM 1971 (M) Advent of Steam accomp Steve BENBOW (voc/ gtr) with Denny WRIGHT (bass) All comp songs

TOMASETTI, Glen - Australian\ singer with gtr\ 1961 - from Melbourne - rec by PK

TONER, Mary - Co Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1952 - Age 41 Linen-weaver - father was weaver from Chichester Hants - mother from Hamilton's Bawn Armagh -- rec by PK & SB, Markethill 30/7/52: RPL 18537 "Jogging up to Claudy" & "Farewell truelove, remember me" (Our ship is ready): FTX-434

TONGUE, Ruth - Somerset\ Collector? (folklore composer)\ 1970s -- rec by Michael Feist, Crowcombe 1974: CASS-0330 "Last night when the dogs did bark"

TOPSPOTS, The - S Africa\ Highlife (whistles wirth bass & guitar)\ 1957 -- rec by Dr Ian Kennedy, Durban 1957: RPL LP 24159

TORODE, Morrison - Channel Islands\ unacc singer in French\ 1957 - age 64 grower of Rocque Poisson but living at L'Eree all his life - his mother from Cherbourg but father was Guernsey - popular as a singer at local weddings and other occasions -- rec by PK, St Peter's, Guernsey 6/5/57: RPL LP 23844 - FTX-012 Verduron Verdourette - FTX-213 Guernsey & Sark Selection - FTX-243 Guernsey & Alderney

TOUMIERE, Simon - England\ 18 yr old Engl conc\ 1989 -- with Ian CARR (gtr) & others: CASS-0269 Blues & Chromatic Hornpipes rec Radio FOLK ON TWO from Northumberland

TOURISH, Ciaran - Donegal\ fid\ 1001 -- rec at "Fiddlesticks" Festival organised by Traditional Music Society of University College, Cork 1991: NIMBUS NI-5320

TOWNSEND, Albert - Oxfordsh\ Morris dancer & cake-bearer\ 1953 - aged 69 of Bridge St., Bampton - was publican of "The Elephant and Castle" until 1937 - see also Wm BROOK & BAMPTON MORRIS -- filmed and rec by PK, George Pickow and Jean Ritchie, Bampton

TOWNSEND, Bob - Gloucestersh\ unacc singer\ 1975 -- rec by Gwilym Davies. Witcombe 1975: FTX-417 "We were all brought up on cider" & "Old Grandfather Brian"

TOWNSEND, George - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1956 -- ARGO ZFB-31 1971 SONGWAINERS "Glittering Dewdrops" (The E-choing Horn) - TRANSATLANTIC TRA- 154 1967 Dave & Toni ARTHUR "The Morning stands on Tiptoe" (The E-choing Horn)

TRACEY, Hugh - Africa\ Collectors/ Storyteller\ 1950s -- DECCA SKL-4619 1963 "Wait A Minim" Revue with Andrew TRACEY. Jeremy TAYLOR - FTX-809 "The Lion on the Path" & other stories told by Hugh TRACEY

TRACY, Arthur - London\ Jewish Songs\ nd -- DECCA ("Ace of Clubs") ACL 1126 "The Street Singer" (13 songs)

TRAFFIC - England\ Elec Group\ 1975 -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) John Barleycorn

TRAOIN, Micael - Co Waterford\ unacc singer in Gaelic\ 1940 -- rec by The Irish Folklore Commission 1940: RPL 21828 "Dan na h-Aoine" (Friday Poem: Lament of Passion & Crucifixion)

TRAUM, Happy - USA\ Guitar\ 1973 -- SAYDISC SDM-239 1973 "Music among friends"

TRAVELLERS, THE - London\ Skiffle Group\ 1957 -- rec by PK "Lord Nelson" London S.E.17: RPL LP 23570

TREMAIN, George - Yorksh\ melodeon\ 1954 - Musician for North Skelton Sword Dancers, N Yorksh - see ED&S Mag 27/4 1965 p120 -- rec by PK, North Skelton, Cleveland 2/4/53: RPL 19236 North Skelton Sword Dance: March on "The Yorkshire Rose" "Lass o Dallogill" "Oyster Girl" "Keel Row" March Off "Owd Towler" "Brass Nuts" "Kendal Ghyll"- RPL 19237 "Triumph""Speed the Plough" Reels "Soldier's Joy" - RPL 19238 "Steamboat""New Rigged Ship""Corn Rigs" Polka Mazurka: "Lion of Judah" "Dashing White Sergeant" - RPL 20537 Talk about Sword Dance Teams/ FTX-329 - PK talks about learning from him with George Tremain playing "The K eel Row" in AS I ROVED OUT "Collector's" Radio prog 1956

TRENWITH, Vic - Cornwall\ Singer/ tall-tale teller\ 1956 driver of Airport and Island Tour bus - plays bugle on important occasions - dresses up and is "dame" at all the shows. "Guise Dancing" with black faces and veils (Mummers) turned into a Concert Party but died out before the war -- Scilly Isles Guide rec by PK, St Marys, Scilly 20.11.56: RTR-1018-9/ FTX-217 "Songs of Cornwall vol 1"/ FTX-309 A-ROVING 1968 #3 talk & "(Sailor's) Alphabet Song" - Film by John Bartlett, Westward TV

TREORCHY MINERS - Glamorgan\ singers & talkers\ 1953 -- rec by PK & AL: FTX-055 Documentary - FTX-511 Miners Songs

TROTTO - England\ Folk Group\ 1973 - Richard BRECKNOCK (fid), David LOCHNER (gtr) & David KETTLEWELL (dulc, clar. rec, whi, percussion) -- FREE REED FRR-005 1976 Songs & Dances from Middle Ages to today - FOREST TRACKS FT-6003 1973/ CASS 0292 & 0299 - FT 6004/ CASS-0300 1974 "Gardie Loo"

TRURO WASSAILERS - Cornwall\ Singers with Wassail Bowl\ 1943 - Harold TOZER, Thomas JEWEL & Albert JOSE (when rec by Peter Kennedy) - Wassail Bowl used to be carried by the LITTLE family and Harold went round with a dozen or so of them, at the age of 15, New Year's Eve and 12 days following - Mr Little was a cattle drover and wore knee breeches - no special costume but at Bodmin they blacked their faces and wore top hats -- -- Harold TOZER, Thomas JEWEL & Albert JOSE (Opening & end of song & sound of wassailers entering): RPL 14647 rec 29/12/49 - rec by PK, Malpas 16.2.57: RPL LP 25653 "Wassail Song" & Interview/ FTX-010

TRUVILLION Henry - Texas\ unacc voc\ 1940 -- rec by John & Ruby Lomax Burkeville Oct 1940: ROUNDER CD-11661-1821-2 1999 "Old Aunt Dinah", "Walk a Dolly walk" & "Let's go a-hunting (Come on boys & let's go to hunting)

TRYKERNOW - Cornwall\ Folk Group\ 1972 -- "Sounds like North Cornwall": SENTINEL SENS-1011 1972

TUCK, Sarah Anne (see also Julia SCADDON) - Dorset\ unacc singers\ 1950-2 -- Mother & daughter rec by PK, Symondsbury 1950: 7RTR-009 "Prickle Holly Bush" - RPL 18694 with talk rec PK 19/10/52/ FTX-502 "The Maid freed from Gallows" followed by Charlie LUCAS version

TUCKER, Adrian - London\ Blues singer with harmonica/ kazoo/ gtr/ drums\ 1974 - "Skyport Ade" born near London Airport Ever since hearing Muddy Waters, Adrian has been a Blues addict. Born under the flight path of London Airport, Heathrow, "Skyport" has taken a cynical view of urban life. He sings the Blues, because that's the way he feels and, however the Blues booms come or go, he's just going to stay that way. From 1966 he ran the Angler's Folk Blues Club in Teddington, Surrey. Here are some "Crane River Delta Blues", about people encountered in the Thames Valley, backed up by mouth-harp (harmonica), steel guitar and drums, with each blues introduced by Adrian-- rec by PK, Dartington Ciderhouse, Totnes, Devon 1974: FTX-037 solo album 1975 10 Blues, 2 Rags and 1 Bottleneck, with a steel guitar, mouth-harp, kazoo, cymbal & drums.

TUCKER, Alf - Totnes, Devon\ storyteller\ 1975 -- rec by PK: RTR-0797 & 0935 FTX-403

TUDGE, Marion - with Ines Rempel (piano) -- "Songs of the Hebrides": FTX-264 - Collected and arranged by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser and Kenneth Macleod sung by Marion Tudge accompanied by Ines Rempel (piano). With the exception of two piano arrangements adapted by Granville Bantock, here, faithfully reproduced, are the songs, part Gaelic and part English, with the original piano arrangements made by my great-aunt Marjory of the songs collected by herself and her daughter, Patuffa, in the Outer Islands at the beginning of the last century. They used an Edison Bell Phonograph and copies of original recordings are deposited in the Folktrax Archive. Her autobiography she called "A Life of Song" (Oxford Univ Press 1929)

TULLOCH, Davie & Violet - Shetlands\ fid & piano\ 1976 -- TOPIC 12-TS-281 1976 "The Silver Bow" vol 1

TUNNEY, Brigid - Co Fermanagh\ unacc singer\1952 - was born in Rusheen, Co. Donegal in May 1886. Her husband died in 1966 and she died in Sept 1975. Her fathers name was Gallagher and her mothers, Meehan. Both families were farmers from Tower, Pettigo in Donegal. In her youth Brigid traveled back and forth between Rusheen in Donegal and Glasgow in Scotland. She married in Glasgow and moved to Fermanagh in 1927. THE MOUNTAIN STREAMS she learned from her aunt, Mary Gallagher in Tower; THE CROPPY BOY from Frank Gallagher of Crannog, "a big fine-looking man with a sweet voice" (She heard many other versions in the locality but thought this had the nicest air); MURLOUGH MARY came from her mother, Mary Meehan, and her grandfather Meehan on the Donegal-Fermanagh border. All her children were recorded by Peter Kennedy: her sons, Paddy, Michael and Joe, and her daughters, Annie Lunney and Maureen Melly - see also Michael GALLAGHER, her brother & Annie LUNNEY & Maureen MELLY, her daughters - 21 Songs assigned to Folktrax by Brigid Tunney 13.4.67: Banks Of Dunmore - Broken Token - Captain Colston - Croppy Boy - (As I Roved Out) Deluded Lover - Draithrin-O-Mo_Chroidhe - Drinking Good Whisky - Easter Snow - Heathery Hills - (Burns And His) Highland Mary - Lowlands Of Holland - Mountain Streams - Murlough Mary - New Garden Fields - Pride Of Glencoe - Prince Charlie Stuart - Rollicking Boys (Around Tandaragee) - Soldier And The Sailor - Wee Paddy Molloy - Wee Weaver - When A Man's In Love He Feels No Cold - photos by PK 0078-9 & 0077 with Paddy, her son -- rec by PK, Belleek 20/7/52: RTR-0553-4/ RPL 18526: "Mountain Streams"/ "Drinking Good Whisky" (with Paddy, her son, in ch)/ "Burns & his Highland Mary" - RPL 18527:"Easter Snow"/ "Wee Weaver"/ "Early Early" (Croppy Boy)/ "Soldier & Sailor" - RPL 18528 "Heathery Hills"/ "Dritheairin- o-mo-chroidhe" (Engl/frag)/ "Captain Colston" (frags with talk) - RPL 20024 "Craigy Hills" - RPL 20025 "Prince Charlie Stuart" & "The Pride of Glencoe" - RPL 20026 "As I roved out" (Deluded Lover) & "Lowlands of Hollland" - RPL 20027-8 "The Banks of Dunmore" - FTX-013 "Easter Snow" - FTX-123 "Capt Colston" with extract of STEEL EYE SPAN - FTX-163 Solo album - FTX-502 "Lowlands of Holland" - FTX-518 "Prince Charlie Stuart" (Paddy sings first part of song) - "Captain Colston" & "Wee Weaver": STEEL EYE SPAN: B & C CREST 1976

TUNNEY, Joe - Co Fermanagh\ mel\ 1952 - Brother of Paddy - born 28.1.25 and died 24.9.79 - photos by PK 0082 & 0083 with Michael GALLAGHER -- rec by Peter Kennedy, Belleek 19/7/52: RPL 19544 "Pat Hart's Quadrille Tune"/ "Maggie Pickens"/ "16 Hand Reel"/ "Pigeon on the gate"/ Reels: "Miss Monaghan"/ "Green Mountain", "Scholar"/ "Planxty Davis"also rec by PK, London 14/10/58: 7"RTR-0556/ "The Milestone" "Boys of the 45" "Swallows Tail" "Pat Harts": FTX-370 - "Soldier & Sailor" (song with his brother, Paddy) - FTX-516

TUNNEY, Paddy - Co Fermanagh\ Singer\ 1952 - Son of Brigid, sister of Annie Lunney & Maureen Melly, nephew of Michael Gallagher - was born in Glasgow in 1921. He worked as a forester, a road-roller flagman and as a cobbler. He spent 4½ years in prison in Belfast for his youthful idealistic political activities for the Irish Republican Army, smuggling explosives over the Fermanagh-Donegal border. It was in prison that he studied Irish history, began to write poetry and to sing his own family songs. On release he trained at University College, Dublin, as a health inspector, married, and worked at Letterkenny until his retirement in 1989. He has made a number of commercial records and become well-known as a storyteller. He has recently had a book of poems published by the Co Donegal Public Library. Here is Paddy's own memory of how he first became interested in his family tradition - "My mother was a fine traditional singer. She taught me to lilt and to sing. Her father, Michael Gallagher, used to take me on his knee and sing to me. He knew both languages, Irish and English, and had a fine repertoire of folk-tales and ballads. He could make a good drop of the good old mountain dew, and was well-known to all the travelling journeymen, tinsmiths, tailors, cobblers, weavers and the like, who used to visit the locality in his young days. My father, Patrick Tunney, was a fine reel dancer, so that lilting, fiddling and melodeon-playing filled my most impressionable years" - photo by PK 0134 with aunt Annie Meehan & Sean O Boyle, "Fiddler's Stone", crossroads dance, waterfall Lough Erne 0163-9 -- rec by PK, Belleek 19/7/52: RPL 18538 "Lough Erne's Shore" - RPL 18539 "Mountain Streams"/ "Johnny Lovely Johnny"/ Lilting (mouth music): Reel: Frieze Breeches - rec by PK 19/7/52: RPL 22326: "The Royal Blackbird" - RPL LP 29436-7 rec 1965 (not in Lib) - songs & liltings rec by Sean O Boyle 18958: 7"RTR-0565 - rec by PK, London 14/10/58 RTR-0556-0561 - CAEDMON vol 1 #4: RTR-0557 "When a man's in love" - FTX-013 Greenwood Laddie - FTX-164 solo album - FTX-516 Soldier & Sailor (with Joe) - FTX-518 Prince Charlie Stuart (his mother Brigid sings last part) - TOPIC 12-T-139 1965 "Wild Birds Nest" rec by Bill Leader, Camden Town 1965/ 12-T- 153 1966 "The Irish Edge"/ 12-TS-264 1975 "The Mountain Streams/ 12-TS-289 1976 "The Flowery Vale" (unacc album)/ TOPIC TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship" "Rocking the Cradle" & "When a man's in love"/ TSCD-652 "Sea" "Lowlands of Holland"/ TSCD-653 "Tragic Ballads" "What put the blood?/" (Edward) & "Lady Margaret"(Sweet William's Ghost)/ TSCD-654 "Emigration" "The Green Fields of Canada" & "Craigie Hill"/ TSCD-655 "Rural" "The Lark in the Morning"/ TSCD-656 "Lovers false & true" "The Month of January"(The Forsaken Mother) & "The Mountain Streams"/ TSCD-660 "Amorous Encounters" "The Old Petticoat" & "Blackwaterside"/ TSCD-662 "Sailors" "Captain Coulson"/ TSCD-663 "Drink": "The Cow that drank the poteen" (Paddy Shinehan's Cow)/ TSCD-665 "Love &Courtship" "Johnny lovely Johnny" "Wearing of the Britches" & "Bonny Tavern Green" (The Irish Girl)/ TOPIC TSCD-670 "Farmwork": "The Wee Weaver"

TUOHY, Patsy - Ire NY USA\ U-pipes\ early 1900s - He sold Irish music cylinders for $1 each or $10 for dozen from his NY home -- PT introducing his own playing of jig (no name given) pres by Nicholas Carolan on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS- 0865

TURKINGTON, Tom - Co Tyrone\ fid\ 1952 - Born Cookstown 1920 (age 33 when rec) - his father, from he learned to play, was a fiddler and boat-builder 1942-9 he worked in the Belfast shipyard. From 1937 Tom played in Malachy Sweeney's Ceilidhe Band which originated in Dungannon - won many prizes at contests - first broadcast in 1938 - photos by PK 0057-8 -- rec by PK, Belfast 8/7/52: RPL 18383 Reel: "David's Delight/ Jig: "Over the hill to Monrush" / "Rodney's Glory"/ "Red-haired boy" - RPL 18384 Talk about his music/ "Devil among the Tailors"/ "Mason's Apron" - RPL 18385 "Three Sea Captains"/ Hornpipes: "Smith's" & "Tailor's Twist"/ FTX-375 - "Historic Collection Series": FTX-420/ SAYDISC (CD) SDL-420 1997 "Traditional Dance Music of Ireland" - rec by Sean O Boyle 1958: 7"RTR-0565 Reels: "McSweeneys" & "Hunter's House" (Reavy's) & Jigs: "Little house around the corner" & "Lucky Penny"

TURNER, Joe (vocal) with Pete Johnson (piano) rec New York City 30/12/38: VOCALION 4607/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Roll 'em, Pete"

TURNER, Lisa - Engl\ voc with banjo & gtr\ 1963 -- "Calling the tune" on Home Service with PK on Prog #6 Feb 1963 "The Coo Coo Bird" (banjo) & "Space Girl" (gtr) & "I never will marry" (banjo) with talk bef

TURRIFF, Jane - Aberdeensh\ Singer\ 1968 -- with Cameron TURRIFF rec Fetterangus: TOPIC 12-T-180 1968 "I canna wash" (Laird o Drum)/ "Willie Graham" - rec by Allan Palmer, West Church Hall, Kinross 1979 Courtesy SPRINGTHYME Records: ROOT & BRANCH #2 CD "Rigs o Rye" & "Dowie Dens o Yarrow"

TURRIFF, Jane - Aberdeensh\ Tinker Singer\ nd - wife of Cameron & neice of Davie Stewart -- rec by Hamish Henderson, Fetterangus: TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1976 "Andrew Lammie" - rec by Bill Leader & Peter Hall, Fetterangus Aug 1967: TOPIC TSCD-665 1998 "Courtship" (with piano) "What can a young lassie dae wi an auld man?"

TYRRALL, Gordon - Scot\ voc +gtr, flu, pic, whi\1990s -- PUNCH MUSIC PM-001 1993 "The Bridge Flows"

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