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McALINDEN, Mick - Co Down\ unacc singer\ 1953 - photo by PK 10106 - Age 57 - known locally as "The Slew" probably after his style of football (but Joe Brannigan said it was more likely because of his liking for a plate of ham and eggs but "slued" also means tipsy)- cattle & sheep farmer who learned songs from his parents in Fofanny, Cabra, Co Down -- rec by PK, Rostrevor 28/7/53: RPL 19350 "Down Derry Down" (American song) - RPL 19351 "My Father's Serving Boy" - RPL 19352 "The Bonny Blue Jacket" FTX-433

McALLISTER, Markie - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 6/7/52: RPL 18778 "The Roving Highlander" & "The Moss o Borrowdale

McANDREW, Hector - Aberdeen\ Classic Scots fid\ 1951-67 -- rec by PK & AL, Autumn 1951: 7"RTR-0715 (3 tracks @ SP) - 5"RTR-1108 (Talk & tunes) incl "Dean Brig" & "Banks Hornpipe" (accomp by Mrs on piano) (a) Strathspeys"Monymusk" "Maggie Cameron" "Laird O Drumblain" Reel: "The Left-Handed Fiddler" & (b)"The Lord Of The Isles March To Harlowe"/ RPL 21414 (not incl piano item) - Further items rec 13/7/67: RPL LP 30952-4 incl Interview with James Hunter on training & technique on RPL LP 30953: 4"RTR-1108/ CASS-60-0981-2 (copy of RPL)/ FTX-274/ FTX-309 A-ROVING 1968 #3 "Brig o Dee", "Perth Hunt" (driven bow demo) & "Chapel Keithack"

McARTHUR, Mrs Arthur - Hebrides\ singer\ 1952 -- rec by Helen Dunlop (Indiana Univ), Outer Hebrides 12/;8/52 ELLIPSIS CD 4070 1997 Celtic mouth music

McATEER, Owen - Co Down\ unacc singer\ 1953 - photo by PK 0107 - Age 75 - Farmer at Mayobridge, Newry - very forthright dogmatic humorous character easily roused with strong political convictions - has 2 sons in America, 3 in England & 2 at home - was in NY for four years, got the money and came home with it, but has never been to England -- rec by PK & SB, "Devonshire Arms Hotel" (Prop: Mrs V.B.Quinn), Hilltown 29/7/53: RPL 19595 "The Hilltown Crickets" FTX-433

McAULAY, R - Hebrides\ bagpipe chanter\ 1948 -- rec Benbecula 21/6/48: RPL 12962 "My Home" & "Highland Cradle Song"

McBAIN'S BAND - London Scottish\ 1961 -- Haymaker's Jig/ Road to California 45 rpm - Durham Reel/ Waltz Country Dance

McBEATH, Jimmy - Banffsh\ "supertramp" singer & storyteller\ 1952 (1894-1972) was born at Portsoy, Banffshire, in 1894. At the age of 13 he was hired at Brandane's Fair to work on a farm in the parish of Deskford and received £4 for his first "haflin" and 5 guineas for the second half of the year. Although he tried his hand at many jobs, he was happiest as a beggar on the open road. In his later years, though previously a bit shy at singing in the streets, he became known as one of the last singers of "The Cornkisters" or "Bothy Ballads". He travelled much of Scotland, Ireland and England and also went to the Channel Islands and to Canada, and his Army Service took him to Egypt. During the sixties he performed at a number of folk clubs and festivals including the first Keele Folk Festival. Jimmy first became known to Hamish Henderson in the summer of 1951 and some of these recordings were made then. Two years later he was invited to London to take part in David Attenborough's "Ballad Hunter" series on TV at Alexandra Palace, when further recordings were made by Peter Kennedy and Alan Lomax. Further information about him can be found in TOCHER No. 12 (1973) Alan Lomax described him as "Quick-footed, sporty little character, with the gravel voice and urbane assurance that would make him right at home on skid row anywhere in the world. He's been everywhere and nowhere for fifty years running and he has a song about it". -- rec by AL & HH, Edinburgh 6/7/51: RPL 21533 "Van Dieman's Land", "McPherson's Lament" & "Awa tae the scap"/ 21538 "Barnyards o Delgaty" - COLUMBIA SL-207 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 "Come all ye Tramps & Hawkers" - RTR#0683 (Edinburgh Ceilidhe) -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Portsoy, Banffsh 5-7/7/52: FTX-260: RPL 18126-8 & 18130-1 incl "Sleepy Toon o Kennethmont" "Lads that hads the plough" "Bonny Lass o Fyvie" "Miles & Road to Dundee" "Cow with the Iron Tail" "Erin-go-bragh" "Airlin's Fine Braes" "Sour Milk Cairt" / rec by SE 5-7/7/52: RPL 18132-3 (now remade as RPL LP 26506) "Drumallachie" "Forfar Soldier" "Corrachree" "Banks of Inverurie" "Guise o Tough" & "Laddie wi the dark & rolling eye" -- rec by SE 6/7/52: RPL 18777 incl "Nicky Tams" "Labouring Baker" "Bonny Irish boy" & "Calder's Clear Stream" (frag) - FTX-015 "My Darling Ploughman Boy" - FTX-019 "Grat for Gruel" - FTX-023 "Muckin o Geordie's Byre" & "Van Dieman's Land" - FTX-031 "Bogie's Bonny Belle" & "Next Pudden Ken" - FTX-058 / FTX-059/ FTX-060/ 3 vols documentary - 260 solo Bothy Ballads - FTX-301 mouth music - FTX-441 Tinker cant: "Next Pudden Ken" - FTX-460 Bothy Ballads with others - FTX-502 "Braes oYarrow" - FTX-503 "Eppie Morrie" "Keach in the Creel" "Trooper and the Maid" - FTX-514 "Down by the Magdalen Green" - FTX-515 "The Fisherman's Wife" - FTX-517 "The Forfar Sodger" - COLLECTOR (USA) CLE-1201 rec by Jean Ritchie incl "Cuckoo's Nest" - EMBER FA-2055 1968 "Grat for Gruel" - (JAZZ) COLLECTOR JES.10 1959 "Tramps & Hawkers/ Nickie Tams/ Moss o' Burreldales/ Gallant Forty-Twa" - TANGENT TNGM-109 1971 "Muckin o Geordie's" & "Whistle ower the lave o't" - TNGM-119/D 1975 "Keach in the Creel" & "Broom o the Cowdenknowes" - TOPIC 12-T-173 1967 "Wild Rover" solo album:- 2nd album: 12 T 303 1978 "Bound to be a row" (CASS-0193)/ TSCD-651 1998 (courtship & marriage) "The Bonny Lass o Fyvie"/ TSCD-655 Rural "Nicky Tams" & "Barnyards o Delgaty"/ TSCD-657 Fun & Frolics "You canna put it on to Sandy"/ TSCD-660 Amorous Encounters "Bold English Navvy" & "The Wind blew the bonny lassie's plaidie awa"/ TSCD-664 Dances & Ditties "Highland Rory" & "Johnny McIndoe"/ TSCD-665 Courtship "I'm a stranger to this Country" (modernised "Indian Lass" changed to "Old Scottish Lass")/ TSCD-670 Farmwork: "Come all you Tramps and Hawkers" & "Airlin's Fine Braes"

McCALMANS, The -- KAZ RECORDS TBX MC 513 1995/ cass 1383 "The Flowers of the Forest"

McCARTHY, James - Co Clare\ unacc singer\ 1976 - bn 1893 lived and farmed at Mount Scott, Mullagh -- rec by Jim Carroll & Pat Mackenzie at Ollie Conway's bar, Mullagh July 1976: TOPIC TSCD-665 1998 Courtship "Coochy coochie Coo go away"/ TSCD-670 Farmwork "Come to the Hiring"

McCARTHY, Mikeen - Co Kerry\ Tinker singer\ 1967 - Michael was born c1932 Cahirciveen, on the Inveragh Peninsula -- rec by Jim Carroll & Pat Mackenzie at Reg Hall's home, London 11/10/67 (TOPIC 12T184)/ TOPIC TSCD-664 1998 "Dances & Ditties" "The Herring"

McCARTHY, Tommy & family - Co Clare\ Irish Group\ 1980s - bn 1939 Shyan, Kilmihil, West Clare - Uillean piper in London -- with Paddy GALLAGHER -- rec at the McColl-Seeger Tribute Concert Cecil Sharp House: Radio 2:12/11/87: CASS 0425 - Jackie (conc) Tommy's daughter) & Tommy McCARTHY talks & plays conc with daughter: RTE radio prog 9/11/88 CASS 60-0899

McCLATCHEY, Debbie - Pa, USA\ banjo\ 1990 -- Radio 2: 15/8/90/ CASS 60-1010 (2 items with talk about the Philadelphia Festival)

McCLELLAND, Dollina - Scotland\ voc\ 1989 -- with Lindsay PORTEOUS (jews harp) & bones Radio 2: 18/1/89: CASS 15-0696

McCLUSKEY, Paddy - Co Antrim\ unacc singer & fiddler\ 1953 - born at Tully, Lochgiel in 1880. Until the 1914-18 War, as a youngster, he went to Scotland, working in the shale mines. He had to draw the "hutches" from the face to the bottom of the shaft, and also blasting at the face. After the War he settled at Lislavin, working on farms, thatching and pig-killing etc., until he was 60. When recorded by Peter Kennedy, he was 73 and living alone in a one-room cottage. He learned the fiddle and the songs from his father. He used to play at local dances with a neighbour, John MacAfee, who was another fiddler and also a singer. One of ten children, Paddy was the only one in his family to take up the fiddle. The Ulster song collector, Sam Henry, noted a number of songs from Paddy, including The Lakes Of Pontchartrain and Over The Mountain. Paddy's father played for the Lilt-pullings: "They used to be great days pulling flax and playing for dances at night. The owner gave his barn. Whisky was cheap in those days. There were two fiddlers at the big do's, weddings and Harvest Homes. When a man was going to America there would be a send-off dance and a "convoy" would lead him to the station" - Sam Henry noted songs from him - photos by PK, 0121-2 -- rec by PK, Lislavin 5/8/53: RTR-0439 & 0507B (Co Antrim Singers) - RPL 20031-3 (11 songs) - RPL 20034-5 (10 fid tunes) - RPL 21152 (4 fid tunes) - FTX-377 songs & fiddle (does not include "The Cruel Ship's Carpenter") - FTX-513 "Cruel Ship's Carpenter" - FTX-514 "Lakes of Pontchartrain"/ "William & Mary" - FTX-517 "Napoleon crossing the Alps" (fid) -by others -- Mike WATERSON sings his "Cruel Ship's Carpenter" TOPIC-12-TS 382

McCOLL (Miller), Betsy - Scotland\ unacc singer\1950 - mother of Ewan McColl -- RTR-0705

McCOLL, Ewan (Jimmy Miller) - Scotland\ Singer-songmaker\ 1952 - Born Jimmy Miller (1915-1989) obituary by Hamish Henderson in TOCHER 43 (1991) pp68-9 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Hyde, Chesh 1951: 7"RTR#0646 "Lord Randal" with his mother, Betsy McColl (Miller), she sings "Rowan Tree", he sings "Eppie Morrie" & other songs with talk about his father's songs - rec by PK 1951: (HMV B.10259 "Van Dieman's Land/ Lord Randall"); (B.10260 "Sir Patrick Spens/ Eppie Morrie" )- "Ballads & Blues: Sea Music" NE radio prog prod Denis Mitchell 1956: Maxell tape 7"RTR#0062 (listing in tape box)/ CASS#0376 - ARGO "The Long Harvest" ZDA-66-75 1967 with Peggy Seeger - "The Amorous Muse" with Peggy Seeger ZFB-66 1968 - "The Wanton Muse" with Peggy Seeger: ARGO ZFB-67 1968 - "The Paper Stage" Broadside Ballads by Elizabethan Dramatists ARGO ZDA-98 1969 with PS - ARGO DA-133 1969 Radio Ballad "The Travelling People" - ARGO DA-136 1970 "On the Edge" - ARGO DA-139 1965 "John Axon" - DA-140 1967 "The Big Hewer" - ARGO DA-141 1967 "The Fight Game" - ARGO DA-142 1967 "Singing the Fishing" - London Critics Group ARGO ZDA-137 1970 "As we were sailing" - ARGO ZDA-138 1971 "Ye Mariners All" - COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 Engl Album:"The 4 Loom Weaver" & "Fourpence a Day" rec by Alan Lomax 1951 - COLUMBIA SL-207/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 Scots Album: "Chevalier's Muster Roll" " Donal's Comin" "Roy's Wife o Aldivalloch" "Dowie Dens o Yarrow" - FTX-253 "As I roved out" radio prog 1954 "Trooper Lad" - Alan Lomax's "Sing Christmas" radio prog 1957: FTX-950 - FF2213 - "Dirty Old Town" Film by Tim May 1985: FF2213 - Memorial film by Tim, May 1990: FF-2214 - ISLAND FOLK 1001 1975 (boxed) with THE RAMBLERS: "Hard Case" (McC) - RIVERSIDE 621-8 "The Child Ballads" with A L LLOYD - RLP-629 "Great British Ballads not incl in Child" - RIVERSIDE 637 "Matching Songs" with PS - TOPIC 12-T-16 1959 "Chorus from the Gallows" acc by PS - TOPIC 12 T 41 1959 "Streets of Song" with Dominic BEHAN/ CASS 0202 - TOPIC 12-T-79 1962 "Jacobite Rebellions (acc by PS) - TOPIC 12-T-130 "Bundook Ballads acc by PS, John COLE (harmonica) & Jimmie McGREGOR (gtr) - TOPIC 12-TPS-145 1966 "Fourpence a day" (with PS) - TOPIC 12-TPS-166 1966 "Paddy works on the railway" (with PS) - TOPIC 12-TPS-205 1966 "Sea Songs & Shanties" - VANGUARD SRL 7624 (boxed) "Lang a-growin" (rec in USA) - RTR-0800-0801 (with Peggy Seeger) rec at The Cider Press Dartington 1971 - (with PS) singing & talking rec Cecil Sharp House Tribute Concert : RPL Radio 2 12/11/87: CASS#0426 with citation read by Vic Gammon & appreciations by Ursuala Vaughan Williams & Tony Davis - Concert at Purcell Room with PS & Calum, Hamish & Neil McColl: Radio 2: 6/7/81: CASS#0427 - with PS & sons: Concert Hall Radio 2: 5/7/82: CASS-15-0756 - Ewan & Peggy talking about Radio Ballads Radio 2: 28/12/88: CASS-60-0849 - "Remembrance" progr Radio 2: Nov 1989 incl Radio Ballad, Suite for Africa" - Ewan McCOLL "Shoals of Herring" with conc/ gtr/ mandolin Radio 2: 17/10/90 CASS #1017 - "Dirty Old Town" (with Jazz Group incl clar & sax) Radio 2: 24/10/90/ CASS#1015 from "The Definitive Collection" - "Christmas Rhyme": ROUNDER 1719 1998 - FTV#33 "Rhythms of the World" prog ITV 1990

McCOLL, Ewan - Songs comp by him & sung by others -- Sandra Kerr: "Come, me little son": ARGO ZFB-64 - "Cannily Cannily" Tim HART & Maddy PRIOR: B & C CREST-17 & CASS-1035 - "Fisherman's Wife" STEELEYE SPAN: B & C CREST-22 - "Fireman's not for me" Shirley BLAND with Jimmie Mc GREGOR (gtr) & "Space Girl" Shirley COLLINS: EMI DLP-1204 1960 "Rocket Along" - "Shoals of Herring": Louis KILLEN: ESP-1085 - "The Travelling People" DUBLINERS MAJOR MINOR MMLP-3 1967 - "Shoals of Herring" Dominic BEHAN: MAJOR MINOR MMLP-6 1967 - "Dirty Old Town" DUBLINERS MAJOR MINOR MMLP-14 1968 - "The Parliamentary People" PEOPLES STAGE cass - "Sweet Thames flow softly": PLANXTY POLYDOR 2383- 186 - "We don't want to live like that": STAVERTON BRIDGE SAYDISC SDL-266 - 3 songs Ray & Archie FISHER: TOPIC 12-T-137 1966 - "The Thirty foot trailer" WATERSONS: TOPIC 12-T-142 1966 - "The First Time ever I saw your face" Bert JANSCH: TRANSATLANTIC TRA-143 1966 - "Tunnel Tigers" JOHNSTONS: TRA 169 - "The Dove" & "5 Fingers": Pete SEEGER: XTRA-1112 1970 - "Parliamentary Polka" Sam RICHARDS PEOPLE'S STAGE C45 cass 1978 - "You and me" Martin WYNDHAM-READ (v/gtr) at Tribute Concert at Cecil Sharp House, London: Radio 2 12/11/87: CASS-0426 with appreciations by Vic Gammon & Tony Davis

McCONNELL, Cathal - Co Fermanagh\ flute\ 1967 bnBallinaleck 1944 - founder member of "The Boys of the Lough" - contrib audio cassettes of Fermanagh music to Folktrax Archive -- Cathal McCONNELL rec by Mike Couture 1974: ROOT & BRANCH #1 1999 "The Shores of Lough Bran" (tune from John McManus of Aughkillymande)

McCONNIFF, James C - NY USA\ U-pipes\ c1900 -- Earliest Irish Cylinder rec (c1900) with studio announcer of "The Minstrel Boy" intro by Nicholas Carolan on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS#0865

McCOY, "Kansas" Joe - (voc/gtr) with Memphis Minnie (gtr) (see sep) rec NY 18/6/29: COLUMBIA 14439/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "That will be Alright"

McCREESH, Bob - Co Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Armagh 11/8/54: RPL 21838/ FTX-516 "The Scavenger Brigade" & "Sixteen agin Sunday" (As I roved out)

McCULLOCH, Geordeanna - Glasgow\ Gaelic singer\ 1973 -- TOPIC-12-TS-226 1973

McCURDY, Ed - Canada/ USA\ Singer with banjo/ gtr\ 1955 - died 23/3/00 - composer of "Last night I had the Strangest Dream" - Bawdy Song Collection: "When Dalliance was in flower" -- ELEKTRA "Songs of Dalliance": CASS 0457/ 0613 - RIVERSIDE RLP 12-601 1955 "The Ballad Record" - VANGUARD SRL-2642 (boxed)

McCUSKER BROTHERS, THE Family Band - Co Armagh\ Ceili Dance band\ 1952 - Nine brothers all working on the family farm at Kilcreevy, Co Armagh, incl John (47) & Vincent (44) on fiddles & Benignus (26) on melodeon. The rest of band included Brendan (fiddle), Kevin (piccolo), Francis (mandolin-banjo) , Thomas (piano accordion), Bernard (piano) & Malachy (drums). Many of their tunes came from their mother, Teresa O Farrell of Lislea, a musical family that played for house parties, ceilidhs and patterns for a generation back - Did a special St Patrick's Day broadcast in "As I roved out" - photo of 3 brothers by PK, 0062 -- John & Vincent (fids) rec by PK, Kilcreevy, Co Armagh 31/5/52: RPL 18546 Reel, Jig, 3 Untitled Mazurkas & Set Dance "Princess Royal" - John (fid) Set Dance: "Orange Rogue" - RPL 18547: Benignus (mel): "Clap Dance" (with dancers) - Vincent (fid) & Benignus (mel): 2 Untitled Barn Dances & "Spanish Schottische" - Benignus (mel): Hornpipe "Down the glen"/ 372 - RTR 440 - "Historic Collection Series": FTX-420/ SAYDISC (CD) SDL-420 1997 "Traditional Dance Music of Ireland"

McCUTCHEON, John - Kircudbrightsh\ fid\ 1954 - photo by PK 0228-9 -- rec by PK, Carsphairn 16/7/54: 7"-RTR 656/ RPL 21485 (4 local Galloway Country Dances: "Meg Merilees" "Pease Strae" "The Bottom of the Punch Bowl" & "The Triumph"

McCUTCHEON, John - Interview with Tom Paxton on Radio 2: 19/9/90: CASS-60-0806 incl "Christmas in the Trenches"

McDERMOTT, James - Co Fermanagh\ unacc singer\ 1980 - bn 1923 and lived and farmed in Lisnaskea -- rec by Keith Summers & Jenny Hicks, McGrath's Bar., Brookeborough 6/8/80 -- TOPIC TSCD-662 "Sailors" "My mother's last goodbye"

McDERMOTT, Josie - Co Sligo\ mouth music\ 1976 - (1925-1992) b. Coolmean, Co Sligo -- rec by Robin Morton: TOPIC 12-TS-325 1978/ TEMPLE RECORDS (?)/ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music" "The Collier's Reel"

McDERMOTT, Philip - Co Fermanagh\ unacc singer\ 1980 - bn 1932 where he now lives & farms at Newtownbutler -- rec by Keith Summers & Jenny Hicks, McGrath's Bar., Brookeborough 6/8/80 TOPIC TSCD-668 1998 "Hunting & Poaching": "The Fair of Rosslea" & "The Reaping of the Rushes Green" (Bunch of Rushes)

McDEVITT, Charles - - Skiffle Group (rec London 1957-9): ROLLER COASTER RC-CD-3007 1993

McDONAGH, Colm - Co Galway\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1951 - In his 60s, eldest son of an extremely musical family reared on Feenish Island, in one of 13 houses, where the soil is white sand with rocks and seaweed to the north, approachable on foot at low tide. The few rema8ining inhabitants are gradually dwindling, as the younger folk marry into the mainland where life is less grim. He has spent a large portion of his life in the Army and fought during World War 1. He will never disclose where he learnt a song and on one occasion replied: "O I learned that from the man in the moon when I was up there one day" (SE) -- rec by Alan Lomax, Carna 1951: CAEDMON TC-1145/ TOPIC 12-T-160 "Lord Randal" (in Irish)

McDONAGH, Johnny - Co Galway\ Unacc singer\ 1951 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Galway Jan 1951: RPL 21347 "My Roving Galway Boy" - COLUMBIA SL-204 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1742 1998 "The Death of Brugh"

McDONAGH, Maggie - Co Galway\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1951 - also from Feenish Island -- rec by Alan Lomax Oughterard 31/1/51: COLUMBIA SL-204 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1742 1998 "Amhran Fosuiochta" (Herding Song) - 7"RTR#0587/ RPL 21535 lilting "An Roghaire Dubh" (Black Rogue), "Paidin O Raifearta" & "Do-in do O didle o" (Herding Song)

McDONAGH, Sean (Sean Mac Donnchadha) Senr - Co Galway\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1947 -- rec by Brian George, Carna 20/8/47: RPL 12053 "The Wandering of Carroll" (in Gaelic) - Sean (Junior) with audience rec Carna Galway 20/8/47: RPL 12500 "Morrisey & the Russian Sailor"/ COLUMBIA SL-204 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1742 1998/ 7"RTR#0588 & DAT - Sean (Jack) rec Seamus Ennis, Carna July 1954: RPL 22374 "Una Bhan" - FTX-021 "Green Brooms" - FTX-029 "Morrisey" - Seamus Ennis introduces him singing Cante-Fable in AS I ROVED OUT "Collector's Corner" prog 1954: FTX-257 - "The Gaelic West" Third Prog presented by Seamus Ennis & prod by Alan Lomax: FTX-275 - FOLKWAYS FW 8782 (cassette) - TOPIC 12-T-177 1968 Grand Airs of Connemara/ "An Spailpin Fanach" (The Migrant Labourer") - CLADDAGH CC-9 1971 - CIC-006 1988 "An Spailpin Fanach" CASS 0902 - CIC-019 1988/ CASS-0884 -- POLYDOR 2383-232 1973 PLANXTY "Bean Phaidin"

McDONAGH, Sean (Sean Mac Donnchadha) Jnr - Co Galway\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1951 -- rec by Alan Lomax 1951: 7"RTR-0587 "Soldier Soldier"/"Oro Mavourneen"/ The Queen of Connemara" (in praise of fishing boat) & "Green Broom" - 7"RTR-0588 & DAT/ COLUMBIA SL-204 1952 "Lament for Una Bhan" - RPL 19244 rec in studio 30/7/53 3 songs in Gaelic: "Roisin Dubh" "Una Bhan" & "Ta mo Theach-sa ar an Ardan" (My home is on the hill) - rec by Seamus Ennis Aug 1954: RPL 21828 "Seoladh na nGamhna" (Herding the Calves)

McDONALD, Dr Alan - Skye\ unacc Gaelic Singer\ 1953 -- rec by Seamus Ennis June 1953: RPL 22875 "Bidh an deoch so air slainte an armain" (This drink is to the health of the hero) - "As I Roved Out" Radio prog 1956: FTX-255 Skye Lament arr as orch instrumental by Spike Hughes -EMBER FA-2055 1968

McDONALD, Alistair - Scotland\ singer with gtr\ 1989 -- Parody on "Wild Rover" at Folk Club on Radio: 1/3/89: 5"CASS-0728


McDONALD, "Johnny Mack" - Inverness\ mel\ 1953 - Glenfinnan - 27 years in police force in England - Highland song airs used for Lancers: "Gum a slan a chi mi " "Horo eileaneach o chu" (In praise of Islay) & "Mo Dhachaidh" Members of his band: Tim Taylor & Gordon O Keefe (fiddles), Pat O keefe (drum) and Flora Argent (piano) - PK started playing melodeon in Band -- rec by PK, London: 7"RTR-0687 solo melodeon & talk

McDONALD, John. Pipe Major - Edinburgh\ H-Pipes\ 1951 -- rec by Alan Lomax: FTX-188 - cantering & practice chanter CASS 0445

McDONALD, John "Hodden" - Hebrides\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1968 -- from Isle of Lewis rec at Blairgowrie Festival TOPIC 12-T-181 1968 "Nam Shuidh so gad Chuimhneachadh" (Sitting alone thinking of you) "Bas an Eich" (Poor Horse buried at sea) & "Mucan Bhalallan (The Whales of Balallan)

McDONALD, John & daughter Ena - Moraysh\ Singer with mel\ 1955 - John (aged 49) & Ena (19) - John was born in the uplands of Morayshire in 1905, his father farmed at Bogrey and there John learned many of his songs from ploughmen and tinkers who slept in the barn as well as from the drovers who passed over the moors - "They used to come up the Dava road with flocks of sheep - you'd never see the end of them - as far as you could see - that was before the days of the motor floats - and the shepherds they'd often stop for a night at a place - you know - and us loons were always raving about them - Shephers, fairm servants and tinkers - that's the people who have the songs - they're handed down - otherwise you wouldn't have them at all - that's my opinion anyway" - He learned to play the melodeon when he was quite young and even today in his seventies he can play Scottish tunes with the best - "When I was young diddling was all the go in the North East and in other parts of Scotland - now at the Folk Clubs I've brought it back - there's quite a revival in diddling - bu away back in 1919 - I think it was - I competed in a Diddling Competition - it was by a travelling concert party for the championship of Scotland - and I won it" - Roving Minstrel Troupe with Jimmy McBeath and a 12yr old piper - "Fairyland Circus" was glove and rod puppets with Highland dancing to accordion - conjuring, comedian, juggling etc - he dresses up as "Daf' Donal'" and does monologues - he is local molecatcher with total of over 100, 000 caught in his lifetime - he can skin them in under 2 minutes - photos by PK 0291-2 & 0293 with Ena -- rec by PK, Pitgaveny, Elgin, 23/7/55: 5"RTR 1138-1143 - EMI DLP- 1143 1956 10"LP "Folk Song Today": "Haughs of Cromdale" - FTX-021 "Buchan Miller" - FTX-023 "Roving Ploughboy" - FTX-061 Solo album incl Ena rec by PK, 1955 - FTX-301 Mouth music with goat bells & rattles - FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 "Haughs" "Auchan" & Mormond" - FTX-503 "Lizzie Lindsay" with Ena - FTX-516 "Haughs"/ - TANGENT TNGM-109 1971 "Shepherd Lad o Rhynie" - TNGM 119/D 1975 "Roving Ploughboy" - TOPIC 12-T-263 1975 "Singing Molecatcher of Moray" (14s 4t) & "Diddling" (mouth music) rec by Tony Engle & Tony Russell in singer's mobile home Nov 1974/ TSCD-653 1998 (Ballads) "Lord Ronald" & "The Dewie Dens o Yarrow"/ TSCD-655 (Rural) "Mains o Foggieloan" & "Sleepy Toon"/ TSCD-657 "Fun & frolics" "The Ball o Kirriemeer"/ TSCD-658 Events (on mel) "Majuba Hill" & "The The Haughs of Cromdale"/ TSCD-667 Ballads "The Bonny Hoose o Airlie"/ TSCD-670 "Farmwork": "The Wandering Shepherd Laddie" - ELLIPSIS CD 4070 1997 Strathspey & Reel of Tulloch -- KERRIES: MAJOR MINOR MMLP-9 1967"The Roving Ploughboy" - Isabel SUTHERLAND: TALKING BOOK 2/1502/26 1960 (33EP) - Archie FISHER (+ Acc): TOPIC 12- TS-277

McDONALD, Kathleen - Scotland\ Gaelic singer\ 1964 -- rec 21/10/64: RPL LP 28767 (2 songs accomp by Florence Wilson on Celtic harp)

McDOWELL, Fred - Miss USA\ voc & gtr\ 1959 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Como Sept 1959: ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 "I wished I was in Heaven sitting down" - ROUNDER CD-1703 1997 "Sixty-One Highway Blues" "Keep your lamps trimmed & burning" "Soon One Morning" "Fred McDowell's Blues" "Germany Blues" & "Lord have Mercy" - rec by Alan Lomax, 1959: RPL LP 26148 "Worried Life Blues" "Soon one morning" "I wish I was in heaven" with Fanny DAVIS (comb) - RPL LP 26149 with Fanny DAVIS (comb) & Miles Pratcher (gtr): "Goin down the river" - "Sixty One Highway Blues" Radio 2: 28/12/88: CASS 60-0849

McEWEN, Rory & Alex - Berwicksh\ Singers with gtr\ 1956 -- 2 brothers from Berwickshire who first appeared on radio in "As I roved out" then on TVprog "Tonight" for which, like Robin & Jimmie and Cy Grant, they composed a topical song for the 6 o'clock news -- rec by PK, London 1956: RTR 624-6 & 7" (10 songs & talk) - (RTR-007 "The Fox" & "Bonny George Campbell" ) - EMI DLP 1143 1956 10"LP "Bonnie George Campbell" - EMI CLP 1220 1958 12"LP "Folksong Jubillee" rec by PK, with Isla CAMERON (16 songs) -502-90 (not on CD) Ballads "Bonny George Campbell" & "Willie's Rare" - FTX-293

McGARVEY, Mary - Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1948 -- rec Radio Eireann Feb 1948: RPL 21831 "I wonder what is keeping my truelove?" -- rec by Seamus Ennis Armagh 11/8/54 "As I was going" (As I roved out): RPL 21837 - "The Trees" (Young & Growing) & "Briar & the Rose" (Deluded Lover): RPL 21999/ FTX-015 "Green grass it grows bonny" - FTX-019 "Young & Growing"

McGARY, F - Belfast\ fid\ 1955 -- rec by Sean O Boyle: RPL LP 24842 "Princess Royal" & "Erin a long farewell"

McGEE - England\ Singer\ 1973 -- TRADITION TSR-014 1973 & friends "The Traveller's Rest"7a - with Johnny COLLINS Sea shanties rec Sidmouth RPL Radio 2 24/5/82: CASS-0414

McGETTIGAN'S ALL IRISH ORCHESTRA, John - USA\ Band\ late 1920s -- Song: "Rambling Irishman" intro by Nicholas Carolan on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS#0865

McGHEE, "Brownie" - see also under MAYBELLE, Big - (voc/gtr) with Jordan Webb (mouth-harp) & Washboard Slim rec Chicago 23/5/41 OKEH 06329)/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD)/ with Sonny TERRY (mouth harp) rec by Alan Lomax, Washington DC May 1942: ROUNDER CD-11661-1823-2 1999 "Red Cross Store" & with Leadbelly on "How Long Blues" - STORYVILLE SLP 220 1971 rec Copenhagen

McGILLIVRAY, D - Hebrides\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Islay Dec 1952: RPL 22883 Fragments of Port-a-beul (mouth music) & songs

McGINN, Matt - Scotland\ Singer-songmaker\ 1953-9 -- ELEKTRA EUK-253 1966 (M)/ CASS 0288 - TOPIC 12-T-86 1963 "The Iron Muse" - TRANSATLANTIC SAM-8 1969 (All his own comp)

McGRATH, Mrs - Ayrshire\ unacc singer\ 1951-- rec by Alan Lomax: COLUMBIA SL-207 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 "My Love is like a red red rose"

McGRATH, Tommy - Co Waterford\ unacc singers\ 1965 - bn c1904 Shanbally, Kilmeadon-- rec by Reg Hall & Jimmy Power Haughton's pub, Ross, Co Waterford 6/12/65 -- TOPIC TSCD-651 1998 "Courtship & Marriage" "The Colleen from Coolbawn" / TSCD-654 "Emigration Ballads""She lived beside the Anner"/ TSCD-657 "Fun & Frolics" (with Gemma Donovan, his daughter): "Burke's Engine"/ TOPIC TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "Down in the town of Old Bantry" (The Black and Tan Gun)

MacGRAVEY, James - Kircudbrightsh\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, May 1953: RPL 22878/ FTX-262 "The Banks of Loch Ryan" & "The Banks of the Clyde"

McGREAVEY, John - USA\ fid\ 1986 - (1910-1990) bn Chicago, mother from Galway, father from Mayo -- with Joe SHANNON (U-pipes) from Chicago: Jig: "The Battering Ram"/ talk about learning music influenced by Michael Coleman & James Morrison, plays solo Reel "Jimmy Giblin's", Slow Air of Love Song & "Jimmy Neery's Jig" (his teacher), then 3 Reels with Joe SHANNON:: "Steam Packet", "Morning Star" & "Miss McCloud's" rec Clancy Summer School July 1986, also with Joe SHANNON on GREEN LINNET Reel "The Primrose Lass" & with Paddy McGaran (Cavan flute) & Eleanor O KEANE (Piano) Short extract of Jig (unnamed) & Solo Jigs (live): "Tatter Jack Walsh" & "Garret Barry's" on DECCA (78 rpm disk) Nov 1935 RTE radio prog 1988

McGREGOR, Henry - Perth\ piper/ unacc singer\ 1955 -Uncle of Belle Stewart/ rec by PK & Hamish Henerson 23/6/55 with Duncan BURKE - photos by PK 0255-9 (5) -- RTR-1149-1154 rec by PK: FTX-301 mouth music - FTX-303 Jack Stories: SILLY JACK AND THE ENGLISHMAN/ SILLY JACK AND THE TWO PAIRS OF THREE WOMEN - FTX-501 Earl Brand (Child #7 Douglas Tragedy) - FTX-502 Baron o Brackley - FTX-515 "Could you wash a sailor's shirt?"

McGREGOR, Jimmie - Glasgow\ Singer with gtr\ 1960 - worked with Robin HALL -- rec by PK: EMI CLP-1327 1960 "Nancy Whisky" & "Grat for Gruel" - with Vic PITT (d/bass) "Henry Martin" (Sharp): EMI CLP-1362 1960/ FTX-093 - "Sing Christmas" 1957 radio prog FTX-950 - BELTONA SEP-85 1960 (45 EP) with Robin HALL (4s) - COLLECTOR JDS 3 "Football Crazy" (Scots version) - JES-5 Glasgow Street Songs (with RH) - DECCA ECS-2161 1974/ CASS-1332 "Kids Stuff" (with RH) - FONTANA TL-5296 1965 "Best of The White Heather Club" - FONTANA TL-5436 1967 "Grief & Glory" with RH & Nadia CATTOUSE - TALKING BOOK 2/1502/26 accomp Isabel SUTHERLAND - TOPIC 12-T-130 Bundook Ballads accompanying Ewan McCOLL

McGREGOR, Nellie - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by PK, Blairgowrie Perthsh: FTX-501 "The Twa Brothers" - rec in berryfields: TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1976 "False Knight on the road"

McGREGOR, Sheila - Perthsh\ unacc tinker singer\ 1965 - daugthter of Belle STEWART -- TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1975 "Two Brothers" & "Andrew Lammie" - TOPIC 12-T-138 1965 with Belle Alex & Cathie - rec by PK: 12-T-179 1968 with others - 12-T-180 1968 with others - rec Kinross Folk Festival 1975: SPRINGTHYME SPRC 1003/ CASS-1313 1988

McGUIGAN, Michael - Co Derry\ unacc singer\ 1953 - Age 57 - farmer of Brackalislea, Draperstown - songs mainly learned from parents by the fireside - also a songmaker about local people - worked in blast furnace at Consett Co Durham in 1921 "Murray's Convoy" "Maid Of Bushy Mills" "Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe" -- rec by PK, Brackalislea, Draperstown 21/5/53: RPL 19976 "The Maid of Bushmills" (learned from a traveller called Harry Mc Nally) FTX-435

McHARDY, Jim - Scotland\ mel \ 1930's -- with Hiram HOSIE (fid) BELTONA BL-2470, 2417, 2468, 2469 CASS-45-0974/ FTX-363

McILWEE, John - Co Derry/ Co Antrim (?)\ unacc singer\ 1954 -- rec by Seamus Ennis (label says Antrim on RPL 21841 & Derry on 21997) 20/8/54: RPL 21841 "The Jolly Ploughboy" - RPL 21997 "Slieve Gallon Braes" FTX-435

McINTYRE, Geordie - Glasgow\ Singer\ 1973 -- TOPIC 12-TS-226 1973 "The Streets of Glasgow"

McKAY - Sutherland\ Gaelic singer\ 1955 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 30/7/55: RPL LP 23995 "Hi Hoireannan ho"

McKAY, Curly - Willie KEMP

McKAY, Freddy - Belfast\ unacc singer\ 1967 - bn Ballyhaughan on the outskirts of Belfast 1914 and came to Bradford and then London after the Second World War - Musical Traditions#6 1986 - rec by Charlie Gray & Keith Summers, "Oxford Arms", Camden Town, London 3/11/67: TOPIC TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "Skibbereen"

McKAY, Jimmy - Newcastle\ fiddler\ 1948 -- playing for Royal Earsdon Sword Dancers: COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998

McKEE, Jimmy - Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1952 - Age 53 - transport worker but previously a travelling farmworker and before that worked at weaving factory in a mill opposite his house -- rec by PK, 10/7/52: RPL 18409 "Granemore Hare" & "Wild Rover" - RPL 18410 "Health to all truelovers"/ FTX-015 - FTX-431

McKELLAR, Kenneth - Aberdeen\ tenor\ 1959 -- DECCA DFE-6575 (45EP) 1959 arr by Bob Sharples "Road to the Isles" "Eriskay Love lilt" "Cockle Gatherer" "Lewis Bridal Song" "Scotland the brave"

McKENNA, Barney - Dublin\ Singer with tenor banjo\ 1984 - member of THE DUBLINERS first rec by PK -- MILLSTREAM MR-1001 1984 The Greatest Ceili Band cass/ ex in Mick MOLONEY's Talk on "The Irish Banjo" at Clancy School RTE "Long Note" progr 26/7/88 CASS-60-0895

McKENNA, John - Co Leitrim\ flute\ 1925-34 - (1880-1947) bn Tents, Tarmon, Co Leitrim - emigrated to NY became Fire Patrolman -- (with piano) rec USA COLUMBIA 1928 CASS-0893 - with Michael GAFFNEY (banjo) 1921 on 78 rpm disk intro by Nicholas Carolan on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS#0865 - JOHN McKENNA TRAD SOC nn 1982 CASS-0893 (from Harry Bradshaw RTE 1991)

McKENNA, May - Scotland\ vocal\ 1988 -- CASS 15-0698 "My Lagan Love" with extra vs & comp song

McKENNA, Pat - Co Monaghan\ fid\ 1988 -- RTE "Long Note" radio prog 1988 CASS-90-0913

McKENZIE, Eilidh - Hebrides\ Gaelic singer\ 1994 -- "puirt-a-beul" with sister Gillian & pipe-band drummer, Jim Kilpatrick, rec Robin Morton: TEMPLE COMD2048 1994/CTP- 048/ ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music"

McKENZIE, Talitha - Hebrides\ Gaelic singer\ 1997 -- Scots Gaelic peurt-a-beul with pipes: ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music"

McKEOWN, Francis - Co Fermanagh\ mouth music & whistling\ 1952 -- 7"RTR-0554/ FTX-301 - rec by PK, Garrison 20/7/52: RPL 18525 "The Rights of Man" (Hornpipe whistled) only/ SAYDISC CD SDL 411 1995 "Traditional Songs of Ireland"

McKEOWN, John - Co Tyrone\ fid\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Castlecaulfield 23/7/52: RPL 18550 Jig: "Tell her I am" Reel: "Wild Irishman" & Hornpipe: "Kildare Fancy"

McKINNON, Donald - Hebrides\ singer in Gaelic\ 1951 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Eriskay: FTX-193 - FTX-275

McKINNON, Nan - Hebrides\ singer in Gaelic\ 1955 -- Vatersay Barra July 1955: RPL LP 22849

McKINNON, R - Hebrides\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Islay Dec 1952: RPL 22883 Fragments of Port-a-beul (mouth music) & songs

McLAUGHLIN, Dermot - Derry\ fid\ 1991 -- rec at "Fiddlesticks" Festival organised by Traditional Music Society of University College, Cork 1991: NIMBUS NI-5320

McLAUGHLIN, John - Glasgow with London Irish\ spoons -- accomp by Reg HALL (piano) rec Camden Town 1967: TOPIC TSCD-603 1997 "Paddy in the smoke"

McLAVERTY, John - Belfast\ street singer\ 1952 - Photo by PK 0047 - dental mechanic - 12 songs -- rec by PK, 8/7/52: 7"-RTR-0542 - "Hot Ashpelt": FTX-021 - "Doffin Mistress" Lament for Willie/ Greasy Cook/ Galway Girl: FTX-123 - "The Light of the Moon" (Grey Ghost): FTX-503 - 7"RTR-0543 Doffin Mistress/ Slaney Side/ Hot Ashpelt/ Stuttering Lovers/ Wedding of Ballyporeem/ Phil the Piper's Wedding/ Paddy Miles - Red 5"-RTR-0443-4 (dub of orig)/ RPL 18130 "Lament for Willie" (Lovely Willie) "The Hot Ashpelt" "The Stuttering Lovers" - RPL 18375 "The Doffin Mistress" "Phil the Pipers Wedding" "The Wedding at Ballyporeen" - RPL 18376 "The Greasy Cook" & "The Galway Girl"- RPL 22336 "The Light of the Moon" & "As I roved out" (1v only)

McLEAN, Dr Campbell - Sutherlandsh\ Singer\ nd -- rec by Hamish Henderson, Campeltown, Argyl: TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1976 "Lord Bateman"

McLEAN, Dougie - Scotland\ singer & fid\ 1984 - orig member of TANNAHILL WEAVERS -- LIVING TRADITION LTCD-001 1994 "Gloomy winter's noo awa" - DAMBUSTER DAM 003/6 - Talk about Australian Aboriginals & Canadian Indians with Songs & demo of didgeridoo: CASS 30-0702 - Radio 2: 6/6/90 CASS 60- 0882

McLEAN, Finlay - Harris\ mouth music\ 1953 -- rec by Jean Ritchie, Inverness 1953: ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music"

McLEAN, Jim - Scotland\ Songmaker\ 1967 -- MAJOR MINOR MMLP-1 1967 Scottish Nationalist Songs sung by Nigel DENVER

McLEAN, John - Hebrides\ unacc Gaelic singer\1955 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Bernera, Lewis 23/4/55: RPL LP 23995 "Oran no Stocainnean"

McLEAN, Rena - Hebrides\ unacc singer in Scots Gaelic\ 1951 -- with group rec by Alan Lomax 1951: COLUMBIA SL-209 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 "Braighe Loch Iall" (The Braes of Lochiel)

McLEOD, Angus - Hebrides\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1953 - of N Uist -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Skye June 1953: RPL 22875 "Tog orum a'phiob" (Put on my pipes) - rec Glasow 16/9/56: RPL LP 23995 "Tam O Shanter" (2 spoken extracts)

McLEOD, John & John McINNIS - Hebrides\ unacc singers in Scots Gaelic\ 1951 -- rec by Alan Lomax, 1951: COLUMBIA SL-209 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 "Dili o idilum" & "Thoir a nall Ailean"

McLEOD, Kitty - Hebrides\ singer in Gaelic\ 1951 - Aged about 35 when recorded - RPL prog about her in late 80s by her nephew James McDonald - still living Tranent, East Lothian (info from Vivien Ellis 15/9/95 -- rec by RPL: COLUMBIA SL-209 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1743 1998 "Larach do thacaidean" - "The Gaelic West" Third Prog 1951 prod by Alan Lomax & pres by Seamus Ennis FTX-275 - FTX-301 "Port-a-beul" (mouth music)

McLEOD, Rhona - Gaelic & Scots singer\ Glasgow\ 1948-68 -- BELTONA (Decca) LBA-58 1968 "Bonnie Isle of Skye"

McLEOD, Rory - Edinburgh\ Singer/ harmonica\ 1984 -- Talkative Music Group (mouth music) rec Edinburgh Folk Festival Radio 2: 14/4/84 CASS-15-0764 - (harmonica) with Andrew CRONSHAW Saratoga Hornpipe (steel pans) Radio 2: 16/5/88: CASS-15 0766 - SQUARE ROOTS 1987 "Unlikely Selection" harmonica with Kathryn TICKELL (N-pipes) CASS-60-0304

McMAHON, Denis - London\ Irish fiddler\ 1960s -- with Julia CLIFFORD and Con CURTIN: (TOPIC 12-T-176 1968)/ TSCD-603 1997 "Paddy in the Smoke" "The Chorus Reel"

McMAHON, Dolly - Dublin\ Unacc Singer\ 1960 - Wife of collector & broadcaster Kieron McMahon -- rec by Seamus Ennis Dublin 1960 RPL LP 29882 (8 songs in English): "Lakes of Coolfin" "When trueloves meet" (Banks of Lee) "Galway Shawl" "Ploughboy" "Green Broom" "It's better to be single" (O what a life) "Blue Handkerchief under her chin" "Trees are growing tall"

McMAHON, Denis - London Irish\ fid\ 1967 -- with Con CURTIN accomp by Reg HALL (piano) rec Camden Town 1967: TOPIC TSCD-603 1997 "Paddy in the smoke"

McMAHON, Tommy - Co Clare\ A-conc\ 1974 -- rec by John Tams & Neil Wayne, Cooraclare, Kilrush Jan 1974: TOPIC 12-TFRS-502 1975 "Clare Concertinas" - 12-TFRS-505 1976 with Bernard O SULLIVAN/ TOPIC TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "Buonaparte's Retreat" - RTE "Long Note" radio prog 1988 90- CASS 0925

McMAHON, Tony - Co Clare\ melodeon\ 1986 - now producer for RTE -- GAEL-LINN CEFC-114 CASS-60-0962 1985 with Noel HILL (conc) - rec London: TOPIC (12-T-176 1968)/ TSCD-603 1997 "Paddy in the Smoke" - ELLIPSIS "Planet Squeezebox" 3xCD nn1995 Slow Air "The Dear Irish Boy"

McMICHEN, Clayton - Ga USA\ fid)\ 1949 -- (with gtr & banjo) rec by Alan Lomax "Square Dance Music" (dub of 78rpm) DECCA

McMORLAND, Alison - Scotland\ Singer\ 1980 - Hamish Henderson wrote about her in TOCHER 30 (1979) , her film of her daughter, Katy's games "Pass it on"-- (TANGENT TGS-125 "Belt wi colours three" & BIG BEN BBX-504 "The Funny Family") - TOPIC 12-TS-403 1980 with Peta Webb - rec Concert Hall 1982: CASS-15-0752 "Two Brothers" & "The Factory Girl" - rec Kinross Folk Festival 1975: SPRINGTHYME SPRC 1003/ CASS-1313 1988 "Green grows the laurels"

McMULLEN, Donald - Co Antrim\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by PK, Clough Mills, Co Antrim NI 5/8/53 RPL 20030/ FTX-377 "Lammas Fair in Cargan"

McNEACAIL, Iain (John Nicholson "The Skipper") - rec by Thomas A.McKean & others, Skye, 1991-1994: CD included in McKean's book "HEBRIDEAN SONGMAKER"

McNEILL, Brian - Scotland\ Contemp singer\ 1991 - Founder member of Battlefield Band -- LIVING TRADITION LTCD- 001 1994

McNEIL, Flora - Hebrides\ singer in Gaelic\ 1975 - bn 6/10/28 from Barra now married to a solicitor and living in Glasgow -- RPL (21210-2) - rec by PK & AL, Barra Autumn 1951: 7"RTR-0715 3 songs in Gaelic/ RPL 21414 "Beinn a Cheathaich" (Misty Mountain or Kismul's Galley) & "Air Aodan Strath Bain!" (Strabane) - RPL 21528 Edinburgh Ceili rec Alan Lomax, 1951 "Mo Run Geal Og" (My Bright Young Love) Song to Prince Charlie - RPL 21538 "Mo Nighean Donn Bhoideach" (My Pretty Brown-haired Girl) - rec 21/10/64: RPL LP 28767 (6 Gaelic songs) - RTR 1087 & 1093 - FTX-001 most by her - FTX-308 & FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 talk about her grandmother born on Mingulay & "Faca sibh Raoghail na Ailein? (Have you seen Ronald or Alan?) - "Sing Christmas" Radio prog 1957: FTX-950 - CAEDMON TC- 1142 "Ailein Duinn"/ TOPIC 12-T-157 1961/68 - EMBER FA-2055 1968 "Lament for Wm Chisholm" & "Phiuthrag's 's a phiutar" ("Sister's Lament") - TOPIC 12-TS-226 (?) 1973 (When I came to Glasgow first) - with daughter, Maggie McGuiness & 2 others & interview on RTE "Long Note" radio prog 1988 CASS 90-0913

McNEIL Family - Nova Scotia, Canada\ Instr group (whi/ fid/ synth/ bodhran -- "The Barra McNeil's": Radio 2: 19/10/88: CASS 15-0699

McNEIL, Rita - Canada\ singer\ 1990 -- Radio 2: 30/10/90/ CASS 60-1014 "Flying on your own" (as rec in bar at Edinburgh Festival 1987 & "I believe in miracles" (with orch) (first part only)

McNEILY, Sammy - Kircudbright\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, May 1953: RPL 22875 "Canada-i-O" - FTX-262

McNEILY, Willie - Kircudbright\ unacc singer\ 1953 -- rec by Seamus Ennis May 1953: RPL 22876 "Bonny Jenny Shaw" (spoken & sung) "Beggarman" (Gaberlunzie) "Kircudbright's Praises" - FTX-262

McNIFF, Dan - Co Fermanagh\ flute\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Belleek 20/7/52: RPL 18542 Reels, jigs, polkas: FTX-370

McPEAKE Frank & Family - Belfast\ singers with U-pipes & harp\ 1952 - Photos by PK 0048-0050 "Wild Mountain Thyme" copyright assigned to (Warner-) Chappell 1957 - - Family Trio rec by PK, London 1/1/61 with Frank & Francis (vocal & pipes) and James (harp): FTX-071 - Frank (senior) solo album: FTX-176 - Jack Stories: RTR-0534/ FTX-303 - FTX-308 A-ROVING - Kathleen McPEAKE: FTX-310 - "Historic Collection Series": FTX-419 - Frank (Francis Senior) McPEAKE (Senior): Recollections CASS-60-1261 - 7"RTR-0006 "Jug of Punch" (orig for HMV "Folk Song Today") 7"RTR-0534-41 - RTR#1204 - RPL 18290-4 rec by PK 9/7/52 - RPL 18382 Francis Senr & Junr: instrumentals "Coulin" & "Eileen Aroon" - 21154-5 rec by PK, London 10/1/53 Francis Senr & Junr - EMI DLP-1143 1956 "Folk Song Today" 10" LP rec by PK, "Will you go, lassie go?" 7-T- 007 - EMI CLP-1327 1960 "Monaghan Fair & McLeod's Reel" & "Jug of Punch" - EMI CLP-1910 1965/ CASS#0287 Festival Hall Concert rec by PK - "Me Da" Film with PK by Ulster TV 1989 : FF-2204 - FONTANA TL-5214 1964 "Irish Folk" - FONTANA TL-5258 "At Home with the McPeakes" - FONTANA FJL-505 1966 "My Own Native Land" - FONTANA STL-5433 1967 "Pleasant & Delightful"/ 310 1968 #4 Kathleen & group "The Roving Ploughboy"- PRESTIGE 13018 1961 rec Ewan McColl - TOPIC TOP-92 - TOPIC 12-T-87 1962 Frank Senr & Junr, James, Kathleen & Tommy McCrudden - CASS 0370 Interview with John Turner Radio Bristol Nov 1982 - SAYDISC CD SDL 411 1995 "Traditional Songs of Ireland" - SAYDISC CD SDL-416 1996 "Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland" -- McPEAKE SONGS by others: "The Old Piper" (changed to "The Old Harper" John Wright (Jews harp): CHANT DU MONDE LDX 74434 - Robin & Jimmie: DECCA ECS-2161

McPHEE, Catherine-Ann - Barra, Scotland\ 1991 -- LIVING TRADITION LTCD-001 1994 "Mile Marbhaisg Air A' Ghaol"

McPHEE, Duncan - Perthsh\ Tinker Singer\ 1955 - Age 19 -- rec by PK & HH in berryfields, Blairgowrie, Perthsh: FTX-183 - FTX-501 "False Knight on the Road" - TANGENT TNGM 119/D 1976 sings - SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Songs of the Travelling People" sings "On the banks of the Roses"

McPHEE, Maggie - Perthsh\ unacc singer\ 1968 -- TOPIC 12-T-180 1968 "The Back of Benachie"

McPHEE, Willie - Perth\ unacc singer\ 1975 -- rec Kinross Folk Festival 1975: SPRINGTHYME SPRC 1003/ CASS- 1313 1988 "The Farmer's Curst Wife"

McPHERSON, George - Edinburgh\ accordion\ 1961 -- rec 14/11/61: RPL LP 27307 "Lament for the Old Sword"

McPHERSON, William "Willie" - Scotland\ fid\ 1959 -- rec 21/5/59: RPL LP 24770

McSHANE (McSeain), Terence - Co Antrim\ story & fid\ 1953 - Age 29 - farmer from Loughgiel, born Glenbush - learned fiddling at home and played for local flaxpullings, potato-diggings and at dances from Antrim to Donegal - teaches Gaelic in evenings at local school - photo by PK: 0120 -- rec by PK, Clough Mills, Co Antrim, NI 5/8/53: RPL 20029/ FTX-377 Story:"The last of the fairies of Lough Guile" with tunes on fiddle including: "Tatter Jack Walsh" "Fairy Dance" & "King of the Fairies"

McTELL, Blind Willie - USA\ Blues voc/ gtr\ 1929 -- rec Atlanta Ga 30/10/29: (COLUMBIA 14484)/ - Double LP "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD): "Travellin Blues"

McTELL, Ralph - England\ Singer-songmaker\ 1975 -- ISLAND FOLK 1001 1975 (boxed) "Willoughby's Farm" - rec Fairfield Hall Croydon BBC Radio 2 28/12/82 CASS-0420 - Interview with Jim Lloyd: Radio 2 Xmas Prog 30/12/87 CASS 0423-4 "San Francisco Blues" - KAZ RECORDS TBX MC 513 1995/ cass 1381 "Spiral Staircase" & "Dear River Thames" - cass 1382 "Willoughby's Farm" - cass 1383 "Streets of London"

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