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FAHEY, John - Ireland\ fid\ 1930's(?) -- DECCA W-4180 A Reels: Paddy Ryan's Dream/ Milliner's Daughter & B Jigs: Off to the Hunt/ The Butcher's March

FAHEY, Warren - Australia\ Singer with group\1980s -- with THE LARRIKINS "Billy of Tea" LARRIKIN LRC-028 CASS-1212

FAIER, Billy - USA\ 5-string banjo\ 1957 -- RIVERSIDE RLP-813 1957 "The Art of the 5 string banjo" with Frank HAMILTON (gtr)

FAIRLANDS FAMILY BAND - Somerset \ Famil;y group\ 1980 -- Blakeney-Edwards, Cheddar, Somerset nd nn: CASS-1187

FAIRPORT CONVENTION - England\ Folk Group\ 1969 -- ISLAND ILPS-9115 1969 "Liege & Lief"/ CASS-0189 - ILPS-9176 1971 "Babbacombe Lee" - "Folk on Friday" sig tune (first part)

FAIRWEATHER, Esther - Essex\ unacc singer\ 1970s -- of Hempstead, rec by Philip Heath Coleman: NLCD 3/4 2002

FARMER, Albert - Surrey\ One-man Band\ 1964 -- rec by Mike Yates, Lingfield: TOPIC 12-T-240 1974 on "Boscastle Breakdown" album

FARNABY, Giles & his DREAM BAND - London\ Elec group\ 1972 - see CROZIER, Trevor

FARR, Lucy - Co Galway\ fid\ 1973 -- nee Kirwen bn 1912 Baunyknave, Ballinakill nr Loughrae - TOPIC 12-TS-223 1973 accompanying Peta WEBB - rec by Bill Leader & Reg Hall, Elland, Yorksh 10/8/76: TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "The Glen of Aherlow"

FARRAGHER, Douglas - Isle of Man\ Gaelic Singer\1961 - conversation in Manx Gaelic with fellow Manxman, Ned Maddrell and a Manx love song: CASS-60-0866/ RPL LP 30510/ 445

FARRIERS, THE - England\ Folk Group\ 1974 -- "Tom King, Highwayman" (Birmingham) rec 1974: CASS-0472 (Start missed)

FAWCETT, Sam - Durham\ Anglo conc\ 1953 - aged 74, of West Birk Hatt, Baldersdale, did not have electricity, so the recording was made using a somewhat unsteady farm generator at the home of H.Beadle, Foul Syke Farm, Baldersdale. Sam's family came originally from Swaledale where he had, in his youth, some fifty-five years previous, played for local dances. Besides giving PK some interesting variations of Reels, Quadrilles, Country and Couple Dances, of special interest was his recalling of the GREENSLEEVES dance.. Photos 0029-0030 by PK -- rec by PK, Baldersdale, Cotherstone, West Yorkshire 31/3/53: RTR-0060 & 0845/ RPL 19239 & RPL 20534-5/ FTX-118 - recs at Middleton-in-Teesdale by Vic Ellis in BL

FELIX, Julie - England\ Singer with gtr\ 1969 -- FONTANA SFL-13117 1969 "Going to the Zoo"

FELTWELL, Hockey - Cambridgesh\ unacc singer\ 1962 -- Rec by Bill Leader, Russell Wortley & Reg Hall in "The Nags Head", Southery 6/8/62 -- TOPIC TSCD-655 "Rural" "Four Horses"

FENTON, Mike - Worcestersh\ Singer auto-harp & mouth-bow\ 1990 -- rec by PK Gloucester Studio: (auto harp & pickin bow) 1989 CASS-15-0803 - Robert GILLIHAN (Pickin bow) with interview with Jimmy DRIFTWOOD 1989 CASS 60- 0803 - WINFIELD cassettes of Auto Harp Festivals - RPL Radio 2: 2/12/87: CASS-0432 "St Anne's Reel", "Shebeg Sheemor", "Over the Rainbow","Hewlett" & "Goodnight Irene" with talk about the instrument, the mouth bow & his work in schools


FIDDLER'S DRAM - England\ Electric Folk Group\ 1980 -- with Cathy Le SURF on Radio 2: 31/3/80: CASS-0418 "Thirteen pence a day"

FIELDS, Gracie - Lancash\ Variety singer\ 1940s - bn Grace Stanfield at Rochdale 1898 -- Radio 2: 5/1/88 CASS-0421 presented by Mike Harding

FIELDWORK - Nottinghamsh\ Folk Group\ 1990 - Tim Garland (v/cittern)/ Dave Walker (v/gtr)/ Mike Walker (harmonium/ dulbukar) (percussion & tongue drum) -- Radio 2: 24/10/90/ CASS-60-10150 Composed songs

FIGG, F H "Gabriel" - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1958 -- rec by Mrs C.M.Hudson, West Chiltington 1958 RTR-0895 incl "Broken Down Gentleman" & "What's the life of a man?"/ FTX-025 "Wild Rover" - FTX-501 "Acre of Land" - rec Joy Hyman 26/11/64 & 4/7/65: RPL LP 29820-1 "Jolly Ploughman" "Seeds of Spring"(Love) "Holloman's Ivy" (Acre of Land) "Barley Mow" "Ploughboy" (The Two Brethren) "Twankydillo" & "Farmer's Boy"

FIGGY DUFF - Newfoundland, Canada\ Folk Group\ 1989 -- Radio 2: 19/1/89: CASS-15-0695 with talk about group

FINDLATER, Ethel, John & Elsie (daughter) - Orkney\ unacc singers (Ethel: mel)\ 1955 - photos by PK 0301-3 - John: 1893-?) - bn Stromness learned songs from grandmother - Ethel (1899- 1959) bn & lived at Breckan, Dounby all her life in a small croft with cows and poultry learning songs from parents and husband (see file) - It was while we were sitting on the beach that a certain Mrs Hislop told us of the Findlaters: "Their songs go on ringing in your head" -- rec by PK, 12/7/55: RTR-1068-74/ RPL 23642-9 - FTX-029 "Standing Stones" - FTX-063 Talk & Poem: "The Orkney Style of Courtship" (Bundling)/ ballads songs & talk incl customs - FTX-255 "As I roved out" radio prog 1956 - FTX-307 A-ROVING #1 "Standing Stones" - FTX-501 "Lord Lovel" & "Two Sisters" - FTX-FTX-502 "Mary Hamilton" - FTX-503 "Broom o the Cowdenknowes" - FTX-512 "Orkney Sailor" & "Andrew Ross" - FTX-513 "Captain on the Sea" & "Gosport Tragedy" - FTX-516 "Two Soldiers" - rec by Ernest Marwick: RTR #0690 - by other singers - "Standing Stones": Toni ARTHUR with mel: LEADER LER-2017 1970

FISH, Lena Bourne - Vt., USA & NH, USA\ Unaccomp singer\ 1940-1- Her father was a lumberman in Vermont (1873-1945). Mrs. Fish was born and brought up in Black Brook, N.Y., daughter of Stratton Bourne and Cynthia Abel Bourne. Her father was a native of Vermont, a lumber salesman in the Adirondacks, supplying wood for the charcoal used in the ironstone mines. Since she did not like teaching, she became a housekeeper to a lady in Temple, New Hampshire, and eventually married her son, John Fish, who died in 1918. Then she moved with her 7 children to East Jaffrey, New Hampshire. and it was there that she recorded her large collection for the Warners in 1940, amounting to nearly a hundred songs. She hads already recorded for Helen Hartness Flanders, who taped half her collection and included 13 of her ballads in her book, "Ancient Ballads Traditionally Sung In New England". #12, 13 and 33, taken from the Warner's collection, were published in Alan Lomax's Folk Songs Of North America - It was her particular version of Whisky In The Jar (#13) that became popular and is still the version most often sung by contemporary performers in the UK -- rec by Frank & Anne Warner, East Jaffray, New Hampshire 1941: FTX-922 - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Gilgarrah Mountain"/ "Jolly Roving Tar"/ "Castle by the sea"

FISHER, Archie - Scotland\ Singer & Songmaker\ 1963 - compositions - see THE CLIMB - IF I NEVER EVER SAW - WITCH OF WESTMORLAND -- accomp Tich FRIER: CELTIC MUSIC CM-014 1983 - accomp Barbara DICKSON CM- 029/ DECCA 1971 - DECCA SKL-5057 1970 "Orfeo" & "Grey Silkie"/ CASS 45-0989 - with Barbara DICKSON: LEADER LER-3002 1969 "TheFate o Charlie" - LER-2019 1970 "Cam ye o'er frae France?" - solo album (with gtr): TOPIC 12-TS-277 1976 (not well balanced) - TRANSATLANTIC XTRA-1070 1968 - CASS-0349 Interview with Andy KERSHAW on "Kaleidoscope" progr 1987 - "January Man" Radio 2: 2/12/87: CASS-0432 - Radio 2: 26/9/91 CASS-90-0990 --- comp songs sung by Barbara DICKSON on CELTIC MUSIC CM-029

FISHER, Cilla & Artie TREZISE - Scotland\ Folksingers\ 1979 - Cilla is brother of Archie & sister of Ray, Artie comes of a Cornish family brought up in Scotland -- TOPIC 12-TS-405 1979/ RPL Radio 2 29/9/89: CASS-0487 "Generations of Change" (Oil boom)

FISHER, Jack - Gloucestersh\ conc\ 1986 -- rec by Gwilym Davies, Winchcombe, nr Cheltenham: FTX-417 Heel & Toe/ Keel Row/ Waltz/ Polka

FISHER, Ray - Scotland\ Singers\ 1963 -- LEADER LER-2019 1970 Ray with Colin ROSS: "Bonny at Morn" - "Iron Muse" TOPIC 12-T-86 1963 "The Spinner's Wedding" - 12-T-137 1966 The Fisher Family with Archie - rec Towersey Fest Radio 2: 14/4/84: CASS-15-0765 (2 songs) - with Cilla rec Bewdley Festival: Radio 2: 26/10/88: CASS-30-0736 - "Traditional Songs of Scotland" with Colin Ross (Scottish small-pipes & fid) Martin CARTHY (gtr) & John KIRKPATRICK acc, mel & conc) SAYDISC CD-SDL 391 1991 CD-1167

FITZGERALD, Bridgit - USA\ Irish singer\ 1997 -- ELLIPSIS CD 4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music" "An Sean duine doite" (The Burnt-out old man)

FITZGERALD, Florence (Mrs Puckett) - Va USA\ Unacc singer\ 1950 - visited by PK 1976 but not rec -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Afton, Nelson Co, Sept 1950 & 3/8/55: RPL 17141 & 23793/ FTX-908 "Polly Vaughan" "Two Brothers" "Cuckoo" "Pat do this"

FIVE HAND REEL - Newcastle\ Elec folk group\ 1975 -- RUBBER RUB-019 1975 with Dick GAUGHAN

FLANAGAN, Austin - Co Clare\ unacc singer\ 1974 -- Rec by Jim Carroll & Pat Mackenzie, Luogh, Doolin 1974: TOPIC TSCD-664 1998 "Dances & Ditties" "The Barley Grain"

FLANAGAN BROTHERS, THE - NY USA\ t/banjo lead in band\ 1940s -- talk about Mike FLANAGAN (86) living Albany NY: in Mick MOLONEY's Talk on "The Irish Banjo" at Clancy School RTE "Long Note" progr 26/7/88 CASS-60-0895

FLANAGAN, Straighty - Co Clare\ unacc singer\ 1976 -- Rec by Pat McKenzie & Jim Carroll in bar at Inagh, Co Clare July 1976: TOPIC TSCD-655 "Rural" "Straighty" FLANAGAN: "The Grazer Tribe"/ TOPIC TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "Michael Power"

FLANDERS, Michael & Donald SWANN - London\ Singer-songmakers\ 1961 - Sydney CARTER & Donald Swann (voc/ piano) rec by PK, London 6/6/61 -- "The Hippo Song" sung by Robin HALL & Jimmie McGREGOR: DECCA ECS-2161

FLATT, Lester - USA\ Bluegrass\ nd -- CBS CS-8751 1963 - NEW FREEDOM/ CASS-0177 Mike Seeger with Bill MONROE - (PHILLIPS BBL-7410 & 7552)/ CASS-0239 with Earl SCRUGGS, also Roy ACUFF & SMOKY MOUNTAIN BOYS

FLETCHER, Tom - England\ Singer with gtr\ 1976 -- Engl translations of European songs & poems (with talk): CASS- 0456

FLOWERS AND FROLICS - London\ Band with Bob DAVENPORT & June TABOR\ 1977 -- FREE REED FRR-016 1977 - Radio 2: 13/4/88 CASS-90-0848


FOLK TRADITION, THE - Bristol\ Folk Group\ 1971 -- RPL REC-111 1971 Sea songs & Forebitters

FOLKSMITHS - NY USA\ Folk Group\1960's (?) -- FOLKWAYS FA-2407/ RTR-dub-0303 incl Hebrew Round, African, Scandinavian Drinking Song, John Henry etc

FONTANAS, THE - Dublin\ Irish Band\ 1967 -- PICKWICK ALL-868 1967 - HM-544 1968

FOOT AND FIDDLE - Somerset\ Country Dance Band\ 1983 -- rec by PK, Winter Gdns, Weston-s-Mare 1/12/83: CASS-90-0627

FOREMAN, John - London\ Music Hall Singer\ 1966 - bn near Euston Station, regards himself as a true "Cockney". In spite of the War-time "Blitz", he says he had a happy childhood in the city streets. There was theatrical talent in his own family: his father's mother, Elsie Naish, danced with and under-studied Adeline Genee, and through his mother, formerly a Miss Harper, he is related to Victoria Lytton. She worked the Halls and teamed up with Arthur Cunningham, a noted singer and whistler. His mother's Uncle Charlie worked as a clown and her grandfather was a circus ring-master. Most of John's songs were learned from his parents, but he also acquired more from visiting the old Music Halls, "whenever he had a bob or two". He got more from watching, listening and performing at Unity Theatre, which was established between Camden Town and King's Cross as a working man's theatre. It was there he learned "The Four Horse Charabanc" from Laurie Davies. For a time he worked as a doorman at The Metropolitan in the Edgware Road, and, for a time, was a "bottler" with a Punch-and-Judy man, Professor Alexander. (The bottler collects money, does front-of-house and bangs the big drum to draw a crowd). Frequently John has operated as a busker and sold song-sheets in "Petticoat Lane". He has taught in many different types of school in London, prints his own song-sheets and broadside collections under the title of "The Broadsheet King" . He is a founder-member of The British Music Hall Society and helped to dismantle Collin's Music Hall when it was burned down -- FTX-331 - Sidmouth Festival Radio 2 "Folkweave" 1979: CASS-0413 "When the Old Duncow caught fire" & "Down Below"

FORRESTER, Robert "Bob" - Carlisle\ unacc singer/ harmonica\ 1953 -- rec by Jack Little, Low Hesket, Cumb Aug 1953: (REYNARD RR002) - TOPIC TSCD-655 1998 "Rural": "Copshawholme Fair"/ TSCD-669 "Northern Dances" (harmonica with Alf ADAMSON'S Band: "Wild Rover, Coupshawholme Fair & Yon Flowery Garden"

FOSBURY, George - Hampsh\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Bob Copper, Axford 26/7/55: RPL 21858 "The Three Butchers" & 21859 "False Lanky" (Lamkin) - TOPIC 12-T-317 1977 - FTX-426 - FTX-502 "Lanky"

FOSTER & ALLEN - Ireland\ Singing duo with acc\ 1985 -- RITZ LC-0003 nd "A Bunch of Thyme" CASS 60-0951 - LC-008 "Selection" CASS 60-0952 - STYLUS SMC-623 "Reminiscing" CASS- 60-0953 - RITZ LC-0015 "I will love you all my life" CASS 60- 0954 - RITZ LC-0012 "Maggie" CASS-60-0955 - LC-TV1 "The Very Best of" CASS-60-0956 - [nn] "After All These Years" CASS-60- 0957

FOUR PROVINCES ORCHESTRA - Irish USA\ Band\ 1940s-60s - Leader: Eddie LEE brother of Frank LEE -- Mac McDAID (?) (t/banjo): ex in Mick MOLONEY's Talk on "The Irish Banjo" at Clancy School RTE "Long Note" progr 26/7/88 CASS-60-0895

FOURBISTER, Dorothy "Dot" - Orkneys\ unacc singer\ 1955 - from the isle of Flotta, -- rec by PK, 19/7/55: RTR 1060/' RPL 22649 "Brig Columbus" only - FTX-189 "Brig Columbus" - FTX-255 "As I roved out" radio prog 1956 "Binnorie" - FTX-501 "Two Sisters" - FTX-512 "Brig Columbus"

FOWELL, Jim & Douglas - Staffordsh\ Dance Leader (talk) & mel\ 1954 - photo by Peter Kennedy, of Mr & Mrs Jim Fowell 0199 -- Abbots Bromley Horn Dancers with Douglas FOWELL (mel) & Brian GRIMLEY (triangle) rec by PK, 6/9/54: RPL 21149/ FTX-110 Documentary of Horn Dance - Video #9 rec 12/9/83

FOX, Mister - Yorksh\ Elec Folk Group\ 1975 - Bob & Carole PEGG & Group -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) "Rise up Jock" & "Gay Goshawk" - TRANSATLANTIC TRA-226 1970 "Mr Fox" - TRA-236 1971 "The Gypsy"

FRANCIS, David - Essex\ unacc singer\ 1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, High Roding: NLCD 3/4 2002

FRANKLIN, Tony - Cornwall\ ocarina, mand, gtr & banjo\ 1978 - from Redruth Cornwall -- rec by PK, Devon: FTX-124 accomp by Bob RUNDLE (mel)

FRASER, Alasdair - Scotland\ unacc Gaelic singer\ 1958 -- rec 25/7/58: RPL LP 27307 (5 songs)

FRASER, Alasdair - Scotland\ fiddler\ 1989 -- Kennedy-Fraser prog CASS-90-0978/ FTX 263 - Radio 2: 20/9/89: CASS 0487 - Radio 2: 15/8/90/ CASS 60-1010 incl Cape Breton tunes - LIVING TRADITION LTCD-001 1994 with Paul MACHLIS (gtr) "A nochd gur faoin mo chadal dhomh"

FRASER, John - Orkney\ fid\ 1955 - (age 80+)-- rec by PK, Favel, Birsay 20/7/55: RTR-1057 & 1061/ RPL 22728/ FTX-064 airs/ dances/ talk - FTX-389

FRASER, Peter - Shetland\ fid\ 1952 -- rec by Pat Shaw, Finniegarth, Wall, Lerwick July 1952: RPL 18621-2 Various Reels & Wedding tunes/ FTX-068 - with Tom Anderson (piano) "The Muckle Reel of Finniegarth & Shetland Reel tunes: 7"RTR-1085

FRENCH, Bill (of "The Two Bills") - see Bill BURNHAM - London\ Music Hall singers with piano\ 1954 -- rec by PK, "Cock & Monkey", Bermondsey 3/2/54: RPL 21158-9 (3 songs)/ FTX-331

FRENCH, Billy - Suffolk\unacc singer\1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, Sudbury: NLCD 3/4 2002

FRENCH, Jack or Johnny - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1953 - aged 64 when rec -- rec by PK, "The Ship" Blaxhall 10/10/53: RPL 19982 "Barley Mow" - RPL 19983 "Liverpool Play" - EMI 7-EG-8288 1960 45-EP "Barley Mow" - FTX-036 "Barley Mow" - FTX-513 "Liverpool Play"

FREYA, Jo - England \ Singer\ 1993 -- "Traditional Songs of England" SAYDISC SDL-402 (cass) 1993

FRIEDMAN, Perry - Canada\ Singer/ banjo\ 1960 -- rec by PK, London 21/6/58: RPL LP 24566 (12 songs)/ EMI DLP-1204 1960 "The Strangest Dream" - rec by PK 6/2/59 accompanying Shirley COLLINS, Frank PURSLOW & Isabel SUTHERLAND on EMI CLP 1327 & 1362/ FTX-093

FRIEND, Sam - Suffolk\ unacc singer\1995 - Horseman left school at 12 to go pig-sdhacking for 3/- a week --rec by Neil Lanham Charsfield, Woodbridge, Suffolk: NL-02 1995 (?) CASS 1358: Miner's Dream of Home, John Barleycorn (frag), Turpin Hero, Poor Smuggler's Boy, Faithful Sailor Boy, Wedding Ring my mother wore, Jim the carter's lad, Story: Taking pig to Alfred Preston

FRIER, Tich - Scotland\ Singer\ 1983 -- CELTIC MUSIC CM-014 1983 - Radio 2: 30/9/87: CASS-0404

FRYER, Fanny - Berksh\ melodeon\ 1956 -- Abingdon Morris Dancers rec by PK, London 1956 : FTX-116

FULLER, Blind Boy (voc/gtr) with Sonny Terry (harmonica) rec Memphis, Tenn 12/7/39: VOCALION 05030/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "I want some of your pie"

FULLER, Jack - Laughton Sussex\ unacc gipsy singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, 11/11/52: RPL 18717/ FTX-140 "Green grow the laurels"

FULLER, Jesse - USA\ Blues One-man Band\ - -- Ralph McTell talking about him & Jesse Fuller & singing "San Francisco Bay Blues": Radio 2 Xmas Prog 30/12/87 CASS-0423-4

FULLER, Louie - Lingfield Surrey\ unacc singer\ 1976 - (nee Sanders: same singer as in Stubbs LOM but Fuller is her married name) -- rec by Mike Yates: TOPIC 12-TS-285 1976 "Green grow the laurels" & 4 other songs rec by Mike Yates, Lingfield, Surrey: TOPIC 12-TS-285 1976/ TOPIC TSCD 600 ("Hidden English") "Hopping down in Kent"/ TSCD-663 1998 Drink "Young Maria" (Pison in a glass of wine)/ TSCD-665 1998 Courtship "Green grow the laurels"

FULLER, Mark - Sussex\ unacc harmony singers\ 1952 - age 70 - also knew "Bold Reynolds, Sailor from the Sea, Rosin the Beau, the Tinreman" - see also Luther HILLS -- rec by PK , East Dean 2/12/52: RPL 18714/ FTX-023 "Brisk & Bonny" FTX-428 "Dame Durden"/ "Foggy ew"/ "Brisk & Bonny" & "Sportsmen Arouse"

FULLER, Mary - Sussex\ unacc gipsy singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Laughton, nr Lewes 11/11/52: RPL 18717/ FTX-140 "O what a life"

FULLER, Wally - Sussex\ unacc gypsy singer\ 1952 - family from Kent -- rec by PK, Laughton 11/11/52: RPL 18717-9 (10 songs. 2 toasts & talk) - FTX-140/ FTX-441

FURBUR, Dorothy - Heswall Chesh\ collector/ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 1/6/52: RPL 18137-8 "Pace-egging" "Will you hear a Spanish lady?" "Plains of Waterloo" "Swinton May Carol" "Marling Song" & Talk "Bird Tenting Song" - rec 5/6/57: RPL LP 23494 (further 15 songs)

FUREY, Finbar & Eddie - Ireland\ U-pipes, whistle & gtr\ 1968 - sons of Ted FUREY (fid) rec by PK for BBC Transcription -- Finbar (U-pipes, whistle, guitar) Eddie (gtr bodhran): BROADSIDE BRO-133 [nd] with Bob STEWART - TRANSATLANTIC TRA-168 1968 6 songs & 8 instrumentals/ A-ROVING 1968 #3 "This town is not your own" FTX-309 - TRANSATLANTIC TRA-191 1969 "The Lonesome Boatman" - TRANSATLANTIC XTRA-1077 1969 Finbar (U-pipes only)

FUREYS & Dave ARTHUR - Ireland\ Folk Group\ nd -- CASS-90-0958

FUSSEY, James - Lincs\ fid & singer\ 1953 - farmer also hires out his thrashing machine - born East Halton Apr 6th - aged 83 - until rec he hadn't played for 57 years - played at Primitive Methodist chapel previously with bass fiddle and harmonium and also played at School Feast days for 65 years - photos by PK 0019-0024 -- rec by PK, East Halton, nr Barrow-on-Humber, Lincs 27/3/53: FTX-423/ RPL 21491 "Pop goes the weasel" "Duke of York's March" "Devil a mong the Tailors" & Carol (sung with fid): "While Shepherds Watched" (tune comp by Goxhill man) - 7"RTR-0252 Items not copied: "Heel & Toe Polka" with words/ talk about learning fiddle/ "Hands Across" CD to tune of "Off she goes"

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