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PADSTOW MAYERS - Cornwall\ Street custom\ 1953 -- Extract of "Morning Song": RPL 1083 nd (Reverse 78rpm disc) - Clock striking/ Morning Song with acc/ Acct by villager rec 1945/ Morning & Day Song with drum rec 1/5/46: RPL 9499/ COLUMBIA SL- 206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 - Descr/ Morning Song with commentary 1/5/45/ Jack COLLINS (unacc) both songs 26/4/44: RPL 9500 - CAEDMON TC-1124/ TOPIC 12-T-197 1969 - Richard GENDALL with gtr: FTX-009 sung in Cornish "Can Cala Me" - Charlie BATE 5 verses & BLUE RIBBON Hobby Horse Party (2v) rec by PK, 1956: FTX-010 - soundtrack of film: FTX-215 - FTX-307 A-ROVING radio prog - Video #3 Film OSS OSS WEE OSS by PK, Alan Lomax & George Pickow 1953 - RTR#0145- 0153 & 0157-0163 Filmtracks - Charlie BATE & Party rec by PK, Festival Hall London: EMI CLP-1910 1965 - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions" - The Merrymakers: TOPIC TSCD-666 1998 Seasonal Events incl "The Happy Wanderer" & "The Sash"

PAGE, Jimmy - London\ Singer with LED ZEPELIN\ 1969 --ATLANTIC 588-171 1969 LED ZEPPELIN incl "Black Mountain Side" learned from Bert JANSCH who learneed it from Isla Cameron (i e version of song coll by PK from Irish tinker))

PAINE, Frank - Somerset\ unacc singer\ 1957 - His father lived at Curry Rivel and sang to Cecil Sharp -- rec by PK, Hambridge Brewery 25/1/57: 5"RTR-0941 "Billy Johnson's Ball"/ "One Thing or the Other"/ talk about Cecil Sharp and Charles Marson/ Nutting Girl (frag)/ Sweet Nightingale (usual)

PALEY, Tom - USA\ Singer with banjo\ 1969 - ex NEW LOST CITY RAMBLERS -- ARGO ZFB-3 1969 with Joe LOCKER (banjo) & Janet KERR (fiddle) - ZFB-9 1970 accomp Cyril TAWNEY: Mayflower Garland

PALLISTER, Jimmy - Northumb\ fid\ 1975 -- rec Cambo: TOPIC 12-TS-267 1975 "Morpeth Rant"

PALMER, Rebecca ("Becky") - Gloucestersh\ multi-instr\ 1992 -- tunes on flute, acc, fid, gtr, bassoon, whistle & oboe CASS- 1242

PALMER, Bunny - Devon\ singer\ 1950 -- rec by PK, Sidbury "Village Barn Dance" prog Nov 1950 intro by Bernard Fishwick: 7"RTR#0008/ COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 - FTX-407 "The Mallard"

PALMER, Freda - Oxfordsh\ unacc gypsy singer\ 1975 - bn Leafield c1914-18 -- rec by Mike Yates, singer's home, Witney: TOPIC 12-T-254 1975/ TSCD-653 1998 (Tragic Ballads) "Maria Marten"/ TSCD-660 Amorous Encounters "The Wandering Girl"

PALMER, Roy - Worcestersh\ Folklore Author & Unacc singer\ 1972 -- TOPIC IMP-S-104 1972 "Captain Nipper"

PALMER, Sylvester - (voc/piano) rec Chicago 15/11/29: COLUMBIA 14492-9/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Lonesome Man Blues"

PAPA STOUR DANCERS - Shetland\ Mummers Play & Sword Dance\ 1952 -- RPL 18646 rec by Pat Shaw July 1952

PARDON, Walter - Norfolk\ unacc singer\ 1975 - (1914-1996) carpenter of Knapton Mundesley, Norfolk - John Cohen filmed him in 1983 for "The Ballad and the Source" -- rec by Bill Leader & Peter Bellamy 1974: LEADER LED-2063 1975 "A Proper Sort" - LEADER LED-2111 1977 "Our side of the baulk" - TOPIC 12-TS-392 1982 "A Country Life" rec by Mike Yates - TOPIC TSCD 600 "Hidden English" "Broomfield Hill" - TSCD-652 1998 "Sea" "A Ship to Old England Came" & "Jack Tar Ashore"/ TSCD-654 Emigration "Van Dieman's Land" (Poacher's Fate)/ TSCD-656 "Love false & true "The Raggle Taggle Gypsies"/ TSCD- 660 Amorous Encounters "Let the wind blow high or low" (The Irish Girl)/ TSCD-664 Dances & Ditties "Hungry Army"/ TSCD-665 "Courtship" "I wish I wish" (Died for love)/ TSCD-667 Ballads "Jack Hall"/ TSCD-668 "Hunting & Poaching" "The Poacher's Fate" - (FOLKWAYS FE-38553) rec by Sam Richards - "Bold Princess Royal" Radio 2: 21/7/93 prog by Georgina Boyes CASS-1258-9 - EFDSS CD-02 1998 "Bright Golden Store" (Sailor's Frolic) - rec by Mike Yates 1978: ROOT & BRANCH #1 1999 "Won't you come to me in Canada?"

PARKER, Charles -1919-1980 - BBC radio producer Birmingham - Founder, writer, singer,actor, Banner Theatre, Birmingham 1974-1980 - Winner ITALIA PRIZE for Radio Documentary 1960 - Winner ITALIA PRIZE for Radio Documentary 1960 - Producer, 1958-1963, The Radio Ballads and
many other remarkable radio programmes - Charles came to believe passionately in the value of the testimony of working people and the creative importance of 'the oral tradition' and its relationship to folk music. This became the key to his work in radio, theatre and in his extensive teaching activities -
"Two Norfolk Singers"16mm film featuring Sam Larner and Harry Cox interviewed by Charles Parker: talk and from Sam "Windy Old Weather" "All hail the dewy morning (Baffled Knight)" "Penny towards the pot" "Mignonetter" & "Coon Song" "Comic Song" & "Wild Rover" (complete) and from Harry includes talk, dancing doll and songs: "As I walked out", "When the stormy winds did blow" "The Bold Drover" "The Spotted Cow" & "Betsy" (1st few verses): FF-2217

PARKER, Chet - Mich USA\ h-dulc\ nd -- SMITHSONIAN Music from the Festival of American Folklife

PARKINSON, Chris - England\ melodeon\1994 - member of "The House Band" -- ELLIPSIS ARTS 3xCD "Planet Squeezebox" 1995 "Mr Isaac's Maggot"

PARRY, Sir Hubert - composer - in AS I ROVED "Collector's Corner" radio prog 1954 Spike Hughes talks about Parry's interest in Irish music: FTX-257

PARSONS, Dick - Gloucestersh\ unacc singer\ 1979 -- rec by Gwilym Davies, Cheltenham: FTX-417 Carol: "Joys of Mary" (sung & spoken)

PARTRIDGE, John - Gloucestersh\ unacc singer Carols\ 1952 -- rec by Maud Karpeles & Pat Shaw, Cinderford 22/8/52: RPL 18618 "Cherry Tree" Carol/ FTX-504 - John KIRKPATRICK: TOPIC 12-TS-295 1976 - Ewan McCOLL ARGO ZDA-73 1967 with 2 USA versions sung by Peggy SEEGER - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions"

PATON, (Alexander) "Sandy" - Vermont USA\ Collector-singer (gtr)\ 1958 -- FOLK LEGACY records -- rec London 1/1/58: RPL LP 24201 - COLLECTOR JEA-1-3 1958 (45 rpm) (4 songs on each) -

PATRICK STREET - Dublin\ 1988 - Kevin Burke, Jackie Dalhy, Andy Irvin & Art McGlen -- RTE "Long Note" radio prog June 1988 CASS-0984 "Jenny picking cockles"

PATTEN, Bob & Caroline - Somerset\ Collectors\ 1980s -- CASS in booklet

PATTERSON, Annie - Orkney\ unacc singer\ 1955 - Age 82 of -- rec by PK, St Andrews 19/7/55: RTR 1064/ RPL 22650-1 "Frog & the Mouse""Tam Gibb's Soo" (her son talks about song) & "Two Sailors Walking" (Broken Token) - FTX-189 - FTX-389 Orkney Selection

PATTERSON, Rod - Scotland\ Singer (gtr)\ 1987 -- Radio 2: 1/4/87: CASS-90-0567 with EASY CLUB Song & Instr - Radio 2: 31/8/88: CASS-15-0730 "Earl Richard" & "Bleacher Lassie"

PATTON, Charley - USA\voc/gtr\ 1934 -- rec NYC 30/12/34: (VOCALION-02680)/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1(Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Stone Pony Blues"

PAXTON, Tom - USA\ Singer-songmaker with gtr\ 1971 - Bottle Of Wine - Going To The Zoo - My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog - One Time And One Time Only - This World Goes Round - Willing Conscript -- 2 progs on WOODY GUTHRIE: Radio 2: 30/9/87 & 7/10/87: CASS- 425 - Cassette of radio progs 1991 - TINKERS; ARGO ZFB-35 1971"This world goes round" - Robin & Jimmie: DECCA ECS-2161 "My dog's bigger than your dog" - FONTANA SFL-13117 1969 "Going to the Zoo" & others - : Danny DOYLE: MAJOR MINOR MMLP-26 1968 "One time & One time only" - Pete SEEGER: TRANSATLANTIC XTRA-1016 "The Willing Conscript" - Doc WATSON: UNITED ARTISTS UAS-29490 1973 "Bottle of Wine" - with fid, gtr & bass: Radio 2: 17/10/90 CASS-60-1017 "Bottle of Wine"

PAYNE, Warren - N.C., USA\ Unacc singer\ 1951 -- rec by Frank Warner & Anne Warner, Engleshard, Hyde Co: FTX-926

PAYNE, William - Gloucestersh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by Maud Karpeles & Pat Shaw, Gloucester 22/8/52: RPL 18618 "The Bitter Withy"/ FTX-504 - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions"

PEACHEY, Albert - Oxfordsh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Swinbrook, Burford 16/10/52: RPL 18688 "I'm only a poor girl "(If I were a Blackbird)

PEACHEY, Alf, - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1995 -- rec by Neil Lanham , Framsden, Stowmarket, Suffolk: NL-02 1995 (?) CASS-1358: Blow ye winds (Mermaid), Irish Familie (Father had a knife), Jolly Old Uncle Joe, Proud of me old Bald head, Poor Old Couple, Diddling: Johnson's (Sweeps) Hornpipe & Soldier's Joy, Goodbye Annie, come landlord

PEACHEY, Ernest - Durham\ singer (Age 11)\ 1953 -- rec by Alan Lomax, Thornley: FTX-409 Keelers & Colliers "Bobby Shafto" - FTX-515

PEARCE, Richard "Dick" - Devon\ Singer\ 1954 -- of Kingsbridge rec by PK, Exeter 13/10/54: 7"RTR-0014/ RPL 21478 "Barley Mow" & "Little Cock" (Farmyard Song)/ RPL 21489-90 Talk about Songs, "Harvest Homes", "Last Sheaf" ceremony etc "Tree on the hill" & "The Mallard" - FTX-086

PEARS, Fred - Suffolk\ mel\ 1953 - agedd 41 -- rec by PK, "The Ship" Blaxhall 10/10/53: RPL 19984 Version of "Manchester Hornpipe" with step-dancing - 16mm Film "Barley Mow" playing for step-dancing 1955: FF-1105 - TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1141 1974

PEARSE, John - London\ Singer & teacher (gtr)\ 1960 -- BOULEVARD BD-4119 1973 Guitar tutor (booklet encl) - DOBELL F-LEUT-1 1960 "Rap-a-tap-tap - Songs Miss Pringle never taught us" - with Frank PURSLOW - F-EPEU-500 1960 "Bottoms Up" - FTX-219 with FP (Dobell disk) - FTX-918 "Hold down a chord" - "Calling the tune" #6 25/2/63 talk & "Jolly Rogues of Lynn", Trinidad song (Old Woman) "Masha me Toe", talk & "Geordie" - UNDERDOG DB-1940 1980/ CASS-0207 "Together" with Mary Faith RHOADS (ham dulc)

PEARSON, Ned - Northumb\ fid\ 1954 - (1876-1964/?) - photos by PK 0219-24 (6) - see also Jimmy PALLISTER -- rec by PK, Cambo 16/6/- 7"RTR-0041-3 & copies on 0501 & 0505 & 0054/ RPL 20620-23/ FTX-121 - TOPIC 12-T-283 1976 "Holey Ha'penny" incl "Father's polka, Schottische, Varsovianas, Highland Laddie, Heel and Toe, Pin Reel Jig & Cambo March"/ TSCD-657 1998 Fun & frolics "Varsovianas" (Orig & Later)/ TSCD-664 Dances & Ditties "Heel & Toe" & "Morpeth Rant"/ TSCD-669 Northern Dances "Untitled Hornpipe & Polka", "Polka Mazurka/ Paddle your own canoe", "Corn Rigs" "Sylph Jigs" "Highland Laddie" "Pin Reel & Cambo March"

PEDWARONABAR (Four in a bar) -- Wales\ Folk Group (5)\ 1980 -- "Dachyn anghariad"/ "St David's Day", "The Druid" & "The Galloping Nag" (Jigs) & "Merionethshire March" (Reel) on gtrs & mandolin/ Ewan ROBERTS: Song in Welsh (with whi, fid & keyboard): "The Wee Bird of the mountain" intro by Geof Cripps on Radio 2: 2/3/88 CASS-0868

PEERLESS FOUR, THE - Va. USA\ vocal quartet\ 1960 -- with gtr rec by Alan Lomax, Norfolk, Va. USA 1960: ROUNDER 1708 1997 "How could I live?", "Noah", "Trouble in my way"/ with gtr, piano & drums "Trouble in my way"/ with piano & drum & hand-clapping chorus "I'm a soldier in the army of the Lord"


PEGG, Bob - Yorksh\ Folksinger-songmaker\ 1970 - see also Mr FOX -- ISLAND FOLK-1001 1975 (boxed) "Rise up, Jock" & "Gay Goshawk" - LEADER LER-2019 1970 "Love Song" (Pegg: Bob & Carole - TRANSATLANTIC TRA-226 1970 "Mister Fox" -Carole PEGG: TRA-266 1973

PEGG, Carolanne - Yorksh\ Folksinger\1970 - former wife of Bob -- TRANSATLANTIC TRA-236 1971 "The Gypsy" - KAZ RECORDS TBX MC 513 1995/ cass 1383 "Mouse and crow"

PEGRAM, George - N Carolina USA\ Singer with banjo/ fiddle\ 1973 -- with Clyde ISAACS (mandolin), Fred Cockerham (fiddle) & Jack BRYANT (gtr): SAYDISC Matchbox SDM-235 1973 (originally ROUNDER 0001)

PENFOLD, Janet & Florrie - London\ gypsy street-sellers\ 1958 - Florence (70) & Miss Janet living at 41 Stainforth Rd, Battersea -- rec by PK, Battersea 1/12/58: 5"RTR-0952 "Fire Winter log-O"- FTX-031 Janet (Mrs Chapman): "Sweet Blooming Lavender" - FTX-453 dialect speech by Janet (30) & her mother Florrie (70)

PENFOLD, Rebecca - Devon\ gypsy singer\ 1971 -- rec by PK, Hatherleigh 1971 & 1973/ FTX-042 solo album - FTX-136 vocal study - RTR 5"-0843 (dub)/ 5"-0921-2/ 5"- 0972(film) &0973 - Film with PK at her cottage at Hatherleigh in 1986 with 2 songs and stories of Rev Sabine Baring Gould: FF-2206 - SAYDISC CD SDL-407 1994 "Songs of the Travelling People

PENGUIN CAFE ORCHESTRA - England\ Arr music group\ 1991 -- CASS-30-058 dubbed 3/91

PENNOCK, Billy - Yorksh\ fid & unacc singer\ 1953 - Age 66 when recorded, he had been a blacksmith for 33 years, His father, Neswell Pennock, played fiddle for collector, Cecil Sharp, and Maud Karpeles published his NEW RIGGED SHIP in "12 Traditional Dances". His grand-father, also a fiddler, was a clock-and-watch cleaner, with whom Billy had his first job. He later worked with his father at the smithy - Photos by PK, 0031- 36 -- rec by PK, Green End, Goathland, N.Yorksh 1/4/53: 7"RTR-0072/ RPL 21491-2/ FTX-211: Country dances, reels, march, 3 songs: "Green Bushes" "Indian Lass" "Bonny Hawthorn" & talk - RTR-7-0252 Items not on RPL: Various Country Dance tunes hummed with talk about family and Country Dancing in district

PENNYWHISTLERS, THE - USA\ Singing group 7 women\ 1965 -- NONESUCH N-72007 1965 Macedonian, Bulgarian, Yiddish, Hungarian, American, Czechslovakian, Serbo-Croatian songs

PENTANGLE - England\ Folk Group\ 1969 - incl John RENBOURN, Richard THOMPSON, COX, McSHEE -- ISLAND FOLK- 1001 1975 (boxed) "Let me steal your thyme" & Waltz - TRANSATLANTIC TRA-205 1969 - KAZ RECORDS TBX MC 513 1995/ cass 1381 "Market Song" - cass 1382 "Bruton Town" - cass 1383 "Light Flight"

PEOPLES, Tommy - Co Donegal\ fid\ 1976 -- with Paul BRADY (gtr): SHANACHIE S-29003 "The High Part of the Road"/ Also on CASS-0486 - rec at "Fiddlesticks" Festival organised by Traditional Music Society of University College, Cork 1991: NIMBUS NI-5320

PEOPLE'S STAGE - Devon\ Folkgroup\ 1978 - rec by Sam RICHARDS: CASS-0179

PERCHARD, Garret & Emilie - Channel Islands\ Singers in French\ 1960 -- rec by PK, St Saviours Jersey 24/4/60: RPL LP 26236 - FTX-214

PEREE, Jean aka "Jack" - Channel Islands\ Singer in French\ 1960 - Farmer, born St Ouens 1895 (65 when rec) - his uncle was a singer -- rec by PK, St Ouens, Jersey 24/4/60: RPL LP 26236 "La Vielle Houlogue" (Grandfather's Clock) with Eileen Le Sueur (p-acc) & Talk about smugglers, "Spring Jack", "Black Butter Nights" - FTX-214

PERRIER, Fred - Wiltsh\ unacc singer. reciter & mummer\ 1954 - from Shrewton -- rec by PK, "Village Barn Dance", West Lavington, Wiltshire Nov 1950 "Turmut Hoer's Song"/ 7"RTR#0008/ COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD 1741 1`998/ 7"RTR-0017 & 0026 - rec by PK 6/10/54: RPL 21493 "Turmut Hoeing" & "Twas on a Monday morning" (Linen Song)/ dub of disk 7"RTR-0016/ Radio 2: 13/9/82: CASS#0474 - RPL 21495 Christmas Mumming Play & 21496 Talk about Mummers/ Recit: "Ben & the butter" - FTX-019 "Linen Song" - FTX-406 "Wiltshire Village Music" Recit - FTX-453 Dialect

PERRIN, Edith - W.Indies\ unacc singer\ 1941 -- APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Solas Market"/"Wakes in the Morning"/ "Where did you get that hat?"/ "Kiss me O I like it"/"Young Beham"(Lord Bateman)

PERRY, Mrs C A - Buckinghamsh\ unacc carol singer\ 1954 - photos by PK 0310-11 -- rec by PK, Loughton, Bletchley 7/9/54: RTR- 0117/ RPL 21149/ FTX-307 May Carol & talk

PERRY, Wayne - Indian Bayou\ Cajun fiddler\ Louisiana, USA\ 1934 -- rec by John & Alan Lomax: ROUNDER 11661-1842-2 1999

PETE, Blind - Ark USA\ fid\ 1934 -- with George RYAN (gtr) rec by Alan Lomax, Little Rock Sept 1934: ROUNDER CD-11661-1823-2 1999 "Black Bayou"& "Banty Rooster"

PETERSON, Bobby - Shetland\ fid\ 1973 -- rec by Tom Anderson CASS-60-0435 2 reels with piano - TANGENT TNGM-117 1973 5 reels from Tingwall

PETERSON, George - Shetland\ fid\ nd -- RTR-1079

PHILLIPS, Ben "Bach" - Pembrokesh\ unacc singer in Welsh & Engl\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Lochtwrffin, Mathry 17/10/52: RPL 19067-70 13s - 19071 Interview with singer - FTX-005 Welsh - FTX-027 "Wild Man of Borneo" - FTX-052 Mostly Ben Bach singing in Welsh - AS I ROVED OUT Radio prog 1956: FTX-255 AS I ROVED OUT radio prog with orchestral arr by Spike Hughes of "Gwgw"/ FTX-310 A-ROVING 1968 #4 "Sweet William"

PHILLIPS, Charlie - Dorset\ unacc Singer\ 1950-6 -- rec by PK, Symondsbury 7"RTR-0008/ FTX-015 "The Cuckoo" (1v only)

PHILLIPS, Cyril - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1975 - from Cuckfield -- TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1150 1975 rec in pub Lewes "The Molecatcher" & "Lakes of Coolfin"

PHILLIPS, Lacey - Appalachia, USA\ 5-str banjo\ 1956 -- TRADITION TLP-1007 1956-7 "Marching Jaybird" & "Soldier's Joy"

PHOENIX - Gloucestersh\ Irish f/group\ 1989 - Matt Cranitch (fid)/ Dave Hennessy (mel)/ Mick Daly (v/gtr/banjo) with Peter Brennan (dobro gtr/bass) -- "Any Old Time" DARA-025 CASS-0923

PICHON, Michel - France\ accordion\ 1990 - Bourbonnais region of S France -- Radio 2: 19/9/90/ CASS-60- 1011

PICKARD, Loxton - Cornwall\ accordion\ 1975 -- rec by PK, "The Napoleon Inn" Boscastle: FTX-096

PICKERING, Johnny - Co Armagh\ fid\ 1952 - Age 33 - weaver in local linen mills - comes of a musical family and travelled playing fiddle in every county of Ireland with Ceildhe Bands - hobbies: fiddling, pints and romance in that order - photos by PK 0059-61 -- rec by PK, Markethill 12/7/52: 7"RTR-0546/ RPL 18386 2 jigs & 2 reels, 2 Schottisches & 2 reels with Jimmy Pickering (melodeon) - "Historic Collection Series": FTX-420 - FTX-431 - FTX-517 "Boney's Retreat"/ SAYDISC-CD-SDL-420 1997 Jigs: "Basket of Oysters" & "Jackson's Rum Punch"

PICKFORD, Eddie - Newcastle\ Singer-songmaker\ 1972 -- TOPIC 12-TS-219 1972

PICOT, Mrs Marie - Channel Islands\ French speaker\ 1957 - aged 80+ lived at Clarence House opposite "Le Huret" where proclamations are read for approval or disapproval -- rec by PK, St Anne's, Alderney 12/5/57: RPL LP 23845 "Le Clameur d'Haro" (cry) settling dispute with neighbour incl Lord's Prayer in French

PICKOW, Peter - USA\ Instrumentalist\ 1976 - son of Jean RITCHIE -- PICKWICK SDLP-314 nd "Alice's Restaurant" (gtr accomp)

PIDGEON, Bert - Dorset\ mel\ 1950 -- rec by PK, Bridport with Alfie TUCK (stick & drum) rec Puncknowle, Dorset Oct 1950 7"RTR#0008: "Soldier's Joy" (4 Hand Reel); "Up sides & down the Middle" & "Baby Dance" (Clap Polka)/ COLUMBIA SL-206 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998/ FTX-408 "Dorset Village Music" - 5"RTR#0024

PIDGEON, Fred - Devon\ fid\ 1950 - master baker & local dance musician - photos by PK: 0193-5 (3) -- rec by PK, Stockland May 1950 with Mrs Pidgeon (piano) (also 1954): 7"RTR-0008 "Sir Roger" "Dannish Waltz" "Triumph"/ FTX-086 Devon Village Music - FTX-087 solo album "Bonny Breast Knot" - FTX-407 South Devon Album

PIGG, Billy - Northumberland\ N-pipes\ 1959 -- (RPL 32288-9 rec 1959) - LEADER LEA-4006 1971 "The Border Minstrel" - TOPIC 12-TS-227 1974 "Wild Hills o Wannies"/ TSCD 600 "Hidden English" "Morpeth Rant" Alnwick Gathering Radio 2: 28/12/88: CASS-60-0547 - rec by American researchers Royce Wilson 1958 & Burt Feintuch 1986: SMITHSONIAN-FOLKWAYS SFW-40473 1999 "Archie's Fancy" "Holey Ha'penny" "Skye Crofters" & "Border Spirit" "There's Nae Good Luck" "High Level Hornpipe" -- cass RTE "Long Note" radio prog 1/8/8 Kathryn TICKELL plays his comp "The Raindrops"

PIGGOTT, Charlie - Co Cork\ t/banjo\ 1960s -- Reel as an example in Mick MOLONEY's Talk on "The Irish Banjo" at Clancy School RTE "Long Note" progr 26/7/88 CASS-60-0895

PLANXTY - Dublin\ Folk Group\ 1972 - with Christy MOORE, Andy IRVINE. Donal LUNNEY & Liam o FLYNN (U- pipes) -- TARA-1001 1972 (before they were called "Planxty") - POLYDOR 2383-186 1973 - 2383-232 1973 "Well below the valley" - 2383-301 1973 "Cold Blow"

PLATT, Moses "Clear Rock" - Texas\ unacc voc\ 1933 -- rec by John & Alan Lomax, Central State Farm (Pen), Sugarland, USA 1933: ROUNDER 11661-1821-2 1999 "St James' Hospital" ("I used to go dashing"); The Old Chisholm Trail"; "That's All Right Baby"; "Old Joe Clark" & "Long Summer Day"

PLETHYN - Wales\ Folk Group\ 1980 -- Song in Welsh: "Blood is thicker than water" incident in Falklands War when Welsh soldier wounded in hospital at Port Stanley meets an Argentinian Welsh-speaker intro by Geof Cripps Radio 2: 2/3/88 CASS-0868

POACHER, Cyril - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1953 - bn Stone Common, 1910 and died 21st Sept 1999 (age 89) - aged 42 when rec - Items assigned to Folktrax by Cyril of Grove Farm on 26.8.60 include THE NUTTING GIRL & BROOMFIELD WAGER -- rec by PK, "The Ship" Blaxhall Suffolk 10/10/53: RPL 19981 "The Nutting Girl" - EMI 7-EG-8288 1960 45-EP "Nutting Girl" with ch - FTX-017 "Nutting Girl" - FTX-036 Blaxhall pub rec - FTX-501 "Broomfield Wager" - 16mm Film, Blaxhall, Suffolk 1955: FF-1105 - TRANSATLANTIC XTRS-1141 1974 rec by Fred Dallas "The Larks they sang" "Nutting Girl" & "Slap Dab" - TOPIC 12-TS-252 1975 solo album rec by Tony Engle & Keith Summers in singer's own home, Stone Common, Blaxhall 1974/ TSCD 600 "Hidden English" "Nutting Girl"/ TSCD-651 1998 "A Broadside" (Female Warrior)/ TSCD-654 1998 "Emigration Ballads" "Australia"/ TSCD-656 (Lovers false & true) "The Maid & the Magpie"/ TSCD-658 "Events & Issues" "Bonny Bunch of Roses"/ TSCD-662 "Sailors" "Nancy of Yarmouth" & "Plenty of Thyme" (Sprig of Thyme) - MUSICAL TRADITIONS MT-CD 303 1999 "Plenty of Thyme"(solo album with 31 songs)

POGUES, THE - Dublin\ Folk Rock Group\ 1984 -- SEEZ-55 1984 "Red Roses for me"/ 90-CASS 0949 - SEEZ-58 1985 "Rum Sodomy & the Lash"/ CASS-90-0949

POLSON, Andrew - Shetland\ fiddle\ 1973 -- rec Whalsay: TANGENT TNGM-117 1973 (M) Reels: "Walking ower da river" with "Greig's Pipes"/ "Black Jock" "Bruntfoot" & "Ladies Breast Knots"

PORTEOUS, Lindsay - Fife\ jew's harp\ 1989 - from Culross -- rec Kinross Folk Festival 1975: SPRINGTHYME SPRC 1003/ CASS-1313 - Radio 2: 18/1/89: CASS-15-0696 with Dollina McCLELLAND (voc) Patsy SEDDON (harp) Andy HUNTER (N-pipes) & Jim SUTHERLAND (bodhran)

PORTLAND QUARRYMEN - Isle of - Dorset - KARPELES Intro to EFS 1973/87 p64 "The French Song"- photos by PK 0248-0251 (4) - WORK SONGS include BOLD DANIEL - BEAT THE DRUM AGAIN - EE KALAZEE (The French Song) - FLEETING UP - MADEMOISELLE FROM ARMENTIERES (PARLEZ-VOUS) -ROLL OUT THE BARREL - ROLL THE CHARIOT ALONG - LEAN AND UNWASHED TIFFY (Tawney) THE STONE MEN OF PORTLAND - The Isle of Portland, near Weymouth, not only provided protection for the Naval Base, but its quarries are renowned for its quality of stone and cement. Portland stone was used in London for the Whitehall Banquetting Hall by Inigo Jones in 1619 and also for St. Paul's Cathedral by Sir Christopher Wren and for the RPL and many other buildings. Portland is in the Domesday Book as "Land of the Kings" and its Court Leet is still extant, being a Crown Court, with no intermediary between royalty and the tenants, having the right to quarry on common lands and paying royalty to the Court. When the recordings were made in the 50's, there were still some small privately-owned stone quarries, worked by gangs of 6 or 8 men and a boy to each crane. The gang recorded here were known, officially, as "Harry Hounsell and Company", Harry being responsible for the books, but, in fact, it was the apprentice boy, "Ginger", aged 17, being able to read and write, who looked after the books. Apprentices started aged 15 and were gradually adopted by the gang and not fully paid until age 21. - besides learning each part of the job, their main job was to take tools to be sharpened (each buys his own tools and looks after them). Jack Gould started at 18penbce a day. Harry was not the boss, all decisions were taken, democratically, by the company as a whole. Minimum wage was 30 shillings a day - but they were paid at so much per ton - their sub was £5 per week with settlement at the end of the month.- Since the Company was paid by the tonnage of squared stone, their pay packets depended on the way they split the rock evenly along each seam, and this depended on unified timing. They worked in pairs, right-handed and left-handed, in turns, driving in each wedge with heavy sledge-hammers, keeping in timewith improvised shouts, chants or by singing well-known songs, hymns "Abide with me" or "Lead kindly light" or by traditional songs, including the so-called "French song", possibly originally sung by by Basque sailors stranded there. There were only a few family surnames on Portland: Hounsell, Stone and Tewkesbury or Stewkesbury, so the quarrymen were identified by an extensive use of nick-names, such as "Wold Young's young-un, Tangaloo, Bunnockses, Poker, Shiner, Fleisher Lop-an-trot" etc., these names often being used in the Work Chants. Here are the nick-names of the gang recorded: Jack GOULD "Mack" - George STONE "Squibby" - Frank BROWN "Toby" - Tommy LAWRENCE "Yatticks" - Morgan JACKSON "Snooker" - Harry HOUNSELL "Granph" - The process of REAMING UP involved 6-8 men, equal numbers of right-handed and left-handed men who work in pairs. The process involves lifting a large rock, up to a 1,000 tons, off the bed by hewing an oblong cavity in the base along the line of its natural seam. Two iron pigs were inserted and 4 large wedges driven in between the pigs, each pair of men driving 4 wedges in turn. After all 4 are tight, they work on 3, allowing the fourth to become loose, when they shout out "'Bout". Reaming then stops while a small packing piece is inserted. They would then work on this wedge and two others, again until the 4th comes loose. The fine for not shouting "'Bout" or not having a wedge loose enough was half a gallon of ale, so the results at the end of a "Ream" can well be imagined - HEAVING THE JACK was used in the days before cranes were widely available to lift the squared stone onto carts using the Portland jacks. These were peculiar to Portland, but similar ones were employed in some French quarries. The Jacks were operated by turning a handle to operate a geared wheel, which raised a lever, having a foot at the bottom and a clawed end at the top. Each half turn required considerable strength, and it was essential for all the men to lift evenly so that the load would not tip. Except in the third line of ROUND, BOYS, ROUND, the song gives one word for each half turn of the handle. The third line was always improvised such as: "Johnny Skinner - lost his dinner, Benny White - out all night, Robert Fall - stayed down hole" and so on -- Tom TEWKESBURY & Gang rec Portland Quarries Dorset Dec 1937: RPL 1707 - July 1939: RPL 2266 - rec by Alan Lomax 25/11/53 (incl 1v of GRACE DARLING): 7"RTR-0122/ COLUMBIA SL-206 195/ ROUNDER CD-1741 1998 "Heaving the Jack" & "The French Tune" - Joe WHITE rec by PK 20/10/54: RPL 22480 with talk - Harry HOUNSELL & gang rec by PK 20/10/54: RPL 22480-2 with George STONE, Joe WHITE & Jack STEWKESBURY/ FTX-203 "Knock Ream and Bash" docum/ FTX-308 A-ROVING 1968 - FOLKTRAX Video of Harry Hounsell at home

POTTER, Charlie - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1956 -- rec by Mervyn Plunkett, Horsham Sept 1956: TOPIC TSCD-664 1998 Dances & Ditties "Sing Ivy" (Acre of Land)

POTTER, Terry - Sussex\ harmonica\ 1974 -- TOPIC 12-TS-238 1974 accomp Shirley COLLINS

POTTER, "Tom" (Harry Thomas) - Kent\ singer/ melodeon/ talk\ 1963 - (1888-1974) age 75 when rec in 1963 - timber-feller & hauler for 50 years for J.W.Santer at Gills Green, Hawkhurst - retired 4 years before rec but still gardening.- Eldest son of a family of 8, was brought up in the family home in Water Lane, Hawkhurst, attending Moor School, served in The Royal Field Artillery in First World War as horseman to the troop and went to France with BEF - favourite tipple was a glass of cider atg his favourite local "The Oak and Ivy" or "The Queen's Shades"- he would shoot rabbits, catapult a pheasant or tickle a trout - his greatest prize was a clutch of pheasant's eggs taken from under the gamekeeper's gaze -- rec by PK, Hawkhurst 4/9/63 RTR-0985 - sang "Rags & Bones" (The Man tha stuck Old Erin), "There goes old Tom Potter, Wheel the Prambulator While shepherds watched (old & new way), Whenever I go out" talk about "niggering", hop-picking, Horsmonden Fair (nr Tonbridge), learning to play, first on harmonica and played: "Yankee Doodle, Old Joe the boat is going over", Golden Slippers, Peggy O Neale, Wind blowed the pump up (Keel Row for Broom Dance), If I were a blackbird" FTX-428

POTTS, Tommy - Dublin Ire\ fid\ 1971 - b 1912 d.1988 - father was piper/ storyteller from Co Wexford -- CLADDAGH CC-13 1971 "The Liffey Banks" - GREENHAYS GR-705 1981 "The Gathering" rec Diane Hamilton - intro by Seamus Ennis on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS-0865 "with variations/ The Drunken Sailor" (Gm Hornpipe) & "My love is in America" (Gm Reel) "The Parting Glass" & "Bunch of Keys" - Commemorative prog RTE 20/3/88 CASS-90-0896 incl talk rec 1977 - "My Lagan Love" RTE "Long Note" radio prog 9/7/88 CASS-60-0906 - CASS-1277 RTE rec (with Daniel O Donnell on reverse side)

POWER, Jimmy - London\ Irish fiddler\ 1960s -- TOPIC (12-T-176 1968)/ TSCD-603 1997 "Paddy in the Smoke"

POWRIE, Ian & Will - Scotland\ fid & acc/ Band\ 1965 -- FONTANA TL-5296 1965 Best of White Heather Club - TOPIC TSCD-657 1998 "Fun & frolics" "Stirling Militia/ Ruthven House/ Fairy Dance"/ Will with piano: TSCD-663 "Drink: "Drunken Piper", "Highland Whisky" & "High Road to Linton"

PRATCHER, Miles & Bob - Miss USA\ voc & gtr/ fid\ 1959 -- Miles (voc & gtr) with Bob PRATCHER (fid) rec by Alan Lomax, Como, Miss Sept 1959: ROUNDER CD-11703 1997 "I'm gonna live anyhow till I die" & "If it's all night long"

PRATT, Graham & Eileen - Gloucestersh\ Singer-songmaker duo\ 1975 -- FTX-048 "The Magic Pear Tree" Trad & comp songs with talk Side A rec by PK, & Side B by John Rabbetts Cheltenham Glos publ 1975 - "She moved thro the Fair" (with organ) on Radio 2: "Folkweave" 29/11/79: CASS-0411 - Eileen with Graham (gtr) sung in English (adapted from FSBI): "Lad of Lovely hair" (FHIR AN LEADAIN THLATH) on Radio 2: 21/4/80: CASS-60-0417 - rec Concert Hall Radio 2: 16/11/82 CASS-15-0783 - Sheffield Folk Chorale (Graham & Eileen Pratt): GRAIL CD-005 2003

PRATT, Peter - Orkney\ singer/ fid/ mel/ whistle\ 1955 - photos by PK 0306-9 - (age 76) -- rec by PK, Toab 14/7/55: RTR-1075-6/ RPL 22651 "Andrew Ross" tune on whistle - Song: "Hoy's Dark Lofty Isle" - RPL 22729 whistle tunes - RPL 22730 fiddle/ whistle & talk - FTX-064 fiddle/ whistle & talk - Songs on FTX-189 - FTX-255 "AS I ROVED OUT" radio prog 1956 "Quadrille tunes"/ FTX-FTX-307 A-ROVING #1 "Kittle my navel"- FTX-389 Orkney Selection -- "The Fate of the Ramillies" Roy HARRIS (& conc): TOPIC 12-TS-232 1973

PRESNELL, Lee Monroe - N.C USA\ Singer with banjo\ 1951 - Buna's uncle, learnt most of his songs from his mother, others came from his father and from a character called "Lie-hew", so- called because he tended to mix truth with fiction, who travelled the Southern Appalachians as an itinerant story purveyor. Anne Warner says of him: "Monroe was tall and handsome, gentle, courteous and admired by all who knew him" -- rec by Frank & Anne Warner, Beech Mountain: FTX-923 & FTX-927/ APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: Talk/ "I went to see my Molly"/ "Farewell to Old Bedford"/ "Sometimes I'm in this country"

PRESNELL, Mrs Edd - NC USA\ dulcimer\ 1956 -- TRADITION TLP-1007 1956-7 "Amazing Grace", "Sally Goodin" & "Shady Grove"

PRIMROSE, Christine - Isle of Lewis\ Gaelic Singer\ 1982 -- rec Gulbenkion Studio Theatre Glasgow: Radio 2: 9/11/82: CASS 15-0761 2 unacc & mouth music - "Puirt-a-beul": ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music"

PRINCE, Alexander - England\ conc\ 1903-24 -- (with orch or piano acc) NEOVOX 125 nd CASS-1081

PRINCE, Herbert "Bert" - Wiltsh\ unacc singer\ 1954- age 76 -- rec by PK, Warminster 6/10/54: RPL 21474 Shrove Tuesday "Pancake Song", "Thread the Needle" & "Brush Dance" (whistled) - FTX-406 Wiltsh Village Music - dub of disk: 7"RTR-0016 - SAYDISC (CD) SDL-425 1997 "English Customs & Traditions"

PRINCE, Tom - Durham\ English concertina-player\ (born Shotley Bridge) rec solo & playing for Morris, Sword and Country dancers. Indoors: "Bells of St Mary's" accomp piano (swinging 'tina to create bell effects), "Cake Walk" and Bach - Outdoors: playing with other musicians (concertina & p-accordion) for Morris, Rapper Sword and Country Dancers incl "Morpeth Rant" & "Cumberland Square": (Garland Films for EFDSS): FTV #34

PRIOR, Maddy - Hertfordsh\ Singer\ 1968 - see also STEELEYE SPAN -- with Tim HART B & C CAS-1035 1971 CASS- 45-0851/ CREST-26 1976 CASS-45-0852/ CREST CREST-23 1976 CASS- 0853 "F/S of Old England" - CHRYSALIS-1101 1976 with June TABOR "The Silly Sisters"/ CASS-0378 Songs & interview with her by Jim Lloyd - with June TABOR RPL Radio 2 28/12/88: CASS-60-0849 - with CARNIVAL BAND: SAYDISC SDL-366 1988 (S) Carols - Christmas Carol RPL Radio 2 20/12/80 CASS-90-1048

PROCTOR, Willis & group - Ga., USA\ choir\ 1960 -- rec by Alan Lomax, St Simon's Island, Georgia, USA 1960: ROUNDER 1708 1997

PROFFITT, Frank (Senior) - (1913-1965) - N.C., USA\ singer/ gtr/ 5-st banjo\ 1950 - (1913-1965) born at Laurel Bloomery, Tennessee, then the family moved across the border to Beaver Dam, Watauga County, North Carolina. He learned songs from his father, Wiley, his aunt and uncle, Nancy and Noah Prather, and from men working at the local lumber camps at Shulls Mills (see #33). During the Second World War he worked on the TVA Project and a spark-plug factory in Toledo, Ohio, but most of his life he worked on his own and helped other farmers, yet always maintaining a keen interest in reading books and papers and in the outside world. He had a hard life. He fed his 6 children on potatoes 3 times a day, but, after the success of TOM DOOLEY, he was soon talking and singing to college audiences and making records and broadcasts - presented one of his own home-made banjos to Douglas Kennedy for his son Peter in 1961 saying "I have never felt more honoured than to have my banjo go to England... to have my banjo over there makes me feel a little closer to the land from which my people probably come" -- RTR-0318 & Long Pond 1951 RTR-0407 - FTX-931 - FTX-932 - FTX-933 - FOLK LEGACY FSA-1 1962 - FOLKWAYS FA-2360 1962/ CASS-0208 rec Sandy Paton (& cass copy) - TOPIC 12-T-162 1966 (As FOLK LEGACY) - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000 - APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000: "Tom Dooley"/ "Single Girl"/ "Old Woman in the Garden" "I'm going to pick my banjo)/ "James Campbell"/ "Lowlands Low"/ Johnson Boys"/ "Little Maggie"

PROFFITT, Frank (Junior) - (1946-2005) - Todd, N,C., USA\ singer/ 5-str banjo/ mountain dulcimer/ storyteller - son of Frank Proffitt (Senior) and nephew of Ray Hicks - was aged 19 when father died - encouraged by George Holt of NC Arts Council, Tom McGowan and others, taking his family songs and skill as a player to audiences all over the state -- FTX-927 - Frank PROFITT Jr (voc/banjo): CLOUDLANDS (Tenn) CLC-008 1992 CASS-1356

PROPER LITTLE MADAMS - Derby\ Folk Group\ 1984 (?) -- Radio Folk on Two 1984 with own Opening song explaining who they are CASS-0453

PUCKETT, Mrs J (Florence Fitzgerald) -Va USA\ unacc singer\ 1955 - sang to Cecil Sharp in 1918 -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Afton 3/8/55 "The Cuckoo" "Molly Vaughan" & "Pat do this" FTX-903

PULFER, Derek - Suffolk\ singer with gtr\ (?) -- rec by PK, Ipswich: RTR-0210

PUMPKIN PIE - see John & Norma MILLS

PUNZAK, Michael - USA\ fid\ 1983 - comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His first interest was classical music. He was in his Junior High School orchestra and the Pittsburgh Junior Symphony for several years. When he turned his attention to folk music, he went first for "the sound" rather than the notes which he saw written in the tune books. Then he started playing "Old-Timey" music and jazz, and later moved into slow laments and ballads. Michael is also a storyteller and a puppeteer, and sings folksongs from many countries, accompanying himself on auto-harp and percussion, and encouraging audience participation. He has 11 years of teaching experience with pre-school and elementary children and a teaching certificate awarded by the Kodaly Musical Training Institute. He is currently a member of St. Bartholomew's Fair (Young Audiences of Massachusetts), the Quadrivium, and has performed in several of the Spring and Christmas Revels in Boston. He has degrees from Haverford College and Harvard Divinity -- rec by PK, Bristol England 12/8/82: FTX-910 American & Irish fiddle tunes

PURCELL, Christy - Ireland\ unacc tinker singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Belfast 24/7/52 - RPL 18299 Talk: "Gammon" tinker cant - RPL 18553: "Fair at Spancil Hill"(Tinker's Band) "Bandy- legged Mule" & "Inishmore" - RPL 18554: "William Scanlon""Dark-eyed Gypsies" & talk about Wakes - RPL 18577 "Carrick-on-Suir" - RPL 18578 "Dingle Puck Goat" - RPL 18579 "Puck Fair" with Interview by Liam Andrews - RPL 18586 "Tree in the Bog" - RPL 18589 "Sweet Athy" - FTX-168 with other tinkers - FTX-502 "Dark-eyed Gypsies"

PURSLOW, Frank - Oxfordsh\ Author & Singer\ 1960 -- DOBELL F-LEUT-1 "Rap-a-tap-tap" & F-EPEU-500 (45-EP) "Bottoms Up" RTR-0899-901 - with Perrry FRIEDMAN (banjo): EMI CLP-1327 1960 "Ratcliffe Highway" (RVW) & "Bold Robinson" (CJS) - FTX-025 "Rosin the Beau" - FTX-093 - FTX-219 "Bottoms Up" with John PEARSE (gtr)

PURVIS, Geof - Northumberland\ fid (age 20)\ 1943 -- TOPIC 12-TS-267 1975

PURVIS, Tom - Somerset\ Singer leading chorus\ 1943 - see also Stanley SLADE -- RPL 4612-4 rec Bristol studio 8/6/42 & 6018-6021 rec 2/7/43

PYEWACKET - England\ Folk Group\ 1983 -- rec Concert Hall 22/2/83: CASS-15-0747 - rec Sidmouth Radio 2: 27/12/89 CASS-15-1049 incl "The Bonny Hawthorn"

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