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EASTON, Gordon - Scotland\ unacc singer & mouth-music\ 1995 -- "Celtic Mouth Music": ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "The Drunken Piper" - SLEEPYTOON SLPYMC001 1999(?)(Cass) "The Foreman at Drum" "Coortin in the Stable" "The Mains of Pittendree"

Devon\ recit\ 1950 - Albert Henry (66) - bn Blacksmith's shop in Kingston, his father was a local labourer, his mother from Pengelly in Cornwall - Bert was a seamnan in the Navy and went to Malta - now market-gardening on his own 2 acres using a pony - his father was a step-dancer and he himself learnt himself in pubs while in the Navy both "The Sailor's Hornpipe" and "The Monkey's Hornpipe"-- rec by PK at "Village Barn Dance" radio prog, Kingston Feb 1951 7"RTR-0008/ 1/11/53: RPL 19967 Recitation: "The House that Jack built"/ FTX-086

Scotland\ Group\ nd -- BELTONA BL-2096/ CASS-30-0970

EDMONDS, Norman - Va USA\ fid\ 1959 -- (fiddle) rec by Alan Lomax, Hillsville Aug 1959: ROUNDER CD-1702 1999 with Rufus QUESINBERY (banjo) & Paul EDMONDS (gtr) "Breaking up Christmas" "Bonaparte's Retreat"

EDMONDSON, Tommy - Northumb\ 5-row button acc\ 1954 - (b 1934 & d.2001 Cemetry Lodge, Rothbury) -- rec by PK, Harbottle 12/7/54: RTR-0055/ RPL 20626 "High Level" "Trumpet" "Millicent's" " Strand" "Harvest Home" incl orig rec of "Trumpet Hornpipe" used for TV children's series "Captain Pugwash" - TOPIC 12-TS-267 1975 "Morpeth Rant" - FTX-121 North Country Dances - FTX-363 "The Button buskers"

EDMUNDS, Jack - Sussex\ Unacc singer\ 1963 - was then coxswain of Hastings lifeboat & fisherman age 52 -- rec by PK, Hastings 4/9/63 RTR-0192/ FTX-428 "What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor?"

EDWARD, Willie - Banffsh\ Singer\ 1952 -- TANGENT TNGM-119/D 1976 "Lord Thomas" & Clydeswaterside"

EDWARD II & THE RED HOT POLKAS - England\ Elec Folk Group\ 1987 -- Radio 2: 8/11/87: CASS-90-0550

EDWARDS, Alf - London\ E-conc\ 1960 -- COLLECTOR JES-11 1960 45-EP accompanying Isabel SUTHERLAND (voc) - TOPIC 12-T-86 1963 acc Bert Lloyd "The Iron Muse" (Industrial) - TOPIC 12-T-135 1966 "The Bird in the Bush" (Erotic) - 12-T-174 1967 "Leviathan" (Whaling)

EDWARDS, Andy J - Tenn, USA\ fid\ 1950 -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Coffey Ridge, Ermin Sept 1950: RPL 17147/ FTX-907 "Candy Girls""Girl I left behind me"

EDWARDS, Bert - Shropsh\ unacc singer\ 1952 - blacksmith of Park Lane, Munslow - after his death Fred Jordan continued to sing some of his songs - rec by PK, Little Stretton 30/10/52: RPL 18698 "John Barleycorn" - 18699 "Edwin in Lowlands" & "Lovely Susan"(Pride of Kildare) & RPL 18700 "The Iron Door" - FTX-025 "John Barleycorn"

EDWARDS, "Butterbeans" & Susie - (vocal duet) with Eddie Heywood (piano) and his "Sons of Harmony" (unknown trumpet, trombone, clarinet, alto sax & banjo) rec New York City, USA 1/2/30: OKEH 8950/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66218 1970 vol#1 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "What it takes to bring you back (Mama keeps it all in the town)"

EDWARDS, Tom - Denbighsh\ singer in Welsh & Engl\ 1954 -age 65 of Penrose Cottages - photo by PK 0244 -- rec by PK, Bryneglwys, Corwen 9/11/54: - 7"RTR-1039 "Hen Ffon Fy Nain"(Grandmother's Old Stick) & "Gwenno Fwyn" (with talk about "ballet" sheets)/ RPL 22425-6 5 songs in Welsh & one in English - FTX-005 "Y Deryn Du"/ FTX-019 "I wish to be single again"

EEZUM SQUEEZUM BAND, THE - Devon\ Folk Group\ 1979 -- leader: PK: FTX-127 "No Holes Bard" with Mike SHAIL (voc/ gtr) and others - with Mike SHAIL for opening of National Waterwatys Museum, Gloucester 1988: FTX-418 "Stormy Weather Boys"

EGAN, Patrick - Co Clare\ unacc singer\ 1960 -- rec by Seamus Ennis 1960: RPL LP 29884 "Red Robin" "Molly Bawn" "Kathleen Mavourneen" & "When Sarsfield sailed"

ELDON, Jim & Lynette - Yorksh\ Singer/ fid/ clogging\ 1989 -- Radio 2: 28/12/88: CASS 60-0849 - Concert Hall Radio 2: 16/3/89: CASS 90-0715 - rec of Flamborough Fishermen, East Yorksh Gypsies & Ben JARVIS, Pocklington cobbler SD-005 1988 CASS-0992 - CASS-1051 Folk on 2 talk about Rosetta Smith & song "Sailor cut down"

ELECTROPATHICS, THE - Lancash\ Folk Group\ 1980s -- Radio 2 on 30/9/87: CASS-0404 "The Old Bazaar in Cairo" - RPL 27/1/88: CASS-15-0705 "Rochdale Nutters" "Dancing at Whitsun" & "Harry Rag"( tune: The Unfortunate Tailor)

ELEN, Gus - London\ Music Hall Singer & comedian\ 1830's -- TOPIC 12-T-396 1979 "You have made a nice old mess of it"

ELLAWAY, Arthur - Gloucestersh\ unacc singer\ 1979 -- rec by Gwilym Davies, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham: FTX-417 "The Cemetery Song"

ELLIOTT,Derek & Dorothy - Yorksh\ Singers\ 1972 -- rec Barnsley: LEADER LER-2033 1972 with Dave BURLAND (gtr) & Nic JONES (fid)

ELLIOTT, Em - Durham\ unacc singer\ 1965 -- FTX-308 A-ROVING #2 1968 Talk about family & Birtley Folk Club & children's songs "Paperbags & colours", "Look on the wall and you'll see a big spider"

ELLIOTT, Jack & family - Durham\ unacc singers\ 1965 -- 7"RTR-0056 - rec Birtley 1963: RPL LP 29982-3 "Herring Song" "Banks of the Dee" - rec by PK, Festival Hall Concert: EMI 7- EG-8811 45EP - EMI CLP-1910 1965/ CASS-0287 "Rap her t bank" "Banks of Dee" & Jowl & listen lad" - FTX-451 "Dialect" - FTX-511 "Mining" - Family rec by Peggy Seeger & Ewan McColl: FOLKWAYS FG-3565 1962 - "Songs & Stories of a Durham Miner": LEADER LEA-4001 1969 - TOPIC TSCD-664 1998 "Dances & Ditties" Jack: "Old Johnny Booger"/ rec in Club Room at "The Barley Mow", Birtley mid-1960s: TSCD-668 1998 "Hunting & Poaching": Jack: "Champion he was a dandy"/ "In the Bar-Room" & "The Banks of the Dee"

ELLIOTT, "Rambling" Jack - USA\ Singer (with gtr)\ 1966 -- TOPIC 12-TPS-166 1966: "1913 Massacre"

ELLIOTT, John & Pete - Durham\ unacc singer\ 1963 -- RPL LP 29982-3: "Little Chance" "Collier's Rant" - FTX-308 A-ROVING #2 1968 "Billy to Bob" (Hunting the Wren)

ELLIOTT, Pat - Durham\ unacc singer\ 1963 -- RPL LP 29982-3 "Bonny Pit Laddie""Blantyre Disaster" FTX-308 A-ROVING #2 1968 "A U Hinny Bird"

ELLIS, Cis - Suffolk\ unacc singer\ 1970s -- rec by Neil Lanham, "Crown", Snape: NLCD 09 2003

ELLIS, Ossian - Wales\ harp accomp\ 1950 -- rec 17/3/50: RPL 17293-4/ 17299/ 17301/ 20190-9


ELLSON, Bill - Kent\ gypsy singer\ 1975 -- rec by Mike Yates, Edenbridge 1975: TOPIC 12-T-253 1975/ TSCD-661 1998 Travellers "Will you buy my Sweet Blooming Lavender?" & (harmonica) "Love is pleasing"

ELLWOOD, Johnson - Durham\ Clogdancer\ 1950-60s - son of Jim Ellwood, the first veteran clog-dancer discovered post-war by PK in 1948 -- Radio 2 Xmas Prog 30/12/87 CASS-0423-4 - Lynette ELDON talk Radio 2 28/12/88: CASS-60-0849 - Radio FOLK ON TWO 26/7/89 CASS-0275 talk about clogs by Peter Brown of Monkseaton (Northumb)

ELSDON, Bill - Yorksh\ Singer, fid & coll\ 1979 -- STICK SD-005 1988 cass

ELVIN, Jean - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1952 - "A Foolish Young Girl" (Died for Love) rec by Hamish Henderson in 1952 in TOCHER 43 (1991) pp41-2 -- rec by Seamus Ennis, Turriff 16/7/52: FTX-261 - RPL 18778 "Willie Cummin" (Murder ballad) - RPL 18779 "The Student Boy" - RPL 18781 "Your Faithful Sailor Boy" - RPL 18782-3 "Caroline from Edinburgh Toon" - RPL 18783 "The Boston Smuggler" -

ELVIN, William "Bill" - Aberdeensh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by Seamus Ennis. Turriff 16/7/52: RPL 18787 "Airlin's Fine Braes" & "The Hash o Benagok"

ENDACOTT, George - Devon\ unacc singer\ 1952 - Photo by PK 0006 -- rec by PK, South Zeal Aug 1950: "Three Rogues"/ rec by PK, 27/5/52: RPL 17797 "The Three Huntsmen" & "Three Rogues"/ FTX-027

ENDACOTT, Jack - Devon\ unacc singer\ 1954 - cousin of George -- rec by PK, Chagford 11/10/54: RPL 22323 "Tedburn Hill" (Jack Hall) & "Three Sons on a board" (Three Rogues) - FTX-029 "Tedburn" - FTX-086 "Three Sons" -- by other singers: TROTTO: FOREST TRACKS FT-6003 cass "Tallow Candles" (Jack Hall)

ENGEL, Michael - Gloucestersh\ Folksinger with gtr\ 1988 -- (gift) CASS-1052 incl version of "Outlandish Knight" - "Taste of to-morrow" CASS

ENGLISH TAPESTRY - England\ Acapella Harmony Group\ 1974 -- FOLKSOUND FS-100 1974 "Valentine Chant" (coll by Fred Hamer & publ in "Green Groves") & "Whitsuntide Carol" (coll by PK from Coningsby, Cambs) - Radio 2 "Folkweave" 29/11/79: CASS-0411 - EBU Festival in Denmark 1984 (?) intro by Cyril Tawney: 5"RTR#1212/ CASS-0341 - rec Concert Hall Radio 2: 6/9/83 CASS-15-0781 incl "Brigg Fair"

ENNIS, Seamus - Co Dublin\ Collector/ Singer/ U-piper & storyteller\ 1947 - (1919-1982) - born in Jamestown, Dublin, his father worked for the Irish government and played fiddle, flute and the (mouth-blown) Highland or War Pipes. Seamus's mother, who came from Co. Monaghan, also played fiddle and encouraged him in his folk music interests. After leaving a commercial college in Dublin in 1938, Seamus worked for 4 years with Colm O Lochlainn at "The Three Candles Press", and it was here that he developed an interest in folk song. In 1942 he joined The Irish Folklore Commission as a folk music collector and during the next 5 years he was to travel all over Ireland and Western Scotland writing down and memorising hundreds of tunes and stories. He also translated Gaelic songs for the Hebridean collection of John Lorne Campbell. In 1947 Seamus was offered a job at Radio Eireann, and it was during this period that he acted as a guide to the American folk collecrtor, Alan Lomax. As a result of this, in 1951, he found himself working for the RPL, alongside Peter Kennedy, collecting folk music and dialect in Britain and Ireland for RPL Recorded Programmes Permanent Library. Out of this came the regular weekly Sunday morning radio programmes, AS I ROVED OUT, in which Seamus and Peter presented the people they had met on their travels and played their recordings -- "As I roved out": FTX-013 - "Deserted Husband": FTX-019 - "Herring Song": FTX-027 - (15 songs in English, 1 Gaelic, 2 dandling songs, 5 on U-pipes & 1 on whistle/ fiddle: FTX-079 - Songs in Engl & Gaelic: FTX-169 -AS I ROVED OUT radio progr with COPPERS at Peacehaven: FTX-253 - Radio Third Prog "The Gaelic West" (Ireland & Scotland) prod by Alan Lomax & pres by SE 7"RTR-0290 (some radio interference)/ CASS-1291: FTX-275 - Stories pipe tunes rec by PK, London 1958: RTR-0581-4: FTX-302 - RPL LP 23931 U-pipes rec 7/2/58 incl slow airs & demonstration of drones, tuning, staccato playing/ FTX-374 - opening of National Waterways Museum, Gloucester 1988: FTX-418 "The Mary Anne McHugh" (Percy French) - "Historic Recording Series": FTX-419/ FTX-420 - "Fine Girl": FTX-FTX-512 - "Rocks of Bawn": FTX-518 - "As I roved out"(unacc): FTX-789 #02 - "Dublin Reel" (on U-pipes) in Radio Prog 1957 "Sing Christmas" FTX-950/ ROUNDER-CD-1850 2000 - rec by Brian George, Jamestown, Finglas 30/8/47: RPL 12488-9 "Rocks of Bawn" "As I roved out" & "Soldier Soldier" - RPL 13767-76 (17 songs) & 13777-9 U-pipes incl tuning up & improvisation rec 1949 - rec by Alan Lomax Dublin 1951 COLUMBIA SL-204 1952/ ROUNDER CD-1742 1998 "Banks of the Roses" "Rocks of Bawn" "Whisky in the Jar" "Woman of the house" "Molly Bawn" "Were you at the rock?" "Mrs McGrath" & "The Bucks of Oranmore" - 7"RTR#0588 - "What would you do?" & "Sound of the Drum" rec by Jean Ritchie & George Pickow 1952: CASS 0797 - AS I ROVED OUT "Collector's" Radio prog 1956: - COLLECTOR CLE-1201 rec by Jean Ritchie 1952 - rec by PK, London with Steve BENBOW (gtr), Jimmie McGREGOR(mandolin) & Vic PITT (bass): EMI CLP-1327 1960 "The Jug of Punch" "Brian O Linn" & "Football Crazy" - EMI CLP-1362 1960 "A Pinch of Salt": "Mary Anne McHugh" (c.Percy French) & "Fine Girl You Are" - CLADDAGH (TARA) TA-1002 1973 U-pipes only "The Pure Drop" - CLADDAGH CC-19 1975 [?] "The King of Ireland's Son" Story with U-pipes & whistle CASS 0948 - FREE REED FRR-001-2 1976 rec by Pat Sky "40 yrs of pipering" - GAEL-LINN CEF-009 Gaelic songs, U-pipes & whistle - TRADITION TLP-1013 Songs/ whistle/ U-pipes - LEADER LEA-2003 1969 Pipe tunes/ stories/ songs & whistle - TOPIC 12-TS-250 1974 U-pipes only - TRADITION TLP- 1013 1958 Songs whistle & U-pipes/ EMBER 2054 1964 - rec Royal Albert Hall RPL Radio 2: 31/3/80: CASS-0418 - RTE ENNIS Memorial radio prog 1-4 1988 CASS-0946-7 - SAYDISC CD SDL 411 1995 "Traditional Songs of Ireland" "As I roved out" - SAYDISC CD SDL-416 1996 "Bagpipes of Britain & Ireland" - SAYDISC CD SDL- 420 1997 "Traditional Dance Music of Ireland" "Music at the gate" (reel on whistle) - RTE CD-199 "The Return from Fingal" rec 1940 & 1948 - with Tom COMAC (drums) --- his songs by others: PLANXTY: POLYDOR 2383-232 "Cunla" (his English transl from Irish Gaelic) - Frank HARTE: TOPIC 12-T-218 1973:"The Deserted Husband"

ENNIS, Tom - USA\ U-pipes\ 1920-30s - b Chicago 1889 -- TOPIC 12-T-390 1980 - "Humours of Bandon" jig intro by Nicholas Carolan on RTE radio prog 1985 CASS-0865

ETHERIDGE, Martha - N.C., USA\ Unacc singer/ jews harp\ 1940s - Sister of Mrs Eleazar Tillett -- rec by Frank Warner, Roanoke: FTX-926 - also sings with her sister - FTX-927 plays jews harp

EVANS, Meredydd - Cardiff, Wales\ Singer in Welsh\ 1962 -- rec 17/3/50 with Osian ELLIS (harp): RPL 17301 "Betw fy nghariad" & "Siberia" - DELYSE ECB-3161 1962 with Phyllis KINNEY & orch/ A-ROVING 1968 #6 "Harbwr Corc (Cork Harbour)" (Sea shanty) FTX-309 - ESME LEWIS ELP-104 [nd] with others

EWART-EVANS, George - (1909-1988) Living in Blaxhall, Suffolk, George used a recording machine to put together a number of important books of oral history. This film includes black-and-white extracts of PK's film taken at "The Ship" at Blaxhall (FF-1105) photographed in 1955 as well as some colour footage of singing and step-dancing in "The Ship" 25 years later: FF-2211

EVELEIGH, Tom - Dorset\ unacc singer & Mummer\ 1951 -- rec by PK, Eype, Bridport Feb 1951: RPL 22323 "The Singing of the Travels" (Mummers Song) - FTX-103 Symondsbury & Eype Mummers

EVERIDGE, Charlie - Ark, USA\ mouth-bow\ 1959 -- with Neil MORRIS (voc) rec by Alan Lomax 1959: RPL LP 26149/ ATLANTIC SD 1346 1960 "Wave the Ocean" - Talk about him by Jimmy Driftwood rec by Mike Fenton Aug 1988 CASS-60-0803 - ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 "Turkey in the Straw"

EVERSHOT MUMMERS - Dorset\ Mummers\ 1936 -- rec by Pat Beech mainly from Harry Webber with intro by Pat Beech 16/12/36: RPL 15774-7 (8 sides) incl "Four Hand Reel"/ FTX-408 - RTR-0174

EYRE, Ellis - Derbysh\ talk about garland\ 1957 - age 84 of Mill Bridge Farm, Castleton: FTX-106 - RTR-0946-8/ FTX-451 Dialect talk "Making the Crown of the Garland"

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