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UPTON, Harry - Sussex\ unacc singer\ 1963 -- rec by PK 5/9/63 RTR-0912 - rec by Mike Yates at singers home, Balcombe, Sussex c1975: TOPIC 12-T-258 "Canada-I-o", "Freckless Young Girl", "North Fleet" & "Poison in a glass of wine" & 12-T-285 "Rich Lady Gay" "Jerusalem Cuckoo" "Banks of Sweet Dundee" "Single Life" "Woman's Work" / TSCD-652 1998 "Sea" "The Royal Albion"/ TSCD-655 "Rural" "The Rich Lady Gay" (Cupid the ploughboy)/ TSCD-664 "Dances & Ditties" "I am a donkey driver" (Jersualem Cuckoo) - FTX-428 Sussex & Kent - FTX-512 "The Wreck of the Northfleet" - FTX-514 "Canada i o"

VALLELY, Tom - Co Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Armagh 10/7/52: RPL 18408 "November Keady Fair" & "Arthur Bond's Mare" FTX-431

VAN WEEDE, Ben - Devon\ Fiddler\ 1978 -- SAYDISC SDL-115/ CASS-0174 - CASS-0179 PEOPLE'S STAGE

VASS, Ruby - Va USA\ voc & gtr\ 1959 - (1923-1973) as part of a singing famuily she performed on local radio in the 1940s and 1950s -- rec by Alan Lomax, Hillsville Aug 1959: ROUNDER CD-1702 1999 "The Bank of the Ohio" & "Single Girl" - rec by Alan Lomax, Salem Aug 1959: ROUNDER CD-1704 1997 "The Old Gospel Ship"

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, Ralph (1872-1958) -- -ED&S 34/3 1972 Special RVW number - 45/1 Spring 1983 Ursula: "RVW & Folk Music" - 45/2 Summer 1983 letter from Mike Yates - Special nos of RCM Magazine & Musical Times in Library under RVW -introducing recording of the IFMC Festival Biarritz-Pamplona 1953: WESTMINSTER WL-5334 1954: FTX-610 - Douglas KENNEDY talks about him: FTX481- FTX-493 - "Folk Song Suite" by Eastman Wind Ensemble: MERCURY SR-90388 - Sea Songs coll Norfolk/ Essex: TOPIC 12-T-110 1964 - Frankie ARMSTRONG: TOPIC 12-TS-216 1972 "Lovely on the Water" "Tarry Trousers" & "The Unquiet Grave" - A L LLOYD 12 TS 232 1973 "Nelson's Death" - WATERSONS 12-TS-415 1981 "Hares in the Old Plantations" - YOUNG TRADITION: TRANSATLANTIC TRA- 155 1967 "The Foxhunt" (Norfolk) - Roy Palmer talks about his work Radio 2 29/3/83 CASS 15-0787 incl "Norfolk Rhapsody" (orch), phonograph rec of "Bushes & Briars", "Lark Ascending" & other songs - Ursula VW talks about him Radio 2 28/12/88: CASS 60-0849

A PASTORAL SYMPHONY (1922) Sir Adrian Boult conducting THE LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA with Margaret RITCHIE (soprano): DECCA LXT-2787

SINFONIA ANTARCTICA (comp 1949-53) for film "Scott of the Antarctic" Halle Orchestra with Margaret Ritchie (solo soprano) (Note by Scott Goddard): EMI ALP-1102 1953

SYMPHONY #5 in D: Sir John Barbirolli conducting THE PHILHARMONIA ORCHESTRA: EMI ALP-1957 1963

A SEA SYMPHONY (c.1912)/ MUSIC FROM THE WASPS Sir Adrian Boult conducting The London Philharmonic with chorus & orchestra with Isobel BAILLIE (soprano) & John Cameron (baritone): DECCA ACL-247 & 248 1965

A LONDON SYMPHONY/ Overture to The Wasps/ Fantasia on Greensleeves Sir Henry Wood conducting the Queens Hall Orchestra April 21-2 1936: DECCA ACL-255 1965

HODIE (This Day) Christmas Cantata with Janet BAKER (m-s), Richard LEWIS (t), John SHIRLEY-QUIRK (b), Bach Choir, Choristers of Westminster Abbey & London Symphony Orchestra cond David Willcocks: EMI 1782 1965

MASS IN G minor/ Five Mystical Songs/ Motet: O Clap Your Hands Kings College Choir Cambridge conducted by David Wilcocks with John Shirley-Quirk (baritone): EMI ASD-2458

SYMPHONY #9/ FANTASIA on "THE OLD 104th" London Philharmonic Choir & Orchestra with Peter KATIN (piano): EMI ASD-2581 1970

RIDERS TO THE SEA (J.M.Synge)/ MAGNIFICAT by Helen Watts & Ambrosian Singers: EMI ASD-2699 1971

DON NOBIS PACEM/ TOWARD THE UNKNOWN REGION Sir Adrian Boult conducting The London Philharmonic with Sheila Asrmstrong (soprano) & John Carol Case (baritone): EMI ASD-2962 1973

STRING QUARTET IN G MINOR/ A MINOR by Music Group of London: EMI HQS-1292 1973

SYMPHONY #4 in F minor (1935) Sir Adrian Boult conducting The London Philharmonic Orchestra: DECCA LXT 2909 1965

SYMPHONY #6 E minor
Sir Adrian Boult conducting The London Philharmonic Orchestra . (with short speech after by RVW): DECCA LXT-2911 1965

VERCHUREN, Andre - le roi de l'accordeon vol 3 son orchestre et ses chanteurs: MUSIDISC CO-1258

VERGE, Steve - Totnes Devon\ voc/gtr\ 1974 - plays with Mrs Crotty's Band -- rec by PK: FTX-090 Ziggurat Folk Group - His own comp CASS 60- 0551 - FTX-127 - FTX-251

VERGE, Ted (Steve's father) - Devon\ fid\ 1974 - died 19/9/02 aged 81 -- rec by PK: FTX-090 Ziggurat - FTX-251 Swing Jazz - "St Louis Blues" rec Dartington Ciderhouse, Totnes 25/10/74: CASS-60-0553

VERRILL, Frank - Yorksh\ unacc singer\ 1988 -- rec by Maggie Sands in singers home, Staithes 1988: TOPIC TSCD-652 1998 "Sea" "Jesus at thy command"/ TSCD-662 "Sailors" "Stowborough Town"

VESEY-FITZGERALD, Brian - Naturalist & author of "Gypsies of Britain" - radio prog "Talking with gypsies" introduced by John Seymour: FTX-281 - FTX-282 - FTX-283

VICKERS, Emma - Burscough, Lancs\ unacc singer\ 1963 -- rec by Fred Hamer: EFDSS CD-02 1998 "Died for Love" / TOPIC TSCD-666 1998 "Seasonal Events" "Burscough Pace-eggers"

VINCENT, Vashti - Wiltsh\ unacc singer\ 1954 - Aged 82 - nick-named "Vash" she was born at Pentridge, near Handley, and went into service in Handley at the age of 13.also at Coombe Bissett - her father was a shepherd at Pentridge - hre mother's father came from Bishopston, near Salisbury - oldest inhabitant in the village she lived alone and looked after herself, still able to thread a needle by eye without glasses - PK asked in the village if she was still alive got the retort "and kicking" -- rec by PK, Sixpenny Handley 21/10/54: 5"RTR-0894 "Sweet William" "The Young & Single Sailor" "3 Maidens" "Female Drummer" "Sweet FA" - FTX-029 "Sweet Fanny Adams"/ FTX-406 Wiltshire Village Music "3 Maidens a-milking" & "The Female Drummer"


VOICE SQUAD, THE - Dublin, Ireland\ Group\ 1992 -- LIVING TRADITION LTCD-001 1994 "The Brown and Yellow Ale" (from HUMMINGBIRD RECORDS HBCD-0002 1992

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