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UGANDA -- Hugh Tracey coll East Africa: - COLUMBIA SL 213 / CASS 0048


USA --see also under under MUSIC-TYPES: BLUEGRASS - BLUES - CAJUN - SACRED HARP - SPIRITUAL - Song -Mississippi. Male solo and chorus accompanied by axes on logs: FTX-782 -Mississippi Delta. classic 12-bar blues in rock style, with charactreristic relationship of guitar and harmonica/ Mississippi. A newly-composed polyrhythmic 'double-cut' chopping song by four prisoners: FTX-783 - Mississippi prison. The major American black experience was of powerless, politically unstructured groups. Male group with axes: FTX-785 - Mississippi. A black prisoner singing his own personal field holler - a song that identifies him and expresses his feelings/ A Southern U.S. Baptist congregation singing a long meter (slow, free rhythm) version of a Welsh hymn, in heterophony, with the song leader "lining out" the words from the hymn book. Male leader and mixed group/ Oklahoma. For a time, Woody Guthrie had his own daily radio program in Los Angeles. This is a song he composed and sang for that audience about a local and disastrous flash flood/ Afro-America, Louisiana. 19th century antebellum, dance song, suitable for fiddle or banjo, kept in the repertory of Texan black prisoners. Male solo with guitar: FTX-787 - A commercial recording of Bessie Smith singing the 'Mean Old Bed Bug Blues' with piano and guitar: FTX-788 - Frank WARNER & family FTX-901 - Alan LOMAX: FTX-902 - PK's "Appalachian Trail": FTX-903 - Alan LOMAX (Texas songs): FTX-904 - Maud KARPELES Coll: FTX-907 & FTX-908 - Jim COUZA (ham dulc): FTX-909 - Michael PUNZAK (fid): FTX-910 - collection by PK: FTX-903 - coll by Maud Karpeles: FTX-907-8 - Jean JENKINS (songs with banjo): FTX-914-915 - Guy CARAWAN (songs with banjo): FTX-919 - Jean RITCHIE in Concert: FTX-920 - - coll by Frank & Anne Warner: FTX-921/ 922/ 923/ Frank PROFFITT: FTX-923/ 926/ 927/ 928/ 929/ 931/ 932/ 933 & APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000 - Alan LOMAX: FTX-941 - Guy CARAWAN & Peggy SEEGER: FTX-942/ "Sing Christmas" 1957 radio prog: FTX-950 - B&W Film by Pete Seeger of "Afro-American Work Songs in a Texas Penitentiary 1966: FF-3301 - HOME MADE MUSIC HMM-1 rec by Mike Yates/ CASS-0242 - Hobart SMITH (talk/ voc/ fid/ banjo/ gtr & piano): ROUNDER 1799-2 2001 - Luther STRONG (fiddle with foot stomping) rec by Alan & Elizabeth Lomax, Hazard, Kentucky, 18/10/37: ROUNDER CD 1500 1997 "Glory in the Meeting House"- CARTER Family: 7"RTR-0313-4 - Roy Edwards Thomas rec old people talking & stories in Appalachians & Ozarks (dubbed 1981) CASS 0245 - John LOMAX: Radio Research Project: Penitentiaries: AMERICAN LIB OF CONGRESS L-53 / CASS#0252 - The Hammons Family of West Virginia: AMERICAN LIB OF CONGRESS L65-6/ CASS#0251 - Samples of LIB OF CONGRESS in s/stereo 7"RTR#0309 - Louisiana Arcadians (Cajun) ARHOOLIE 5009 - Lomax recs "Sounds of the South" ATLANTIC SD-1346/ CASS#0236 & ATLANTIC 1350 - Hudie LEDBETTER ("Leadbelly") RPL 13373-5 - Jean RITCHIE rec New York 1950: RPL 16042-3 - Maud Karpeles 1st trip to Appalachians 1950: RPL 17141-5 - Dick CAMERON (with gtr) of Boston Cowboy Songs rec London Oct 1956: RPL 22998 - Maud Karpeles 2nd trip to Appalachians 1955: RPL 23792-4 & 23799 - Peggy SEEGER: RPL LP 23195 - Paul CLAYTON (with gtr) Sea Songs: RPL 23448 - Guy CARAWAN (with banjo): RPL 24129 - Sandy PATON (with gtr): RPL 24201 - Peggy SEEGER & Guy CARAWAN: RPL 24212-3 - Perry FRIEDMAN (Canadian with banjo): RPL 24566 - Lomax recs: RPL 26145-50 - Peggy SEEGER (Unesco): RPL 26265 - New York children: RPL 27257 - Bill MUNROE & BLUEGRASS BOYS: (BRUNSWICK LAT-8511) CASS#0237 - Susan REED: CBS M-61359 - "The Story of the Blues" (2 vols): CBS 66218 & CBS 66232 - SIMON & GARFUNKEL Great Hits: CBS 69003 - Oscar BRAND Singing Holidays CAEDMON TC- 1505 - "Songs of the Civil War" with the George MITCHELL Choir & Lansdowne Orchestra "The Blue and the Grey": WORLD RECORD CLUB T-629 - Jean RITCHIE Field Trip US counterparts of English f/s COLLECTOR CLE-1201 - COUNTY - Josh WHITE DECCA CP-66 & SPA-44 - ELEKTRA - EMI CAPITOL - Josh WHITE EMI CRLM-1047 - Peggy SEEGER & Guy CARAWAN EMI CLP-1174 - Alan LOMAX EMI CLP-1194 - KINGSTON TRIO EMI T-1474 & 1352 - Tex RITTER EMI DUO-112 1973 (double album) - Canterbury Country Orch F & W F-74-FW-5 - Robin WILLIAMSON & his Merry Men FLYING FISH FF-033 - FOLK LEGACY - N Carolina rec John Cohen FOLKWAYS FA-2309 1964 - rec Mike Seeger: American Banjo tunes & songs in Scruggs style (3 finger picking) (FOLKWAYS FA 2314)/ RTR-0316 - Frank PROFFITT rec by Sandy PATON: FOLKWAYS FA-2360 1962 Horton BARKER rec SP: FOLKWAYS FA-2362 1962 - Hedy WEST FONTANA FJL-506 - Doc WATSON FONTANA TFL-6083 1967 (M) "Home Again" - Jean RITCHIE GREENHAYES - Mike Yates coll in Appalachia HOME MADE MUSIC - Blue Ridge Field Trip: (LEADER 4012) - Lonnie AUSTIN & Norman WOODLIEF: LEADER 4045 1975 - Kyle CREED, Bobby PATTERSON & CAMP CREEK BOYS: LEADER LED-2053 1973 - LIBRARY OF CONGRESS COLLECTIONS - Tony MOTTOLA F/s arr with harmonica, flute, gtr, percussion, auto-harp, ocarina & effects: (LONDON HA- 2386) cass - "Banjo in the hills"(MELODISC MLP- 12-115)/ CASS#0238 - STANLEY BROTHERS Concert CASS#0477 - Jean RITCHIE: SIRE - Helen Hartness Flanders coll Vermont: MIDDLEBURY 1953 - Oscar BRAND History of '76 MILLER-BRODY - Frank WARNER with Jeff & Gerret: MINSTREL JD-204 1976 - Joe HICKERSON (unacc) rec by PK, Ciderhouse, Dartington 30/8/75 7"RTR#0305 4s - Sacred Harp (Alabama) NEW WORLD NW-205 1977 - Hymns & Spirituals (Southern Mountains) NW-294 1977 - Southern Instrum Styles NW-226 / CASS 0476-7 - Vocal & instrum Styles NW- 236 - Black Music mainly vocal NORTH CAROLINA C-101 - Bluegrass NORTHERN LIGHT - Peter PICKOW "Alice's Restaurant" PICKWICK - Jack LANGSTAFF accomp John Powell (piano) POWELL - Frank WARNER & sons: Songs of Civil War PRESTIGE 13012 - Lonnie DONEGAN HMA 204 - American Song Train Alan LOMAX & co PYE NPL-18013 - Country Blues RBF - Jimmy DRIFTWOOD RCA VICTOR LSP-1994 - Ed McCURDY RIVERSIDE R-601 - Southern Mountain R-617 - Jean RITCHIE R-620 - Ewan McCOLL & Peggy SEEGER: Matching Songs of Britain & USA R-637 - Bascom LUNSFORD & banj: R-645 Jean RITCHIE & Oscar BRAND Riddling Songs R-646 - Billy FAIER Art of 5 string banjo R-813 - Roy Edwards Thomas rec old people talking & stories in App & Ozarks (dubbed 1981] CASS 0245 - Oscar BRAND ROULETTE - ROUNDER - Roy GUEST Cowboy Songs SAGA VID 5165- SAYDISC MATCHBOX - SONET - SMITHSONIAN - Brownie McGHEE & Sonny TERRY STORYVILLE SLP 220 - SWALLOWTAIL - Hally WOOD & others TANNEHILL HW-101 1980 - Cleoffes VIGIL Alabados (New Mexico Penitente) TAOS TRP-122 - Pete SEEGER 5 str banjo tutor TOPIC 12-T-23 1954 - Pete & 5 strings TOP-33 1958 (45 EP) - Frank PROFFITT TOPIC 12-T-162 1966 - Hedy WEST (Bill CLIFTON on 2 tracks) TOPIC 12-T-163 1967 - Hedy WEST TOPIC 12-TPS-166 1966 - Alan LOMAX (voc/gtr) Guy CARAWAN (banjo) & John COLE (harmonica): TRADITION TLP-1029 1958 - LEADBELLY TRANSATLANTIC XTRA-1126 - RURAL BLUES TRANSATLANTIC XTRA 1035/1 & 2/ CASS 0248-9 - Doc & Merle WATSON UNITED ARTISTS UAS-29490 - Carnegie Hall Concert UAL 3050 - Earl TAYLOR etc UAS-6049 - Joan BAEZ solo album SVXL-100 1963 - Bobby HORTON (accomp) 1985 CASS#1232 "Homespun Songs of the CSA" (Southern Army in Civil War) - Sandy Loewenthal's "Pop" Group rec DEM Studio, Dartington by Richard Povall April 1979 CASS#0375 - Classic Coll Book of Month Club (boxed set) VANGUARD SRL-7624 - Michelle SHOCKD rec London concert Radio 2 Xmas Prog 30/12/87 CASS 0423-4 "If love was a train" - rec by Mike Yaes 1979-1983 Old Time ballad singers and musicians from Virginia & N Carolina: VWML-007 d/CASS 1026 1992 "Crazy about Song" - Instrumental -- rec 1953 IFMC Festival: FTX-610 - N Carolina harmonica player whooping a fragment of "The Fox Chase", which recreates the chase and kill of an animal. Male solo. (Seeger and Terry, A3): FTX-781 - Afro-American country jazz band performs the blues, with a whisky jug for a tub, strings for a rhythm section and a harmonica playing the lead parts that the clarinet and trumpet usually take. (Smith, Harry, A2)/ S.W. Louisiana. A Cajun waltz of the type called 'fais-do-do" ("go to sleep') because it was played for the grown-ups to dance while the babies slept in the next room. Fiddle and guitar. (Bonstein, B 1): FTX-782 - Mississippi southern black slaves and prisoners continued the African tradition of rhythmic work songs - an in-group culture Male group with axes. (Smith, Harry, A 4); FTX-783 - Lomax coll fiddler: RPL 26144 - Old Time Fiddlers Repertory: Missouri 1976 - Kimbles (Instrum) Virginia: MOUNTAIN MUSIC 4174 - Mike Seeger's Selection (cassette) 1974 - NEW FREEDOM - Paul CADWELL (banjo) & Frank BANTY (piano) rec New Rochester, New Jersey 1959: RTR-0321 - Recs made at a Concert in Virginia nd: RTR- 0322 incl Horton Barker, fiddlers & banjo - Aly BAIN "Down Home" (TV Series) in USA & Canada: LISMOR LIF-7011 1986/ CASS 0814 incl Cape Breton fiddlers, Bill Monroe & Bluegrass Boys, Mike Seeger, Tommy Jarrell etc - Children - Children's Songs NW-291 1978

USA & CANADA - AMERICAN INDIANS - see also SOUTH AMERICA -- Southwest, Western Apache. A song for the Devil Dance, part of the nine day girls' puberty rite, Male group with drum and legbells/ E. Woodlands, Choctaw Walk and Jump Dance. Mississippi/ Southwest. Taos Pueblo men singing a gambling song: FTX-782 - Navaho Night Chant, part of a nine-day initiation rite for adolescents. Male singers with rattles/ Plains Teton buffalo hunters and mounted warriors of the Sioux confederacy, vigorously calling out their Omaha Dance song. Male group with drum/ N. American Plains, Cheyenne. A gently crooned lullaby from a valorous people who fought an epic battle against white man's domination/ Northern Territory. A Yirrkala tribesman of a diet-poor, acephalous, aboriginal culture sings an embellished sacred song for healing the wounded. Male solo with sticks: FTX-783 - Southwest, Zuni. A carefully rehearsed rain-making song, performed by a male choir (See Kraho and Cayapo examples for similar pitch levels)/ Southwest, Navaho. Male chorus with cooing night chant/ Southwest, Pima. A male group sings about how a warrior, exhausted from fighting to protect his people, is fanned by admiring maidens. Male group: 784 - Southwest, Navaho. In the squaw dances that occur outside a hogan where a curing ceremony is taking place, the girls approach the men. Male chorus/ Plateau, Flathead. An Owl Dance Song with nonsense syllables, large intervals, irregular meters, cascading phrases - a characteristic combination among the non-stratified, hunting tribes of the Americas: FTX-785 - Pueblos. The people of Taos, though they live in a superb pueblo, are Plains in origin. In the summer the young men gather at the bridge and sing in the moonlight - songs like this dance tune, its high pitch level reminiscent of Plains singing/ Navaho, a modern piece, with harmonica accompaniment. Mixed group with drum/ The Comanche, formerly hunters and warriors of the Texas prairies, perform a Christian hymn in their own tongue/ Southwest. The Papago are incipient producers in the arid Rio Grande country with a preference for cohesive unison performance of simple rather than complex strophes. Male group: FTX-786 - Southwest. Pima men with drum accompaniment in the tonally individualized, but rhythmically cohesive unison style of the Southwest incipients/ N. America, Mississippi. A Choctaw Indian, heritor of a tribal tradition of complementary maize gardening, sings a Drunk Song with repetitions, wide leaps and wide voices/ Southwest. Papago curing chant, one of many the medicine man would sing in all-night ceremonies, shaking his gourd rattle and occasionally brushing the patient with healing eagle feathers. Male solo with rattle/ Southwest, Pima. Strophes, notably those with many phrases and complex structure, are especially frequent in North American Indian cultures. Four men with drum/ Plains Cree (Canada). This melodic form - combined with a terraced shape, high register, large intervals, and much repetition- form a pattern typical of the nomadic hunters of the Northern Plains. Male solo with drum/ Plains Indians, Pawnee. A ghost dance from the pan-Indian revivalistic movement of the 1870s which for a time rallied the hopes of the Plains Indians as they were being pushed out of their ancestral hunting grounds. Male solo with drum: FTX-787 - Huron Iroquois (Canada) A thanksgiving ritual Corn Dance song from the contemporary religious observances of the Huron-Iroquois tribes of the N. East, led by a Cayuga/ Southern Plains, Kiowa. Complex strophes with much textual repetition are commonest among game producers. Note terraced melodic shape and glottal shake - other frequent North Amerindian traits. Male solo/ Pueblo. Plains influence in the high-pitched, embellished, tense-voiced, tremulous and terraced singing of Taos/ The Plateau Flat head (with Plains connections) perform an Owl Dance, where couples move around a circle in a shuffling step. Two males/ Eastern Woodlands, Choctaw, heritors of the Mississippi Valley culture and of a richt often polyphonic song tradition. Male solo/ Plateau, Flathead, linked to Plains horse culture. A sweat-house song for curing. Female solo: FTX-788 - Southwest Navaho. Masked dancers, representing the grandfathers of the gods, perform this yeibichai chant with its characteristic high-pitched sound, at the time when the young people are initiated into the ceremonial life of the tribe. Male singers with rattles/ California, Hupa. Vocal polyphony is virtually unknown among North Amerindians, except among the complementary acorn-gathering tribes of North California, who habitually sing in this style. Three men/ Pueblo, Zuni. Carefully rehearsed and performed so as to induce the gathering of the clouds and the coming of the rains. The Rain Dance has as big and complex a melodic and choreographic structure as any art form in the world. Mixed group: FTX-789 - AMERICAN LIB OF CONGRESS AAFS L22 Chippewa Indians/ CASS-0212 - AAFS L-36/ CASS-0250 American Indian Songs of Today - AAFS L-40/ CASS- 0249 Sioux Indians - COLUMBIA SL-211 Canada - SL-212 Venezuela - FOLKWAYS FM 4006 Nova Scotia Micmac American/ Canadian - Eskimo Weather Chant/ Iroquois Lullaby -- AMERICAN LIB OF CONGRESS - "Acoustic Roots": Radio 2 10/5/89 CASS-0428 incl Johnny Cash etc - Cree Indians (mouth music) BBC Radio 19/4/89: CASS-10-0717 - Louis SOLOMON (with drum) rec by Frank & Anne Warner, Hogansburg, NY USA: APPLESEED APR-CD-1035 2000 Mohawk Chant & War Cry - Belo COZAD, Kiowa Indian flute - talk before) rec by Willard Rhodes, Andarko, Oklahoma, Summer 1941: ROUNDER CD 1500 1997 - Rain Dance performed by George BUCK, Red Jacket & group with water-drum & horn rattle rec by National Film Coard, Grand River Reserve, Ontario: from World Library ed by Marius Barbeau/ ROUNDER CD 1700 1997 USA: GEORGIA SEA ISLANDS -- Bessie JONES sings a tradtitional Southern lullaby to the kind of regular, simple meter most characteristic in agricultural societies where it may stand for the regular routines essential to farm work: FTX-786 - Bessie JONES with Georgia Sea Island Singers rec by Alan Lomax 1959: RPL LP 26150 (3 songs)/ ATLANTIC SD-1350 1960 - with Ed YOUNG (can fife), Hobart SMITH (gtr) & Georgia Sea Island Singers (voc & handclapping) rec by Alan Lomax, St Simon's Island, April 1960 "O Day" & "Just Suits Me"/ with John & Peter DAVIS, Henry MORRISON, Willis PROCTOR rec Frederica Apr 1960 "Sink em low": ROUNDER CD-1701 1997 - Nat RAHMINGS (drum) with Hobart SMITH (banjo) & Ed YOUNG (cane-fife) rec by AL Williamsburg, Va Apr 1960 "Beulah Land": ROUNDER CD-1701 1997/ ROUNDER 1708 1997 "I got a home" & "Walk on the Bay"

VENEZUELA: - SOUTH AMERICA - Indian Jews harp: FTX-700 - Guarauno, Orinoco Delta, interlock, typical of the semi-nomadic gatherers of the river: FTX-782 - Orinoco Delta, A Guarauno medicine man singing a curing song in the raspy voice that so many Amer-indian shamans employ in therapeutic chants: FTX-784 - Orinoco Delta. A woman of these semi-nomadic, riverine Guarauno gatherers sings a modern song: FTX-788 - COLUMBIA SL-212 - recs by Juan Liscano 1939-43: LIB OF CONGRESS L-15 1946 - coll Isabel Aretz & others: OCORA OCR-78 / CASS 0144 (box) - Group with bongoes, maraccas & ping-pong 1955 RPL LP 23930


VIRGIN ISLANDS -- Melcena SMITH & Elias FAZER rec by John Storm Roberts, Tortola, Virgin Islands 1982: ROOT & BRANCH #1 1999 "The Butcher Boy"


WORLD -- "Blind Man's Holiday" Songs from Czech, Romania, Greece, Africa, Vietnam, Turkey, Hungary, Ireland, Brazil with talk about group (Australian) on Radio "Folk on Two" 18/10/89: CASS-0164 - History of Music: Ancient & oriental (Egon Wellesz EMI HLP-2 - UNESCO Radio Selection of World Folk Instruments: RTR 0782-0788/ FTX-700 - "The World Encompassed" Ethno-musicology Training Course introduced by Alan Lomax: FTX-781 - FTX-789 - Far East, India, Africa & Americas, Continental Europe NONESUCH H-7-11 - THE PENNYWHISTLERS: NONESUCH H-72007 - IFMC Festival 1953 WESTMINSTER WL-5324 / CASS-60-0543 - WOMAD - CANTOMETRICS Lecture "Map of World Music" RTR-0310

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