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This World Music Course introduced by Alan Lomax, the leader of the team who put it together in the 1960s, was originally titled "Cantometrics - the measure of song". As "Folk Song Style and Culture" it was published by The American Assocation for the Advancement of Science in 1968 and in 1976, the team published the recorded samples from the Lomax field recordings as well as others from outstanding international field collections, and thus produced an ethno-musicology course with tests for researchers and students. So now, "Music from around the World" is available on 8 CDs together with a ninth forming a final Graduation CD. Peter Kennedy used this course with his students at Dartington College of Arts from 1972 and found it particularly successful in all three: Art, Music and Theatre depts.

THE TONAL BLEND OF THE VOCAL GROUP (5) - Good tonal blend depends upon the relative absence of vocal noise and ornamentation, and the presence of wide, clear voicing. It also predicts a complementary society, where, because males and females share equally the main productive activity of the culture, there seems to be a relaxation in vocal signs of tension and male dominance, and a tendency to act in a highly coordinated fashion.

THE RHYTHMIC RELATIONSHIP WITHIN THE VOCAL GROUP (12) - Multi-layered rhythmic organization in the vocal part seems to reflect an aspect of inter-personal relationships, in that accompanying, polyrhythmic and contrapuntal rhythmic relationships between the vocal parts occur more frequently in complementary cultures.


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