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Ethnic Musical Instruments Worldwide

Over 50 field-recordings, selected by a UNESCO Radio Group, includes a wide variety of folk instruments used for both solo and concerted song & dance 700Instruments.JPG
  Instruments of Africa (H.Tracey)

SWEDEN Pastoral bark horns - ROMANIA Solo pan-pipes - PAKISTAN double flute with drums - CZECHSLOVAKIA giant double flute - ROMANIA giant flute - YUGOSLAVIA vertical flute - INDIA single musician playing two flutes - CHINA "Khen" (harmonica) - LAOS song with khen - ITALY shepherd's double bagpipe - CZECHOSLOVAKIA Two "dudi" pipers - ENGLAND Northumbrian "small-pipes" - IRELAND "Uillean" bagpipes - POLAND bagpipes - YUGOSLAVIA "Mih" double bagpipes - ITALY Jew's harp -VENEZUELA "Ouijira" Indian jew's harp - ROMANIA Blown fish-scale - SARDINIA "launeddas" three reed-pipes - ALBANIA song group with oboe, bagpipes, & hurdy- gurdy - NORTH INDIA "Shahnal" (shawm) with horn & drum - SOUTH INDIA 2 "Nagasvaram" (larger than the shahnai) with tabla - MEXICO 2 clarinets with drums - JUGOSLAVIA 2 "sopela" (shawms) - GERMANY Clarinet with string orchestra - CZECHOSLOVAKIA Woodwind orchestra -TURKEY "Zurna" (shawm) & drum - AFGHANISTAN "Rabab" (fiddle) with drum - NORWAY "Hardanger" fiddle - SWEDEN 3 fiddles - FINLAND Solo fiddler with dancers - INDIA Three-string "sarashtra" fiddle - PAKISTAN "Saranda" fiddle with drum - IRAN "Kemanje" (one-string square cello) - ALBANIA Fiddle & tambourine with female singers - CZECHOSLOVAKIA String orchestra - HUNGARY Zither orchestra - KOREA "Kayakeum" (12 string zither) with drum - ICELAND "Langspiel" ("long-play" dulcimer) - GERMANY Zither - INDIA "Vina" solo (plucked string lute) - ALBANIA singer with "tchifteli" (small lute) - MEXICO "Jaranita" solo for dance - IRAN "Dhumbak" goblet drum solo - PERU "Titicaca" Indian drum with flutes, drums & rattles



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