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GABON -- OCORA OCR-41/ CASS-0120 (box)

GAMBIA -- AFRIDISC TPM 45/101-2 Senegambian (Worloff) - VIRGIN VX-1006 KONTE family - WOMAD Talking Book Amadu JOBARTCH playing Kora (Griot tradition) - Dembo KONTE (Cora) Radio 2 1/4/87: CASS-90-0567

GEORGIA - Caucasus - A well-rehearsed Choir singing an arranged folk song: FTX-782 - Kakhete, Shilda Region. A lullaby melody performed by a chorus of twenty women/ An early high culture whose hocketing, yodeling style might be one source of European counterpoint. Male chorus: FTX-788

GERMANY --- WL-5334 Bavarian yodelling song with accordion rec 1953 IFMC Festival : FTX-610 - World Instruments dance music & "hummel" (dulc): FTX-700 - Woodcutter's yodel, male solo: FTX-781 - Wurttemburg. A comic surrealist, peasant dance-song for mixed group and brass band/ famous Kurt Weill "jazz' number. Female solo with strings, winds, horns and percussion accompaniment: FTX-783 - A woodcutter's song from the Carpathian mountains. Male solo: FTX-784 - Swabia. A teasing dialogue of courtship set to a widely-known folk tune. Male solo/ German enclave in Hungary. A medieval ballad about a girl who saves her brother from hanging by running nine times naked round the gallows. Female solo/ Emsland. Children, going from house to house for gifts on Martinmas Day, sing the familiar children's descending minor third cadence: FTX-785 - A standard youth movement song about the death of the pastor's cow. Female solo: FTX-786 - A Berlin academic choir demonstrates the old style Gregorian chant a European variant on the Eastern liturgical tradition rhythmically free, long-phrased and highly melismatic. Male group: FTX-787 - Emsland. A lullaby sung in the 'covered' (wide, softened) voice so frequent in Central Europe/ Ballad of a love encounter set to a common German tune and in the polyphony that may be native to Central Europe. Male chorus: FTX-788 - Uberlingen Sword Dance rec 8/7/56: RPL LP 23649 - CAMERA SM 95015 SCHNUCHENACK (Gypsies) Django Reinhart tradition - CASS-0054 -Regensburg Museum coll COLOSSEUM SM 3014 - DECCA (6) 21606 Der Grosse Zapferstreich (Marches) - NDR Group: Brecht's "Die Idioten Club" rec EBU Festival Denmark RPL Radio 2 13/1/88 CASS-0422

GHANA - Fra-fra tribesmen (vocal, rattle & fiddle), Nangodi, Northern Territory 1964: CBS 66218 1970 (Song LEGACY 086334 2003) "The Story of the Blues" - TANGENT TGS-113 Mustapha Tettey ADDA - TGS-115 Kpanlogo Party with OBADE - WOMAD Warner WEA KG-8045 Group - TB-2 2 groups drummers - 002 Orchestre Jerzira & Kpanlogo percussion - CASS 0075 WOMAD 1982 Ashanti/ Gabrone/ Fra Fra/ Dagomba/ Kassas & Dagarti


GREECE - incl CRETE -- Epirus. An interlude in an epic about a brave woman who drowned herself to avoid enslavement by the Turks, saying: 'May I never be seen to bow and kiss hands: I am the wife of Botzaris and sister of Notis, I carry bullets in my skirt...' Violin, clarinet and plucked lutes: FTX-782 - . A Cretan Syrtos which, like much of Cretan tradition, has its roots in the classic past. Male solo accompanied by lyre and lute: FTX-784 - A song in the epic style of the heroic klefts, the patriotic Greek mountaineers who struggled against Turkish rule for centuries. Male solo with lute/ Crete. A highly embellished, wordy, male, solo complaint from an ancient, complex, urbanized and stratified culture: FTX-785 - Crete wedding processional. Male group: FTX-786 - A Peloponnesian dance of the shuffle style, with dancers in a line and moving sideways to an aksak pattern, played on glissando fiddle and plucked chordophone: FTX-787 - Popular Music of Greece: ALBATROS VPA 8298 - Greece in music & song (1 item only from Crete): ARGO ZFB-70 - CANTOMETRICS 90-912-5 - Dances & f/s Central & Eastern Macedonia: LYCEUM LCGW-103 - Bouzookee: NONESUCH HS-72004 - - coll by Wolf Dietrich TOPIC 12-TS-231 - Jorges MANGAS (clarinet rec Globestyle: Radio 2 on 9/9/87: CASS-0403

GREENLAND -- CASS-0087 Inuit "Throat Songs" accordion dances incl accordion, guitar & chorus



GUIANA - French Guiana -- Kalina Indians, jungle fishers and manioc gardeners, sing a song of nonsense syllables, set to an irregular meter. Male solo: FTX-786 - Oyana Caribs. The women produce the bread (and beer) from manioc, the men fish and hunt in the game-scarce jungle; this is a song, close to one of their jungle cries, for luring monkeys within blow-gun shot. Male group: FTX-788 - 90-916 B1/4 Dyana Caribs - monkey luring song

GUYANA -- -- FONTANA STL-5495 1969 SPINNERS "Brown Boy" (comp by David Campbell) - WOMAD TB-3 1982 "Fast forward into dub"


HOLLAND -- (RPL 23853) Dances from different regions incl Friesland (not in Lib) - (RPL 24641) Fishermen's choir (not in Lib) - BELGIAN BRT DL 111-427 Ballad in Dutch by old man - Dutch tune rec Tristan de Cunha: FTX-609 - IFMC Festival Pamplona 1953 Friesland dance with stamping & clapping: FTX-610 - MUNICH MU-7440 Harmonika (Accordion) - MU-7424 TAIL TODDLE (group) - NOS-6814-230 Folklore Archive - PHILIPS 10388 Sylvia MOORE & Bernard BROERE rec Amsterdam - 6440-135 Friesland accordions - Tape of Friesland music from Dr Goslinger, Harberton, Devon 1980: RTR-0469 - VERENIG NG UP001 Netmaker's Songs - Pat Rush talks about Dutch F/M Revival on RPL Radio 2: 22/8/83 CASS-15-0790 - 4 accordion players on Radio 2 Jan 1993 CASS-0488 - Midwinter Horn solo: ROUNDER 1719 1998

HONDURAS -- Honduras, Valle. Two guitars (European) playing a waltz European) in irregular meter (Amerindian) in rough unison (also Amerindian). This is a frequent mestizo-American pattern.

HONG KONG -- RPL LP 27955-61 (not in Lib) - JING YING Soloists: SAYDISC CSDL-325 cass

HUNGARY - see also KLEZMER -- Euro-gypsies FTX-608 - QUALITON LPX-10095-8 a boxed set of 4 LPs of f/m ed Rajeczky with notes & photos 1964/ CASS- 0103-4 (box)/ FTX-641-642 - Moravia: FTX-643 - World Instruments: FTX-700 - At mid-winter men go house to house, singing "colinde" (carols) to bring their neighbours luck in the coming year. Mixed group with drums: FTX-781 - A performance by peasant girls with 'new style' lyric song: FTX-782 - Slow "czardas" dance tune in (7/8) meter, performed in unison by a male singer and fiddle: FTX-783 - A ballad of an outlaw hero performed in declamatory style with wide leaps in irregular meter. Male solo/ This lyric, strophic song, from the bend of the Danube has the wide-leaps-that so impressed Bartok and that may indicate the ties of old Hungarian melodism with its place of origin in Central Asia. Female solo: FTX-786 - Transylvania. An 'old style' Magyar piece, unornamented, in strict, simple meter and quick tempo. Male solo/ An old style Hungarian lyric for dancing, in unison and in irregular meter. Female group: FTX-788 - Bucharest. A doina sung by Marie Lateretu, now dead, was one of the world's great vocal artists: FTX-789 - World of Travel ARGO SPA 212(sampler)- ARGO ZFB-49 1971 Songs & Dances rec by Deben Bhattachaya - "Moravian Folk Songs and Dances" : ARTIA ALP-153 1960 Gift of Henrietta Yurchenko - CASS-0035 Zither music - HUNGAROTON LPX-11477 Gregorian Chants - NEPRAJZI 1966 cass dub: Ethno museum field rec: demo of instruments - OCORA OCR-54 7" LP Popular music/ CASS-0109 (box) - PRIVATE Boxed set of Tatar f/s rec Budapest 1975 - WOMAD TB-3 1982 Muzikas - ARGO ZFB-60 1972 "Ungarescha" Vic GAMMON & Trevor CROZIER'S BROKEN CONSORT - Martha SEBASTIAN & Group on Radio 2: 6/6/90 CASS-60-0882

IBIZA -- rec Alan Lomax incl Mallorca & Spain: COLUMBIA SL-216 / CASS 0051

ICELAND: -- Langspiel zither (RPL LP 30777) - FTX-306 Hugh LUPTON: Loki Death of Balder (story in English) - FTX-700 World Instruments: Langspiel - EMI ODEON MOAK-17 Islenzk Rimnalog: Rimur Songs (sung Epic Poetry) rec John Levy nd - TRADITION TSR-006 RIPLEY WAYFARERS: "East Wind" - Icelandic Song by Norwegian group at EBU Festival in Denmark introd Cyril Tawney: CASS-0341

INDIA incl PAKISTAN - see also SRI LANKA - World Instrumentals: FTX-700 - Benares: Hindi religious folk song about Krishna and his love for the lovely milkmaid, Radha, male village chorus/ Nepal: song popular in Kathmandu: female solo with drum: FTX-781 - C. India, Gond: Alternations between male and female groups, with sticks, drums and flutes in polyrhythm: FTX-782 - Manikpur, Meithei. A priestess sings a hymn to the Earth Mother, accompanied by a pena (bowed lute)/ Bengal. A morning raga, male solo with bowed lute, sitar, flute and drum accompaniment/ Kerala. An ancient type of TamiI orchestra; a musical bow hung with brass bells, Two-pitchers slapped with fiber pads, a small hour-glass drum, cymbals and clappers/ Kerala. A segment of the Kathakali, the magnificent dance drama tradition, where dancer-actors mime episodes from the Ramayana which are sung in heterophony with a heterophonic ensemble of drums, gongs and cymbals: FTX-783 - Nepal. Young Botean Sherpa girls of this Himalayan farmer-porter culture sing to greet European mountain climbers, "Welcome, where do you come from?'/ A fragment of a raga. Male solo with vina (violin): FTX-784 - Malaysia, Central Borneo, Dusun. A Young woman addresses the recordist. 'If you get our music back to your country, you will never forget us.': FTX-785 - The old high culture of India produces highly embellished songs for the ashram where the Vedantic traditions of Yoga are inculcated, in part, by such chants/ C. India, Madhya Pradesh. The Hill Saora Tribe; a ricefield work-song with much repetition and a narrow range/ Oriya tribal song about Sita and Ravana of the Ramayana legend/ Assam Abor hill tribes, living in small, independent villages, have a polyphonic song style half-way between that of Polynesia and Africa. Mixed group/ Kerala. Nyar women circling a lamp, clapping and singing - as is their custom during summer planting - a song in which the wives of a prince praise their husband/ Nepal. A religious chant from the Tamang, a tribe of mountain farmers in Central Nepal near Kathmandu. Male solo: FTX-786 - Oriya tribal song in two short phrases with repetitive text, notable raspy delivery and drum accompaniment/ N.W. India. Kashmir, fabled for its beauty, is like Georgia, fortunate in its climate, its mountain irrigation economy and its rich heritage of Middle Eastern culture, such as this tune for a nightingale. Flute and drone/ S. India. A Trivan drum song for Kathakali (mimed dance drama of Malabar) by male soloist with drums and cymbals/ Nepal. Female solo: FTX-787 S. India. A male leader and chorus of the Kuravan tribe of snake catchers and basket makers/ S. India, Kerala. An abjurgation to embrace spiritual and philosophical Vedantic truths, in a wave-like shape. Male solo/ S. India, Kerala. The Kuravan Tribe sings to Ganapate, god of wisdom, in a wordy, ornamented, free-rhythm style. The male leader is answered by a unified chorus, gliding through parallel thirds/ Kerala. The Kuravans are a wandering non-Hindu tribe of basket makers, snake catchers and day laborers. Male chorus: FTX-788 - West Bengal love song,in which a lover compares his sweetheart to a flower, sung by a male with a bowed lute (israj) and plucked lute (sitar): FTX-789 #04 - Village Band nr Delhi rec 1951: RPL 18083 - Land diving songs & slit gong with chant (not in Lib): RPL 30147 - COLUMBIA SL 215 ed by Alain Danielou/ ROUNDER 82161-1755-2 - CASS-0086/ EMI HMV- 1752 1963 10"LP cassete dub of Indian Flute Music by Panna Lal Gosh & Vijay Rhaghav Rao - NONESUCH H-7-11 (S) 6 tracks - H-72030 Rain Narayan (Sarangi) - H 72035 Bands of Bengal - OCORA OCR 47 Music from Rajasthan/ CASS-0116 (box) - OCORA OCR-81 Professional folk musicians of Rajasthan/ CASS 0142 (box) - Three ragas: OCORA OCR-69 - Swahunnan SARNA playing santur: OCORA OCR-77 - BATISH family (N India): TOPIC 12-T-191 - Item called ENGLISH NOTE played on Gotta Vadyam (instrum similar to Vina but with more sympathetic strings: CASS-0026 - East Indian Music in the West Indies (Guadelope & Trinidad): ROUNDER CD 1723 1999 - Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN (Pakistan): WOMAD 1 1952 - Sufi QUAMNALI: WOMAD 002

INDONESIA - includes ARU ISLANDS - BALI - BORNEO - JAVA - MALAYSIA - MOLUCCAS - PHILIPPINES - NEW GUINEA - SARAWAK - VIETNAM - 1953 IFMC Festival Gamelan by London students/ FTX-610 - World Instruments: FTX-700 - Borneo, Dusun. One variation on the E. Asian mouth-organ is the "sampotan"/ Philippines: The Hanunoo live in small acephalous hamlets in the jungle; each person has his own yodeling trail call (uwi) to announce his approach through the heavy cover. Here several uwis are simultaneously performed by a mixed group: FTX-781- Male Group/ Bali Kechak (monkey dance). The moment in the Ramayana drama, when the monkey army rescues Sita, pits a legato female choir against an accelerating background, in imitation of monkey chatter. Male & female group with drum: FTX-782/ The "gamelan" gong orchestra/ Bali, where everybody takes a turn playing (metalophones, percussion, winds, strings) as it rehearses and performs long rituals and dance dramas/ Interior Malaya, Temiar. A mixed chorus from this small tribe intone a song sent by the Tiger Spirit. Accompanied on percussion tubes: FTX-783 - Malaysia, N. Borneo, Bajau. These Moslem Sea Dyaks live in family-sized canoes, gathering fish and seaweed. A sacred text from the Koran. Female solo/ C. Borneo. Land Dyaks sing a song for a head-hunting ritual. Male chorus with lute and horn/Malaysia, Philippines Magindanao. An epic chant by a Moro male/ Java. A female virtuoso produces a tone like a silver wire to a gamelan accompaniment: FTX-784 - Malaysia, N. Borneo. The Sea Dyak (Bajau) are also known as sea-gypsies, because they live and work and move from place to place in big family canoes, harvesting the shallow tropic seas and selling the sea weed and sea slugs they collect. They are Moslem converts, and here a woman embellishes verses from the Koran/ N. Borneo. The Murut are jungle, shifting-field, rice cultivators. This is a topical song improvised by a male singer at a drinking party/ Sarawak. An embellished.Sea-Dyak song recorded from a radio broadcast. Female solo/ E. New Guinea Highlands, Dani. Canonic polyphony with accelerating rhythm renews the singers' courage and prepares them to attack a nearby group that has slain one of their tribe: FTX-786 - Bali. One of the numerous forms of the gamelan (an orchestra of metalophones, flute and percussion instruments) is the Anklung, usually heard at funerary rites. Several males: FTX-787 - Java, where the gamelan accompanies one of the most accomplished virtuosos of Indonesia singing in a typical highly embellished, rhythmically free performance: FTX-789 - ARGO SPA 212 sampler incl Bali "Monkey Dance" - CHANT FDU MONDE LDX-74434 John WRIGHT & Trab Quang Hai (jews harp)- COLUMBIA SL-210 Indonesia incl Western New Guinea, Moluccas, Bali, Java (CASS 0046) - - NONESUCH H-7-11 Court gamelan with female singers - OCORA OCR-46 f/m from West Java/ CASS-0117 (box) - RPL LP 27257 rec NY 1962 - Small amateur group RPL LP 27257 "Sarinande" - 90-013 A2/16 Temiar Tiger Song - BARENREITER BM-30 L-2026 Musical Anthology 26 Alain Danielou - - - PRIVATE 2258 (78 rpm) Music of Pulambi (Sio Coast) - CASS 000070-1 Port Moresby (Papua): 2 cass of commercial pop music & reggae: THE BLACK BROTHERS hits - WATTLE ARCHIVE D-2 1958 Music of New Guinea 2 players rec Paris & Saigon OCORA OCR 68 / CASS 0150 (box) - Vietnam: Musique Mnong Gar (Gongs etc): OCR 80/ CASS 0143 (box) IRAN - Persia -- World Instruments: FTX-700 - A fragment of a rhapsodic mystic chant by the poet Araqi, superbly sung and oirnamented by Zabihi: FTX-785 -From the heritage of a complex, ancient civilization, this composition in the Abu-Ata mode is played on the tar (plucked lute) and the kemanche (bowed lute) by two males: FTX-787 - Fishers in Persian Gulf OCORA OCR-42 - Persian Classical Music rec by Charles Duvelle: OCR 57/ CASS-0106 (box) - CANTOMETRICS 90-914 A2/1 & 90-915 B2/10 - SHUSHA Persian Song: TANGENT TGS-110 1971

IRAQ -- World of Travel (sampler) ARGO SPA-212 - OCORA OCR-55/ CASS-0108 (box) - OCR-63 Oud: Munir Bashia (Instr)/ CASS-0151A (box) - OCR-79 Ensemble santur fid tamb drum & chant - CASS-0095 Baghdad TV cassette presented to Folktrax at Baden Baden Radio & TV Conference 1980

ISRAEL & PALESTINE - Hebrew, Bokaran Jewish singer. The severe sexual sanctions of the Mosaic code are typical of many cultures in the mideast, N. Africa, and the Mediterranean (in fact, in most of the ancient civilizations) and persist in contemporary society. Male solo. (Israel, A3)/ Palestine Hebrew. A fragment of cantelation of the "Kedusha." Note the free rhythm, melisma and the long phrases, as well as the narrow and very nasal vocal quality: FTX-784 - Hebrew. A cantor performing a prayer forYom Kippur. Male solo: FTX-785 - Kol Zion Lagolah Choral Society: RPL 21505 - "Calling the tune" #8 11/3/63 "Circassia" (Russian folk dance) - LP 26584 Raasche rec London 5/4/61 - ARGO ZFB 50 1971 Occidental & Oriental rec by Deben Bhattacharya - SPA 212 Sampler - B3/2 Palestine Hebrew cantelation "Kedusha" - HED-ARZI BAN-14492 Shalosh Re'galim - Ofra HAZA (f unacc) followed by superimposed disco beat version intro Colin Irwin: on "Acoustic Roots" 19/4/89: CASS-10-0716

ITALY - see also SARDINIA - SICILY - Tristan de Cunha "Italian waltzes": FTX-609 - accordion dance from Torino rec 1953 IFMC Festival/ RTR-0471-2: FTX-610 -Anthology of Italian Popular Music edited by Roberto Leydi: FTX- 617 & 618 - Children's Games: FTX-621 - World Instruments: 700 "Zampogna" bagpipe, jews harp, guitar, acc orch - Friuli choral tradition, a group of villagers, improvising one of a string of brief melodies called villanelli: FTX-781 #34 - Emilia. Villagers spontaneously producing a unified polyphonic effect: FTX-781 - Puglia. A lyric serenade sung by a worker accompanied by guitar:#29, A9)/ A Piedmont cattle herd, each cow with its own tuned bell, the leader swinging the biggest of them, sways up the path to summer pasture in the Alps/ Fishermen sing at the capstan, drawing in the great seatrap laden with tuna. Male chorus: FTX-783 - Genoa's contrapuntal longshoremen's choruses, "Tralaleros" employ three bass parts/ N Italy, Piedmont. Such small brass bands are an old tradition in this region of industry and industrialized farming. Mixed group/ A muleteer, engaged in transport in the rugged hills of Campania, sings a travelling song as he rides along, in the high, tense voice so common to the region/ Campania, where women's voices are as thin and hard as the long silver pins they wear in their hair: FTX-784 - Liguria. On moonlit nights the men gather on the bridge over the little mountain river and sing such medieval ballads as this one of the captain's daughter. Male group: FTX-789 - Complete collection of ALBATROS records edited by Roberto Leydi:: 8082/ / 8088/ 8120 - "Sardinia" ed by Diego Carpitella & others vols 1-3: 8150/ 8151/ 8152 - "Il Trallalero Genovese" 8164 - "Puglia e Lucania" 8191 - "Le Valli di Cuneo" 8203 - "Sicily - Work Songs" 8206 - "Bergamo e il suo teritorio: Lombardia" 8222/ 8223/ 8231/ 8237/ 8269/ 8341/ 8372/ 8381 - "Musiche e Canti popolari dell'Emilia" 8260/ 8278/ 8403 - Musica Contadina dell'Aretino" 8286/ 8287/ 8288 - "Canti di Liguria" 8309/ 8313 - "Il Lazio" 8348/ 8384 - "Marche" 8361/ 8382 "Alessandria Piemonte" 8390 - "Salento" 8405 - "Il Nigra Cantata Donna Lombarda" SdL/As/5 - "E per la Strada" DS/143/45/Cl - CASS 0016 is Joe Falinski's Instrumental Selection - CASS-0009-0025/ 0028/ 0138 (Sardinia)/ 0271 (bagpipes)/ 0052 (Dances, Instr & Religious Song)/ 0053 - ARGO ZFB-71 Sicily in Music & Song - - "Scano Boa" (modern folk group) rec Padova 1986 CALICANTE La TORRE X3 - Genoa: Canterini all'Opera: "Trallaleri e Canzoni": DEVEGA DL1017 2000 - RPL 23163 Tralalero/ Cass-0013 - LP 23587-9, 23841-(2) coll by Diego Carpitella incl Genoese Trallalero fishermen's choir - 24806-7 Sardinia - 26954 Pisa Baptistry demo - MONTE SANT'ANGELO 45 EP nd - OCORA 558-595 Sardinia rec by Michael Vuylsteke 1981/ CASS-0138 (box) - SUONI SU-5007 Accordion from Sardinia - LA CIAPA RUSA: on Radio 2 on 9/9/87: CASS#0403 - RITMEER on Radio 2 2/11/88: CASS-15-0739 incl Sardinian Song - Mario SALVI (melodeon): ELLIPSIS ARTS 3xCD "Planet Squeezebox" 1995 "Tarantella di Montemarato" - Pino MASULLO (local sounds, talk & gtr): CHIANO rec 9899 1999 (rec Lucerne, Switzerland) incl "Tarantella, Gallino" - Various Christmas recs: ROUNDER 1719 1998 - 7 cassettes & two books of folksongs recorded by ITALIA RANALDI contributed by Roberto Campo June 2001 -- 5 tracks rec by Alan Lomax 1954: ROUNDER-CD 1700 1997 - LIGURIA Balardo & Imperia rec by AL 1954: ROUNDER CD-1816 2002 - FF-4405 Film Sword Dance from Fenestrelle (Piemonte) in which the "Fool - Arlecchino " at the conclusion, stands on the raised crossed swords .

IVORY COAST -- rec by Michael Vuysteke 1969: OCORA OCR-48 /CASS-0115 (box) - Masque Dan rec Jugo Kemp 1965-7: OCR-52 /CASS- 0111 (box) - Le ZAGAZOUGOU (p-acc & 3-row diatonic) with percussion rec Abidjan 1993: ELLIPSIS ARTS 3xCD "Planet Squeezebox" 1995

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