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Ballad from Moldavia - Fragment of an Outlaw Ballad from the Mezoseg
- Frag of Outlaw Ballad from Szatmar - “The Three Orphans” from Moldavia
- Lyrical song from Moldavia - Lyrical song from Szatmar - Shepherd song from Heves - Lyrical song from the Mezoseg - Shepherd song from Szatmar -
Slow dance tune from Szatmar - “The swineherd of Gyor” from the Sarkoz - Dance tune from the Sarkoz - Wedding dance from Somogy - Dance tune from Somogy - Prisoner’s song from the Mezoseg - a different tune from Moldavia - Evening Song from Borsod - The ballad of a hired girl from Balaton - “The story of Andras Bathory” from Szekely - “Rakoczi’s Farewell” from Szatmar - Csango funeral song from Bukovina - Csango lyrical song from Moldavia - “O, I was born to see only sorrow” from the Mezoseg - “The wheat is getting ripe” & “This summer I did much reaping” from Heves - “O star, star” from Moldavia - “Good-bye, O barn of Menes” & “Uncle John, go on” from Heves - “I’ll rue the day I got married” from Heves - Outlaw ballad from Heves - “O ho, no roses, only dry leaves are left” from Heves - “I’m sick of love’s sickness I suffer” from Moldavia - “Wood, how high the trees grow” & “Meadow, that’s where reeds grow” from Heves - “I’ve just been released from prison” from the Mezoseg - “At the end of the village” from Heves - “In the yard of my lover” from Heves

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