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Tunes performed by a Tambura Band from the Southern Great Plain
- Old-style parlando & new-style giusto on hurdy-gurdy as previous
- Four dance tunes by fiddler (67) from Borsod - Slow dance by Csango singing long-flute player (53) from Gyimes - As #2 played on zither or cimbalon using the fingers - Love Song sung and played on long flute from Somogy - Slow & Fast Csardas by Csango fiddle & gardon from Gyimes - Czardas and “Quick” by Gypsy Band from Mezoseg - song tune on bagpipes from Nograd - Tune on shawm or reed-pipe accomp by zither from the Southern Great Plain - Two dance tunes by zither ensemble as previous - Nograd Christmas pipe tunes - Quick Czardas by gypsy band from Mezoseg - Two new-style tunes on hurdy-gurdy & clarinet from the Southern Great Plain - “Fly my swallow” by gypsy musicians on cimbalom from Borsod - Nograd Christmas pipe-tunes - Christmas “Pretty cradle” chanting from Sopron - Carnival chant from Zobor - Farewell Song to Carnival from Zobor -
“Bridge” custom from the Balaton “Green twig walk” - Whitsun Play Songs from Sopron: - Summer Solstice songs from Zobor - Names Day Song from Transylvania & on fiddle & cello - Greetings song & dance on St Stephen’s Day from the Mezoseg - Csango Lullaby from Gyimes - Recruited Soldier’s Farewell Song from the Mezoseg - Fast Dance Tune by Gypsy band - Wedding songs from Somogy - Bride’s valediction & farewell from Nograd - Wedding tunes with orchestra from the Mezoseg - Funeral lament from Gyimes - Lament with fiddlers from Gyimes

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