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QUILLIAN, Rufus & Ben -- PARAMOUNT 14584-D/ B&B 011 "Working it Slow"

QUINN, Edward - Co Tyrone\ unacc singer\ 1953 - photos by PK: Edward Senior 0123 & Junior with Sean O Boyle -- rec by PK & SB, Castlecaulfield 19/8/53: RTR 510/ RPL 19357 "Jug of Punch" - CAEDMON TC-1144 1961/ TOPIC 12-T-159 1968 - FTX-025 "The Jug of Punch" - FTX-435

QUINN, Frank - NY, USA\ Irish melodeon & singer\ 1924 -- ELLIPSIS CD-4070 1997 "Celtic Mouth Music" /(voc & fid) rec studio NY Jan 1926 COLUMBIA 33077F/ TOPIC TSCD-660 1998 Amorous Encounters "The Tan Yard Side" (Down by the TYS)

QUINN, Frank - Co Tyrone\ unacc singer\ 1958 -- rec by PK & SB, Coalisland, Lough Neagh, NI: FTX-123 with STEELEYE SPAN - FTX-501 "The False Knight"

QUINN, Hugh - Belfast\ Coll-singer\ 1965 - (1885-1956) factory & street songs & childrens games - Hugh QUINN spent all his life in the Fall Road area of Belfast, as a schoolmaster and in his spare-time writing plays drawing on the locality. Best known were "Mrs Conaghy's Money" and "The Quiet Twelth", performed by the Group Theatre in Belfast and Abbey in Dublin. Some of his articles and writings can be found in the Linen Hall Library in Belfast, Also included on the CD are recordings made in 1948 of the Belfast Singers led by Nan Shaw with James J.Whitley -- rec by PK, 4/5/65 FTX-072 with talk & songs by the Belfast Singers

QUINN, Michael - Co Armagh\ unacc singer\ 1952 -- rec by PK, Cullyhanna 16/7/52: RPL 18488 "Flax-pulling at Castleblayney" & "New Cathedral at Crossmaglen" FTX-431

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