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FTX-643 - BOGATUL SI SARACUL - Romania Ritual Songs & Dances

An album of selected tracks, from the Archive of the Folklore Institutre in Budapest, displaying considerable variety of forms and rhythms. Folk instruments are demonstrated: alp-horn, flutes, panpipes, bagpipes, accordion and the remarkable use of a pear leaf and fish scale blown and vibrated as it is held between the two hands.There are also examples of rituals: spring, winter and harvest as well as wedding and funeral rites, lullabies and lyrical ballads, epic pastoral and doinas.

Signal for Spring - alphorn - Midwinter Plough Ritual - Midwinter Ritual Colind - Harvest Ritual Song - Funeral Lament - Funeral Ritual Song - Wedding Ritual Song - Lullaby - "Lost Sheep" - IOVAN IORGOVAN - MIORITA (The Lamb) - BOGATUL SI SARACUL (Rich and poor) - MIU HAIDUCUL (Miu the Outlaw) - HOREA FRUNZII (The Leaf Song) - I-AUZI MINDRO PITIGIO (Listen to the tomtit) - unacc female solo - DOINA NEAJLOVULUI - SARMANI COPIL STRAIN (Poor Child Stranger) - TOT TRECIND LA MINDRA DEALUL (As I went over the hill) - CITE PASARI SINT VINITE? (How many birds have come?) - SA IEI SEAMA BADE BINE (Take care, sweetheart) - PENDEM DEVIO DRAGORO (Dear God, I said) - TUMBE TUMBE - DIONA - CA DIN CIMPOI - HORA SPICATO - INVIRTATIA - 27. BRIU - HORA LUI DAMIAN - PE PICIOR - ORAGHEASCA - CIOCIRLICA (The Skylark)


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