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DAHOMEY -- OCORA OCR-17/ CASS-0130 (box)

DENMARK - see also ESKIMO - FAROES -- AUSTRALIAN ABC RRCS 131 Percy GRAINGER's orchestral arr of 2 folksongs coll 1922-7 with Evald Taug Kristensen "The Power of Love" & "Lord Peter's Stable Boy" - LARRIKIN LRF Grainger piano roll "Jutish Medley" - MXP CD 0196/ 0198/ 0199 "Folk Music from Denmark" - TOPIC 12- TS-378 1977 Vin GARBUTT "Den Toppede Hone" (instrumental) with Irish Hornpipe - 12-TS-419 1981 Dick GAUGHAN "Randers Hopsa" (instr) - EBU Folk Orch RPL Radio 2 13/1/88 CASS-0422 - Carl Erik Lundgaard JENSEN (melodeon) with Poul NELD (fiddle) & Keld Noergaard KRISENSON (piano): ELLIPSIS ARTS 3xCD "Planet Squeezebox" 1995 "Oxbol Polka/ Labri" - TRADLADS: TLCD-001 1997 Irish Songs & dance-tunes - Ostinat Expressen: CRYPTO CD-9901 1999



ECUADOR -- Sylvia MOORE: FTX-137 - World Instruments: FTX-700 - rec in field by Bernard Broere & Sylvia Moore (Colombian border): FTX-938 - NONESUCH H-72036 Black Music of S America - Cassette dub of "Kitty Turner's coll of 78rpm discs of South American music": CASS-0091 (BARCLAY 820-054) LOS CALCHAKIS incl Ecuador, Colombo, Peru, Argentine, Bolivia

EGYPT -- Nile Drummers: WOMAD TB 2 - Hassam RAMZY (voc/ quarter-tone p-acc) with percussion rec 1993: ELLIPSIS ARTS 3xCD "Planet Squeezebox" 1995

ESKIMO - Southampton Island. Eskimo medicine men and shamans often employ a low-pitched, raspy delivery in their healing songs, exaggerating the vocal qualities usually distinctive of males. The message is: Father or Grandfather is looking after you - Hudson Bay. A magic rune to help the hunt - with characteristic nonsense syllables, irregular rhythm and the with the characteristic pattern of harsh voice of the tireless hunter. Male solo/ Greenland, Eskimo. This stylistically typical song consists of strings of nonsense syllables set to the very complex irregular accompaniment of a frame drum beaten by a stick: FTX-784 - COLUMBIA SL-211 Canada Caribou Eskimaux/ CASS-0047

ETHIOPIA (formerly Abyssinia) -- 34 tribes rec by Jean Jenkins 1966-9: BARENREITER 2304-5 Jean Jenkins recs - HUNGARY NEPRAJZ ETHNO MUSEUM 1966 Songs - OCORA OCR-75 1971 Ralph Harrisson/ Ragnar Johnson/ CASS-0146 (box) - cass of Jean Jenkins Radio 3 1974 Intro to African Music - RTR-1174 Jean Jenkins

EUROPE -- WOMAD Intro to Europe CASS-0077

FAROES - (Island Group belonging to DENMARK) -- "Two Sisters" Ballad danced RTR 1082 - 7"RTR-1085 (with Norwegian & Shetland music)/ CASS-30- 0536 - Sung-Dance Group rec by Tom ANDERSON CASS-0436 - Fiddle Group led by Alasdair Cochran (of Glasgow) RPL Radio 2 20/9/89: CASS-0487 Achdon House (Wedding March from Shetland)

FINLAND - see also LAPLAND - RUSSIA -- World Festival held at Pamplona & Biarritz 1953 Finnish Wedding Dance with fid: FTX-610 - World Instrum: fid FTX-700 - Karelia. A choir of peasant girls from the northern wooded province near Finland: FTX-782 - Lapps. These Finno-Ugric reindeer-herders compose "joiks", songs that briefly fix some place or incident, in a pattern of nonsense syllables, characterized by uneven phrasing and glottal delivery, the principal song type of the peoples of Siberia, seem to be the source of much Amer-indian song: FTX-783 - S. Karelia. The precisely enunciated, syllabic, minor-keyed cadences of this song are "typically" Finnish: FTX-788 - ARGO ZFB-43 & SPA-212- FINLANDIA FA-327 1981 Tapiola Choir - FINLAND FOLKMUSIC INST KILP-1 1975 Kantela (CASS-0060) - - KALEVALAN NUORETEN LITTO Quartet - (Gift from Pirko) KANSANMIIKKI INSTITUTION Kantele - ONDINE ODE-785-4 1992 "SININEN JA VALKIONEN" (Finland in Song) Tapiola Choir ONDINE ODE-785-4 1992 (Sepate Booklet) - Christmas Songs: RPL LP 26150 - EBU Contemp Folk Festival on Radio 2 5/4/83: CASS-0410 - Maria KALANIEMI (5-row button accordion): ELLIPSIS ARTS 3xCD "Planet Squeeze-box" 1995 "Skymningspolskan"

FRANCE - see also BASQUE COUNTRY - BELGIUM - BRITTANY - CANADA - CHANNEL ISLANDS - CORSICA - FRENCH GUIANA --- World instruments: FTX-700 - Auvergne lullaby in "Langue d'Oc (an early form of French known as "Occident"), sung by a cultivated female soloist with oboe accompaniment: FTX-783 - W. France, Poitou. Verses from an ironic ballad about how a lover, hiding in a chest, is forgotten and eaten by the rats. The performance is in the impersonal, story-telling, ballad style. Male solo/ Paris guildsmen sing that "love of the Virgin should link the compagnons together in a strong web." Male leader with male group: FTX-784 - Gascony, D'Artagnan's home. Such venders' songs have always enlivened Mediterranean city streets: FTX-785 - Berry. Remote country districts in France still stage elaborate wedding ceremonies, with banquets that last for a day or two and many traditional wedding songs. Male solo: FTX-786 - Normandy. A comic ballad in the burry nasal voice and somewhat irregular meter typical of much of French folk singing: FTX-787 - Martin Caylan (cabrette & musette with accordion & banjo) coll by Peter Crossley-Holland (on cass): RPL LP 27934 (See also card index) - BEAU TEMPS BT-3801 - Selection of Cafe Music (selected by Dartington Students) CASS-0057 - Epinette des Vosges (dulcimer) CHANT DU MONDE LDX-74536 - Field rec coll by Alan Lomax: COLUMBIA SL-207 - Mougiano de Frejus (Provence): DISKAN DK 015/ CASS 0088 Folk dances & songs: CASS 0089 - copy of 78 rpm discs of French dances (loaned by Fred Austin 1978): CASS-0359 (& 0089) - Dub of 78 rpm disks (SOLEIL) - Raoul ROY (voc/ gtr) rec London 7/4/59: RPL LP 24697 - Alain STIVELL: FONTANA 6325-304, 6399-008 & 9101-500/ PHILIPS 6414-406 - coll by Marcel Dubois & Andral (2 copies): MUSEE NATIONAL ATP-69 (7" LP)/ CASS#0099 - Tom KINES (Canadian) acc Russell THOMAS: [RCA VICTOR PC/PCS-1014/ CASS#0233 - Songs from Correze: TOPIC 12-T-246 1974 - Manitas de PLATA Ste Marie de la Mer: VOGUE LVLX-261 -- SONGS OF THE AUVERGNE (sung in Languedoc dialect transcribed from CANTELOUBE) sung by Susan REED with Chamber Group: CBS M-61359 1951 - Andre VERCHUREN le roi de l'accordeon vol 3: MUSIDISC CO-1258 - WOMAD TB-3 1982 TI JAZZ - Pat Rush talking about French F/M Revival: Radio 2 16/11/82 - "La Joute" at Sete filmed by PK 1984: FF4401 - Claude Achard of Pezenas, Herault talking about Languedoc customs 1984 : CASS-0039/ Hobby horses videoed at Mont Blanc, Meze & Montpelier and "Le Poulain" at Pezenas: FF-4403- HUGO (mel) rec by PK, Paris Film Conference 21/8/85: CASS-0382 - French Button Accordionists from Bruno Kowalezyk 4/4/86: CASS-0383 - "Boest an Diaoul L'Accordeon en Pays de Gavotte Anche Libre & Dastum nn nd (purchased 7/2/88) CASS-1158 (separate book by Bernars Lasbleiz) - Gus VISEUR (musette): ELLIPSIS ARTS CDs "Planet Squeezebox" 1995 - - rec UK - SHUSHA: TANGENT TGS-114 - Alistair ANDERSON (Bagpipes): TOPIC 12-TS-371 1978 - TROTTO: FOREST TRACKS FT-6004 cass French dances - John WRIGHT with JENKIN'S EAR, Guernsey F/Group rec 1994: CASS-1301 (French sea shanties) - - BLOWZABELLA: PLANT LIFE PLR-038 1982

FRIEZLAND - part of Netherlands -- PHILIPS 6440-135 Accordion music (bequest)

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