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YAS YAS GIRL, THE (Merline Johnson) - (voc) with Blind John Davis (piano) & unknown string bass rec Chicago 19/6/41: OKEH 06446/ "The Story of the Blues" ed by Paul Oliver: CBS 66232 1970 vol#2 (Sony LEGACY 086334 2003 double CD) "Good Old Easy Street"

YATES, Dora - Dora Yates devoted her life to scholarship and enjoyed a distinguished academic career of which her vast philological work in Gypsy Studies formed only a part. She was conferred with an Honorary Degree of Litt.D. by the University of Liverpool in 1963 in recognition of her many achievements in many fields of scholarship. Shortly after her official "retirement" the University had appointed her Curator of the Scott Macfie Collection of books on Gypsy Lore which she had largely been instrumental in obtaining for its Library in 1936. It was under the influence of the University Librarian, John Sampson, a recognised Gypsy scholar, that Yates first came to study the lives of the Gypsies. He introduced her to his Gypsy friends, having first set a stringent course of reading for her in both Romani and folklore. Dora's first introduction to Gypsies occurred on Christmas Eve 1903 in a snowstorm on a desolate piece of waste ground at Aintree in Liverpool. Here she met one of the most flamboyant Gypsy characters of all time - "Kenza" Boswell (Mackenzie Boswell, head of the Lancashire clan). There is a description of this meeting in Yate's autobiography My Gypsy Days (1953). She spent many years recording the speech and folktales of the Wood family of Welsh Gypsies, whose members by reason of their isolation still spoke the "deep" inflected Romani, a dialect of Romani which had already died out amongst many Gypsy groups in Western Europe by the early 1900's. This material became the basis for John Sampson's great work The Dialect of the Gypsies of Wales (1926) which is still one of the most authoritative works on the Romani language. The Welsh village of Gwerfil-Goch where many of the Woods had settled, became a drawing point for gypsiologists at this time and it was here that Yates met intellectuals and artist such as the poet Arthur Symons, the artist Augustus John and such famous Gypsy scholars as Scott Macfie, T.W. Thompson , Eric Otto Winstedt and the Rev George Hall. She assisted Macfie with the editing and production of the Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society until its publication was interrupted by the First World War in 1914, and again after 1932 when Macfie resumed his post as Secretary and Editor of the Society. When Macfie died in 1935 Dora Yates became Honorary Secretary of the Society and editor of the Journal in 1955. - "Talking with gypsies" radio prog introduced by John Seymour: FTX-281 - FTX-282 - FTX-283

YATES, Mike - folk collector - after doing VSO worked with PK at Cecil Sharp House in London, now living in Berwickshire in the Border Country - ED&S 50/1 Apr/May 1988 rec Citation for EFDSS Gold Badge -- HOME MADE MUSIC LP 001 "Appalachia the Old Tradition" - VWML-007 d/CASS-1026 1992 "Crazy about Song" Old Time ballad singers and musicians from Virginia & N Carolina rec 1979-1983

YELDHAM, Cliff - Essex\ Singer\ 1962 -- rec Joy Hyman, Thaxted 24-25/11/62: RPL LP 29820 "Cupid's Garden""Sweet William" & "Nobleman's Lady""Cobbler & the Butcher" & "Tree Song"/ FTX-040

YETTIES, THE - Dorset\ Folk Group\ 1968 Bonny SARTIN, Pete SHUTLER, Matt McCULLOCH & Roger TRIM - PK visited their school to tell them about folk music and showed some local dances with melodeon -- ACORN CF-201 1968 Festival at Towersey - CF-203 1969 "Fifty stone of Loveliness" - ARGO ZFB-16 1970 "Keep-a-running" with Oscar BURRIDGE (fid) & David KETTLEWELL (piano/ clarinet) - ZFB-28 1972 accomp Cyril TAWNEY - ZFB-32 1971 "Our Friends" - SPA-A-132 1971 "Sampler World of Folk" - ZFB-38 1972 "Dorset is beautiful" - ZFB-83 1972 Accompanying Bob ARNOLD - ZFB-86 1973 "All at Sea" - ZDA- 100 1974 Up in Arms - RPL REC-95 1970 "Dorset is Beautiful/ Dan the Dustman" - 3XCass HARDY COLLECTION "Folk on Two" 27/1/88 & 24/3/88 & 3XCass RPL Radio 2 6 progrs Nov/ Dec 1987 - CASS 0346 Radio 2 "Sea Music" 15/11/89 - RPL Radio 2 incl Roger Trim playing "Carolina Moon" on Musical Saw: CASS-60-347 - Cider Songs CASS-90-0379 - Radio 2: 2/12/87 & 9/12/87: CASS-60- 0554 - YETTIES Radio 2: 1/11/89: CASS-90-0569 21 years with Jim LLoyd - Radio 2: 8/8/90 "War" & 15/8/90 "Village Life" CASS-60-1033 - Radio 2: 20/12/89 CASS-90-1035 "School" - Radio 2: 13/12/89 "Customs & Traditions" CASS 90-1037 - Radio 2: 8/8/90 "War" CASS-60-1033

YORK WAITES - England\ Early Music\ 1988 -- rec Sidmouth Festival Radio 2: 10/8/88: CASS-90-0549 with talk by leader

YOUNG, Ed & Lonnie - Mississippi USA\ fife & drum\ 1954 -- rec by Alan Lomax: RPL LP 26147 "Oree" - SMITHSONIAN Music from the Festival of American Folklife - with Hobart SMITH (banjo) rec by AL Williamsburg, Va 1960: ROUNDER CD-1708 1997 "Joe Turner"

YOUNG TRADITION, THE - England\ Unacc harmony group\ 1967 -- ARGO SPA-A-132 1971 Sampler - LEADER LER-2019 1970 Bright Morning Star (1v only) - TRANSATLANTIC TRA-155 1967 - TRA- SAM-13 1969 Sampler - TRA-SAM-30 1973 "Galleries Revisited"

YOWELL, Mrs J L Leila - Va USA\ unacc singer\ 1955 -- rec by Maud Karpeles, Charlottesville 5/8/55: RPL 23793/ FTX-908

ZIGGURAT - Devon\ Folk Group\ 1974 -- Dave STYLES (voc/gtr), Steve VERGE (voc/ gtr) & Ted (fid), John WILLS (bass & effects) -- rec by PK, Dartington Ciderhouse, Totnes: : FTX-090 "Musical Priests" - RTR-1053 - with Sue & Melissa CASS-60-0552

ZOOMZO - USA\ Trio v & instr Group\ 1990 -- RPL 2 28/2/90 CASS-1046 "Turkey in the Straw" & 3 others

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