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Marshfield, located near Bath and Bristol on the South Gloucestershire-Wiltshire border, this Mumming play is performed on St Stephens Day, December 26th. The performance is announced by the Town Crier and concludes with a song mentioning St. David's Day. The actors, known as "The Paper Boys" because their headgear & clothes are covered with strips of newspaper, are Father Christmas, Little Man John, King William, Dr. Phoenix, Saucy Jack, Tenpenny Nit and Father Beelzebub.

1. Recording of a performance in 1957: the town crier with his bell followed by the play and the song followed by applause - 6.35

2. Talk about the custom by Edgar Lewis (the last survivor of the revival, interviewed by Peter Kennedy): how it ceased around 1840, was revived in 1930 by the vicar's sister, Violet Alford, after the Rev Alford heard the Rectory gardener, Mr Harding, reciting it at Christmas. He talks about the revival, the route taken for the present-day performance & their rehearsals beforehand - 8.15

3. Further talk by other performers recorded in 1943 - 2.27

4. The 1943 Performance - 6.45

Recorded & edited by Peter Kennedy & published on Folktrax Cassettes 1975.

THE 1957 CAST: The Town Crier (with bell): Mr Arthur Fields/ Father Christmas: Mr A.Hendy (The Garage)/ Little Man John: Mr Herbert Rollins (The Garage)/ King William: Mr. Farmer (works at the Quarry)/ Doctor Jack Phoenix: Mr Edgar Lewis (builder)/ Saucy Jack: Mr Kenneth Andrews (haulage contractor)/ Tenpenny Nit: Mr Jessie Andrews (Kenneth's father)/ Beelzebub: Mr R.Knight (farmer)

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