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YUGOSLAVIA - Bosnia & Hercegovina: FTX-601 - Montenegro & Slovenia: FTX-602 - - Croatia: FTX-603 - Macedonia: FTX-604 - Serbia: FTX-605 - ROUNDER 1745-2 (Double CD of PK's recordings including those on COLUMBIA SL-217 1951) 2001 - items rec at 1953 IFMC Festival: FTX-610 - World Instruments: "Sopela" shawms: FTX-700 - Montenegro dance song in which the village girls challenge the lads to seize them. Male group and female group: FTX-781 - West Macedonia. Here an orchestra of winds and drones play, as two or three circles of dancers move round in a big wedding dance, held at the center of the village. Orchestra of clarinet, cornet, trombone and two drums: FTX-782 - East Serbia. A springtime ritual song from a region long dominated by the Turkish Empire with its oriental culture/ Serbia. The ties of Turkish rule, are perceptible in the ornamental, rhythmically free narrative song about the Turkish wars. Female solo: 786 - A ritual song for St. George's Day from the Serbian mountains with femalegroupsoveriapping: FTX-787 - Serbia. Work song with clashing seconds in a style imitative of bagpipes. Four females/ Istria harbours an ancient diaphony of untempered thirds and sixths, alternating with unison and octaves. Two males: FTX-788 - COLUMBIA SL-217 1951 rec by PK, Opatija 1950/ ROUNDER 1745 (Double CD) 2001 - Fred GREGORICH (p-acc) of Slovenia rec Cleveland, Ohio, USA: ELLIPSIS ARTS 3xCD "Planet Squeezebox" 1995 "Soldier Boy Polka" -- Lea NICHOLSON "Kopya" dance tune in 7/4 time LEADER LER-3010 - Dances & F/s of Central & E Macedonia LYCEUM LCGW-103 - rec by Deben Bhattachyra ARGO ZFB-53 1971 / Sampler ZFB 212 - PENNYWHISTLERS rec New York NONESUCH H-72007 & 72024 - Village Music rec Koenig 72042 - Serbia rec Vuysteke OCORA 558-548 1980/ CASS-0139 (box) - Serbia RADIO/TV/BELGRADE EP-11-072 - Tina ROZAC Ensemble rec London 1961 TOPIC TOP-64 (45-EP) - rec Wolf Dietrich: TOPIC 12-TS-224 / CASS 0085 - Billy FAIER (banjo): RIVERSIDE 813 "Kolo" (instrumental) - SMITHSONIAN Group in the USA: "Wedding Song" - Croatian Group rec at 1953 IFMC Festival WESTMINSTER WL-5334 - Slaj Mjesce: YugoSlav Wedding Song: SMITHSONIAN Music from the Festival of American Folklife - Silent b/w film of kaval-maker by Hadzimanov about 1955 (on video)

ZAIRE - Hugh TRACEY Collection - BOITE A MUSIQUE Musee de l'Homme 1946 (7" EP) Pygmies of High Sanga - OCORA OCR-35 1966 4 tribes/ CASS-0122 (box) - 53 1971 Mongo/ CASS-0110 (box) - 61 1970 Kuba/ CASS-0152 (box) - WOMAD-1 1982 EKIPE "Kanda Bongo Man" - CASS-0096 rec Queen Elizabeth Hall concert: "Music of the Royal Courts" RPL 7/7/87 Babunde & Pende - Jean Jenkins on RPL Radio 3 1974 Jean Bosco MWENDA - "Aime Bebe" Nsimba FOGUIS & TAXI PATA PATA Music of Zaire & Zimbabwe NYIRANGONGO MUSIC CTAX-1 CASS-1222

ZAMBIA -- COLUMBIA SL-213 Tracey Coll: East Africa/ CASS-0048

ZIMBABWE - Northern Rhodesia -- COLUMBIA SL-213 Tracey coll East Africa/ CASS-0048 - DISC-AFRIQUE AFRI-01 "Take Cover" Zimbabwe hits - "Aime Bebe" Nsimba FOGUIS & TAXI PATA PATA Music of Zaire & Zimbabwe NYIRANGONGO MUSIC CTAX-1 CASS-1222

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