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SARDINIA-- ALBATROSS VPA 8150-2 (3 vols) (VPA 8152 also on cassette) - FTX-622 Children's games - "Historic Collection Series": FTX-626/ SAYDISC SDL 426 Traditional Songs and Dances of Sardinia - World Instruments: FTX-700 - N. Sardinian mountain shepherds; Male solo with male group/ Mountain shepherds sing a bandit dance. Male group: FTX-781 - Male chorus. (Lomax #29 B8): FTX-783 - N. Sardinia, where the village shepherds and outlaws preserve an ancient polyphonic tradition, resembling those of Genoa and Georgia, and a brassy vocal delivery. Male solo with male group: FTX-784 - OCORA 558-595 1981 rec Vuylsteke/ CASS-0138 (box) - SUONI SU-5007 "organetto" rec by Diego Carpitella



SICILY -- Trapani salt porters continue an ancient tradition of rhyming about the number of bags they have carried, in wordy, precise, loud and forceful, narrow-voiced, raspy-nasal style, using wide intervals and free rhythm: FTX-781- A sulphur miner's song, expressing the Sicilians eternal torment over love and over the misery of life in a land which suffered under oppressive rulers for 2000 years. Male solo with jaw's harp: FTX-785 - Work Songs: ALBATROSS VPA-8206 - "Tarantella" & Lullaby: ARGO SPA-212 - "Sicily in Music & Song" rec by Jim McNeish: ARGO ZFB-71 1965 - Robin HALL & Jimmie McGREGOR BELTONA SEP-85 1960 (45 EP) "The Banks of Sicily" (comp by Hamish Henderson) - Dances: "Tarantelle" & Work Song: RPL 23211-3 - Ocarina, clarinet & gtr/ Sulphur miners Work Songs: RPL 27041-4 - Friction drum & jaws harp - Shepherd flute bells & sheep: RPL 27570 - Funeral March by Brass Band: (RPL 30425) (Lomax recs) - "La Baronessa di Carini" prod by Anna Chairetakis, New York: GLOBAL GVM-676-7 (2 vol set) - Ewan McCOLL TOPIC 12-T-130 1958 "Banks of Sicily"



SOUTH AFRICA -- Shona boy singing to his mbira: FTX-781 - WOMAD TB 2 Intro to Africa: Unknown Soweto musicians - 3 tracks of Sotho concertina, accordion & Zulu concertina (Gallo): ELLIPSIS ARTS 3xCD "Planet Squeezebox" 1995


SPAIN - see also BASQUE COUNTRY - BALEARICS - CATALONIA - Oboe & side-drum, guitars, castanets: FTX-700 - Asturias (The danza prima, early danced ballad where the whole community joins hands and dances in procession through the streets singing of valorous deeds of the Moorish wars. Female leader with mixed group)/ Castile rendition of an old romance (ballad) about the daughter of the emperor of Rome. Male and female solos - Asturias, whose miners, farmers and fishermen compose and sing superb traditional "asturianadas", a style that dates back to the time when Asturias was the seat of Spain's kings: FTX-783 / A Galician woman beats her flax while singing a snatch of a Spanish romance ballad/ A Santander mountain dance, lustily sung by young women at the fiesta for the patron saint of their village. Female group with tambourine, almirez (mortar and pestle) accompaniment: FTX-781 - N.W. Spain, Galicia. A song to St. Andre who was such a local patriot he would not cross the river to leave this permissive complementary village. Mixed group/ Judeo-Spanish "Ladino" love song with lute, flute and drum. (Also on FTX-783): FTX-782 / S. Spain. A Murician parrando (gay dance) sung with instrumental voicewith guitar and clappmg, from an area where Moorish culture once flourished - Valencia. The wind interlude (trumpet, clarinet and trombone) between the sung strophes of the virtuoso "U y dos" genre/ - A Castilian farmer sings to spur on his mules, as they move round and round on the threshing floor, treading out the grain/ Galicia. Here a muleteer sends his voice through the hills as he travels, calling out for custom and love: FTX-784 - Asturias, where the Spanish kings mounted their wars against the Moors and where hundreds of such brief and exquisitely ornamented songs were created. Male solo/ Castile. In this lullaby the mother asks the child to go gently to sleep, like a rose-bud on a rosebush. Female solo/ Estremadura, where. as in Asturias, N. Italy and French Canada ballads are normally performed in chorus. Four village girls/ Galicia has a Celtic musical culture with bagpiping, tunes like jigs, and cohesive choruses/ Santander. In a pastoral village high in the Pyrenees, shepherd girls sing one of the love songs traditional on the local saint's day. Female group: FTX-785 - La Mancha. A petition to the Virgin for rain. Female solo/ Estremaduran shepherd villages preserve many old romances (ballads). This one is about the amorous adventures of Don Carlos, son of Phillip II. Female group: FTX-786 - Seville. As the gigantic Easter procession pauses to listen, a famous flamenco singer using a high-pitched, narrow, embellished style, launches a saeta (an arrow of song) in honour of the Virgin's grief. Female solo/ Galicia, where plaintive airs, improvised harmonies, bagpipes and Celtic love of country come together in such 'ay-la-la's'. The text says: 'when pipes sound, my heart flows out with love for my country- for in the whole world there is no land like ours...' - Andalucia: Female group/, where ordinary day-laborers, drinking with their friends in a bar, improvise such tricky and demanding flamenco songs, "as long as the wine lasts!". Male, beating time on table top/ Leon. A female chorus singing in honor of the bride at an old-fashioned three-day wedding. Female group/ Valencia. A Christmas carol (aguinaldo) from the irrigated gardens of this ancient kingdom of the Romans and the Moors. Four males with trombone, clarinet and guitar: FTX-787 - Castile. The Song of the Twelve (a Spanish form of an ancient Hebrew religious song) is here performed to the accompaniment of the Moorish friction drum, as a Castilian Christmas carol/ N. Spain, Santander. Girls of a shepherd village, accompanied by castanets and tambourine, sing a carol of the shepherds on the way to Bethlehem/ Aragon. A schooled jota, recorded at a jota concert, by a trained jota singer from the jota school in jota-mad Zaragossa/ Castile. One of the myriad charming Spanish Christmas carols ( villancicos). is one tells how black Balthasar found the Holy Child. Female solo: FTX-788 - Aragon & Valencia: ROUNDER 1762 2001 - Portrait of Andalucia: ARGO ZFB-45 - Sampler: ARGO SPA-212 - recs by Alan Lomax incl Mallorca & Ibiza: COLUMBIA SL-216 - Trotto: FOREST TRACKS FT-6004 "The Old Spagnoletta" - Antonio MASQUERA (bagpipes & percussion): SMITHSONIAN Music from the Festival of American Folklife - Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue London: TROUTBECK 121-6 (3) - El Nino di ALMADEO: WOMAD TB-3 1982 (Flamenco) - RTR-0470 - EBU Radio Festival in Denmark intro by Cyril Tawney 5"RTR#1208/ CASS#0341 - CANTE FLAMENCO rec live in Juerga & Concert in Andalucia - NIMBUS NI-5251 CD-1165 - CANTE GITANO Gypsy Flamenco from Andalucia NIMBUS NI-5168 CD-1166 - 4 sample tracks rec by Alan Lomax in 1952: ROUNDER CD 1700 1997 - Various Christmas recs: ROUNDER 1719 1998 - Galicia: ROUNDER CD-1761 2001

SRI LANKA - Ceylon -- A Tamil rural song performed with notable precision of enunciation by a male soloist and male group with vani (bamboo flute), violin and mirdam (drum)/ Madras-Tamil religious song to Vishnu, with the second singer a respectful step behind the lead. Two males with tambura (strings) and a reed drone: FTX-781 - S.India, Madras. A former high-court judge, turned temple singer, is respectfully trailed through a Tamil devotional song by his acolyte. Two males with a drone: FTX-782 - Tamil. Devotional raga. Male solo: FTX-786 - A Tamil raga in honor of Shiva, one of the many large,composed forms which have emerged in urban civilizations. Male solo with sitar/ A devotional raga developing a melodic theme: FTX-787 - Surya SENA spoken intros to songs in English: DSS-001


SUMATRA - (RPL 35341 not in Lib) -- Senang Beru GINTIG & Syaiful Amri NASUTION (p-acc) with vocal & percussion rec Medan, N.Sumatra (from SMITHSONIAN): ELLIPSIS ARTS 3xCD "Planet Squeezebox" 1995

SWEDEN: - see also LAPLAND -- Clog-fid rec 1953 IFMC Festival: FTX-610 - World Instrum: pastoral bark horns: FTX-700 - Part of a courtly romantic ballad in the ancient couplet-plus-refrain, solo-chorus style: FTX-787 - Skansen Orchestre CUPOL CLP - Jazz & Folklore rec by Matts Arnberg DUX DPL-705 /CASS- 0055 Fid duet from Dalarna NONESUCH H-7-11 - Herding from Dalarna (birch, cow's & ram's horns) RADIO JANST (SWEDISH RADIO) RD-559-560 (78rpm) - Lapp "Yoiks" RELP-1029 Mediaeval Ballads/ Child Ballads in Swedish: RELP 5003-6/ CASS-45-0594 - Ancient Pastoral music RELP 5017 - Players from Halsingland SONET SLP-18 - Swedish Radio tape of "Pastoral Music" with sounds of birds & cattle: Radio 2 on 9/9/87: CASS-0403 - Christy O LEARY & THE BOYS OF THE LOUGH: LOUGH-CD-006 1994 Ballad: "Sankt Staffan han Rider" (St Stephenn was riding) bef "Chistmas day in the morning" (Shetland from Stickle) & "Trettondagsmarchen" (Walking tune) - Lars HOLLMER (p-acc/ "khen" mouth organ from Laos): ELLIPSIS ARTS 3xCD "Planet Squeezebox" 1995

SWITZERLAND: - Alphorn & yodelling with dancers rec 1953 IFMC Festival: FTX-610 - Evelyn Burgi (folksinger) Yodelling Song at London Ceilidhe Club 1957: FTX-268 - "Telefon" by Group called "Mixture" (inc Jazz) rec at EBU Festival in Denmark Radio 2: 13/1/88: CASS-0422 - Appenzell, Muota Valley, Ticino & Carnival at Basle on Radio 3: 20/12/89: CASS-0031

SYRIA (RPL 26257)

TAHITI - Society Islands, Polynesia -- EMI HLP-1 History of Music B6: (a) Primitive Song (b) Modern dance - CASS 0093 radio talk by Dr Adrienne Kepler 12/2/79 on Polynesian Dance - poetry is basis - dancer was a storyteller

TANZANIA -- Hugh Tracey Coll East Africa COLUMBIA SL-213 / CASS 0048 - Remmy ONGALA (Dares-Salaam) & drum music WOMAD 002 - Jean Jenkins radio 3 1974 - 3"RTR-1194 - Chant drum & ankle bells rec Barrie Juniper 2/8/58 Dance for God of the mountain & Male singer accomp gombo (monochord) rec Kalya 29/9/58: Song in praise of Hubi-hubi: RPL LP 27257

THAILAND - Lua. Boys from a matrilocal and complementary culture sing softly outside a hut where their sweethearts sleep. Male group: FTX-783 -A singer, trained in refined embellishment, performs a song of the "type to soothe tired kings", accompanied by an orchestra of 2-string violins, sitar (chakay), flageolet, oboe and tiny cymbal (ching)/ Northeast. A country girl from this irrigation culture sings in a tense voice thanks Buddha for the beauties of his creations - especially women. With mouth-organ accompaniment: FTX-784 - In this male solo, accompanied by wooden blocks, the repartee concerns proper dress and comportment in a highly urbanized and stratified society: FTX-785 - Lua field song. Their shifting and fallowing system of digging- stick agriculture puts minimum burdens on their hillside, jungle farmland - Kai Chai Son Jungle Negritos, the aborigines of the region with a song to banish evil spirits. Female solo. (BBC Cambridge Expedition, A4): FTX-786

TIBET -- Sikkim Music to accompany the dance of the God of Death, performed by lamas/ A Tibetan lama orchestra of 2 shawms, 2 long trumpets, hand bell, cymbals, and 3 drums, plays an introduction to a prayer: FTX-781 - A devotional to the deified, 8th century founder of Lamaism; 2 shawms, 2 long trumpets, 2 shell trumpets, 2 short horns, a hand-drum, cymbals, and a frame drum/ At sunrise, lamas summon the gods to help them, and in the evening they send them back to their place with music on oboes and horns: FTX-783 - Tibetan lamas, using their voices to match the rumbling of big drums or gongs/ The same vocal strategy, carried a step farther, endows this monk's choir with the divine voice of the muttering thunder: FTX-784 - Nomadic Tibetan traders dance in a linked line, singing this one-phrase melody. Male chorus: FTX-785 - Tibet. Masked lamas prepare to drive out the demons of the old year and call on the good spirits to aid them in the new. Shawm, trumpet, drum and cymbals: FTX-787 - A pretty Tibetan girl sings sentimentally about her absent lover: FTX-788


TONGA - Polynesia -- (RPL 20468 & 30146) - talk on RPL 12/2/79 by Dr Adrienne Kepler with music examples incl large numbers of men singing & dancing with clapping: CASS 0093 - version of "Blaze Away" by Glee-Club unacc singers rec 30/11/53 from Sound Archive on Radio 2: 17/10/90: CASS-60-1017


TRISTAN DE CUNHA -- Islanders (temporarily evacuated to UK during volcanic eruption on Tristan) rec by PK & Maud Karpeles, Calshot, Hampsh 30.8.62 - 5"RTR-0914-20/ FTX-609 Songs dances customs & talk incl Basil & Percy LAVARELLO & Mary SWAIN

TUNISIA -- A song from the Awin, an oasis-dwewng people of Southern Tunisia, in the highly ornamented Old High Culture style found throughout the Sahara. Male solo: FTX-786

TURKEY -- Tapan & zurla from Anatolia "Dance with this drum" rec 1953 IFMC Festival: WESTMINSTER WL-5334/ FTX-610 - World Instruments: Shawm & drum: FTX-700 - Dervish liturgy, a supplication for mercy, utilizes increasing tempos to induce trance. Male solo: FTX-784 - Kurds. War-like Moslem mountain farmer herders with an ancient heritage of Oriental civilization. Male solo/ The Barzani Kurds are fiercely independent and warlike mountaineer-farmers and shepherds. The singer's long ornamented phrases are produced from a tense throat and a rigid body. Male solo: FTX-785 - Dervish. One-beat meter is rare in the vocal part except in children's songs or football yells, or, as here, in ritual: FTX-786 - A dervish meeting in London, where the congregants repeat the name of Allah over and over to induce trance. Male group: FTX-787 - Dervish ceremonies rec Deben Bhattacharya 1974: ARGO ZFB 91 - "Rhythms & melodies" (Blaise Calae) Club Francais - Instrum Ensembles: OCORA OCR-56 / CASS-0107 (box) - Sacred Chants of Anatolia: OCORA OCR-65 - Cabaret ensemble rec New York: SMITHSONIAN - recs by Wolf Dietrich 1977: TOPIC 12-TS-333 1977 - WOMAD TB-3 1983 Selda - tape from Peter Pilbeam 1979 of Anatolian Wedding Customs rec Ankara Radio: CASS-0072 - MUSTAPHAS :RPL Radio 2 on 9/9/87: CASS-0403 - Nedia Hazir & "Morgenland" rec by WDR (Germany) at EBU Festival in Denmark RPL Radio 2 13/1/88 CASS-0422

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