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JAPAN -inc; OKINAWA - RYUKU - Koto solo & group with flute rec 1953 IFMC Festival: FTX-610 - World Instruments: Flute band & street procession with drums: FTX-700- Music of Ainu Two female singers with samshin/ Women singing a rice-planting song which voices the desire of a young woman for a new crimson dress - and a lover: FTX-781 - A Tokyo builders' work song for heavy lifting, as when the center post of a shrine is to be raised. Male group/ Ainu. Fisher-gatherers of N. Japan rejoicing over the bounty of a beached whale Mixed group/ Ainu, Mixed group: FTX-782 - Fishermen's song with flute accompaniment. An urban rendition of a charcoal burner's song. Male solo with flute (shakuhachi)/ Amami Island farmers and fishermen have retained much of the traditional lifeways of Old Japan. A song of mourning/ A raspy, rice-husking song saying: "Not a single grain should be wasted, for it takes 88 steps to make rice good to eat". Male solo and chorus: FTX-784 - Ainu. A paleo-Siberian aboriginal woman performs in the solo style that dominates Arctic Asian singing. (Kondo)/ A fisherman's song accompanied by shakuhachi (flute): FTX-785 - In this Zen style sound flows like a waterfall, cleansing the mind of thought, leading to meditation. Male group/ Zen. A Butsuden chant, the type to which Zen monks devote many of their waking hours/ The herring-fishery workers sing to celebrate a successful springtime catch, using rather long phrases and much embellishment. Male solo with flute (shakuhachi): FTX-786 - The ornamented long phrases of the shakuhachi are prelude to a song commenting on the loneliness of life/ A work song, mounting a long narrative, the Ryuku Archipego, whose culture still preserves the ways of old Japan. Female chorus with drum: FTX-787 - Kyushu geisha accompanied by zither, lute, flute, gong and drum sing about the experiences of a girl during the period of trial marriage - Folksongs of Ryuku, Okinawa & Japan - 0029 Tsugaru Folksongs sung by Unchika Nanta - COLUMBIA SL-214 incl Formosa Korea & Ryukus/ CASS-0049 - CROWN LW 4006 Temple or Processional Music - LYRICHORD LL-134 Kabuki Naganta Music (Orch) - LLST-7126 Gagahn Imperial Couert Music - LLST 7137 Noh Music - NONESUCH H-72025 Shakuhachi (CASS-0058 & Noh) - ORCHID OR-1 Yashikazu huamato - Shakuhachi rec Dartington Devon 1984- cass tapes from MORI - Competition Song celebrating Spring by a fisherman accomp by shakuhachi rec by Genjiro Masu for Japanese Music Institute, Tokyo: COLUMBIA World Library/ ROUNDER CD 1700 1997 "Esashi Oiwake"





KOREA -- FTX-700 World Instruments: "Kayakeum" (string instrum) with drum - True orchestral heterophony, between flute and shawm with instruments trailing each other: FTX-781/ A semi-professional orchestra a S.E. Korean traditional 'hymn to the god of the house site' on a flute, hourglass drum, and oboe: FTX-782 Korean classical An Ahk ('neat and orderly') music, composed in 1450 for ceremonial and state occasions, played on a range of instruments of wood, metal and stone: FTX-783 - COLUMBIA SL-214 Japan/ CASS 0049 - Exchange with Jae-won Chang.Chang Won, Shinbanpo 3-cha APT 24-403 Banpo 2-dong, Seocho-gu Seoul 137-042 South Korea Nov 2002: SRCD-3532 1999 (Ministry of Culture & Tourism Reg #22) - ene media co SCO-127-TAC 2001 SEULGIDOONG: "From the Evening Tide Till The Coming Down" - DRM-CD-1778 Jeong SooNyum HAEGUM: "Beatiful Things In Life" - SRCD-1439 Shon Bum Ju: "Flying Up To Heaven

LAOS - South East Asia -- FTX-700 World Instruments: Song accomp "khen" - The large, composite palace orchestra of the king with a dialogue between metalophone, oboe, flute and percussion: FTX-783 -Male solo with khene (mouth organ), a festival dance/ A male singing a festival dance song accompanied on the khene: FTX-784 - EMI HELP-1 History of Music B4 Song of Ngum bargeman/ khen "buzzing of bees"/ old dance/ Male solo with group: Love song

LAPLAND - FINLAND - NORWAY - SWEDEN - IFMC Yearbook 1973 p51 Article on singing style - These Finno-Ugric reindeer-herders compose "joiks", songs that briefly fix some place or incident, in a pattern of nonsense syllables, characterized by uneven phrasing and glottal delivery. This, the principal song type of the peoples of Siberia, seems to be the source of much Amer-indian song: FTX-783 - The Lapps share their nomadic hunter and reindeer-herding culture and their glottalised, irregularly phrased, metrically irregular style with all Northern Siberians/ A topical song concerning the revolt of Lapp religionists against the Norwegian church in which Lapps drove their knives straight into the hearts of their enemies as if they were slaughtering reindeer: FTX-786 - A Lapp male chants in the guttural-voiced, repetitive style, typical of Siberian nomads: FTX-788 - SWEDISH RADIO "Jojk" 13/4

LATVIA -- A radio orchestra playing a European fine art arrangement of a Latvian folk dance tune/ "Subate" dance by concert wind ensemble: FTX-782 #56 & FTX-783

LEBANON -- Druze tribe: chopping acc chant/ drumming/ flute solo/ double-pipe solo: RPL 24899

LEEWARD ISLANDS -- CANTOMETRICS 90-014 A3/5 St Bartholemy Lobster Fishermen's song

LESOTHO -- rec 1947 War Dance against Hitler with ululations: (RPL 11116-7)

LIBERIA -The Kpelle are cereal agriculturalists and their song (which shows clear Pygmy influence) is for cutting brush: FTX-781 - PRIVATE LP 3440 by Mrs M JACKSON-PARKER

LITHUANIA -- Kupsikis. An amateur chorus does a concert version of an old wedding song: FTX-782 #69 - The common East European ballad of the girl, advised by her lover to poison her too-possessive brother- from a peasant village. Female solo: FTX-785 - A sutartine (choral round), the oldest Lithuanian song form - akin stylistically to the hocketing songs of Georgia and the African Gatherers: FTX-786 - Lithuania is a Baltic enclave of ancient traditions where the oldest Aryan language is spoken and a contrapuntal style, like that of Georgia, is retained. Mixed group: FTX-788 - CASS-0131-2 (box) Folk Dances - Sanger's tape (Dartington student's music thesis): CASS 0133-6 (2 copies/ in box) - FOLKRAFT LP 35 dub on cassette/ RTR-0451 -

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