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FTX-950 Alan Lomax presents


Every year on BBC, before the Queen's Christmas broadcast, there was the "Round Britain Round-up" visiting lonely lighthouses. So, in 1957 Alan Lomax persuaded BBC and producer, Charles Parker, who 3 years later produced "The Radio Ballad" series, to substitute a "Folksong Round-up". Peter Kennedy and Seamus Ennis were now on the air weekly with traditional singers in "As I roved out" and, before Lonnie Donegan arrived, John Hasted had "Skiffle" going at Cecil Sharp House and Peter had told George Martin of an outstanding group of Quarrymen in Liverpool. This was the right moment for Alan to work his magic.

1.INTRO & HOOK-UP spoken by Alan LOMAX & cast/ GOOD KING WENCESLAS sung by children's chorus in Birmingham with Katie GRAHAM (fid), Beryl MARRIOTT (piano), Seamus ENNIS (whistle), Tom WOODWARD (piccolo), Toma Comac (drums), John HASTED (banjo), Geoffrey Mendham (p-acc) & Richard RUTTER (gtr) - 1.07

2. a. CAROLLING IN THE DARK story spoken by Lomax; b. GOOD KING WENCESLAS sung by children's choir; c. Sung by Bryan NEWEY Skiffle Group with Jimmie McGregor (gtr); d. THIS IS THE TRUTH SENT FROM ABOVE sung by Shirley COLLINS (voc & banjo) with Michael PLUNKETT (recorder) & Paul GROSS (fid); e. THE HOLLY AND THE IVY sung by HADOW HOUSE CHOIR, from Aberdeenshire; and f. Sung by THE SKINNER'S BOTTOM GLEE SINGERS rec by Peter Kennedy 4.58

3. Music from the West Country introduced by Peter KENNEDY & Charlie BATE: a.BOSCASTLE BREAKDOWN played by Charlie BATE (acc) with Bob CANN (mel), David ALFORD (bones), Cyril TAWNEY (gtr); b. PADSTOW WASSAIL sung by Charlie sings with chorus in the Plymouth studio c. PK introduces THE MARSHFIELD MUMMERS, rec by PK Gloucestershire. d. I WONDER AS I WANDER Carol sung by Cyril TAWNEY: 4.09

4. WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS sung by Wisbech Childredn's Choir (leader Sheila Chesters) 1.11

5. PEACE O'ER THE WORLD sung by carol singers at The Cheshire Cheese, Castleton, Derbyshire

6. Ewan McCOLL introducing from Castleton, Derbyshire - 0.49

7. THE BALLAD OF JESUS CHRIST sung by Ewan with gtr & ch 2.10

8. a. Excerpt from Wakefield Second Nativity Play performed by Stephen Kirkby by Ronald Soules & Walter Slasher; b. SHEPHERD'S CRADLE SONG sung by Hollinwood Girl's Choir; c. COVENTRY CAROL (frag) sung by Wisbechh Grammar School; d. Excerpt from WISBECH NATIVITY PLAY performed by Malcolm Pope 2.46

9. Charles CHILTON introducing from London - 0.43

10. THE DERBY RAM sung by Bert LLOYD with gtr & chorus at Princess Louise pub - 1.09

11. CHRISTMAS CALYPSO sung by Fitzroy COLEMAN (vocal with guitar) 0.43

12. UNITE sung by the RANS BOL Highlife Group 1.41

13. PRETTY LITTLE BABY sung by Peggy SEEGER (vocal) 1.52

14. a. READING from Luke Ch 2 vs 15-19 read by Joe DUTHIE; b. Psalm 23 sung by Peter BUCHAN and crew of "The Twinkling Star"; c. COISTRIG MATHAN (The Mother's Consecration) spoken by Katie Ann Nicholson; d. TALADH AN LEINIBH (Christ Child Lullaby) sung by Flora McNEIL of Barra; e. St MARY'S MEN ARE WE sung by Scalloway Junior Secondary School 5.26

15. THE DAY WE WENT TO ROTHSAY O sung by JOE GORDON SKIFFLE GROUP with Ian McRAE(voc), Joe GORDON (gtr), Jack TAYLOR (washboard) and Dick CAMPBELL (bass) 1.22

16. REGIONAL HOOK-UP: GOD REST YOU MERRY GENTLEMAN a. Sung by Ewan & ch of Cheshire Cheese b. Sung by Cyril Tawney & Plymouth Group; c. Bryan Newey Skiffle Group & d. Birmingham Group 1.51

17. CROMWELLvs FATHER CHRISTMAS narrated by Alan 1.16

18. A. THE JUG OF PUNCH sung by The McPEAKE FAMILY TRIO rec by PK; b. VIMEY RIDGE MARCH played by The Ravenhill Temperance Band 1.40

19. THE ROYAL BELFAST HORNPIPE played by Gerard O KANE (mandolin) rec by PK; b. Played by Birmingham Instrumental Group c. THE TENPENNY BIT played by THE RAKES; c. THE DUBLIN REEL played by Seamus ENNIS (U-pipes) 2.42

20. THE CHERRY TREE CAROL sung by Shirley COLLINS (vocal with banjo) with Michael Plunkett (recorder) & Paul Gross (fiddle) 1.45

21. a. AR GYFE HEDDIWR BORE (Anglesey Carol) sung by North Wales Singers; b. HIRAETH (On this day's morning) sung by Sian EMLYN rec Bangor 1.39

22. a. Excerpt from SYMONDSBURY MUMMERS rec by PK; b. Jig: DONNYBROOK FAIR played by Robert GILFILLAN (whistle) with Winlaton Sword Dancers rec by PK 2.06

23. GOOD KING WENCESLAS played by Haslington Boys Brass Band; b. WHEN THE SAINTS/ GOOD KING WENCESLAS played by THE HAPPY WANDERERS with George FRANKS (trumpet), Bill LONGMAN (trombone), Arthur STAHL & Victor STAHL (banjos) & Leonard STAHL (drum) 2.01

24. a. TWAS MARY CONCEIVED sung by Dominic BEHAN from Dublin rec London; b. THE NOBLE STEM OF JESUS sung by Hollinwood Sec Mod School Girls Choir 2.37

25. THE LORD'S PRAYER sung by Choir in Welsh 1.25

26. a. O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL (Adeste Fidelis) sung by Sale & District Musical Society with Alfred Higson (conductor); b. THE GIFT OF POWER reciterd by Katie Ann Nicholson & c. METRICAL PSALM IN GAELIC performed by precentor and congregation, Isle of Lewis 2.16

27. NO ROOM AT THE INN/ LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR - Alan with grtr 2.50

28. FINAL HOOK-UP a. HARK WHAT NEWS THE ANGEL BRING sung by carollers at The Cheshire Cheese, Castleton, Derbyshire; b. I SAW THREE SHIPS COME SAILING IN sung by Plymouth Group; c. WASSAIL, WASSAIL ALL OVER THE TOWN sung by Shirley with skiffle group; d. HERE WE COME A-WASSAILING sung by Birmingham studio Group 3.04

Recorded and edited by Peter Kennedy. Re-mastered by Matthew Barton and first published on Folktrax Cassettes 2000.

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