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FTX-912 - WHITE HOUSE BLUES - Outstanding Folksongs originally issued on American 78s

These early 78 rpm disc recordings, a selection re-released in the early 1950s, greatly influenced the beginnings of the post-war Folksong Movement in the USA. It was at a time when the commercial record was more easily accessible, and easier listening, to the up-and-coming folksingers than the field recordings released by Folkways and Library of Congress. The original selection for the first record was made by Harry Smith, an interesting and unusual artist and visionary in his own right.

1. WHITE HOUSE BLUES sung by Charlie Poole with North Carolina Ramblers (with fiddle, banjo & guitar) 1926/ COLUMBIA 15099D - 3'23"

2. FRANKIE sung by Mississippi John Hurt with guitar 1928/ COLUMBIA 15099D - 3'15"

3. WHEN THAT GREAT SHIP WENT DOWN ("The Titanic") sung by William & Versey Smith with tambourine and guitar 1927/ OKEH 8560 - 2'45"

4. ENGINE ONE FORTY THREE sung by The Carter Family with auto-harp and guitar 1929/ VICTOR 40089B - 3'09"

5. KASSIE JONES sung by Furry Lewis with guitar 1928/ VICTOR 21664B - 3'00"

6. KASSIE JONES - continued - 2'56"

7. DOWN ON PENNY'S FARM sung by The Bently Boys with banjo and guitar 1929/ COLUMBIA 15565D - 2'40"

8. MISSISSIPPI BOWEAVIL BLUES sung by The Masked Marvel with guitar 1929/ PARAMOUNT - 2'58"

9. GOT THE FARM LAND BLUES sung by The Carolina Tar Heels with harmonica, banjo and guitar/ VICTOR - 3'10"

10. THE COO COO BIRD sung by Clarence Ashley with 5 string banjo/ COLUMBIA - 3'10"

11. EAST VIRGINIA (BLUES) sung by Buel Kazee with 5 string banjo 1929/ COLUMBIA - 2'54"

12. MINGLEWOOD BLUES sung by Noel Lewis with harmonica, banjo, jug and guitar 1928/ VICTOR 21267A - 3'03"

13. I WISH I WAS A MOLE IN THE GROUND sung by Bascom Lamar Lunsford with 5 string banjo 1928/ BRUNSWICK 219B - 3'11"

14. THE MOUNTAINEER'S COURTSHIP ("The Country Courtship" or "When are we going to be married?") sung by Mr & Mrs Ernest Stoneman with harmonica & guitar 1926/ OKEH 45125 - 3'19"

15. THE SPANISH MERCHANT'S DAUGHTER ("No, Sir, No") sung by The Stoneman Family 1930/ VICTOR V-40206 - 2'40"

16. SINGLE GIRL MARRIED GIRL sung by The Carter Family with fiddle auto-harp and guitar 1927/ VICTOR 20937A - 3'16"

17. LE VIEUX SOULARD ET SA FEMME sung by Clemo Breaux and Joseph Falcon with accordion and guitar 1928/ COLUMBIA 14301D - 2'41"

18. COUNTRY BLUES ("Darling Cora")sung by Doc Boggs with banjo 1928/ BRUNSWICK 131A - 3'06"

19. K.C.MOAN sung by The Memphis Jug Band, Vocal trio with harmonica, kazoo, banjo, jug and guitar 1929/ VICTOR V-38558A - 2'56"

Originally edited by Harry Smith and published by Moses Asch on FOLKWAYS FP-253. Used with permission and first published on Folktracks Cassettes in 1975 - re-released on Folktrax CD 2004.

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