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Outstanding Folksongs originally issued on American 78 rpm discs

These early 78 rpm disc recordings, a selection re-released in the early 1950s, greatly influenced the beginnings of the post-war Folksong Movement in the USA. It was at a time when the commercial record was more easily accessible, and easier listening, to the up-and-coming folksingers than the field recordings released by Folkways and Library of Congress. The original selection for the first record was made by Harry Smith, an interesting and unusual artist and visionary in his own right.

HENRY LEE (CHILD Ballad #68 "Young Hunting") - FATAL FLOWER GARDEN (CHILD #155 "The Jew's Daughter"/"Little Sir Hugh") - THE HOUSE CARPENTER (CHILD #243 "James Harris or The Demon Lover" - DRUNKARD'S SPECIAL (CHILD #274 "Our Gudeman"/"Cuckold's Song") - OLD LADY AND THE DEVIL (CHILD #278 "The Farmer's Curst Wife") - THE BUTCHER'S BOY - THE WAGONER'S LAD - KING KONG KITCHIE KITCHIE KI-ME-O ("The Frog Song") - OLD SHOES AND LEGGIN'S ("Old Grey Beard") - WILLIE MOORE - A LAZY FARMER BOY ("The Young man who wouldn't hoe corn"/ "Harm Link") - PEG AN' AWL (or "The Shoemaker") - OMIE WISE (or "Naomi Wise") - MY NAME IS JOHN JOANNA ("Arkansas Traveller") - BANDIT COLE YOUNGER - CHARLES GITEAU - JOHN HARDY WAS A DESPERATE LITTLE MAN - GONNA DIE WITH MY HAMMER IN MY HAND ("John Henry")


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