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Carnival Bands & Games from Malta & Gozo

Father Damian Webb visited Gozo in 1971 and recorded a few games from children in the streets of Xaghra and Rabat, Victoria as well as the music of the carnival bands at the end of July. His modest collection provides an interesting mixture of origins and languages, some idigenous, some English and some a mixture. Listeners are directed to the local publications of Joseph Cassar Pullicino for Ghagda tal-Malti (Maltese Language Society) in 1948 and Anton F.Attard's 1969 description of more than 100 games explained in detail for both folklorists and teachers.

PIZZI PIZZI KANDA - IT TIGHIEGA L-GHAMJA (The Blind Hen) skipping - IL QUATTUS U L-GURDIEN (A game of catch) - . LILANDA or OLANDA (The Hollander) - JUNA TIFLA (Dance for five in cross formation - see #11) - ONE, TWO, THREE, (SHOEMAKER) - THE SOUND OF MUSIC adapted as a game by the children - ANGIA ANGELLA or BOBB BOBB IL-BIEB - ORANGES AND LEMONS - IL-KAPELL (The Hat) - JIENA TIFLA CKEJKNA (Dance for five) - IL BALLUN (The Ball) - I CANNOT COME ("The Wedding Banquet" by Sr Miriam Winter adapted by the children) - ORANGES AND LEMONS (Short version and tug-of-war) - BOBB BOBB IL-BIEB - WALLFLOWERS - XIH U XIHA (Old Man & Oild Woman) - I'M SHIRLEY TEMPLE - THE BIG SHIP SAILS - WE'LL BE HAPPY DUTCH CHILDREN - L'UNNU MALTI (National Anthem) - TIFLA ILTIMA (An Orphan Girl) - Local Carnival Band - LA STELLA Band playing at QALA FESTA

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