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Playground Games from Portugal

56 singing games and dances, as well as rhymes for counting- out, ball-bouncing and skipping, recorded by Father Damian Webb, 1959-60. In Portugal, in the late fifties, the children, mostly girls from 7-11, still knew plenty of circle games, known locally as "rodas" (meaning "wheels"). #1-21 were recorded at ALBUFEIRA, South Algarve, #22-25 at FONTEITA, Tras-os-Montes, #26-27 at a girl's school in LISBON, #28-30 & #37-42 from boys in the Lisbon streets, #31-36 at orphanages in PACO LUMIAR, #43-46 at COMPORTA, Alenteso, #47-49 at FATIMA, Estremadura, and #50-54 at GERAZ-DO-LIMA, Minho Prov.

1. PADEIRINHA (The Little Baker's Girl) - 1'38"

2. A LINDA BANDEIRA (The Beautiful Flag) - 0'58"

3. A SAIA DA CAROLINA (Caroline's Skirt) - 0'48"

4. O BALAO DA MINHA SAIA (The Billowing Of My Skirt) (1) - 0'40"

5. HA TRES NOITES QUE NAO DURMO (I've Not Slept For 3 Nights) Action mime imitating O GALITO (The Hen) - 0'30"

6. ROSA BRANCA (White Rose) - 0'58"

7. EU TAMBEM SOU LAVADEIRA (I'm Also A Washerwoman) - 1'18"

8. O BICHANO IMPACIENTE (O Playful Kitten) - 0'45"

9. TI' ANICA DE LOUIE (Aunt Anica From Louie) - 0'31"

10. A BARRA DA MINHA SAIA (2) - 1'25"

11. AS PENAS DO VERDE GAIO (Feathers Of Light Green) - 1'16"

12. ANDO PELAS PORTAS VENDENDO HORTALICA (I Go From Door To Door Selling Vegetables) [A HORTALICEIRA (The Vegetable Seller)] solo/ch - 0'39"

13. A LARANJA DA HORTA NOVA (The Orange From The New Garden) - 0'42"

14. AQUELE RAPAZ (That Lad Over There) - 2'03"

15. ARROZ COM LEITE (Rice With Milk) - 0'22"

16. CANTO LA MENINA AQUELA (Sing Away, O Yonder Lass) - 1'07"

17. O MAR ALTO (O High Sea) - 1'42"

18. A PRAIA DA CRUZ QUEBRADA (In The Beach-Cove Of The Broken Cross) Miming as though on the beach, picking up shells, shaking head, waving to window & down street - 1'56"

19. LA VAI O COMBOIO (There Goes the Train) - 0'33"

20. CORRIDINHO DO ALGARVE (Children's version of traditional folk dance) - 0'34"

21. SOMOS DOIS BEM CONHECIDOS (We Are Both Good Friends) - 1'35"

22. A MINHA MACHADINHA (My Little Hatchet) solo/ch - 2'09"

23. VIVINHA DA COSTA EU SOU PESCADINHA (I'm Busy By The Shore, I'm a Little (Cod)fish) - 0'52"

24. CONDESSA, LINDA CONDESSA solo/ch - 1'09"

25. AQUELA CASINHA FRANCA (That Little White House) [Ch: MORENA (The Dark Girl)] - 0'33"

26. BOIA BOIA (Cork-float) solo/ ch - 1'46"

27. A MINHA BOLINHA (My Little Ball) - 0'40"

28. SARDAO SARAPINTADO (Speckled Green Lizard) - 0'33"

29. MARIANA 0.45 "I'll buy a Chevrolet" in v2 - 0'46"

30. QUANDO FERNANDO VII USAVA PALETO (When Ferdinand VII uses a tooth-pick) with improvised mis-pronounciations of the one line - 1'37"

31. SABER DANCAR A PRECEITO (The Code For Dancing Well)/ Ch: AI O LA RI LO LE - 1'07"

32. SAO LOURENCO (St Lawrence) Skipping - 0'41"

33. PASSARINHO TRIGUEIRO (Little Brown Bird) Skipping including the months of the year - 0'58"

34. VOA JOANINHA VOA VOA (Fly, Janina, fly, fly)/ MARCHA DE LISBOA (Lisbon March) - 1'49"

35. QUE LINDA FALUA (What a Lovely Little Sailing Boat)/ O SENHOR BANQUEIRO Cf "Oranges & Lemons" - 1'113"

36. FUI A FONTE PARA TE VER (I Went To The Spring To See You)/ DOBA DOBA (Wind up, Wind up)] - 0'53"

37. UM DOL-I-TA for counting out - 0'20"

38. LA VAI UMA (There Goes One) Game of skill by 2 or more sitting on ground, each with a stone, sweet, potato or nut etc. swapping and moving them back & forth at increasing speeds - 0'43"

39. HIDROVIAO DA ESCOLA MILITAR (Hydroplane From a Military School) Lisbon counting-out game mentioning France & England - 0'25"

40. AO-AR AO-PE A-MAO (In the Air, To the Foot, To the Hand) Single ball game in style of English Two-ball - 0'20"

41. SOU VAREIRA (I'm a Punter) solo by girl of nine - 1'28"

42. ATIREI COM PAU AO GATO (I Hit the Cat with a Stick) - 0'29"

43. A-A-A TODOS CANTAMOS CA (All of Us Here Singing) [A-E-I-O- U - the vowels] girls aged 8-11 playing in the street - 1'03"

44. EU VI A AMELIA A BEIRA DO RIO (I Saw Amelia Down by The River) Two girls 8-9 - 1'27"

45. TENS ALGUMA BONEQUINHA? (Have you got a Little Doll?) Popular counting-out game - 1'00"

46. O TU QUE ESTAS NO MEIO (O You in the Middle)/ PULADINHA (The Little Hopper) Girl in the middle of ring faces whoever stops opposite and brings her into the centre - 0'53"

47. O VIRA DA ESTREMADURA Dance - 1'26"

48. SE E PETINGA (If it's Herring) Dance - 2'13"

49. PAPAGAIO-GAIO-GAIO (Jolly, Jolly Parrot) Solo/ch - 1'00"

50. SOLO SAPATA (Slipper Sole) Counting out, after which after the selected one has gone off a distance, the others work out a forfeit and decide how to bring him back, by plane, or by motor car etc and then one is sent off to carry him back - 0'20"

51. PICO PICO (Prickle, Prickle) Counting out hands, one at a time. When counted they must be hidden and warmed. At the end, the reciter checks each hand on her cheek, and, if not warm enough, it receives two smacks - 0'30"

52. GATO PINGATO (The Piddling Cat) Counting-out involving hands. Sitting round with hands in the middle, as each is counted, it holds onto its neighbour's ear until the circle is complete. Then all rock from side to side singing "Ding Dong" - 0'44"

53. MINHA MAE MANDOU-ME A FONTE (My Mother Sent Me To The Spring) solo/ch - 1'04"

54. CHORA MARIQUINHA (Weep, Little Mary) One kneels in centre of ring while another stands behind covering her eyes with her hands. The first child holds out her hand with a pebble in it, like a blind beggar. As the ring walks round one of the ring takes the pebble and carries on in circle, At the end all throw up their hands and the first child has to guess who has the pebble - 0'34"

55. AI, O MEU AMOR FOI E DISSE (Aye, my love went and said) [O CORADINHA (O Little Rosy Cheeks)] - 1'13"

56. FERREINHO (Little Blacksmith) - 0'36"

Recorded by Damian Webb & edited by Peter Kennedy & first published on Folktrax cassettes 1981.

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