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50 fiddle tunes, introduced by Tom ANDERSON, including those used for bridal marches & weddings, for dancing & for listening & those influenced by the fishing & contact with the whaling ports of Norway & Greenland. Mostly unaccompanied tracks but some with piano & guitar accompaniment plus an accordion in the local dance band. Fiddlers: Tom & R.D. Anderson, Peter Fraser, R.Jamieson, Fraser Hughson, Willie Hunter (father & son), Magnus Mannheim (Hardanger), Bobby & George Peterson, Tom Robertson, Bill Sandison, John Stickle & Henry Thomson. Guitarists: Willie Johnson & Willie Hunter Junior. Recs by Tom Anderson & Pat Shaw - to whose memory this album is dedicated.

1. DA FARDER BEN DA WYLKOMER listening tune: Peter Fraser, Finniegarth, Wall - 1.22

2. Tom introduces Shetland fiddle music - 1.48

3. GUNGAR: Magnus Mannheim (tune played straight & in Hardanger style) rec Telemark, Norway - 0.52

4. DA MUCKLE REEL (2 tune var with talk) George P.S.Peterson, Papa Stour - 3.26

5. DA MUCKLE REEL: Peter Fraser with Tom (piano) - 2.52

6. The Shetland Reel: (a) THE FOGGY MOUNTAIN, (b) KALE AN KNOCKIT COARN & (c) THE SOLDIER'S JOY: Fraser Hughson, Valleyfield, Aith - 3.57 (a) Cf Mrs McLeod's (b) Bob of Fettercairn

7. Shetland Reel: (a) DA LERWICK LASSES, (b) DA SCALLOWAY LASSES (P.Fraser), (c) UNDERHILL (P.F) & (d) SQUARE DA MIZZEN The Shetland Sextet, Lerwick - 2.48

8. (a) DA LASSES O' DA MILL (talk bef)/ (b) Flugga: DAW DO NO MY PEGGY & DOON DE BURN, DAVIE Tom Robertson, Collafirth, Delting (with talk) - 2.21

9. (a) UP DA STROODS DA SAILOR GOES & (b) SHIVER DE MIZZEN: Tom Robertson (with talk bef) - 1.45

10. (a) THE FLOOERS OF MAY: Tom Robertson & (b) THE FLOOERS OF MIDGIGARTH: Bobby Peterson, Callif, Tingwall (talk bef) - 2.02

11. Talk about the influence of whaling (Yakki Tunes): (a) WILLAFJORD & (b) FORTH BRIG REEL: Bobby Peterson accomp by Tom (piano) (talk bef & aft) - 3.22

12. (a) DA FORFEIT O' DA SHIP, (b) DA MIRRIE BOYS O' GREENLAND & (c) DA WATTLE O'T (Reels) Willie Hunter Senr/ DA BONNY ISLE O' WHALSEY Willie Hunter Senior with W H Junior (gtr), Lerwick - 2.45

13, DA TROWIE BURN Listening tune: Bill Sandison, Unst - 1.08

14. Talk before each: (a) SAIL HER OWRE DE RAFTREES & (b) AANDOWIN' AT DA BOW: Tom with Willie Johnson (gtr) - 2.00

15. KIRSTEN HALL (Polka): George Peterson (talk bef) - 2.13

16. THE PAPA STOUR SWORD DANCE TUNES: George (with talk) (a) "The Trip" & (b) The Main Dance - 3.00

17. (a) DA GUIZER REEL, (b) AALD SWAARA & (c) KISS AND CLAP HER: Peter Fraser - 2.51

18. (a) DA AALD HILL GRINND, (b) FRAM APON 'IM & (c) GARSTER'S DREAM: The Shetland Sextet (fids, gtr, acc & piano) - 3.17

19. THE ROAD TO HOULL (comp by T.A.): Tom with Willie Johnson (gtr) (talk bef) - 1.31

20. (a) PIT HAME DA BORROWED CLAES, (b) OOT BE'AST DA VONG & (c) JEANNIE SHOCK DA BAIRD/ (d) McDONALD'S REEL: Henry Thomson, Vidlin with Tom (piano) (talk bef) - 3.36

21. (a) DA BRIDE'S MARCH & (b) DU'S BEEN LONG AWA: Peter Fraser 2.35

22. Talk about wedding tunes/ (a) DA BRIDE IS A BOANY TING & (b) MORE GROG IS COMIN: John Stickle, Unst - 2.45

23. THE SHAALDS O FOULA: George Stephenson (talk bef & aft) - 1.19

24. The Foula Reel: (a) SHAALDS O' FOULA, (b) VALLAFELD & (c) DA BRIG: The Shetland Sextet - 3.53

Recorded by Tom Anderson and Patrick Shuldham-Shaw. Edited by Peter Kennedy and first published on Folktrax cassettes 1978.

TOM ANDERSON (1910-1991). Born Aithness, N Mainland, Tom was the oldest of 6 children. His father played melodeon and his mother was the local church organist, so young Tammy learned the fiddle from his grandfather and uncle. In the early 30s he became interested in radio broadcasting and, when war came, he joined the newly developing radar section of the RAF. It was while serving in India that he resolved to devote more interest in his own native music.

After the war, like Peter Kennedy, he started using the first portable tape machine made by Scophony-Baird, and listening to Peter's weekly "As I roved out" radio programmes. Encouraged by visits from Peter's friend, Pat Shaw, in the early 50s, he exchanged message tapes with Peter and, while working as a travelling insurance agent started to unearth both tunes and players. In the evening he was playing for dances and performing in a local concert party.

After retirement in 1960 and the death of his wife, Babs, Tom devoted the rest of his life to researching and reviving local interest in Shetland fiddling and encouraging the making and playing of fiddles in schools and in 1977 he was awarded the MBE for his services to folk music.

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