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A rousing Scots programme of "Cornkister" Songs, Ballads and Dance Music dubbed from 78 rpm disk recordings in the FOLKTRAX ARCHIVE. It includes 6 songs from Willie Kemp and 2 from George S.Morris, some with piano accompaniment. Willie also performs mouth- music as well as playing ocarina and tromp (jew's harp) with Curly Mackay on accordion. On one song, THE BUCHAN MILLER, George prefaces it with father and son speech followed by the sound of the mill's machinery which is held behind his singing.

1. THE WEE TOON CLERK - Willie Kemp (vocal) with Curly Mackay (accordion) - 3'09"

2. SCOTS WALTZES - Willie Kemp (ocarina) with Curly Mackay (accordion): My Lodging is on the cold cold ground; Bonny Doon; The Auld Hoose; Comin through the Rye - 3'11"

3. THE BATTLE OF HARLAW - Willie Kemp (vocal) with drums - 3'15"

4. TWO PIPE MARCHES, ORANGE AND BLUE (Highland Scottische) & THE FLOWERS OF EDINBURGH (Reel) - Willie Kemp (mouth music/ tromp) - 3'21"

5. THE BUCHAN MILLER - George Morris (vocal) with speech & mill-sounds - 3'17"

6. PIPE JIG MARCHES - Willie Kemp (ocarina) with Curly Mackay (accordion) - 3'01"

7. THE TINKLER'S WEDDING-O - Willie Kemp (vocal) with Curly Mackay (accordion) - 3'13"

8. THE KEEL ROW & OTHER HIGHLAND SCHOTTISCHES - Willie Kemp (tromp) with Curly Mackay (accordion) - 3'03"

9. JOHNNY COPE - Willie Kemp (vocal) with piano & drums - 3'10"

10. PIPE MARCHES - Willie Kemp (ocarina) with Curly Mackay (accordion): The Barren Rocks of Aden; The Drunken Piper; The Haughs of Cromdale - 3'19"

11. THE ROAD AND THE MILES TO DUNDEE - Willie Kemp (vocal) with piano accompaniment - 3'15"

12. QUICKSTEPS - Willie Kemp (tromp & ocarina) with Curly Mackay (accordion): The Girl I left behind me; The White Cockade etc. - 3'12"

13. THE HASH O BENNAGOAK - George Morris (vocal) with piano accompaniment - 3'34"

14. PIPE MARCHES - Willie Kemp (ocarina) with Curly Mackay (accordion) Untitled including "Ho Ro, my Nut-brown Maiden" - 3'08"

15. THE BONNY LASS O FYVIE - Willie Kemp (vocal) with piano accompaniment - 3'35"

16. JIG, MARCH & HIGHLAND - Willie Kemp (mouth-music & tromp): It fair cows the cuddy; Kenmure's on and awa; Money Musk - 3'15"

Original recordings by kind permission of Decca International. Re-recorded & edited by Peter Kennedy & first published on Folktrax cassettes 1988.

We are grateful to Mr Murdoch and the foresight of the Beltona Record Co in making extensive recordings of Scots singers and instrumentalists, some of the latter were well known performers among the travelling people. The restraints of studio recording onto 78's in the 1930's & 40's meant that items had to be selected that would only last about 3 minutes and 3.35 at the most.

#1. The Keach in the Creel: Child #281/ Greig-Duncan 2 p431 has 22 versions/ Irish version on FTX-503#2. Titled "Gloaming ower the Garioch".

#3. Harlaw is 18m NW of Aberdeen. Battle was on July 24th 1411 when Highland Celts under Donald of the Isles fought Lowlanders under Alexander Stewart & Alex Ogilvy/ Child #163/ Greig-Duncan 1 p302 has 16 versions/ Jeannie Robertson on FTX-516.

#4. Titled "Roon the Stoops".

#5. I AM A MILLER TO MY TRADE/ on FTX-021 & FTX-061 sung by John McDonald with melodeon)

#6. Titled "Argie Bargie - part 1"

#7. Composed by William Watt of Peebles 1792-1859/ Greig-Duncan 3 #609/ on FTX-066 sung by John Strachan.

#8. Titled "Argie Bargie - part 2".

#9. Composed journalistically after the Battle of Prestonpans 1741 by Adam Skirting of Haddington 17-18-1803/ GREIG-DUNCAN 1 p330 from HOGG's Jacobite Rebels.

#10. Titled "Aye Kneipen on".

#11. ORD Bothy Ballads 1930 p15.

#12. Titled "Burn in Spate - part 2".

#13. A reworking of DRUMDELGIE/ GREIG-DUNCAN 3 #384 has 21 versions/ This version by G.S.Morris publ Kerr's Cornkisters p30/ on FT-180 sung by Davie Stewart with accordion.

#14. Titled "Burn in Spate - part 1".

#15. ORD Bothy Ballads 1930 p304/ GREIG-DUNCAN 1 p197 has 26 versions/ on FTX-065 sung by John Strachan/ Irish version on FT-075.

#16. Titled "It fair cows the cuddy".

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