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Community Dances

PETER KENNEDY (melodeon) plays 12 dances he collected in Northern England in 1947

1. TWELVE REEL, THE - 3 times through - Tunes: Original; The Russian Cavalry - 3'22"

2. DROPS OF BRANDY (Strip the Willow) - Koozalum; Yankee Doodle; Keel Row; Castles in the Air - 4'37"

3. DURHAM RING DANCE - twice through -Durham Rangers; White Cockade - 2'33"

4. THREE MEETING THREE - 5 times - Come to me when daylight shines; Oats, Peas, Beans - 2'47"

5. SIX REEL - Davie Davie Knick-Knack; Come dance and Sing - 2'43"


7. CORN RIGS -X5 - 2'47"

8. BARBARY BELL - X5 - Original; The American Dwarf - 2'38"

9. TRIUMPH, THE - X5 - Original; Tink-a-Tink - 2'32"

10. PINS AND NEEDLES - X5 - Hexham Races; The Muckin 0 Geordies Byre - 2'41"

11. NINEPINS QUADRILLE - X5 - Kirkwall Lasses, Hundred Pipers; Drunken Sailor; Chase me Charlie - 5'02"

12. PIN REEL, THE - X5 - Cats in the village; The Greenwood Tree; Lovely Nancy; Young Jane & her gallant hussar; Auld Lang Syne - 5'20"

Recorded & edited by Peter Kennedy & first published on Folktrax cassettes 1963.

Dance and music notations are published in THE COMMUNITY DANCE MANUAL Volume 3 which is available from The English Folk Dance & Song Society, Cecil Sharp House, 2, Regent's Park Road, London NWI 7AY. "Princess Margaret's Fancy", which Peter composed for HRH, the patron of The English Folk Dance & Song Society, was based on the traditioinal dance figures he had encountered in the villages of Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire 1947-9. He demonstrated it, danced it with HRH and then she gave her permission for the use of the title at Cecil Sharp House on Tuesday, 2lst. June, 1949. It was also also printed in EVERYBODY SWING published by Chappell & Co. ,London 1952.

13. THE TEMPEST - Two couples facing two couples/ noted at Seend, Wiltshire. Tunes: The Original/ Russian Cavalry - 2'51"

14. JOLLY SAILOR (or FIGURE OF EIGHT) - Lady in the Boat/ Rosin the Beau - 3'08"

15. THE BONNY BREAST KNOT - Original/Cornish Quickstep - 2'46"

16. THE RING DANCE - Gilderoy, Dorsetshire Hornpipe noted by PK at Portesham, Burton Bradstock, Dorset 1947 - 3'03"

17. DOUBLE CHANGE SIDES - Nancy's Fancy/ Astley's Ride - 2'59"

18. QUARRYMAN'S JIG - Portland Fancy/ Hundred pipers - 3'10"

19. THE FLOWERS OF EDINBURGH - Within a mile of Edinburgh/ Polly put the kettle on) - 3'04"

20. SOUTHERN BREEEZES - The tune the old cow died of/ The Grand Old Duke of York) - 2'58" (Douglas Kennedy calls the last "Everybody Swing" at the end of thiws dance)

Dances 17-18 were noted by PK in South Devon. Recorded in Bristol 1949 & edited by Peter Kennedy and first published on Folktrax cassettes 1978.

The HAYMAKERS FOLK DANCE BAND, led by Peter Kennedy, included 4 fiddles, flute/piccolo, accordion guitar, drums and double bass. The band were active 1948-51, playing for concerts, fetes, barn dances and broadcasts from Bristol, including the monthly Outside Broadcast series: VILLAGE BARN DANCE and the monthly Square Dances in the studio, EVERYBODY SWING. Here is music for 8 Dances from the West of England, all of which were collected by Peter from elderly informants around that time, although THE BONNY BREAST KNOT, noted from Fred Pidgeon at Stockland, had previously been noted earlier by his aunt, Dr Maud Karpeles.THE HAYMAKERS came into being in order to develop folk music broadasts from Bristol. A distinctive characteristic was the sound of four fiddles dividing into two parts. The arrangements were mostly by David Gibbs and Wyn Humphries, both of whom played fiddle and viola. Other fiddlers were Alison Reynolds, PK and Ray Spearing. Flute and piccolo by Alan Browning, Sandy Moir (Jimmy Shand's original accompanist) on piano accordion, Bobby Williamson on drums and Colin Hawke on double bass. The band took part in a number of radio theatre productions such as those by Thomas Hardy, when they used tunes taken from Thomas Hardy's father music book in the Museum in Dorchester, but they were best known for their appearances at the monthly series, VILLAGE BARN DANCE, in 1949-1951, for which Peter located local singers, dancers, reciters and storytellers.

EVERYBODY SWING is the name used for a useful collection of The Haymaker's Band arrangements, with additional piano parts and complete instructions and calls for the dances, which was edited by Peter Kennedy and published by Chappell & Co, London, 1951.


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