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IRISH AND ANGLO-IRISH SONG TRADITIONS IN DONEGAL. Living alone with her sheep and goats and her cows and chickens, uncertain of her age. but undoubtedly over 90 in 1953, Sheila delighted collectors, Sean O Boyle and Peter Kennedy, with a fund of songs in both English and Donegal Gaelic as well as local stories and prophesies. She tells of hard times, the travelling schoolmaster, a singing match with her father and describes "The Double Dance", a local version of "The Cushion Dance" occasionally bursting into mouth-music.

1. AN AISLING BHREIGE (The Deceiptful Vision) (talk before & after) - 3'13"

2. BUNDLE AND GO - 1'20"

3. MALL DUBH A GHLEANNA (The Dark Woman of the Glen) (talk bef) - 4'13"

4. Sailor Song: FAREWELL DARLING - 1'48"

5. A SHEAN-BHEAN DHILEAS (My Dear Old Woman) (talk bef & aft) - 1'38"

6. THART FA NA H-OILEAN (Round About the Islands) (talk bef) - 3'02"

7. JOLLY JENKIN-O (with talk between) - 2'01"

8. THE SAILOR BOY (Sweet William) - 2'24"

9. IS IOMAIDH COISCEIM FADA EADAR MISE 'GUS MO GHRADH (Many's the long step between me and my sweetheart) (talk bef & aft) - 2'04"

10. AN SEANDUINE DOIGHTE (The Cuckold Old Man) (talk bef & aft) - 3'57"

11. A LADY IN HER FATHERS GARDEN (The Young and Single Sailor) - 1'47"

12. SKIBEREEN - 2'12"


14. I N-AIMSIR BHAINT AN FHEIR (At the Hay-cutting Time) (with talk between & aft) - 1'25"

15. SGEAL BHALRUS (The Story of Walrus) (talk aft & fragment of another song) - 1'48"

16. Fragment of song - 0'13"

17. THIOS I DTEACH A TORRAIMH (Down at the Funeral or Wake House) (talk aft) - 2'24"

18. Talk about her father, early life & story of a singing match/ frag of ROISIN DUBH (The Black Rose) - 5'18"

19. Talk about hard times - 1'40"

20. Dances; she demonstrates lilting (mouth music) for step dancing (Tune: THE IRISH WASHERWOMAN), some Gaelic mouth music, description of dance, more lilting and description of THE DOUBLE DANCE (cf. The Cushion Dance)- 2'34"

Recorded by Peter Kennedy, Middledore, Gweedore, Donegal 24th August 1953.. Interviewer: Sean O Boyle.

SHEILA GALLAGHER Age 90, widow living alone in the cottage she owns - She was one of 9 in the family (when rec 5 were dead) - In her youth she had worked at Hamilton in Scotland for 16 years.

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