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folktrax 264 - SONGS OF THE HEBRIDES - Collected and arranged by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser and Kenneth Macleod sung by Marion Tudge accompanied by Ines Rempel (piano)

With the exception of two piano arrangements adapted by Granville Bantock, here, faithfully reproduced, are the songs, part Gaelic and part English, with the original piano arrangements made by my great-aunt Marjory of the songs collected by herself and her daughter, Patuffa, in the Outer Islands at the beginning of the last century. They used an Edison Bell Phonograph and copies of original recordings are deposited in the Folktrax Archive. Her autobiography she called "A Life of Song" (Oxford Univ Press 1929)

1. THE PEAT FIRE FLAME - 3'02" - English words by Kenneth Macleod to a tune played on the bagpipe chanter by Malcolm Johnson

2. WEAVING LILT (A' BHEAIRT-FHIODA) - 2'19" Gaelic Song from Malcolm & Annie Johnson, Barra - with English words by KM

3. SPREADING THE SEA WRACK - 3'20" - Air rec North Uist - Words by MKF

4. 'ILLE RUNAICH (THE HERD LADDIE) - 1'19" - Mouth Music arr by MKF

5. CRONAN BLEOGHAIN (MILKING CROON) - 2'05" - One verse in Gaelic coll by MKF from Peggy Macdonald, Sout Uist, with English words transl \by MKF

6. THE POTATO LIFTIN' - 1'41" - English words translated by MKF to Gaelic Song "OR A BHONNAGAN" collected by MKF from Annie Johnson, Barra Sept 1928

7. ORAN BUANA (A MORAR REAPER'S SONG) - 2'09" Gaelic air rec from Mrs Malloch of N.Uist with English words by KM adapted from Alexander Macdonald

8. AN CUILTEAN MARA (THE WEE DOG OF THE SEA) or BY THE ROCKS O' RODEL - 1'06 - Port-a-beul (mouth music) from Skye adapted by MKF & KM

9. AN NOCHD THA BATA DOL GU CUAN (PUTTING OUT TO SEA) - 3'06" - Air & Refrain from Marion Macleod of Eigg adapted with English words by KM

10. LAOIDH AN AMADAIN MHOIR (LAY OF THE GREAT FOOL) or THE GLEN OF SPELLS - 2'35" - Air from Kirsty Mackinnon, Eigg with words adapted by KM

11. THE GRAIL GALLEY (LONG MO BHRUADAIR) - 3'34" - Air collected by Patuffa & MKF from Mrs Macmillan, Benbecula with English words adapted by KM

12. THE LURE OF THE FAIRY HILL (GILBHINN) - 3'26" - Noted at Islay House from an Islay Bard with English words adapted and arranged by by MKF

13. AN T-AINGHEAL DIONA (THE CORACLE OF St BRENDAN) - 2'13" - Air from Mrs Mackinnon, North Bay, Barra with Gaelic words from Carmina Gadelica

14. MY BROWN HAIRED MAID OF CORNAC (MO NIGHEAN DONN A CORNAIG) or A TIREE TRAGEDY - 3'41" - Air coll by Patuffa KF from Annie Macneil, Eriskay with words coll & transl by KM, Eigg - Piano arr by Granville Bantock

15. THE REIVING RAPTURE (REUBADH NA MARA) - 3'55" - Frag col & adapt KM

16. FAOILEAG TIRE-FO-THUINN (THE SEAGULL OF THE LAND UNDER THE WAVES) - 3'08" - Old air from Skye from Frances Tolmie with words from KM

17. SEA SORROW (AM BRON MARA) - 3'26" - From Mary Macdonald, Mingulay

18. SEA LONGING (AN IONNDRAINN-MHARA) - 3'26" - Coll by Patuffa KF from Anne Monk, Benbecula, adapted by KM - Piano arr by Granville Bantock

19. CUAN AG EIRIGH (THE SHIP AT SEA) - 1'21" - coll KM from Mrs Maclean,Barra

20. NA REUBAIREAN (SEA-REIVER'S SONG - 1'39"- Air from Penny Macdonald, Eriskay adapted with further old Gaelic words and English words transl by KM

Recorded and edited by Martin Schroder and Johannes Dobbelstein 1999 - First published on CD by Folktrax 2003.

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