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When we started recording Dialect & Folk Music "in the field" 1952, it was at a time when a number of enthusiast academics were beginning to take an interest in recording the speech and song of the Scottish "Lowlands". While Peter Kennedy was working in Northern Ireland, Irishman, Seamus Ennis, went to North-East Scotland, an area where both would later team up with Hamish Henderson. One of Seamus's first contacts in Aberdeen was Arthur Argo, grandson of the important Lowland Scots collector, Gavin Greig, and it was Arthur who introduced Seamus to most of the performers featured on this Aberdeenshire collection.

1. CAROLINE O' EDINBURGH TOWN sung by Jean Elvin, Turriff - 6'20"

2. THE ORANGE AND THE BLUE (THE NOBLEMAN'S WEDDING) sung by Dodie Chalmers, Turriff - 6'07"

3. I'M A STRANGER FROM AMERICA sung by Jean Matthew - 3'20"

4. A LADY WAS WALKING (THE YOUNG AND SINGLE SAILOR) sung by George Robertson - 1'12"

5. AMONG YON WHINNY KNOWES sung by Frank Steele, Whitehills - 2'00"

6. THE BOSTON SMUGGLER sung by Jean Elvin - 4'07"

7. THE CONVICT MAID sung by George Hay, Turriff - 2'12"

8. THE BLEACHER LASSIE O KELVINHAUGH sung by Jean Matthew - 2'26"

9. THE SOUTER'S FEAST sung by Arthur Argo, Abedrdeen - 2'02"

10. WILLIE CUMMINS sung by Jean Elvin - 3'17"

11. GREEN GROW THE LAURELS sung by Dodie Chalmers - 2'00"

12. SCARBORO'S BANKS sung by Jean Matthew - 2'42"

13. THE GOLDEN VICTORY sung by Dodie Chalmers - 3'38"

14. THE SAILOR BOY sung by Jean Elvin - 4'45"

15. THE DARK-EYED SAILOR sung by George Hay - 2'40"

16. THE WEALTHY MERCHANT (JACKIE FRASER) sung by Frank Steele - 2'40"

17. THE DOWIE DENS O YARROW sung by Jean Matthew - 3'57"

18. GO AND LEAVE ME IF YOU WISH IT sung by Dodie Chalmers - 2'55"

19. THE STUDENT BOY (Died for Love) sung by Jean Elvin - 2'03"

20. THE DARLING PLOUGHMAN BOY sung by Frank Steele - 1'55"

21. THE DE'IL AMANG THE TAILORS played by Louis Allen (fiddle) - 3'20"

22. THE BANKS OF SKENE sung by George Hay - 2'10"

Recorded by Seamus Ennis, Aberdeenshire 1952. First published by Folktracks 1976. Phonographic copyright control. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting or copying is prohibited except by permission.

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