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1. Signature tune - introduction by Spike Hughes - Seamus Ennis talking about collecting and introducing Dorothy Furber of Cheshire singing a May Song, then Peter with the Padstow May Song - 4.16

2. Seamus remarks on the drumming and Peter introduces the "Lambeg Drums" of Marketkill, Co Armagh - 1'32"

3. Paddy Galvin talking about Irish Street Ballads and sings "My Love came to Dublin" - 4.30

4. Comment on the song leads to talk about Work Song and Seamus sings "Fine Girl You Are" - 2'08"

5. Paddy asks Peter about Work Songs and he intros "Ee Kalazee" or "The French Song" from Portland Quarry - 1'02"

6. Sheila Tritton talks about secretarial work while Seamus plays tin-whistle - 0'55"

7. Spike intros "The Typewriter Tune" - 0'37"

8. Peter intros Jim Coleman, fiddler:, playing two Morris Dance Tunes "The Cuckoo's Nest" and "Princess Royal" - 4'11"

9. Seamus mouthes "Brave Rodney's Glory" and Jim and Peter playing fiddles for another version of "Princess Royal" (arrangement by David Gibbs) - 1'46"

10. Peter intros George Tremain melodeon player for North Skelton Sword Dancers - 1'03"

11. Peter plays "Huntsman's Chorus" ("Old Towler") on melodeon - 0'52"

12. Seamus intros Becket Whitehead singing "Old Towler" followed by the tune played on the Northumbrian small-pipes by Anthony Charlton - 2'27"

13. Paddy talks about his grandmother, tells story of German collector in Co Kerry and sings his grandmother's song "Where are you going, little boy?" (Lord Randal) - 4'21"

14. Signature tune & Spike Hughes tells of the English composer, Hubert Parry, speaking about Irish music - Seamus intros "Lord Gregory" from Mrs Cronin of Cork - 5'25"

15. Seamus intros Art O Keefe of Co Kerry singing "Green Broom" - 1'26"

16. Seamus intros Denis Murphy and sister Julia Clifford and fiddlemaster Padraig O Keefe playing "Chase me Charlie" ("Cock o the North") and "Tom Billy's" ("Dingle Regatta")

17. Patrick Fitzgerald with piano singing "Marrowbones" - 1'03"

18. Seamus intros Sean McDonagh singing a "cante-fable" - 2'56"

19. Spike's arrangement with Robert Irwin singing "There was an old woman from Our Town" (Marrowbones") - 3'03"

20. Brian George talking about his collecting in 1947 and meeting Kate Moynihan, one of the greatest traditional singers, "Moira O Leary" (in Gaelic) - 3'18"

21. Song in English translated from Gaelic by Kate - 1'31"

22. Moves to meet Moira O Sullivan who has represented Ireland in Italy "Twisting the Hayrope" - 1'35"

23. "An Cailin Aerach" ( "The Airy Girl") - 2'02"

24. Robert Irwin singing an arrangement of "Green Broom" - 2'43"

25. Sextet arrangement with "The Airy Girl" - 2'37"

Rec in Studio in London and broadcast 31st December 1954

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