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Graeme Miles -11- Another selection from one of England's most outstanding song- makers. This album contains songs written between 1955 and 1961 about Kent, "the garden of England", originally his native county. The Teesside Fettlers, Liverpool Spinners, Vin Garbutt, Ewan McColl & Peggy Seeger are among those who have performed Graeme's compositions.

1. YOU CRICKETING MEN (unacc) - 2'46"

2. THE CHATHAM MATELOT (with guitar) - 2'35"

3. THE WIDOW OF DOVER (unacc) - 2'21"

4. HAVE YOU COME UP FROM ROMNEY WAY? (with banjo) - (1955) - 2'29"

5. THE DESERTER (unacc) (Words trad/ tune comp by GM) - 3'50"

6. THE RED-FACED POACHERS (unacc) - (1955) - 2'26"

7. LOOKING FOR A HOME (with guitar) - (1956) - 5'56"

8. A BUSHEL OF HOPS (unacc) - 3'01"

9. GOODBYE TO THE GARDEN OF ENGLAND (with banjo) - 3'45"

10. THE ASHFORD CARD GAME (unacc) - (1960) - 4'28"

11. THE BELLS OF CANTERBURY (with banjo) - 2'06"

12. JACK ASHORE (unacc) - 3'35"

13. IN PRAISE OF THE (HOP)VINE (with hammer) - (1961) - 2'12"

14. THE SAILOR FROM DOVER (unacc) - (words trad/ tune comp by GM) - 3'12"

15. OUT THERE or HOW SLOW THE MEDWAY DOES FLOW (with guitar) - (1960) - 5'32"

16. HAVE YOU COME DOWN THE PILGRIM'S WAY ? (unacc) - 7'00"

Recorded & edited by Peter Kennedy & first published by Folktrax 1977.

GRAEME MILES first had his interest in folk music kindled by the "As I roved out" radio programmes in the fifties, introduced by Peter Kennedy & Seamus Ennis, when he was living at Billingham and attending West Hartlepool Art School. To obtain authentic background for his song-making, he worked as a moulder's labourer, deck-hand, railwayman, docker and quarryman.

Then in 1955 came National Service. mainly in Germany with the Royal West Kents, and, after demobilisation, the "Skiffle Craze" with guitars and banjo. In he mid 60's he was living and working in the Cleveland hills and it was then that he developed skills in shaping the more rural type of songs. Inspired then by the work of Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger, he became interested in writing songs for documentaries. Graeme has recorded more than 200 of his songs for FOLKTRAX-

221 THE GREEN BANKS OF GRAIN - First album from the Teeside & Cleveland area, containing some of his best rural songs.

222 THE SMOKESTACK LAND - A Second album from the area, but containing rural, but also urban & industrial songs.

223 THE SEA'S THEIR BREAD - Songs & Shanties of Fisherfolk & Sailors

224 THE SQUADDIE'S DREAM - Soldier Songs: Conscripts, regulars, deserters etc.

225 THE IRONMASTERS - Miners, moulders, foundrymen & others.

226 THE ENTERTAINERS - Miscellaneous Songs & Contemporary Ballads.

227 HERE'S TO THE LADS - About all kinds of sport and play.

229 THE EAGLE AND THE DOVE - Some of the strongest protest songs.

228 THE RING OF IRON - Outstanding songs of the local industries.

230 THE LYKE WAKE - More songs about the North Yorkshire moors.

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