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These are some of the more bawdy songs noted in the early part of the 20th century by Henry Hammond, George Gardiner and Cecil Sharp, that got left out of "Folk Songs for Schools". These songs possess a virility and humour in their original which never reached our school ears. So here they are - sung by Frank Purslow, sometimes with drum or recorder, and John with accompaniment on guitar, lute, banjo and mandolin.

1. THE BOLD ASTROLOGER - FP (with drum) accomp by JP (with lute) -2'01"

2. RAP-A-TAP-TAP (or The Farmer's Servant) - FP (with drum) & JP (guitar) - 1'37"

3. THE TAILOR'S BREECHES - FP with JP (mandolin, guitar & ch) - 2'06"

4. NEXT MONDAY MORNING - sung by JP with guitar - 1'56"

5. THE BUNCH OF NUTS (or The Liverpool Merchant) - FP with John - (banjo, guitar & ch) - 2'30"

6. BLOW THE CANDLE OUT - FP with JP (gtr) - 2'28"

7. THE BUTCHER AND THE PARSON - FP with JP (gtr & ch) - 3'09"

8. THE CRABFISH - FP with JP banjo, gtr & ch) - 2'54"

9. LOW DOWN IN THE BROOM - sung by FP (unaccomp) - 3'06"

10. THE TAILOR IN THE TEACHEST FP - with JP (bouzouki & ch) - 3'25"

11. THE FRIAR IN THE WELL - FP with JP (bouzouki & ch) - 3'50"

12. THE SQUIRE AND THE CHAMBERMAID - FP (with recorder) & JP (lute) - 2'40"

13. RAG FAIR - FP with JP (mandolin & guitar) - 1'25"

14. THE SAILOR'S FROLIC - FP with JP (gtr & ch) - 2'51"

15. THE SAILOR CUT DOWN IN HIS PRIME (or Royal Albion) - FP with JP (gtr) - 3'15"

16. WHISTLE DAUGHTER WHISTLE - FP (with whistling of course) JP (gtr) - 2'29"

17. WITH MY CATTLE SMOCK ON - FP with JP (gtr) - 1'41"

18. THE SHOEMAKER'S KISS - FP (with drums) JP (gtr & ch) - 2'37"

19. CHILBRIDGE FAIR - FP with JP (gtr) - 1'22"

20. THE JOLLY HERRING - Duet: Frank & John (with gtr)(starts unacc) - 3'32"

21. ROSEMARY LANE - FP with JP (gtr) - 1'52"

22. THE CARRION CROW - Duet: Frank & John (with gtr) - 3'46"

23. THE THREE ROGUES - JP (with gtr) & Frank (in chorus) - 1'20"

Recorded by Peter Kennedy in London 1959. Previously issued on Dobell's "77" Folklore label on an LP called RAP-A-TAP-TAP. Copied from the LP by kind permission of Doug Dobell it has been re-recorded & edited by Peter Kennedy and was first published on Folktrax cassettes 1987.

#1. One of 3 versions collected by Hammond and the title song of MB p55 from John Pomeroy, Bridport, Dorset 1906. See Beth Cronin FTX-160, Paddy Doran & Mary Connors FTX-167, Thomas Moran FTX-076, Harry Cox FTX-032, Frank Hillier FTX-019.

#2. Prototype on which the composed song, THE THING, popularised by Billy Cotton in the 1940's, was based. See FSBI p468 & 60-032 from Harry Cox, Norfolk. Cf THE CHANDLER'S WIFE in MARROWBONES book edited by Frank Purslow (MB) p73.

#3. Collected by Hammond, in MB p87 from Jacob Baker, Bere Regis & Robert Barratt, Piddletown, Dorset 1905

#4. Coll. by Hammond and included in FOGGY DEW (FD) book p60 from Mrs Russell, Upwey, Dorset 1907. Versions by Harry Cox FTX-032 & Thomas Moran FTX-076. Sharp publ under title: "The Sign of the Bonny Blue Bell"

#5. Coll Hammond, Wimborne, Dorset 1905, with verses added from the Crampton Bs, in "Wanton Seed" book (WS) p26, Joe Thomas, Constantine, Cornwall 60-218 titled "The Cluster of Nuts".

#6. coll Gardiner, Hampshire, in WS p14, FTX-017 & FTX-040 from Edgar Button, Suffolk & FTX-209 from Rowland Kellett (Army version).

#7. Coll Hammond.

#8. Coll Sharp in Somerset, first publ in Bishop Percy's Folio Ms #4 in 1620, in FSBI p452, 60-019 from Charlie Chettleburgh, Leiston, Suffolk, FTX-034 from Harry Cox, Norfolk.

#9. Coll Gardiner, Hampshire 1906, in WS p70. Grainger used words to supplement verses of BRIGG FAIR coll in Lincolnshire.

#10. Coll Gardiner, Hampshire 1907-8, in WS p16 "The Bosun and the Tailor", coll by Sharp in Somerset & in Kentucky, USA.

#11. Child #276. Coll Hammond, Dorset 1906, in MB p33.

#12. Coll Gardiner, Hampshire.

#13. Coll Hammond with tune from Gardiner, Sherborne, Dorset 1905.

#14. Coll Hammond from William Bartlett, Wimborne, Dorset 1905 "The Frolic" with tune of "Harry the Tailor", in WS p44.

#15. Coll Hammond, Dorset 1906, see MB p75 & Gardiner, Hampshire 1906 & Wiltshire 1908, see WS p114, FTX-407 Jack Gribble, Devon, FTX-167 Mary Doran, Irish tinker & FTX-123 Steeleye Span, FTX-097 Charlie Wills, Dorset, FTX-033 Harry Cox, Norfolk, FTX-406 Herbert Prince, Wiltshire.

#16. Coll Sharp, Somerset 1905-6.

#17. Coll Sharp, Somerset 1907, 45-410 Alan Nelson, Westmoreland 1959, Cf FSBI p397 "The Bold English Navvy" FTX-017 from Irish tinker.

#18. Coll Hammond, Dorset, in MB p77, D'Urfey's PPM 1719 #5 p13.

#19. Coll Hammond, Dorset 1906, in "Constant Lovers" (CL) p14 3rd v comp Purslow, first noted Rimbault 1851 as "Kitt hath lost her key", Baring Gould coll version titled "Strawberry Fair" but was forced to write the "indelicate" words.

#20. Coll Hammond from George Hatherill, Bath 1906, in WS p52, in FSBI p651 FTX-027 & FTX-079 from Seamus Ennis, Dublin, FTX-100 Phoebe Smith, gypsy, Suffolk.

#21. Coll Hammond from William Bartlett, Wimborne, Dorset 1906, in WS p99. Cf "Home, boys, home" or "The Oak and the Ash" (a men's version).

#22. Coll Hammond, Dorset, in MB p86 with note saying it is supposed to have its origin in the time of Charles II with a man called Taylor, FTX-416 Charlie Clissold & Bob Cross, Gloucestershire "Three Crows", FTX-330 Isla Cameron.

#23. Coll Gardiner from Frank Harrington, Bartley, Hampshire, 1908 "King Henry's Three Sons" in WS p62, possibly originating as a 17th Century "Freemen's Song", FTX-027 George Endacott, Devon & FT-086 Jack Endacott, his nephew, FTX-080 George "Pop" Maynard, Sussex.

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