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"Les Iles Normands", in spite of anglicisation and tourism, some of the islanders still keep up speaking the local French and the old traditions. In addition to the French songs with explanations, there are dance-tunes and song- airs played on accordion, fiddle, melodeon & drums. Also a husband-and-wife conversation in Jersey French, with translation, as well as talk about local customs, black-butter nights, smuggling etc.

1. VIVE LA COMPAGNIE sung by Clari Noel, St Martins accomp himself on fiddle - 1'38"

2. VIVE LA VIE (same tune as 1) Adolphus Le Ruez, Bonne Nuit, St Ouens - 1'50"

3. LE HECHOT (The Gate/ same tune as 1) George De La Mare, Trinity (explan of song before) - 4'43"

4. GIGOTON (Song) Garret Perchard with Eileen Le Sueur (piano-accordion), St Saviours (words spoken & explan bef) - 1'25"

5. BELLE ROSE George Le Feuvre, Vinchelez (talk bef about his grandfather sailing to French Canada, and further talk after about making own entertainment with fiddle, accordion & flutina, reasons for emigration, trading company on Gaspe coast with ships built in Jersey, cod-fishing in Canada and selling in S.England - 5'17"

6. HEEL-TOE POLKA Rodney Luce (mel) with Philip Le Brocq (drums), St Ouens (announced in French by Jack Harquoil) - 0'45"

7. L'HISTOIRE DE NOUVEAU MARIE Adolphus Le Ruez (explan in English then story in Jersey French) - 8'16"

8. LE GAS DE LA MARINE Rodney Luce (mel) & Philip Le Brocq (drums) with singing & humming tune - 0'35"

9. Conversation in Jersey French: Adolpus & Mrs Le Ruez - 1'46"

10. L'ALOUETTE Clari Noel (vocal & fiddle) words spoken after - 3'10"

11. LE VEILLE HOULOGUE (Grandfather's Clock) Tune on banjo played by Richard Avery, Hogue Bie - 1'06"

12. Sung in Jersey French by Jack Peree & Eileen Le Sueur (p-acc) with talk bef about version & story of song - 4'30"

13. Talk by Jack Peree about smugglers using coffin & headless procession, Spring Jack, Black-butter Nights, Jersey French, St Ouens & parish speech examples ("potato" & "I want") - 6'08"

14. GIGOTON & Clari Noel (voc/fid) - 0'24"

15. HEEL-TOE (as previous) - 0'48"

16. LE BITHAITHE DE St LOURIHAN (The Vicar of St Lawrence) Adolphus Le Ruez with story in English & song in Jersey French - 3'03"

17. ELEANOR POLKA Jack Harquoil (mel) & Philip Le Brocq (drums) - 1'10"

18. LA VIE D'UN VIER CHEVA' (The Life of an Old Horse) Ben Amy with Eileen Le Sueur (p-acc) with explan before & tune after - 5'00"

19. Talk about L'ASSEMBLIEE JERRIAISE, the Society and its activities by George Le Masurier, St Saviours - 2'11"

20. NOS SEPT GARCONS (Our Seven Sons) George & Mrs Perchard with Eileen Le Sueur (p-acc) explan before by Mr & Mrs Perchard - 5'26"

Recorded by Peter Kennedy 1957 & 1960 & edited by Peter Kennedy and first published on Folktrax cassettes 1975.

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